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00:00-00:04 JON: Hola I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from Baja Sur!
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00:14-00:29 JON: Bienvenido to Next Stop from beautiful Baja California South, also known as Baja Sur. On this episode of Next Stop we will feature the beautiful towns of La Paz and Loreto and we will play on the Sea of Cortez. All this and mucho mas coming up on Next Stop, the fun starts now!
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00:40-01:22 JON: We are about to make some great memories on Mexico’s stunning Sea of Cortez for a day filled with all things water and beach related. Muy Bueno! This is our awesome host Scott who actually set up this entire day, you have a day full of activities for us planned.
SCOTT: Well right now we are here getting clams that we are going to be making for lunch on Coronado Island beach a little later today, but before we get to that we’re going to do some kayaking around the north side of Coronado Island. We’re going to start out looking at some interesting rock formations, and then we will come up on a seal colony.
00:27-2:31 JON: This is nice way to see the landscape close up.
SCOTT: It really is, the kayak really allows you to kind of get up close and personal with it. There is a little tiny baby about this big right in here, he just touched the back of me.
JON: Ok, you are like pretty much crafting the near perfect day for us. We go out, we see the dolphins, amazing bottle nosed dolphins, hundreds of them playing in the wake, get in the kayaks, paddle over to the sea lions and the seals in their habitat, it was the closest I’ve been, that was awesome, thank you.
SCOTT: It was pretty neat, wasn’t it?
JON: And then paddling across the scenery with the mountain right next to us, and all of the colored rocks, this is really a beautiful, beautiful place. And the island here, this is Coronado?
SCOTT: This is Coronado.
JON: How many islands surround Loreto?
SCOTT: There is 11 islands in total, and then there is 5 that are close in to Loreto here.
JON: Tell us about lunch because it looks pretty amazing.
SCOTT: Today we’ve got fresh clams, the ones we got on the way out here, and we have baja fish taco’s as out main course.
02:38-03:52  SCOTT: Jon I want to introduce you to a really good friend of mine, Enrique Salcedo.
JON: My pleasure, it’s a pleasure to meet you
ENRIQUE: Nice to meet you Jon.
JON: Likewise.
SCOTT: We call him chief, you can call him chief too.
JON: Hey Chief!
SCOTT: Enrique has turned me on to some really great mexican traditions, and one of them is raw clams.
ENRIQUE: This is the side where you have to start opening them, so it is like this, and then you pull with the knife already.
SCOTT: So the whole clam meat is like the lining on the inside of that shell. That is a pretty big clam.
ENRIQUE: Yeah, very big.
SCOTT: I;m not sure that one is designed for beginners.
JON: Can we cut it in half?
ENRIQUE: They will move because they still alive.
SCOTT: Oh my god, look at that!
JON: Uno, dos, tres!
SCOTT: Perfect, perfect.
JON: Not bad at all.
SCOTT: I think you earned something here.
JON: Tequila!
SCOTT: Come on over here Maria.
JON: What a day.
SCOTT: What a day. It’s not over yet Jon. From here we are going to take you guys back to the hotel, you’ll have time for a siesta, then we are going to cook the catch of the day.
JON: Oh, bueno! Mas tequila, mas pescado.
JON: Bueno.
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04:15-04:21 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, activities on the Sea of Cortez, and a tour of the tranquil village of Loreto.
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04:25-04:40 JON: Sitting against the tides of the Sea of Cortez, Loreto is the paradise of Baja California Sur. Loreto’s tourism community is doing its best to blend environmental conciousness with unforgettable vacations. The Sea of Cortez is truly a sportsman’s paradise.
Check this out!
04:50-05:48 Enrique was the master on the water, he’s actually going to let me try to feel the power of the kite.
ENRIQUE JR: You have to hold the bar. It’s like a bicycle, so if you want to go, if you want to move the kite to one side, you have to pull one side of the bar.
ENRIQUE JR: And the kite will go to one side. The first time you get the kite in the air and you start handling the kite, you first have to learn how to handle the kite really good, and maybe it could take you about 4 to 5 lessons. Your arms, straight, straight, there. Most of the time in Loreto in this spot the wind is going sideways on the beach which is really great because you don’t have to be worried about being blown off into the ocean. I like to come to Loreto to kite because we have some really nice sandy beaches, most of the time the wind picks up really nice so it is very nice to come to Loreto to kite.
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06:02-06:36 JON: Loreto was the first town in all of Baja California which is a perfect way to start our tour of Loreto, with CC, who’s going to tell us all about this historical, quaint fishing village.
CC: Well right behind us we have the first capital of the Californias, first town to be built in all Baja California, and at one point it was even the capital of the California United States.
JON: So the whole west coast, all the way down. It all started here.
CC: You got it.
JON: We’ve heard so many amazing things abut Loreto, so we totally want to see this town.
CC: OK, well let me take you through a beautiful portion of the vegetation just in the main square that has a lot to do the name of Loreto, the laurels that we have here.
06:40-07:03 JON: CC, why Loreto? Why was this the first town in Baja California?
CC: Jesuit missionaries really wanted to evangelize this area, and the indigent population was really a marker to figure out how big the peninsula was, I mean was it an island or was it part of Mexico, and the island was Califia, and now its Baja California.
JON: Ah, California, Califia.
CC: Exactly
JON: It’s coming together.
07:06-08:44 JON: So what’s next?
CC: Well, we are going to have a really special treat right now, which is making really traditional mexican food here, tortilla making.
JON: Oh I like this place, very colorful.
CC: It’s made from adobe, so it’s also historical for the area.
JON: Nice.
CC: Rosa, presenta Jon, Jon, Rosa.
JON: Hola.
CC: Show us how the dough is made please.
JON: Yes please.
ROSA: Farina.
CC: Farina, flour, some oil and a little bit of salt, ok.
JON: OK, so now we know what’s in it, now we just have to learn to flatten it out, right?
CC: Tell us how, we roll it a bit, ahh, flatten out on the edges, and when you think it is too big for your hands you start doing this little thing.
JON: Yours is way better than mine.
CC: And you put it, just lay it down. It’s not very round but the flavor is the one that counts.
JON: It’s better than mine Rosa!
CUSTOMER: That’s enough.
JON: Enough? You think I’m good? We’ve got the peanut gallery over here.
CUSTOMERS: Clapping, cheers.
JON: Gracias, muchos gracias! Tomato
CC: Umm hmm, you have now a fish taco with beans.
JON:  Bueno, gracias.
CC: SO now that we’ve fed you, its time to dig into some history.
08:47-09:19 CC: This mission was started off with just a smaller room back in 25th October 1697 with the beautiful Holy Mary of Loreto from Loreto Italy, and we are blessed with having her still. The main park in Loreto doesn’t have any more quarrels, because you are looking at them.
JON: Really?
CC:The traditional name of Loreto is Loreto Concho, so you have Loreto, an evangelized name and Concho, a name that refers to the sea chest.
09:21-09:56 CC: I want you to try my favorite place. This place has the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had since I was in fourth grade.
JON: That sounds perfect, and on a hot day too.
CC:  A lot of people come here, we have the people of Loreto, the residents are from Canada, the United States. So great, I bet they are out there, oh yeah.
JON: Hola!
JON: CC, what a perfect way to end the walking tour, on the rooftop of La Mision, our beautiful hotel with the sunset.
CC: And with a great view of our town that really hasn’t changed in 300 years.
JON: Its a very quiet town, its a very safe place to be, so thank you so much for having us, we love it here.
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10:02-10:08 JON: Coming up we visit La Paz, highlighting fresh seafood, a world class resort and a vibrant night life.
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10:18-10:35 JON: Situated near the southern tip of Baja California Sur, La Paz is a seaside paradise. Warm pacific breezes, sunsets over ripples waters and a rich fabric of local culture combine to make La Paz an ideal vacation spot. For more information on La Paz and other Mexico destinations, visit today and book your vacation.
