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Kayaking & Biking Adventures, Volleyball Tournament, Tillamook Cheese, Blue Heron, Garibaldi, Iron Chef Goes Coastal, Cooking with Kids, Liberty Theater, Michael Allen Harrison.

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00:00-00:05 JON: Hi everybody, I ’m Jon Olson, and welcome to Next Stop from the end of the Lewis and Clark trail.
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00:19-00:37 JON: Lewis and Clark may have ended their journey here, but it’s where our journey begins for our North Oregon Coast show. On this episode we will feature Seaside, Oregon’s number one family ocean resort, and we will take you to the first settlement west of the Rockies, Astoria. We’ll also take you a little bit south to Tillamook, world famous for cheese and so much more. The fun starts now!
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00:41-01:17 JON: Life is way more than just a day at the beach here in Seaside and to prove it we have got Miss Clatsop County, Jessica, who’s going to take us on a little tour. What’s on the agenda?
JESSICA: Well we are going to go kayaking, we’re going to go mountain biking, and we’re going to go on a hike up Tillamook head.
JON: Sounds like a fun afternoon, all aboard!
JESSICA: Hi, I’m Jessica, this is Jon.
JON: Hey guys.
DARREN: Jon, I’m Darren Gooch with with Sunset Empire Park and Recreation.
MIKE: Jon, good to meet you.
JON: Mike, how are you man?
DARREN: What we are going to do is get some life vests on you, safety is always our number one priority. What we are going to do, we’re going to walk down to the canoes, we’re get you some paddles, we’re going to give you just a real quick brief overview and we’re going to get you in the water.
01:21-01:33 DARREN: So what you guys are going to do, you are going to paddle on opposite sides, you are going to maintain paddling on one side until your arms get tired, at which point you’re going to say switch.
JON: Ok.
DARREN: And the paddle is going to change to the other side, ok?
MIKE: Hold on, here you go, so you guys can get used to paddling around.
01:50-02:12 JON: So this has got to be one of the most peaceful things I have done in the last like, month. If I lived here I think I would be out here very day.
MIKE: Yeah, we’re blessed.
JON: You guys are, this is fantastic.
DARREN: So one of the things we try to do with these canoe trips out here on the river is kind of take some of these folks, you can see the houses and stuff back here…they are right here next to this really precious river system, kind of reconnecting people to that.
02:23-02:37 JON: You guys are awesome, what’s next?
JESSICA: We’re going mountain biking.
JON: Let’s go!
JESSICA: Alright.
ALAN: Hi Jon, hi Jessica, I’m Al. I’ve rented some bikes and some helmets, you ready to hit the trails?
JON: Hey Al. I’m ready, been looking forward to this all day, let’s try this baby on.
02:49-03:25 JON: Al, you’ve got some pretty cool digs in your back yard up here man.
ALAN: Absolutely.
JON: This is amazing, all the depths of colors up here, we were just talking about this, its so beautiful, and what a gorgeous day.
ALAN: Yeah, and at the moment of course it is winter, so in the summer it becomes even more vibrant with a lot of foxglove and other plant all around.
JON: How do people find out about all the different routes, there has got to be just hundreds of different routes up here.
ALAN: We put two websites together, which is and another place you can find a lot of our routes is at so if you put in a search for Seaside on then you should come up with some of our hiking trails, biking trails, or kayaking routes.
03:37-04:07 JON: Whew, it’s fun.
JESSICA: Now see Jon, it’s not just another day at the beach.
JON: No, it isn’t, you are proving it now, you guys have an app to prove it, right?
ALAN: Absolutely, the Seaside iphone app, coming to an iphone near you soon.
JON: That’s awesome, well thanks for showing us around and what’s next?
JESSICA: We’re going on a hike
JON: What an awesome day, thank you Jessica for helping us make some great memories, and good luck in your pageant.
JESSICA: Well thank you very much, but we’re not done yet, we’ve got to go up the trail.
JON: Sounds fun for us but the crew is really tired and they can’t handle it, so we’ll just leave them
JESSICA: We’ll just leave them.
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04:19-04:50 JON: Seaside has been Oregon’s most popular ocean resort for over a century and is located just an hour and a half from Portland. It’s one and a half mile ocean front promenade, or prom as they like to call it, is ideal for joggers, bikers, even families with strollers. This is an ideal family vacation destination and there is a pluthera of lodging opportunities, from quaint B&B’s, to luxury hotels like the Rivertide Suites, to affordable vacation home rentals from Oregon Beach Vacations which have hundreds of rentals up and down the Oregon Coast. For more information  on all of the above visit
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04:56-05:05 JON: We are at the 29th annual Seaside beach volleyball tournament, the largest amature beach volleyball tournament in the world, over 750 teams here to compete from all over the place. Let’s have some fun.
