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Next Stop: Seattle, Wa (TRANSCRIPTION)

00:00-00:05 JON: Hello, I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop, from the Emerald City.
00:06-00:10 ‘Next Stop Seattle’ rolls across screen.
00:11- 00:41 JON: Welcome to Seattle, home of Alaska Airlines. On Next Stop, we will be travelling all over the globe, featuring Alaska Airlines and it’s partners destinations. Next Stop is all about where to go, what to do, and how to do it. On this episode we’ll take you high above the Emerald City, and we’ll feature one of the busiest restaurants in the world. We’ll also take you underneath the streets of Seattle for a bit of Seattle’s historical past. We board a float plane over to the San Juan’s, and hopefully we’ll see some whales. We’ll bring you big time college sports, and our featured band on this episode, the local favorite, Ockham’s Razor. The fun starts now.
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00:46- 01:04 JON: In Seattle, they love their sports. They have the Mariners, they have the Seahawks, they have the world champion Storm, and they have the beloved Huskies. The Nebraska Cornhuskers are in town to take on the Huskies, it’s a big time college football game. Big time college football means big time tailgating, we’re in the zone, let’s get our game on.
01:05-01:06 JON: Nice.
01:07-01:11 YOUNG FOOTBALL FANS: Dogs in the house, dogs in the house, hoo. Dogs in the house, dogs in the house, hoo.
01:21-01: 49 JON: I’ve been to a lot of parties, I’ve tapped a lot of kegs, been to a lot of tailgates, but I’ve never seen beer poured like this, what is going on here?
BARTENDER: We’re filling beers through the bottom.
JON: How does that work?
BARTENDER: It’s got a little magnetic disc in the bottom of the cup, it comes up, the beer goes in, the cup comes up and seals it back off.
JON: That’s amazing technology, who invented this?
BARTENDER: I invented it.
JON: You did?
JON: Seriously?
BARTENDER: Seriously.
JON: Wow, this is really cool. Huskie or Husker fan?
BARTENDER: Um,I gotta go Husky.
01:56-02:25 JON: Look at this sea of red out here, and purple, what do you think about this?
SOFTY: Well, I’m not a big fan of the sea of red, which I don’t know why you are wearing red by the way, but I’m a big fan of the sea of purple. This is a great atmosphere here at Husky Stadium, you know the dogs are a different team at home as you know, than they are on the road. Huskies looking for their first bowl game in seven years and the fans are, their hungry, their ready, they’ve been waiting and biding their time, they’ve been paying their dues and it’s time now to get this stadium back to what it used to be and make some noise on a big day with Nebraska in town today.
02:27-02:50 JON: So we’ve found our youngest Husky fan, he’s, he wants to play ball right now, he doesn’t really want to do the interview but, what’s your name buddy?
CARSON: Carson
JON: Carson, and what’s your name?
RYAN: My names Ryan.
JON: Ryan, welcome to Next Stop, Seattle edition. Husky Husker game today, is this his first game?
RYAN: It’s not his first game, he was here last week to see the dogs pick up a win against Syracuse, and he was here last year when we beat USC, on my shoulders, on the field.
02:53-03:17 JON: I’m a Husker fan, but this guy though, is the real Husker fan. This is the real Herbie Husker!
HERBIE: Yeah, hello. It’s great to be in the great state of Washington and proves that God is a Husker fan, look at this weather.
JON: This is unbelievable, isn’t it?
HERBIE: Isn’t it?
JON: So how did you get into this thing, I mean there, obviously, you look like a mascot?
HERBIE: People told me I look like him, I got the bibs and put on the hat, and I’ve been doing this since the 90’s.
JON: Go big red buddy.
HERBIE: You bet.
03:25-03:51 JON: You’re obviously a Husky fan.
MALE: You got it, yep.
JON: Born and raised here?
MALE: Yeah, went to the U Dub, ran track here, and now we’re uh, now we’re together.
JON: You’ve got a house divided.