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10:50-12:34 JON: It’s lunch time in La Paz, and the crew is hungry. I’m with my new friend Veronica and we’re going to talk about food in La Paz. Let’s start here, we are at Bismark Cito. When we were planning this trip everyone said you have to come to Bismark Cito, whats special about this place?
VERONICA: This is a must stop for La Paz and Baja California Sur. As you can see here, we have a variety of seafood.
JON: You have a pluthera of seafood, I think we have every kind of seafood on the table.
VERONICA: Everything, and everything is from here, from the Sea of Cortez, that’s wonderful. So its very fresh, they got the food here every morning, and this restaurant its a tradition of La Paz.
JON: It has a great history, right? It started with a food cart basically.
VERONICA: Exactly, it started in 1968, has always belonged to the same family. They started with just with the cart as you can see in here, they serve tacos, different kind of tacos, shrimp, oyster, octopus.
JON: Now the food in La Paz, we’ve been here for a couple of days now, every restaurant we have gone to is fantastic. You don’t see fast food chains lining the streets, you have a lot of really good La Paz restaurants.
VERONICA: Exactly, I would call it high quality you know, everywhere, even in the little restaurants. For instance, the steaks we tried the other day.
JON: So good, the buffalo…
VERONICA: The buffalo , buffalo barbeque.
JON: It was so yummy. And italian, we had great italian last night.
VERONICA: Yes, and wonderful also, wine cellar to do the mariachi with the food .
JON: I like it.
VERONICA: Yes, it is like a secret of La Paz, the gastronomy, you know? And when the people come, the tourists come, they can discover that secret.
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12:49-14:23 JON: We are staying at the beautiful Costabaja Resort and Marina, and with Thierry who is the  Vice President of Sales for the US and Canada, but here we are in Mexico.
THIERRY: Good evening.
JON: Good evening, thanks for having us.
THIERRY: Thank you for coming.
JON: What a beautiful resort, this is much more than a just a great hotel, tell us about the resort, because there are so many things happening here.
THIERRY: It is a 550 acres master planned community right on the Sea of Cortez, and if everbody knows abut the Sea of Cortez,, it is one of the wonders of the world. It has its own marina,we have a villlage, we have…we just opened a golf course, first Gary Player golf course built in Mexico and all of Latin America.
JON: Really?
TERRY: With 14 holes with sea view, something pretty much unbelievable.
JON: That almost unheard of.
THIERRY: Almost unheard of. We are sitting right on the Sea of Cortez, so it is really a must.
JON: Lets talk about the hotel, because we stay at a lot of hotels and this is very unique, its really a full service hotel, you’ve got a beach club.
THIERRY: It is the first 4 star hotel built in La Paz, its been recently remodeled to become 4 star level. All rooms have been completely remodeled, its sitting right into the marina so you have beautiful view of the marina, beautiful view of the golf course as well as the city view of La Paz.
JON: What is it about La Paz that brought you here, and what do you like most about La Paz?
THIERRY: Everything, I’ve travelled extensively throughout my youth all over the world, its probably one of the best places I’ve ever been. La Paz because it is one authentic mexican city and also sitting one one of the most beautiful body of water in the world.
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14:33-15:16 JON: Its a Friday night in La Paz and we are kicking off our night here at The Jungle. We’re going experience nightlife La Paz style with some tequila, some cervesa’s, some new friends and who knows where the night will take us, Salud! What is this bar known for?
CHRISTIAN: For the tequila, for the rock music, we have the Thursday for ladies night, many of the people come here.Ladies night Thursday, yeah.
JON: Is there a drink that The Jungle is known for?
CHRISTIAN: Yeah, we have one of the special drinks its called goodbye mother you want to taste?
JON: Yeah
CHRISTIAN: OK, it vodka, tequila, rum, sprite, lemon juice.
15:21-16:22 JON: Our next stop on our La Paz nightlife tour, La Casa de Villa, they are making a special drink for us, apparently it is a very famous drink here, I don’t know why, we are about to find out.
VICTOR: This is a very famous booze here Tabaca, its made from the root of a plant, this plant is called damiana, its very famous because it is popular for believing that the women who have some trouble when they get pregnant, they drink this booze and they got pregnant, that is why this is formed like a lady.
JON: So am I going to get pregnant if I drink this tonight?
VICTOR: Its not going to make you pregnant but maybe a little bit because its like an aphrodisiac drink.
JON: Aphrodisiac? Yeah aphrodisiac. So its going to make me?
VICTOR: Yeah maybe, so I’m going to stay away from you, a little bit!
JON: You are pretty good looking Victor!
VICTOR: Just a little bit.
JON: Salud!
16:28-16:57 JON: Those other bars we’ve been to tonight have been kind of big and loud, and whistles blowing which is fun, but this is really nice too, its a very quaint feel.
JUAN: That is part of the idea of the design of the place is having a different place, you know comfortable, with good prices. We have a lot of original drinks from the house.
JON: That was my next question, every place we have been they have made their special drink, do you guys have a special drink?
JUAN: He is already preparing four of them for you.
JON: Four of them?
JUAN: Yeah, four different drinks for you.
17:06-17:16 JON: Well I think we had a good time tonight in La Paz, huh? Good nightlife here! Now most good nightlife’s end at a karaoke bar and La Paz is no different. We’re heading in to Sinatra and going to leave you guys here. Hasta la Vista baby!
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17:56-18:29 JON: Its a beautiful day in La Paz and we are about to have a city walking tour with my buddy Victor here who works for tourism. First of all, this is kind of a nice little area here, that we are in downtown La Paz, pigeons flying everywhere, people everywhere, music.
VICTOR: We are at the center of the heart of my city La Paz, welcome to it, over there we got the mission, this mission was founded in 1535 buy the jesuits.
JON: And this building here used to house the government, lots of big decisions happened here.
VICTOR: This is you know, like the capital building 1891-1981.
18:40-19:18 JON: Alright Victor, I’m not exactly the spanish speaking expert, but I think I know what this means ‘Centro Cultural La Paz’ this is the cultural center of La Paz, right?
VICTOR: Yeah, you’re right, and actually this is like a museum right now. This used to be the city hall of the city, but right now it is just a museum.
JON: So this building is absolutely beautiful but it is kind of sprinkled in with some new stuff right now, there is a hot dog stand over here, they didn’t have those back in the 1500’s. There is a lot of new shops.
VICTOR: For sure. yeah, if you want to go scuba diving, let’s go to a shop. If you want to surf there is a surf shop, but actually there is a craft shop I want to take you to.
JON: Sounds good.
VICTOR: Yeah? Lets go and enjoy that.
19:29-20:40 JON: So this is where it all happens, this is the *Malecon* everything happens here, and there is people biking, skateboarding, roller skating, and there is statues with guys in boats.
VICTOR: Yep, this is called ‘The Old Man and the Sea’
JON: You’ve got a nice palm in front of us too. Go ahead and recite that for us.
VICTOR: Really? In spanish?
JON: In spanish.
VICTOR: (recites poem) It talks about a fisherman who is waiting for his boat made of paper-this is it-and he wants to sail through the seven seas in his paper boat.
JON: OK, this guy right here? The Sea of Cortez is just gorgeous, your downtown is just fantastic, I think we should get up high.
VICTOR: I know the perfect place.
JON: I feel very fortunate, we started the walking tour walking around downtown and now we’re on top of a building which, I understand you never bring guys up to the top of the building, its only like  hot chicks.
VICTOR: Yeah, only girls. You’re welcome, you’re more than welcome.
JON: What are we seeing here?
VICTOR: Well we are in downtown and there is the cathedral, just enjoy the view.
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21:32-21:50 JON: Thanks for tuning into another fun episode of Next Stop, and muchos gracias to Tourism Baja California Sur for your help in putting together a fantastico show. Thanks also to our title sponsors Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines Visa signature card for your partnership. We will see you next time on Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody!
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Next Stop: Chicago