05:15-05:51 JON: Ok, I’ve got the two big dogs in the volleyball tournament here with me, we’ve got Al from the chamber, we’ve got Steve from Elevation, which you guys are the group that promotes it, right?
STEVE: Right.
ALAN: This is the 29th year of this tournament, still going strong and getting bigger every year.
JON: I’m looking around the beach here and I’m seeing kids, all the way to adults, girl teams, guy teams, mixed teams. It’s really a mixture of everybody and anybody can do it, right?
STEVE: That’s the beauty of it. There’s over 30 divisions of play, players are coming from all over, they are quite good, the number of the AVP ranked teams are here this weekend just with the way the schedule worked out, and uh, it’s fantastic play.
06:03-07:35 JON: Ok, I can’t come all the way to Seaside and be at this big volleyball tournament and not get a couple of lessons, so instead of just having one person teach me, I found twins, that’s how I roll. So, you’re 18 years old, graduated high school and have aspirations to go to Oregon State.
NADIA: Yeah.
JON: You guys want to be a Beaver, why not the Ducks?
NADIA: It has to be Beavers.
SOMER: Beavers are better.
JON: OK, have you noticed in Seaside all the fire hydrants are painted yellow and green?
NADIA: I didn’t notice that. I’ll go paint them.
JON: Check it out. You should start a revolt for the Oregon State Beaver fans.
SOMER: We will.
JON: So what are you going to teach me? Pretend I know nothing.
NADIA: First we will teach you how to pass.
JON: Ok.
NADIA: So you hold your hands like, make a fist and then, and you want to make like a platform almost, so you want your elbows locked, yeah that’s good, and you wanna pass it right here.
SOMER: Bring your arms up, both of them, and then you follow through.
NADIA: And snap your wrist.
JON: I think I picked some good teachers, thanks girls.
NADIA & SOMER: Your welcome.
JON: I appreciate it, that’s fun. You guys have a fun sport. What a cool event in Seaside, I’ve never seen the beaches jumping like this in Seaside, I highly recommend you guys attend next years event. When this thing started in 1982 there was only 8 nets on the beach, today, over 100 nets, what amazing growth.
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07:40-07:45 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the world famous Tillamook Cheese Factory, a unique store and more.
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07:49-08:10 JON: Tillamook is a Native American word meaning land of many waters. With 75 miles of coastline, 4 bays, and 9 rivers, it lives up to its name. Tillamook County also lives up to its slogan the land of cheese, trees, and ocean breeze. While here we suggest you stay at the Ashley Inn, walking distance to the Blue Heron French Cheese Company, and world famous Tillamook Cheese Factory.
08:12-08:43 JON: The Tillamook Cheese Factory is one of Oregon’s busiest tourist attractions, with over 1 million visitors a year. Today, it attracts our Next Stop crew.
HEIDI: Jon, welcome to the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
JON: Hey Heidi.
HEIDI: Join me in the bus.
JON: Looking forward to this, this is going to be fun.
HEIDI: Absolutely. So I’d like to tell you a little but about what you are going to see at the Tillamook Cheese Factory today.
JON: Sure.
HEIDI: There is lots of things you are going to see, you are going to learn a little bit about cheese making, the dairy industry, we are going to sample some award winning cheeses.
JON: Yum.
HEIDI: So, lets get started
JON: Lets get started!
08:48-10:10 HEIDI: So this is where all the action begins.
JON: Wow, that is a lot of cheese down there.
HEIDI: The cheese making takes place on the other side, and then after the cheese is aged, we bring it back in to do the cut and wrap, so this is kind of the end of the process, where the cheese making begins on the other side is the beginning.
JON: They look happy down there, all the workers have smiles on their faces, must be great place to work.
HEIDI: I think so, and I think they think so too, and its kind of fun, we have one of the ladies right here is wearing one of our ‘loafism’ shirts which says loaf thy neighbor. I always think is fun to come to work and watch and see what they’ve chosen for the day for their loafism. Jon, now is the time.
JON: Yay!
HEIDI:  Its time to sample the cheese.
JON: Wow, this looks good.
HEIDI: So the very first thing I would like you to try is our Tillamook cheese curd, this is what we call our squeaky cheese. This is the only place you can get Tillamook cheese curd is at the Tillamook Cheese Factory.
JON: You heard it here first.
HEIDI: That’s right.
JON: I was looking forward to trying this, I’ll try a double one. Wow.
HEIDI: What do you think?
JON: That is really good. That would go so good with crackers and wine, they all would, so thank you.
HEIDI: But I did save one of the best for last.
JON: Ok.