FEMALE: It’s not so bad because we get along, we find a way to make it work.
JON: This is the coolest shirt I have seen all day. Where do you get the shirt like this cuz I totally want one?
FEMALE: I made it.
JON: You did?
FEMALE: Yeah, I made it.
JON: You’re a seamstress?
FEMALE: On the side, yeah.
JON: OK, so you’ve got both going on here, who are you rooting for today?
FEMALE: I’m rooting for the Cornhuskers.
03:57-04:11 JON: Husky Stadium is an awesome place to watch a game, very loud, very passionate fans, we loved it. But one of my favorite things about coming to a game at Husky Stadium is this, outside the stadium, this is how they tailgate. I like the way they roll here. Definitely put a Husky game on your Seattle itinerary.
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04:16-04:23 JON: When Next Stop returns, we soar above the beautiful Emerald City, and up to the San Juan Islands with Kenmore Air.
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04:36-05:02 JON: Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, an urban metropolis defined by lakes and seashore, and surrounded by spectacular snow capped mountains. Now, there’s lots of ways to see Seattle and the surrounding area, you can do it by foot, in your car, by rail, by boat, or you can choose our method. We are going up with Kenmore Air today, Alaska Airlines newest travel partner, for a city sea plane tour, and then we will head straight over to the San Juan Islands, a place I have always wanted to go.
05:28-05:43 JON: We’ve just arrived in Friday Harbor, the commercial and cultural hub of San Juan Island. What a great day we’ve had today, a Kenmore Air trip over downtown Seattle and the surrounding area, and they a short jaunt over to the San Juan Islands. Let’s go get checked into our hotel and learn more aboiut this beautiful town of Friday harbor.
05:50-06:24 SONNIE: This is a very, very unique Inn. It has 23 rooms, it is perfect for romantic getaway, for vacation, for weddings. Each room has a fireplace, and each room has a jacuzzi tub in there, it’s just spectacular. And then you are just looking form this, and look behind me. It’s like you are looking from the room and seeing the waterfront, the marina is just spectacular, it just makes your day when you see a sunset like that. In the morning when you get up and have a cup of coffee in your hand, it’s just an unbelievable feeling.
06:25-06:31 JON: The waterway is right here, this is the freeway for you. You can either fly or you can boat, this is such a cool way to get around. San Juans are beautiful.
06:31-06:37 SONNIE: Exactly, you can fly in with Kenmore Air as well as using the Washington state ferry.
JON: Well thank you for hosting us here. We actually have been working all day. We’ve had a very long day and the crew is hungry.
SONNIE: I tell you, you have a treat tonight. I’m  going to turn you over to Chef Matt, he’s going to present you a nice nice evening over here.
06:53-07:51JON: Sonnie told us you had something special prepared for us, this looks pretty darn special.
MATT: Well, I did a couple of things off the menu, and then something that we are running as a special tonight. We try and change up the specials every day, every two days.
JON: Whatever your mood is?
MATT: Yeah, depending on what is coming in from the waters, what vendors are coming out or are local here on the islands.
JON: What came in today?
MATT: Uh, salmon, local salmon from these waters. Fishermen come in every couple of days.
JON: Now the salmon looks great, but this looks really different and unique.
MATT: Yes, this is local pork from Jones family farm. It’s barbequed bourbon pork on sticky buns, so it is a little japanese spin, umm, french fries and then a little bit of an asian slaw, carrots, couple different cabbages and then a sweet chili dressing.
JON: How long have you been on Friday Harbor?
MATT: Getting on two months now.
JON: So you are new.
MATT: Yes, I am relatively new. I came out for the busy summer season, and have loved it.
07:55-08:06 JON: San Juan Safari’s and Kenmore Air have teamed up to offer the ultimate whale watching excursion here in Friday Harbor. Got my jacket, got my hat, got my sunglasses.Let’s hope we have whales.