White Sox & Chicago Bulls, Bike Hike Tour, Skydeck at Willis Tower, Rooftop Bar Hopping, Conrad Hotel, Vino Louden at Buddy Guys Legends.
View This Episode’s Segments

00:00-00:4 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the windy city.
00:05-00:18 Next Stop Chicago rolls
00:19-00:33 JON: Chicago Illinois, our nation’s 3rd largest city is well known for it’s many sports, it’s fun and enthusiastic locals, great food, a lively blues scene and so much more. but don’t our word for it, we’ll show you on Next Stop Chicago. The fun starts now!
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00:36-00:56 JON; There is no city more passionate about it’s sports than Chicago. You’ve got Da Bears, Da Blackhawks, Da Bulls, Da Cubs, and Da White Sox. Today we’re all about sports, we’re kicking it off here at US Cellular field for a White Sox game, the Twins are in town, then we are gonna head across town and catch the Bulls and the Celtics. Play ball!
01:06-03:15 JON: It’s the White Sox versus the Twins, it is game time. Ximena is going to take us around US Cellular and show us the fan experience. So I see lot’s of different vending options.
XIMENA: We have vegan, vegetarian options, we are trying to go green a little at the park.
JON: And you have pretzels and beer.
XIMENA: We actually have a coupon pretzel that is good for 4 people.
JON: Nice, I like that. So we are high above the field right now. This is pretty cool over here.
XIMENA: It’s our fundamentals track, it’s for children and they teach the kids to pitch, to throw.
JON: Ok, what about the adult who need to learn some fundamentals, what about the adults?
XIMENA: Oh, I don’t know, you might be on your own.
JON: Come on!
XIMENA: You can try it out, maybe they will help you.
JON: I love this, this is a little piece of old Comiskey, he actually stood under that shower on a hot day.
XIMENA: You never know, maybe, it’s possible
JON: It works! Chicago sports are amazing, are you a full Chicago sports fan?
AL: Die hard Sox fan, and I’m here just to have a great time and hope the Sox win all the time.
JON: You know Briana is a big White Sox fan because she organized a group of what, 100 people today?
BRIANA: I do it every year for my boyfriends birthday.
JON: We don’t have Chicago sports, describe to our viewers about Chicago.
BRIANA: It’s like where you are from, it’s who you are, it’s what you represent, it’s the town or the neighborhood you are from. I’m from the south side and definitely you recognize that, you represent, and White Sox is what you are all about.
JON: This is what it’s all about folks, it’s all about families coming to the ball park. Who is your favorite player on the White Sox?
O’BRIEN CHILD: Paul Konerko
JON: Paul Konerko? I like him too.
O’BRIEN DAD: Even from a young age these guys love the Bears, the Hawks, the white Sox, it’s great, it’s a great sports town, it really is.
JON: What a perfect day for baseball, and now we are off the the Bulls game. See all that traffic out here? We didn’t have to sit in that. We’re taking the metro transportation, it is very, very easy here in Chicago, it’s the best way to get around. It stops right outside our hotel, I’m going to make a quick clothes change and then it is go Bulls!
03:21-03:29 JON: Well here we are, it’s the house that Michael built. it’s the United Center, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, who are having an amazing season in hockey and tonight, it’s the Celtics in town taking on the Bulls.
03:42-04:25 JON: Bulls fans are rabid, we’ve got one of them right here, what’s your name buddy?
KEVIN: El Vicaro, they call me the number one and only, representing the matador nation.
JON: Come to almost every game?
KEVIN: Yes sir, I’m known as El Vicaro, the bull cowboy, wrapping you all with the rest of my big boys right here.
JON: You’ve been around since the Jordan days my friend.
HAYWOOD: Yes I have, everybody’s happy, they keep coming back again.
JON: Why are they so passionate about sports here?
HAYWOOD: Michael Jordan is one of who made it famous here, and I see a back up coming up right now with Gary Rowland, like I said shoe shine you have the best guys, the best in the west north south and the east you know and I’m the doctor you know, the master blaster.
04:35-04:54 ALLISON: I am a fan of Captain Heinrick and so we did a poster of Captain Kirk.
JON: In case you get hungry during the game you guys can dig into that. You know what I notice about Chicago? The girls are big big fans, more so than I think in other cities, why do you think that is?
ALLISON: it’s so fun to go to the games, Wrigley Field is beautiful, United Center is awesome, it’s always a good time.
04:59-05:01 Next Stop logo
05:02-05:06 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the tallest building in the western hemisphere, it will blow your skirt up!
05:07:09 Next Stop logo
05:11-05:28 JON: The Chicago River is the only river on earth that flows backwards. Reversed in 1900 for sanitary purposes, it is considered one of the 20th centuries top engineering marvels. Every year the Saturday before St Patricks day, they dye this river green to celebrate St. Patrick. Sounds like a fun party!
05:33-05:35 next Stop logo
05:40-06:04 JON: Chicago has one of the most impressive skylines of any city in America. Today we are going high above the tallest building in the western hemisphere, Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, for a guided tour of the sky deck. There is 2,232 steps from here to the sky deck. Since Mike and I already worked out today, we are sending Josh up the stairs. See you Josh!
06:15-06:27 JON: Here is a fun little Willis Tower fast fact for you…the tower is 262 Michael Jordans tall, and 313 Oprah Winfreys tall, I guess it is about 320 Jon Olsons tall.
06:38-08:33 RANDAL: You are on the 130th floor of the Willis Tower, North America’s highest building, and we are on the sky deck level right now, we have beautiful views today, we into about 3 states that you’ll see, and I would like to point out some of the sights we are going go along the way. Yeah, this is our south shot, we are very proud of this because this is a developing area, it was going to be the site of a lot of the places for the Olympics that were coming up. It’s a very big neighborhood for us, we’re a whole pocket of communities of different ethnicities that everybody kind of comes together, we do have 17 miles of uninterrupted lake front there, beaches, parkways, bike trails. This is one of our best views here just for the fact you have so much different color, you have different contrasts, you have the green down in millenium park, you’ve got Buckingham Fountain over there in the pink, from the ground it looks like it’s monstrous, but from up here it looks like it is almost a water fountain, the view is…
JON: You can get a little drink out of it!
RANDAL: You can take a look, you have the Chicago River here, and this is an intersting thjing for us, many years ago we reversed the flow down to St Louis. but St. Louis got us back.
JON: How did they get you back?
RANDAL: They sent it back to us as Budweiser!
JON: Ha ha!
RANDAL: Sorry! We have a beautiful shot to the north, we have John Hancock Center, Trump Tower over here, you really get a nice perspective of height.
JON: Ok, I’m really glad that I am not afraid of heights, because we are actually standing outside the building right now.
RANDAL: We took, we built 4 glass balconies outside the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, and my parents ask me why the heck would you do that, and we really wanted to become experiencial, everybody has gone into experiencial tourism and everybody kind of wants that memory. Coming up in the tower has always been a memory, but what could we do to add to that? So we took and we put glass balconies 1353 feet over the west side of our building which is our best view down.
08:43-08:45 Next Stop logo
08:46-08:49 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we ride around Chicago on 2 wheels.
08:50-08:52 Next Stop logo
08:54-09:05 JON: In July 2004 Mayor Richard Daley dedicated Millenium Park as a gift to the people of Chicago. This park is an enduring tribute to Chicago’s long standing history of excellence with architectural and artistic excellence.
09:06-09:08 Next Stop logo
09:12-09:54 JON: We love our Chicago home, the Conrad Chicago. What a great hotel. Now before this was a hotel…this place screams history.
CHRIS: As many Chicago landmarks do, we do as well. 1928 this was the McGraw Hill building.
JON: Really?
CHRIS: Yeah. They actually kept the skin of the building, gutted the inside and rebuilt the hotel, thus qualifying us for a historical landmark.
JON: You guys have also won some very prestigious awards.
CHRIS: Yeah, we are rated #2 in trip advisor in the city of Chicago, and that is out of 168 hotels, so…
JON: That’s amazing.
CHRIS: It doesn’t matter how high your thread count, it doesn’t matter what you serve your food on, if the service isn’t there, people aren’t coming back so, that it what we are all about, our people.
10:0011:04- JON: I personally have been very excited to meet Christine, the Marketing and Communications Manager, because you have developed a sleep menu, way more than just about pillows.
CHRISTINE: We started off with a pillow menu, and the success of that really bolstered the thought process for a sleep menu. This is a really cool product, is the anti red bull.
JON: Anti coffee too.
CHRISTINE: Anti red bull, and it really helps promote the onset of sleep, it’s all natural, or you can also rent a sound machine, which can plug into the sound pillow.
JON: We have stayed at a lot of big hotels around the world Christine, and one thing I like about the Conrad Chicago is that it is smaller it more warm, it’s more cosmopolitan, more cozy.