HEIDI: Tillamook ice cream, are you in?
JON: I’m in, I’m all in.
HEIDI: Well lets go try some.
JON: Thanks for having us.
HEIDI: Cheers!
JON: Cheers, you can have a little peppermint on your chocolate.
HEIDI: It doesn’t hurt.
10:13-11:21 JON: The Blue Heron French Cheese Company located off highway 101 in Tillamook, Oregon is one of the most unique companies in all of Oregon. Of course they’ve got cheeses, they’ve got northwest wines, specialty gifts, but they’ve also got a petting farm. The outside is incredible with the petting farm, but the inside is even better than expected and we decided to kind of mix things up a little bit and talk story here at the table with the most unique specialty gifts. This place is absolutely incredible, Jessica and Kenzie, thanks for joining us. This lives up to the billing as one of the most unique operations in the entire state of Oregon.
JESSICA: Well thank you.
JON: Thank you. Its been, and now this is your family.
JESSICA:  Yep, we’ve been for 31 years, they actually, my parents started this business the year that I was born., so I just…
JON: You just told everybody your age.
JESSICA: I know, I know, and that’s ok, that’s ok, I realized that as it was coming out.
JON: People come here all the time, every week, you have a lot of loyal people, you have an amazing deli, you have a brie counter with lots of different brie and you can sample, right? Its all about sampling here.
11:22-11:47 DENNIS: We have over 500 wines, we feature northwest wines, Oregon and Washington. What we try to do is match you with a flavor profile of the wines you like. This has become one of the most popular wines, I sold 5 bottles of this today, it’s the Blue Heron, the best tasting venue on the Oregon coast.
JON: I would agree with that.
DENNIS: Absolutely.
JESSICA: That’s pretty good.
DENNIS: That’s what it is. Kumbaya
JON: Kumbaya, thank you.
11:52-12:45 JON: The port of Garibaldi is the closest port to Portland, and is vital to the success of Tillamook County, right Val?
VAL: Spot on Jon, spot on.
JON: Why is that?
VAL: Number one because we have the most premier fishing, it’s an easy access, there is very little time it takes to get to the ocean, and the mother ocean is right around the corner and in less than 20 minutes you are across the bar.
JON: When we walk around the port, it’s almost like it is its own city, you’ve got a lot of shops, you’ve got businesses.
VAL: About 10, 12 years ago this bay got designated as a national bay of significance, which means the clean water act sat down, we started to work on restoration of salmon and habitat, and part of that was outreach, we want people to come down and look at our rivers, and be in our bays, Nehalem, Tillamook, Nestucca, and be able to interact with the natural environment without necessarily having to take something home with them except for the experience.
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12:52-12:57 JON: Up next, an Iron Chef’s competition along the Oregon coast, and cooking with kids with a local chef.
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13:03-13:58  JON: We are at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center along the Oregon coast for the third annual Iron Chef’s Goes Coastal Competition. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the third annual Iron Chef’s Goes Coastal competition.
GEOFF: Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready. We are about to choose the teams for Iron Chef’s Goes Coastal. I’m going to invite Will Larue as the returning champion to draw the first knife. Santoku. So our teams will be Will Larue and Jason Aldren on one team, they will be on the left, and Aaron Bidard and Noah Coffman on the right here. And the secret ingredient, chefs, you ready? The secret ingredient, shellfish.
14:08-14:37 GEOFF: Looks like we’ve got some purple peruvian potatoes, and then Noah, he’s got something interesting, this is the other first that I was talking about, he is actually going to be making a soy lecithin foam.
LORI: Well my senses are overwhelmed at this point, everything is really good, and its a very hard decision.
AMY: I’m appreciative of what they came up in the time limit that they were given.
GEOFF: The winner of the Iron Chef Goes Coastal is Will Larue and Jason Aldren.
14:39-15:42 JON: The competition was fierce, but in the end somebody has to win and we are with the winning team right now, Will and Jason.
JASON: Just looking at all the ingredients and putting together everything you can try to possibly make as fast as you can in your head, and simply as possible.
JON: Are you guys talking about this in advance?
WILL: It was really easy this year working with Jason, Jason and I hit right on the head and had a bunch of ideas that went together really really well.
JON: What did you think? You’re a chef and you see this grow every time, more and more local produce, more and more local meats and fish, this has got to be just awesome for you.
GEOFF: Well, I have to say, our vendors have been outstanding this year, they have given us some amazing products we haven’t had in the past, which I am really, really thrilled about. The secret ingredient was great, it just kind of covered a very broad area, and really allowed the chefs to really let their culinary juices flow.
JON: Tonight we definitely raised a bunch of money for the United Way of Clatsop County which is a great cause, and I think we did a good job, good enough that we deserve a little treat.