08:11-09:03 ASHLEY: Welcome aboard, and welcome to Friday Harbor. Friday Harbor is the biggest town here in the San Juan Islands. San Juan Island is also the most populated island, we have about 8,000 people that live here year round, so we have about 16,000 year round residents, most of them living on San Juan Island. We have four main islands that are served by the ferry. Some of these islands are national wildlife refugees, or state and county parks, and many of them are privately owned or do have small year round populations from  two to a hundred people living on them. We have two different races, or two different communities of orca that will be in the San Juan Islands from time to time. The southern resident community is a salmon eating orca, they mainly eat chinook, or it’s also known as king salmon, and so they come through here very frequently starting the end of April through the beginning of October, because that’s when the salmon runs are.
09:11-09:23 ASHLEY: Ruffles has a wavy dorsal fin, just like a ruffles potato chip so he’s really easy to tell apart.
JON: Nicely named. Now the oldest female you said that you have estimated at 99 years old?
ASHLEY: Um hmm, that is what the estimates are for her.
JON: Wow, that’s amazing. I didn’t know they lived that long.
09:26-09:47 JON: There’s  Ruffles.
ASHLEY: Yeah, see why everybody loves him? He’s so easy to tell apart.
JON: He’s huge too.
ASHLEY: Yep, um hmm. Wow. OK, so this is at least J pod.
JON: Who named them, and why? Is it J, K and L you said?
ASHLEY: We have J, K and L. Yeah, and there is an A pod and B pod. So they started with A and moved  their way up the alphabet.
10:01-10:08 ALL: Oh!  Ha ha, look at that one. Oh!
10:13-11:20 JON: We started our day yesterday in Lake Union, with Kenmore Air with a beautiful float plane tour over Seattle which was amazing. And today, whale watching, which was truly one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had, all thanks to you, Craig.
CRAIG: Well, I can’t take too much credit for that. The whales do what the whales do, but…
JON: But you set this up for us.
CRAIG: We have great partners up there and is sounds like you had a great trip.
JON: Now, speaking of partnerships, you guys have just partnered with Alaska Airlines.
CRAIG: That’s right.
JON: Which was a great reason for us to jump on Kenmore Air and go up to the San Juans.
CRAIG: Well, I think it has made our service known and attractive to a lot more people, and we are just delighted with the partnership.
JON: Well you hooked us up the last 24 hours, what great memories we’ve made. We’re going to come to you the next time.
CRAIG: Well I hope you do.
JON: Well now we’re back in Seattle, we’re at our Seattle home now, the Homewood Suites getting ready for the rest of our Seattle shoots, and I have an invitation for you, because you are Irish, right? O’Neil?
CRAIG: The name would suggest that, yeah.
JON: Are you a fan of Irish music?
CRAIG: Yeah, I am.
JON: OK, so Saturday night we are filming Ockham’s Razor, at the Owl and Thistle. They are a rocking Irish band. Come down, we will by you a pint and say thanks for all your help on this one, and uh, hopefully we will see you on Saturday night.
CRAIG: That sounds like a great deal, thanks.
JON: Cool. Cheers! The Seattle cheers, with coffee.
11:21-11:38 JON: They say it only rains twice a year in Seattle. January through August, and September through December. But actually, it doesn’t rain that much, it only rains about 38 inches a year. Temps rarely go above 80, and rarely dip below 40. Sure, there are some cloudy days like this, but it allows you to be creative. You can find fun things to do at
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11:42- 11:47 JON: Up next, a birds eye view of Seattle from the Space Needle, and we will visit Seattle’s historical past.
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11:51-12:07 JON: The Seattle Monorail is the nations first full scale commercial monorail system offering a quick, fun and convenient link from downtown Seattle to Seattle Center and back. The
one mile stretch takes about two minutes, and is open from 9 am to 11 pm daily. Next Stop? Seattle Center!