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. I think we have done a really good job with our rooms in terms of keeping them a little more residential, contemporary like you said, reminiscent of the guests home that they stay at, we want to make it an experience that is comfortable for them.
JON: But you also have great restaurants, including the restaurant here at the hotel.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, it’s a really great restaurant, we have a new Executive Chef, Darnell Reed, in fact he is waiting for you at Fox and Obel, I think he is going to cook up something great for you.
JON: Oh that would be awesome.
11:10-13:06 JON: You must be Darnell:
DARNELL: How are you, I’m Darnell, nice to meet you.
JON: I’m Jon Olson, I brought you a gift because I don’t like to come empty handed. You like rice Krispie bars don’t you?
DARNELL: Who doesn’t? Thank you.
JON: Ha ha! My pleasure, so what are we making and what are we shopping for?
DARNELL: New Orleans style BBQ shrimp, I have rosemary already, we need some fresh garlic.
JON: Heavy whipping cream.
DARNELL: There we go, that will work , thank you. Heavy whipping cream, and then we also need the shrimp obviously. I would like to have 5 pounds of gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined, 16 20’s.
JON: Man this shrimp is heavy, I don’t need a workout today.
DARNELL: Hey you owe me 2 bucks for the rice krispy bar.
JON: I’ve got your back.
DARNELL: OK. Just making sure.
JON: What a perfect setting. We’ve got the food, the store was an awesome store, we’ve got the ingredients, what are we going to make my friend.
DARNELL: Today we are going to be doing New Orleans style BBQ shrimp which is one of our terrace, featured terrace items. To begin, start with the olive oil, shrimp.
JON: There you go, sizzle stick.
DARNELL: Add the garlic, some rosemary, which is really the foundation you want to start with.
JON: That smells incredible.
DARNELL: And the next ingredient that I mentioned is the beer.
JON: One for the pan, one for the man.
DARNELL: the shrimp will cook before the sauce is ready, which is not a problem, we will plate the shrimp and finish the sauce and pour the sauce right over it.
JON: What a great day we had today at the Conrad Chicago and how awesome is this sleep menu, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. I’ve got my booties, my gloves, my mask, my sound machine and more, oh but first, Darnell I told you that I owed you 2 bucks today, I didn;t forget about it. Night night.
13:09-13:11 Next Stop logo
13:14-14:27 JON: Bike culture is big in Chicago, right?
JEREMY: Absolutely.
JON: Jeremy you are going to take us on a tour today, right?
JEREMY: We are going to take you on a tour of the neighborhoods of the near north side of Chicago.
JON: Anything special we need to know about these bikes before we take off?
JEREMY: They are deluxe Schwinn beach cruisers, they are 7 speeds, hand brakes, comfy seats, they have an annoying bell and they are all individually named.
JON: Lulu.
ED: It’s Kelly for you my friend. Right turn, left turn. Now we all have to do it, if I am the only one doing it they think I am waving at a friend and I am not clear on the whole waving concept. So can we all practice a right turn together? Excellent. Ninth year in operation, we have never had anybody hit by a moving car, we have had a handful of you ride your bikes directly into parked cars, that’s on you. the reason we stop here is not so much the museum as the neighborhood we are in, Streeterville. Michigan Avenue is about a block over that way, the reason we named it Michigan Avenue in the first place is it is the road we built along the banks of Lake Michigan when we first built the city. Water tower place, bottom 8 stories were the first ever vertical shopping mall. You look to the top of the building, Oprah has the top 2 floors.
14:35-15:11 ED: We call Illinois the land of Lincoln, we are very proud of Abraham Lincoln here, so proud we are the only state in the union that still takes pennies in our toll booths. The worlds largest free zoo is the Lincoln Park zoo, and I know normally a free zoo, you are thinking it’s going to be like 2 goats, a three legged pig and an owl that got hit by a car…this is a world class zoo, which is membership supported, I definitely recommend checking it out when you have a chance.
JON: Bobby’s bike hike, what a perfect way to spend a great afternoon in Chicago. Lulu, I’m going to miss you, you were an amazing ride.
15:15-15:17 Next Stop logo
15:18-15:23 JON: Up next on Next Stop, rooftop bar hopping, and Chicago’s own blues legend, Vino Louden.
15:27-15:29 Next Stop logo
15:30-17:19 JON: I’ve been to Chicago before, and let me tell you, Chicago’s night life is off the charts. Tonight we are going to check out a couple roof top bars. I can’t think of anybody to talk about Chicago night life more than Nick here, you have been around night life your whole life my friend, you got started at a very young age though, didn’t you.
NICK: Yes 16 in Florida, I was there for about 4 years, then moved onto Vegas where I spent another 4 years, then just recently a resident of Chicago.
JON: Chicago night life versus Vegas, they are both happening places, what’s different?
NICK: Vegas is a night life aspect of it’s own, definately is a beast, there is definitely more of a culture and a diversity in this town that really shows like that neighborhood feeling. The building in front of us is the Jewelers Building and then I wanted to look to the right is the great view of lake Michigan and Millenium Park. The Roof has already been fortunate enough to get some great awards, it was voted top ten best hotel by Travelers Magazine, best roof top hotel bar by NBC Chicago.
JON: This is a hopping night life. You’ve been in Chicago your whole life, with a little stint in Vegas like Nick, describe Chicago night life.
CHEF STEIN: Chicago night life is interesting, because once it gets warm, people want to be outside, so we wanted to provide that environment. People like to drink, people like to eat.
JON: Lots of smiles going on here, lots of drinking going on.
CHEF STEIN: Just have a good time.
NICK: You can’t leave without getting one of our signature cocktails, this one is one of our definite crowd pleasers, this is a blood orange sidecar. Giving you a nice fresh sugar rim, give it a little bit of a shake, and now the key is to try and get in here and out of here without having just one.
JON: The Roof was awesome, let’s go check out another roof top bar.
17:26-18:30 JON: We are now at Vertigo’s sky lounge above the Dana Hotel, this is Matthew, another great location man.
JON: Your bar is a little bit different though, because you guys stay open year round.
MATTHEW: It’s an indoor outdoor place whereas some places around town kind of focus on the outside, although everybody else closes their patios, we stay open year round because we like to embrace the cold weather.
JON: Celebrate the winters. Tell our viewers how about how you celebrate the winters, because this is cool, I love it.
MATTHEW: We bought some robes and some blankets, and at first the owners of the hotel thought it was a little silly, but when they saw everybody out here at midnight with the robes on, they got the picture.
JON: Ok, on of the things I noticed about this place that I absolutely love is the unisex washing stations but better than that…the hand warmers.
MATTHEW: Oh yeah, comedy at its finest late at night.
JON: Where did you get those things?
MATTHEW: Well you know the Dana Hotel and spa is an eco friendly place, it’s a green hotel.
JON: You guys get extra points for that.
MATTHEW: Thank you very much, we care.
JON: Cheers to Chicago night life, cheers to the very cool people of Chicago, and cheers to you.
18:34-18:36 Next Stop logo
18:37-19:19 JON: Blues is king in Chicago, we are at one of the best places to see the blues live, the only way to see the blues, at Buddy Guy. I’m very pleased and honored to welcome a true Chicago blues, kind of a legend from what I am reading about you.
VINO: Thank you.
JON: Let’s talk about Chicago blues, take us back, why is Chicago such a deep rooted blues town?
VINO: I think because it is a combination of so many different types of music and styles from the south that came up here and just perculated like a good gumbo you know, it just all mixed together and it came out to be the Chicago blues you know, it got electrified here.
19:45-20:12 VINO: The radio station that we had, we only had one per se black radio station here in Chicago, WVON, and they played everything. They had a DJ for gospel a DJ for R&B, and a DJ for blues, Curtis Mann all night blues band, and I used to sneak up with my little transistor radio, yes, transistor radio, and hold it up to my ear and I used to listen to those guys, I didn’t know it was called blues, I just knew I liked it.
20:38-20:55 JON: Walking in here tonight I just felt like legends had walked this way, this is a good place to play.
VINO: Buddy cares about the music, he has good performers here, and he has a staff that knows how to handle the business.and stuff. There is some other clubs I like, but this is by far my favorite, Buddy Guy.
21:21-21:23 Next Stop logo
21:24-21:52 JON: Thanks for spending your last half hour with us on Next Stop, from the gorgeous windy city of Chicago Illinois. We promised you at the beginning of the show a great episode full of fun and enthusiastic locals and we know we didn’t disappoint. Thanks to the Chicago office of tourism and the Conrad Chicago for your support and partnership of this episode. As always, thanks to our good friends and title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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Oregon’s Mt. Hood Territory

Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory

mount-72366__180Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory is one of the most spectacular regions in the world. This lovely area is ripe with activities to explore and that is exactly what we will do on this episode of Next Stop. We will mountain bike, we’ll kayak, we will snow ski, we’ll golf, we will explore a lovely farm dinner, and one of the most incredible music festivals you will ever see. All this and more on Next Stop Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory. Today is all about having fun on Mt Hood. Let’s play! So Steve, I’ve gotten to do a lot of very cool things on Next Stop, but I have never skied in August!
Steve: It’s the place to be. It’s really about the only place you can do it unless you are in the southern hemisphere.
JON: It’s the only place in North America you can ski, right?
JON: Thats so cool. Obviously we are not alone, there’s a lot of people here.
STEVE: There is probably at least 15 camps up here today. Over there, all the race camps, they are running lanes, getting better at running gates and usually most of them are competing.
JON: So you are saying that pretty much anybody who is anybody in the skiing or snowboarding industry makes the trek to Timberline in the summer because this is really the only place they can train?
STEVE: Absolutely.
JON: So we are going to ski this today obviously, how is the snow different? Edumicate me.
STEVE: OK, well, it has all been recirculated over and over again.We haven’t had snow in a while, so it is very granular, similar to corn snow to the extreme really, as it gets warmer and it gets deeper you can get your edges caught up in it too, so you just have to be careful. It’s fun.
JON: OK, lets do it
02:02 JON: So there is one more thing I can check off my bucket list, that was awesome.
02:38 JON: So where else can you snow ski in the morning and do alpine sliding and mountain biking and other activities in the afternoon? Mt Hood, that’s where.
HANS: That’s right, this is the spot, Mt Hood Ski Bowl.
JON: This is awesome, man! Now I’ve been here in the winter, but i have never been here in the summer. You guys have over 20 activities?
HANS: We have over 20 attractions where you control the ride, including the northwests only half mile dual alpine slide which is right here behind us.
03:11 JON: So I have a new appreciation for the olympic lugers.
HANS: Pretty fun on that alpine slide wasn’t it?
JON: That was a blast, we got cruising, man it was a blast!
HANS: Yeah, good times.
JON: Now mountain biking. This is the easiest run you guys have here, it doesn’t look that easy to me.
HANS: This is our 4 acre free ride park, we’ve got 3 trails, easiest, more difficult and most difficult. We’re about to go down the easiest, because I am in the same boat as you, not quite there yet.
JON: Let’s do it!
HANS: Alright.
JON: Now for something new.
HANS: Completely different. This is a tree top action zone, a new attraction here that we just opened up 2 weeks ago. We have the 5 story Tarzan free fall swing, where you are clipped into a rope, and you step and swing right on over towards the mountain.
JON: Cool.
HANS: Or you can keep going up the last zigzag balance bridge up to the Tarzan 6 story plunge where you are on a descender cable , you just click in, you step off, and you drop straight down and it slows you down right before you touch the ground.
JON: So if we are going to be like Tarzan, give me your best tarzan impression.
HANS: Ahhhheeeyaaaaah!
JON: Not bad, alright!
04:26 HANS: Are you ready to do this?
JON: Yep. Good to go.
HANS: Alright.
JON: Woooooooooh! What did you think of that?
HANS: That was a blast! That was so much fun dropping off of that, I didn’t know quite what to expect, stepping out into space.
JON: I’m not going to lie to you, I was a little bit nervous standing out on the platform, it was like walking out on the plank going oh my gosh!
HANS: Well I wasn’t going to tell anybody but I guess you just told everybody.
JON: What a great day at the park, it started out at Timberline, then Mt Hood Ski Bowl, there is never a bad day on Mt Hood.
HANS: You hit a few of the good attractions here, we’ve got a lot more, you’ll have to come back another day and do the rest of them.
JON: Thanks buddy.
HANS: Thank you.
05:18 Next Stop logo
05:21 JON: Up next, we kayak up the stunning Willamette Falls, and enjoy some of Oregon’s bountiful gifts.
05:30 Next Stop Logo
05:33 JON: We are with eNRG Kayaking in Oregon City and we are about to explore the mighty Willamette River.
SAM: So welcome to eNRG kayaking, my name is Sam Drivo, and we are down here on the wonderful, the mighty Willamette River about a mile below Willamette Falls, and we’re just going to paddle up to the falls, and in the process check out a couple of the great sights along the way. When you are sitting in the kayak, if your knees are splayed out to the side, it is easier to separate your upper and lower body.
JON: It’s beautiful down here.
SAM: Yeah, its nice out, huh Jon?
JON: It’s gorgeous.
SAM: Does anyone know what kind of rocks these are here?
JON: Hard?
SAM: Hard rocks? Yes, the rocks are hard here. It is Columbia River basalt, So this arch bridge right here it the first single span arch bridge ever made completely out of concrete, by an architect named Conde McCollough, and there is about 150 other bridges in Oregon that were designed off of this bridge
06:54 SAM: This is like the most historically significant public works project west of the Mississippi, maritime, anyway, and this is the first multi tiered lock system ever built in the world. So it was inspired by Leonardo DaVinci drawings, and when we decided we were going to build like the Panama Canal, all those engineers came here to learn about how they did it. This is a man made channel that goes from the top of the falls to the bottom, it’s a half mile or a mile long, and a ¾ of a mike long
07:34 SAM: This whole area here, like I said was a flour mill, then it turned into a woolen mill, and back in the early 1900’s, I think it was by 1915 they had created and sold over 5 million dollars worth of woolen merchandise, mostly for the federal government for World War 1 uniforms and blankets. You can see upstream from here, you can just start to see Willamette Falls, right now the majority of the water is just running through the turbines and coming out through a different place, that is why the waterfall doesn’t look like it has that much water, but that actually is the second largest waterfall by volume in the US next to Niagra, but as you can see the majority of the water right now is coming out of those generators. Everyone has their AC kicked on right now, the power usage, or the power demand is high at the current moment.
08:43 Next Stop logo
08:46 JON: We’re at Dinners in the Field a wonderful event hosted at Out in the Garden Nursery, in lovely Clackamas County.
CHEF PASCAL: I want to welcome everyone to Out in the Garden Nursery, the idea behind these dinners started last year after we had opened our restaurant for 4 years, we decided to take our food on the road a little bit, and what better place to take it than the Clackamas area region where there is amazing farms, amazing winery, so we try to source as much as we can here locally, we try to work with as many people local as possible. I’m going to let Carol talk about what she does here, and then I am going to start cooking. Enjoy your dinner, have a great time.
CAROL: When we moved in, the house, the shop and the main barn were here, and the trees, and nothing else was so everything else my husband and I have created ourselves.
JON: These are your babies.
CAROL: They are.
JON: What is unique about this?
CAROL: The reason we did the display garden is one, we are gardeners, we love plants, and we wanted to make this a beautiful place to share with everybody, but it is also a great tool for selling our plants, because I can show you this plant at a mature form, what it is going to look like, where it does well.
JON: What is the difference living out here, this is just so peaceful.
CAROL: Well that is the best thing. I was raised on a 500 acre tree farm, and here we are 11 years later with this.
JON: Now you mentioned goats.
CAROL: Yes, we have goats.
JON: I want to go meet the goats.
CAROL: OK, we’ll go meet the goats.
10:20 JON: Do they all have names?
CAROL: Yes, of course they do. This is Emma.
JON: Hi Emma!
CAROL: This is Scotty, so they are going to fight over you. who gets rubbing and loving.
JON: I’ll take Emma. You have some amazing neighbors across the street, Rossi Possi Elk Farm.
CAROL: Yep, my husband and I are official elk wranglers, we help them handle the elk if the need, or emergencies. I was over this spring tagging calves
JON: She makes jewelry, unique jewelry.
CAROL: She does, yeah, she makes crappy jewelry, from elk poop.