GEOFF: Absolutely.
JON: Cheers, we’ll see you next year.
GEOFF: Cheers to you.
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15:52-16:14 JON: Astoria is a city of firsts. it was established in 1810 as a fur trading post and was the first US settlement west of the Rockies. It was also the first place where legendary actor Clark Gable got his acting start. Another first, back in 1948 the first US cable television broadcast from right downtown Astoria. Come to Astoria, Oregon and experience one of your firsts.
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16:17-16:52 JON: Chef extrordinaire Chris Holen from Astoria’s Baked Alaska brings his talents just a little bit south down the road to Seaside. We’re going to cook with the kids from OSU’s 4-H program, we’re going to make some mac and cheese, what do you say?
CHRIS: We’re going to make a gourmet version of a baked macaroni and cheese, so I need a couple of people, who wants to cook pasta? Ok, you guys. Ok, alright. Who wants to make the sauce?
JON: Morgan and Austin
CHRIS: Alright cool, take that.
JON: Go Morgan.
CHRIS: Ok, so Morgan, you are going to be in charge of this, alright?
CHRIS: This needs to melt, just stand there and whisk it, alright?
16:58-17:40 CHRIS: What has to happen to activate this root to actually make it thicken a sauce is this has to boil, and the cream will boil at what temperature?
CHILD: 212 degrees
CHRIS:  Woo. Nice, nice job. Ok, you are going to add in some cheese, go ahead. Chalula, I like to call it the priest, and we call it the priest because the chalula, a few splashes of this and its going to marry the flavors together, isn’t that nice? One more, ok thats good, stop. Dude that’s too much. ok, just kidding. we’re not trying to make it spicy, we are trying to marry the flavors and hot sauce can marry the flavors together.
17:45-18:36 CHRIS: Somebody take and sprinkle this cheese evenly, just use the whole rest of it over all these. So this is it, all we have to do is bake and serve.
JON: Ok, that was a lot of fun.
CHRIS: That was an absolute blast.
JON: The kids had fun, you had fun. I had fun, we all learned a little something.
CHRIS:  Absolutely.
JON: And we are back here at your restaurant in Astoria, on the deck, what an amazing location you have Chris.
CHRIS: It is a good spot, its a good spot. I get to come work here every day.
JON: You are kind of living the dream, because you and your wife started this thing out of the back of a van, literally, down by the river.
CHRIS: Yep, down by the river. We sold food at music festivals, and on the way just kind of drove through Astoria and fell in love with the place and here we are, you know its 10 almost 11 years later now and we are still here.
JON: Tell us your motto too, I love your motto..the only thing you overlook is the Columbia.
CHRIS: Is the river.
JON: Come and see him at Baked Alaska in Astoria.
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18:39-18:44 JON: Coming up, the beautiful music of Michael Allen Harrison at the Liberty Theater in Astoria.
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18:48-19:21 JON: Our music segment takes us to the historical Liberty Theater in downtown Astoria for a live musical benefit by Michael Allen Harrison.
ROSEMARY: It is what is called an atmospheric theater, in our case, built to transport you to a venetian palace. So, when you are standing on the balcony, you are at eye level with 12 really amazing paintings, so its as if you are standing at a venetian palace looking out at the canals. When there are  performances like Michael Allen Harrison this evening, it is as if you are a part of the music, and the music embraces you because of how the room plays with the sound.
19:32-20:18 JON: This is a rare treat for us at Next Stop, we get to have one of the most famous musicians on the entire northwest, Michael Allen Harrison, on Next Stop. Michael, welcome to our show.
MICHAEL: Thank you so much, its great to be here.
JON: Well, lets talk about your music, because I’ve actually been following you from afar for a long time. You’ve been doing this for quite a while.
MICHAEL: Yeah, about 30 years since I started being a professional musician, since my first paying gig, lets just say that. Its been a wonderful journey, now that I am considered a statesman in the industry, in this territory I guess, I’m more involved in working with kids and I have a foundation called the snowman foundation, we raise money for music education, and so I spend more of my time there. But, you know my first love is playing the piano and I love to do concerts.
20:32-21:05 JON: How has your music changed over the last 3 decades.
MICHAEL: Oh my gosh, I would have to say it has, I think I have stepped into just really being relaxed and present with it, you know, because as you grow as an artist you really start to let go of how you think you are being perceived by an audience. I’m just really stepping into the music and just really being myself, and I think what happens there is you discover that you connect.
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21:46- 21:51 JON: We appreciate you tuning in to Next Stop from the picturesque North Oregon Coast. Thanks to all our friends along the coast who helped make this show special, and big thanks to our shows sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody.
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