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12:20-12:36 JON: The Space Needle is Seattle’s most recognized landmark. In fact, it’s one of the most recognized landmark in the U.S. There is 848 steps from the bottom to the top which you can take if you are feeling like a workout, or you can chill like us and take the elevator. Next Stop? Observation deck!
12:44-13:10 JON: We are high above the Space Needle, on the observation deck, we got Dave here, who is the marketing manager. Before we talk about this incredible view, let’s talk about why the Space Needle was built.
DAVE: Well we were built in 1962 as the centerpiece of the World’s Fair. 605 feet tall and solid as steel, and it’s made out of steel, so I guess that’s easy.
JON: Solid as steel, I like it, like it! The view man, you get to do this every day.
DAVE:Yeah, I have been here for 14 years and I never get tired of it.
13:13-14:12 DAVE: This is Elliott Bay, and Puget Sound, Seattle’s home to one of the largest ferry systems in the world. What’s great about this part of the country is you can go out there in the morning and catch a salmon in the proper season, then come back in to work.
JON: Now I heard there was a practical joke played on April Fools Day. Tell us about that.
DAVE: It was a show that had joked that the needle had fallen over.
JON: Right.
DAVE: In fact, the story goes that there was a gentleman who lived over in Spokane who’s daughter happened to work here and he was worried about her, so he drove over to make sure that she was ok.
JON: And he believed it! What’s your favorite thing about Seattle?
DAVE: My favorite thing about Seattle as you can tell from my physique here, is probably the food. You know, I mean Seattle has got amazing seafood and great wine in this region of course and we have got a great restaurant just 20 feet below us that I know we are going to see later on.
JON: We’re gonna check that out, what are we going to do down there? It’s world famous.
DAVE: Yeah it is world famous. We in fact, we just won an award, we were the 2009 Washington wine restaurant of the year. 

JON: Congratulations.
DAVE: So we’re gonna meet…thank you very much…we’re gonna meet up with Executive Chef Jeff Maxfield and he’s gonna let you come in the kitchen and mess around a bit.
14:19-14:40 JON: We’re with Executive Chef Jeff, which rhymes, here at Sky City, now I’m told you are one of the most serious chef’s in Seattle, don’t mess around with you.
JEFF: That’s right, don’t mess around. At Sky City we focus on Northwest ingredients. You know, we really want to highlight what the Northwest is famous for. Dungeness crab, you know it’s a take on the homestyle mac and cheese, dungeness crab or the penne pasta.
14:42-14:56 JEFF: One of our other kind of unique items that we do as a starter here, this is a flat bread. It’s an unleavened flat bread we use shepherd grain whole wheat flour from Eastern Washington and we’ve got an organic egg baked right on top.
15:00-15:24 JEFF: I’m going to put you to work. We’re going to do two of our signature dishes. So this is a butter sauce, it is a beurre rouge, so it’s a take on a classic sauce. Everyone kinda knows beurre blanc, this is beurre rouge, it just means red butter. What we’re going to do, this is just a little bit of that right on the bottom of the plate. These are locally grown banana fingerling potatoes, and behind you, the finest northwest salmon, look at that.
JON: Uh huh!
JEFF: That’s awesome!
JON: Who said I couldn’t cook!
15:28-15:49 JEFF: Alright Jon, we’ve saved the best for last.
JON: I thought we were done? Whoa!
JEFF: This is a 1962 original, our Lunar Orbitor. Snoqualmie gourmet ice cream, over chocolate sauce and dry ice.
JON: Oh my god.
JEFF: How is everything tasting?
JON: It’s amazing.
JEFF: Awesome.
JON: And I think that’s going to top it of, it’s going to be the perfect ending.
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15:57-16:07 JON: The Seattle Underground was founded absolutely unintentionally. It speaks to Seattle’s past, some of it good, some of it just a little bit racy. I’m intrigued, aren’t you?
16:08-16:21 LEAH: Welcome to Seattle’s Underground Tour. The tour was started on Memorial Day weekend in 1965 when Bill Speidel, who was a local newspaper man noticed they were tearing down buildings in the neighborhood, calling them old victorian eyesores. He wanted to preserve our history.