JON: I think that is awesome. You have goats, they have goats, you have a petting farm here, the nursery, the elk farm, not that far out of downtown Portland.
CAROL: Nope, we are 45 minutes from downtown Portland.
JON: It’s great out here, and your event tonight is just fantastic.
CAROL: Thank you.
JON: For a good cause. Are you hungry?
CAROL: I am.
JON: Let’s eat.
CAROL: Alright.
11:19 JON: Mary, this is what it is all about.
MARY: Thank you. It’s a beautiful night, and a very beautiful event.
JON: Locals getting together, supporting the local farmers, having a good time in a beautiful setting. You mentioned how you met Chef Pascale, and this sort of synergy just happened.
MARY: yes, we were finding and learning about different ways that farms stay viable, in Oregon’s Mt Hood Territory, and he mentioned that he had tried a farm dinner, so from there the idea kind of blossomed and what a great combination to be able to come try some of the food that is grown here in this area, and also to try some of the beverages that are produced here.
JON: Well congratulations on your success.
MARY: Well thank you very much.
JON: I’m going to go try some of the food, and some of the beverages.
MARY: I think we should!
JON: Thanks Mary. Cheers!
CROWD: Cheers!
12:13 Next Stop Logo
12:16 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we explore the Oregon Trails rich history, and we feature a world class resort.
12:23 next Stop Logo
12:29 JON: We are in Oregon City, at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. Before we talk about the end of the Oregon Trail Missy, let’s talk about the beginning. which is kind of what this represents.
MISSY: That;s right we are standing in Independence Missouri, This part of the room is all the things they would have to leave behind, and this is all the stuff they would have to take with them. These things right here are for one person, all those implements.
JON: 75 pounds of bacon, that stands out to me, I kinda like bacon. Bacon makes every
thing better, right?
MISSY: You could make it if you had your bacon.
JON: So Missy, how long did it take to get from Independence to Oregon City?
MISSY: 6 months, and the way they knew when to leave, it had to do with the grass in Independence, because they wanted their oxen to have a lot to eat, to have good food to eat as far as possible before they had to start looking for their food. It’s the end of the trail, because we are the only land claim office west of the Rocky Mountains. Even San Francisco had to come up here to file their plot plan.
JON: So I love how interactive this is. You’ve got lincoln logs over there, you’ve got tablets for people, this is really a self guided tour.
MISSY: It really is, and I really recommend people bring their children, and I know there is a lot of museums that have artifacts like this that don’t necessarily relish 6 kids coming in and…
JON: Touching things.
MISSY: Touching things, But we let them touch them, and we let them run, because there is lots of space, so they really get a hanksgood feeling about it, and they listen too, sometimes they’re more engaged than the adults.
14:21 Next Stop logo
14:24 JON: Next Stop would like to thank its travel partner, Alaska Airlines, which serves over 100 destinations, from Alaska to the lower 48, and from Canada to Mexico. Live a more exciting life through travel, and explore more and spend less at alaska
14:36 next Stop logo
14:44 JON: We are at Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon, just a few minutes outside of Portland John, but I feel like I am a world away from the hustle and bustle, this is spectacular.
JOHN: Thank you. Well, it is the first golf resort in Oregon, and it is the only mountain resort in all of Oregon.
JON: You are full service, you’ve got a really nice spa, we checked that out today.
JOHN: Right, we encompass 284 acres, we have 3 golf courses, 3 nines. We have 2 restaurants, 2 bars, 15,000 square feet of indoor meeting space, we have croquet, we have lawn bowling, we have a wedding lawn, the Salmon River runs right by our golf course, and we have the Weburn, which is a spawning salmon stream.
JON: I’m a family man, and I noticed there are families everywhere. I would love to bring my family back here.
JOHN: It’s a great family destination, we have all kinds of outdoor activities
JON: One thing you have that I found, that is sort of a special treat for us is my cameraman and I went out last night and played the 18 holes putt putt course, and that’s awesome, it was fun, we had wagers, do you want to know who won?
JON: Ok.
JOHN: Because I already know you are going to tell me you did.
JON: I did!
JOHN: That;s good.
JON: There is an international flair here too , I’ve noticed there is a british phone booth, and you’ve got the Wee Bite over here, I’ve heard a lot of accents here.
JOHN: There is a lot of people, a lot if international travelers come here.
JON: This backdrop is just absolutely spectacular. Now, I haven’t played golf here for several years. Many years ago I did, and I remember it fondly. It was a challenging course, but a lot of fun. But I think today I’m here, the weather is perfect, I think I should play some.
JOHN: We need to get you out with Bryce Finman who is our head golf professional, he is going to get you out on the golf course in just a few minutes.
JON: I’m in!
16:35 BRYCE: So you are going to get ready to hit this shot here, your 5 iron should take you right over that rock. But, there is a little risk/reward here, and if you wanted to get close to that green, or even chance to drive that green on a par 4, you’re going to want this. This is a great hole to start out with, a little risk/reward right out of the gate.
JON: Let’s do it! Oh, sounded good. So I am digging the course, I’m digging the resort, but I am digging the pink putter!
BRYCE: Leave the putter alone. We’re going to go with the pink putter.
JON: I like it, I think it’s cool!
BRYCE: What makes it go into the hole, we don’t care what it looks like, right?
JON: No, we don’t. Looks don’t matter.
BRYCE: That’s my angle.
JON: Well I like it. I love the course though man, and what a job you have, and what a place to work. What a sense if a place, at the base of Mt Hood, the only course in Oregon like this.
BRYCE: It’s unique. I love being here.
17:30 Next Stop logo
17:32 JON: We’ve attended many festivals around the globe, but none as colorful as the one you are about to see on Next Stop.
17:40 Next Stop logo
17:42 JON: We’re in Happy Valley Oregon at the Pickathon music festival. I’m very happy to introduce the founder of the pickathon music festival, this is Zale. Zale, you founded this whole thing man?
ZALE: It was a small picnic, about 90 people when we started.
JON: No way. How many years ago was that?
ZALE: That was 16 years ago. As we look at this giant space, the other 6 venues are also musical rides in a lot of ways. One is deep in the woods out here, another one we build as a post modern industrial structure with PSU art department called the treeline stage, we have galaxy barn over here, and your rock and roll paradise ride, it’s always dark, whether it is noon or one in the morning.
JON: Everything is different, man. You have so many different feelings going on here, so many different moods, and the people, the people going here, everybody look so colorful, this is one of the most colorful festivals I think I have ever been to.
ZALE: That’s great. We have a high praise, we have a lot of bands who playd last year or previous years that are here on vacation, so that is kind of the highest compliment for us is that they would go off of a tour, or take breaks from it to just travel back to come to the festival to see music, so that has been really fun, we don’t take it lightly.
JON: Now I’ve never been to a festival of this size especially where there are so many kids and everybody is having a good time.
ZALE: It’s about the little things, it is about having free water and not too many people, and all the little things like shade, and stuff to go on for kids, and 7 like alternate reality kind of stage spaces that are all fun to wander between.
19:31 JON: The production staff behind the scenes here at the music festival is amazing. We ran into Bobby here, you got to festivals all over the place, right?
BOBBY: Yeah, I do. I’ve done String Summit, you know all those big festivals. This is an amazing festival. I probably do 10 a year, from here across the country, and by far, I will give up anything for this festival.
JON: I think I will be back next year. Tell us about what you have going on here, this is awesome.
BOBBY: This is a jib that I built about 4 years ago. I came out from New York, I worked job here and there, and I said you know, I want to build one, and with this we get the overhead shots, you know, anything that the regular cameras on the floor can’t get, I kind of come over the top during guys jamming out on their guitars across the crowd so it’s, I mean how do you beat it?