16:28-16:57 LEAH: When they put the sidewalks in, they installed skylights so that people could continue to do business down here during the day. We we unsure for a while if this was the original glass. The reason is, one of our old guides from the 60’s used to tell a story about young men gathering down here, working ladies standing up there, with the prices of their services on the bottoms of their shoes, waiting for the business up top.
JON: Interesting.
LEAH: And she would refer to this as them selling their souls.
ALL: Laughter
LEAH: It was the joke.
17:00-17:24 LEAH: So the first toilets that came to Seattle were distributed by a man from Chelsea, England, named Thomas A Crapper, and they were called Thomas A. Crapper’s Wonderful Balbulous Water Waste Preventative Devise. Which is a lot to say when you have to go, you can have an accident.
JON: That is a lot.
LEAH: You can have an accident, so we shortened to the crapper. But there was a strange pipe coming out the back. They looked at the instructions that said ‘Attach pipe to city sewer system’ they looked in the box for a city sewer system. They didn’t have one.
17:26-18:01 LEAH: In the 1880’s, Seattle decided to take a census, an occupation survey. They wanted to find out how many people were living here, and what they were doing. They got back 25,000 census forms. 2,400 about 10%, listed themselves as being young, single women, all of them listed their occupation as being either seamstress or garment worker. They thought this was a bit fishy and decided to have an investigation into it. After 6 weeks of exhaustive research, they determined there was not a single sewing machine in the entire area.
JON: Oh my god, what did they do?
LEAH: It led them to suppose they must have been doing a lot of the work by hand.
ALL: Laughter
LEAH: Nobody gets it who’s not supposed to.
18:02-18:13 LEAH: Thank you guys so much for coming on the Underground Tour. I hope you learned something and had some fun. If you want to learn anything more about any of our tours, please visit our website at
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18:17-18:21 JON: Coming up, lively Irish tunes with local favorites, Ockham’s Razor.
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18:27-18:34 JON: Seattle is loaded with great bands, and we chose Ockham’s Razor for our featured band on the inaugural episode of Next Stop Seattle.
18:35-19:17 Music
19:18 19:42 JON: You are switching instruments all the time, Kris.
KRIS: Well actually, so do these two. It’s just we are very simplified at the moment, umm, but Tom plays mandolin and banjo as well as guitar.
JON: And you look the part, you look like a band straight out of Dublin, especially you!
BAND MEMBER: The leprechaun with the thyroid problem!
ALL: laughter
19:43-19:56 JON: That’s awesome. Well let’s talk about your music, because it is fun. The crowd was going crazy, your music is a blast.
KRIS: Thank you.
JON: Is it fun to play?
KRIS: Absolutely. It’s always fun for me to play cuz it’s music that I grew up listening to.
19:57- 20:38 Music
20:39-21:26 JON: Kris, I have a question for you, this, did it hurt?
KRIS: Not as badly as some of the other ones.
JON: Whoa! I won’t ask you to show!
KRIS: Laughs…It’s all above the neck, above the neck.
JON:Oh, it’s all above the neck, the ears, ok, well, we’ll just leave it at that for now, might go deeper in there in a minute.
JON: We’re in Seattle. What are your favorite things about Seattle?
KRIS: The people. The climate. I don’t care that it rains all winter long. The summers here are phenomenal, and you get like 90 degree weather for a week, and then you are right back to 70’s
There is such a love of music here, so as a musician you really feel appreciated and respected here.
21:27- 21:37 Music
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21:41- 21:57JON: Thanks for tuning in to our inaugural episode of Next Stop, from the gorgeous Emerald City of Seattle, Washington. Thanks also to our title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines. Thanks to Craft Brewers Alliance, London Influence, and Latitudes. We’ll see you next time on Next Stop. Where will we take you next?
Make good memories everybody.
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