20:33 JON: Festivals happen right here, and we are now hiking in the woods.
ZALE: That is part of that alternate reality. When of these you spend time in any of these 7 venues you will feel like you are on a slightly different planet, and you walk into the next JON: And I love that there is no trash, tell us about that.
ZALE: Umm, we have these cups that we sell, or you bring from last year and you drink anything out of them. Your responsibility to kind of carry these around. And we have a food token system where you buy a token or your dishes, give them to a vendor. When you are done eating you take your dirty dishes to our dish washing station, so there is nothing being thrown away, no biodegradable, everything is being washed.
JON: We’ve been to a lot of festivals, but none as eclectic, entertaining and colorful as the Pickathon Music Festival.
21:26 Next Stop logo
21:30 JON: Thank you so much for joining us on Next Stop from beautiful Mt Hood Territory. This is one of the most amazing pockets in the country and if you haven’t been here, I highly suggest you check it out. Thanks also to this shows sponsors, Oregon’s Mt Hood territory, Resort at the Mountain, and Alaska Airlines. Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody!
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Bienvenidos a la región central del estado de Oregón, un paraíso para familias y solteros por igual. Esta es la capital de la aventura del Noroeste Pacífico. En este episodio iremos a jugar golf, veremos las ballenas y acamparemos en la costa.
Mammoth Lakes, California
Tendremos una aventura en Mammoth, California, cuando recorramos el área en helicóptero y en jeep. También haremos kayak y paddle, y nos iremos de pesca.
Tokyo, Japan
Recorremos la ciudad en bicitaxi, (rickshaw), la torre de comunicaciones más alta del mundo, nos vamos de compras y conoceremos el Takashi Club 220.
Kansas City, Missouri
Saboreamos la mejor barbacoa del mundo en Oklahoma Joes, visitamos el Museo Nacional de la Primera Guerra Mundial, y celebramos con los fans de los Kansas City Royals.
Tri-Valley, Northern California
Los famosos viñedos Wente, automóviles poco comunes, degustación de aceite de oliva y festival de vinos en el área de los tres valles de la bahía de San Francisco.
Amazon, Brazil
Recorremos Manaus a pie, incluyendo el mercado de pescados y mariscos y la casa de Opera. El Río Amazonas en hidroplano, y un recorrido por la selva amazónica.
Reno & Tahoe, Nevada
En Tahoe, Nevada montamos motos de nieve, vamos al Festival Anual SnowFest, y esquiamos en la montaña Diamond Peak.
Orlando, Florida
Experimentamos ala delta en el Rancho Wallaby, lucha con caimanes en Gatorland, y una visita a una fábrica de cervezas.
Palm Springs, California
Jugamos polo en carrito de golf, subimos al funicular, visitamos los famosos zoológicos y los jardines del desierto vivo, y el restaurante Copley’s de Palm Canyon.
Guadalajara, Mexico
En este episodio recorremos la ciudad en una carroza tirada por caballos, celebramos la fiesta del Día de los Muertos, y disfrutamos de un típico rodeo mexicano.
Central Oregon Coast
Bienvenidos a la región central del estado de Oregón, un paraíso para familias y solteros por igual. Esta es la capital de la aventura del Noroeste Pacífico. En este episodio iremos a jugar golf, veremos las ballenas y acamparemos en la costa.
Washington, D.C.
Visitamos el famosísimo museo de cera de Madame Tussaud, el Museo del Espía Internacional, el Newseum, y la residencia de George Washington, Mount Vernon.
Vancouver; Victoria
Veremos ballenas, la ruta de la cerveza de Victoria, practicamos el ‘canopy’ o zip-lining en la Montaña Grouse y hacemos un recorrido culinario con Edible Canada.
Visitamos el segundo parque de atracciones más antiguo del mundo, Tivoli, además del castillo de Frederiksborg y el Centro de Diseño Danés.
Nos metemos dentro del volcán, visitamos la famosa Laguna Azul, recorremos a pie la ciudad de Reikiavik y nos vamos en balsa por cascadas rápidas.
Visitamos la Cascada Parque Jurásico, también llamada Manawaiopuna, a bordo de un helicóptero de Island Helicopters, hacemos una excursión en todo terreno con Kipu Ranch Adventures.
A Mazatlán, México se le conoce como la Perla del Pacífico y aquí te mostramos porqué. Es cómoda, informal y asequible. Lo mejor de México y uno de los destinos favoritos de los turistas.
Queensland es uno de seis estados de Australia y en este episodio visitamos la tropical Queensland norte. Acurrucamos Koalas, al tope de la selva más antigua del mundo, y exploramos la Gran Barrera de Coral.
En este episodio visitamos Sydney, Australia. La famosa Sydney Opera House, Blue Mountain, el lounge de primera clase de la aerolínea Qantas, y mucho más.
En este episodio visitamos la ciudad ventosa, Chicago Illinois, la tercera ciudad mas grande del país. Reconocida por los muchos deportes que se practican aquí, los entusiastas aficionados, la excelente gastronomía y mucho más.
Sun Valley
Sun Valley, en el estado de Idaho, es un resort de fama mundial que está abierto todo el año. En este episodio lo visitamos durante el invierno, y estaremos esquiando, y haremos un acogedor paseo en trineo.
Nuestro guía nos lleva a disfrutar de Miami en el estado de Florida. Recorremos Jungle Island, el estadio de los Miami Dolphins, saboreamos la comida de la Pequeña Habana, el festival Art Basel en Miami Beach, el hotel Eden Roc Renaissance y más.
Ixtapa; Zihuatanejo
En esta edición visitamos Ixtapa en el estado de Zihuatanejo, México, donde vamos a nadar con delfines, visitamos el mercado, una plantación de cocoteros, y disfrutaremos de la música en vivo en Bandidos.
Walla Walla
En Walla Walla, en el estado de Washington, visitamos el viñedo Pepper Bridge, el Canyon Woodward, el Teatro Power House, el Hotel Marcus Whitman y mucho más.
San Diego
Desde la hermosa San Diego, en California, con su clima espectacular y sus amables residentes, presentamos el parque LegoLand, visitamos el famoso Zoológico y parque de safari, el Hotel Del Coronado, y nos deleitan Len Rainey y sus Midnight Players.
SE Alaska
En este capítulo visitaremos el sudeste de Alaska para ver las carreras de perros en trineos en el glaciar Mendenhall, visitaremos el fiordo criadero de salmon Tracy Arm, el museo de la Minería, la logia Taku, y la famosa Alaska String Band.
Oahu, Hawaii
Visitamos la tercera isla más grande de Hawaii, Oahu, donde corremos carreras de karting, scooters submarinos, y conoceremos el parque acuático Wert & Wild.
Cabo San Lucas
En Los Cabos, de Cabo San Lucas, hacemos un recorrido a pie por la naturaleza de la zona, visitamos varias playas, nos montamos en un camello y mucho más.
Newport, Oregón
Uno de los pueblos mas amistosos y cordiales es Newport en el estado de Oregón. Allí visitaremos el acuario de la costa, y el festival céltico.
Las Vegas, Nevada
En este episodio visitamos el famoso ‘Strip’ de la ciudad de Las Vegas, en el estado de Nevada, donde conoceremos algunos de los mejores casinos del mundo. También realizaremos un viaje en helicóptero por encima del Gran Canyon.
Costa Norte de Oregón
Esta próxima parada la realizamos en la costa norte del estado de Oregón. Alli, Iron Chef prepara platillos típicos de la zona, nos vamos en una aventura en bicicleta y también en kayak.
Conoceremos las islas de Moorea, Huahine y Bora Bora, en Tahiti, que cuenta con ciento dieciocho islas en total.
Big Island
En este episodio vamos a la Gran Isla de Hawaii, para nadar con delfines, visitar el Rancho Kahua y el Kona Brewfest.
Arrancamos desde Anchorage, Alaska, desde donde comienza la famosa Iditarod, la carrera de perros con trineo que celebra su edición numero 39.
Baja Sur
Baja Sur, o Baja California Sur, ofrece como principales puntos de atracción el Mar de Cortés, aficionados al canotaje, y kite surfing.
Kelowna es una ciudad en British Columbia llena de sorpresas. Durante los últimos años se han creado allí casi doscientas restaurantes de buena comida y una gran riqueza cultural.
Puerto Vallarta
Visitamos el Malecón del famoso Puerto Vallarta en México, recorremos el histórico pueblo minero de San Sebastián, y nos vamos en crucero nocturno.
Jon Olson nos lleva a recorrer Sonoma, California, la principal región vinícola de Estados Unidos, y a degustar sus afamados vinos.
Recorremos el famoso Camino de Libertad, el Puerto, un tour en bicicleta y el restaurante más reconocido de la ciudad, Ye Ol Oyster House, en Boston, Massachusetts.
En este episodio llegamos hasta una de las ciudades mas coloridas y vibrantes de Estados Unidos, Portland, Oregon.
En este episodio, sobre volaremos la Ciudad Esmeralda, visitaremos uno de los restaurantes más ajetreados del mundo y viajaremos por el subsuelo de Seattle para conocer el pasado histórico de la ciudad.

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Wrestling Alligators at Gatorland


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Bar hopping including Icebar Copenhagen


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atvNext Stop: Kauai – ATV Tour with Kipu Ranch Adventures


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Next Stop: Miami – Miami Dolphins Game


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Next Stop: Miami – Art Basel Miami Beach


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Zihuatanejo Fishing Village Walking Tour


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Coconut Plantation and Tile Making 101


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Sea Kayaking and Dolphin Swim at Delfiniti Ixtapa


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Las Brisas Ixtapa


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Municipal Market


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Picante Cruises


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Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo – Son d Aka at Bandidos Restaurant & Sports Bar


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Woodward Canyon Winery


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Powerhouse Theatre


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Pepper Bridge Winery


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Marcus Whitman Hotel


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – LEcole No 41


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Dunham Cellars


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Next Stop: Walla Walla – Coyote Kings


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Next Stop: San Diego – LEGO Land California


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Next Stop: San Diego – San Diego Zoo and Safari Park


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Next Stop: San Diego – Next Level Sailing


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Next Stop: San Diego – Hotel del Coronado


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Next Stop: San Diego – Len Rainey and The Midnight Players


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Next Stop: Oahu – Go Kart Racing and Water Park


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Next Stop: Oahu – Aston Waikiki


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Next Stop: Oahu – Tikis Grill And Bar


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Next Stop: Oahu – Rare Underwater Scooter


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Next Stop: Oahu – Makana


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Next Stop: Oahu – Aha Aina – A Royal Hawaiian Luau


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Next Stop: Cabo – Beach Hopping, Snorkeling


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Next Stop: Cabo – Night Life Including World Famous Cabo Wabo


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Next Stop: Cabo – Ediths


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Next Stop: Cabo – Dreams Resort


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Next Stop: Cabo – Camel Ride, Nature Hike


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Next Stop: Newport – Marine Discovery Tours


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Next Stop: Newport – Mo’s Clam Chowder


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Next Stop: Newport – Newport Farmers Market


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Next Stop: Newport – Mistral at Nana’s Irish Pub


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Zipline over Fremont Street


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Black Canyon River Tour


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Capo’s Italian Steakhouse


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Aston MonteLago Village Resort


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Next Stop: Las Vegas – Tarah Grace & The Magnetics


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Tillamook Cheese, Blue Heron, Garibaldi


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Seaside Kayak & Biking


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Iron Chef Goes Coastal


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Michael Allen Harrison


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Beach Volleyball Tournament


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Next Stop: N. Oregon Coast – Cooking With Kids


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Next Stop: Alaska – Double Musky


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Next Stop: Alaska – Captain Cook


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Next Stop: Alaska – Alaska Ariel Views


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Next Stop: Alaska – Alyeska Resort


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Next Stop: Alaska – Fur Rondy


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Next Stop: Alaska – Woodrow


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – Kite Surf


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – La Paz CostaBaja Resort


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – La Paz Local Food


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – La Paz Nightlife


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – Sea of Cortez


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – La Paz Tour/Local Music


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Next Stop: Baja Sur – Loreto Tour


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Next Stop: Maui – Luau


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Next Stop: Maui – Cirque Polynesia


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Next Stop: Maui – ATV at Kahomo Ranch


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Next Stop: Maui – Willie K.


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Next Stop: Maui – Catamaran Sailing


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Next Stop: Maui – Westin Kaanapali


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Rowdymen


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Summerhill Pyramid Winery


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Mission Hill Winery


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Okanagan Lake


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Snow Shoe/Biking


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Next Stop: Kelowna – Big White


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Cafe Des Artistes


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Las Palmas Mexican Fiesta


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Chester


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Patrick Denoun Artist


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Rhythms Of The Night


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – Zipline


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – El Malecon


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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta – San Sebastian OLD Mining Town


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Stark’s Steakhouse


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Korbell Winery


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Cooking with John Ash


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Adam Traum


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Sip And Cycle


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Flamingo’s Resort


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Next Stop: Sonoma – Wine Tasting & Spa


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Next Stop: Boston – Union Oyster House


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Next Stop: Boston – Freedom Trail


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Next Stop: Boston – Boston Harbor Boat Tour


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Next Stop: Boston – Bike Tour


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Next Stop: Boston – B&B on Yachts


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Next Stop: Boston – Alex Macdougall


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Next Stop: Portland – Widmer Oktoberfest


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Next Stop: Portland – Sailing Columbia River


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Next Stop: Portland – Last Thursday


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Next Stop: Portland – World Famous Food Carts


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Next Stop: Portland – Floater


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Next Stop: Seattle – Seattle Underground


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Next Stop: Seattle – Space Needle


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Next Stop: Seattle – Husky Stadium


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Next Stop: Seattle – Airplane Tour, Whale Watching Tour


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Next Stop: Seattle – Ockham’s Razor


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Next Stop: Tahiti – Huahine Island PART #2


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Next Stop: Tahiti – Huahine Island PART #1


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Next Stop: Tahiti – Moorea Island


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Next Stop: Tahiti – Bora Bora Island


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Next Stop: Big Island – Kona Brewfest


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Next Stop: Big Island – Hawaii Forest & Trail


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Next Stop: Big Island – Kahua Ranch


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Next Stop: Big Island – Mauna Kea Beach Hotel


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Next Stop: Big Island – Swimming with Dolphins


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Next Stop: Big Island – Volcano Helicopter Tour

Jon Olson, “Next Stop Host & Producer” Bio

With seven Emmy nominations for both TV Hosting/Presenting and Producing, Jon Olson has proven that this unique and  pioneering formula for success in the TV world is working. He has skillfully merged two of his life long passions: the performing  arts and travel. An accomplished musician in his youth, Jon dove into acting while living in Los Angeles in the early 90’s.  Combining these skills with his love for travel was the perfect journey for him after moving to Portland, Oregon in 1994.

Originally from South Dakota, Olson was raised with solid Midwestern values and work ethic, so when he was told that it was  impossible for him to start his own travel TV show, with little experience in the business at the time, he boldly said, “Watch me!”  And watch him we have. Over the past several years, Jon has grown his regional travel show, “PDXposed,” into a  national/international travel show – “NEXT STOP.”

“PDXposed” was a Portland-based television show featuring regional musicians, sports, art, adventure and community, and the  launching pad for The Digital Studio, a production company started by Olson and a handful of talented professionals. The team has  grown the company to a level of profitability, by doing it their way – always do the right thing, be professional, honest, never greedy  and always under promise and over deliver.

After eight years of exploring the nooks and crannies of what makes Portland such a rich city to enjoy, Jon and his team found  themselves frequently asked, “Where’s your next stop?” Thanks to a partnership with Alaska Airlines, they are able to answer that question in nearly 64 million homes across the nation. “NEXT STOP” aired its first show January 8, 2011. Keeping within Jon’s motto of being “fun and positive,” this travel series trots around the globe following its enthusiastic and relatable host featuring how locals live and what they do for fun. His benchmark for success in the show: “When viewers are left smiling and saying, ‘I want to go there and if Jon can do it, so can I!’”

Jon is known for an authentic respect and passion for the areas he visits. He genuinely enjoys sharing with viewers the extraordinary everyday life in each of his destinations. Whether ice bar hopping during a festival in Japan, flying in a helicopter over an Alaskan glacier, or swimming with dolphins off the Big Island of Hawai’i, Olson stops at nothing to show case the unique characteristics, traditions and people in his travels.
“A natural in front of the camera, Jon Olson brings a warmth and humor to a fun show and makes you feel like you’re right there with him on vacation!” – Rob Marciano, CNN News & Weather Anchor

To those who know him, Jon’s heart is much larger than his travels. He never shies away from an opportunity to assist a nonprofit agency in need, especially when children are involved. Whether he’s emceeing or featuring such events on his show, he always welcomes these opportunities to give back. “Children have always been near and dear to my heart. It is critical that we give them the tools for success that they might not otherwise have on their own. Plus, at the end of the day, I’m just a big kid myself!”

Olson currently resides in both Portland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawai’i with his fiancé and her three beautiful children, where he is having, “The time of my life!”

Next Stop: Tucson

Mexican Hot Dogs at EL Guero Canelo, Saddle up and Fishing at Tanque Verde Ranch, Golf at The Westin La Paloma Resort & Spa, Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, Crystal Radio at Sacred Machine , All Souls Procession a sacred event dedicated to honoring ancestors and loved ones who have passed on.



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River Walk Tour via Rio San Antonio, Tour of World Famous The Alamo, Restaurant That NEVER Closes Mi Tierra Cafe & Panderia, San Antonio River Authority Project, The Westin La Cantera Hill Country Resort, Music of Carla Morrison

Alamo Hop-on Hop-off Trolley TourFor total flexibility, the Alamo Hop On Hop Off Trolley is the way to go! Discover the best of San Antonio at your own pace. The trolley stops at all of the best places to see and you are free to stop and browse at your leisure. When you’re done, simply board the next trolley that comes along!




00:00-00:03 JON: Ola, I’m Jon Olson and Bienvenidos to Next Stop from countdown city
00:19 JON: Welcome to San Antonio, also known as Alamo City. San Antonio is Texas’s most visited city by tourists, and for good reason-there’s a lot to see and do here., we will feature a few of those highlights. We will also bring you an amazing latin grammy award winning artist. It is also called the countdown city because of it’s area code, 210, which is our countdown to fun, which starts now.
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00:43 JON: We’ve just arrived in San Antonio and it is my first trip here, I can’t think of a better way to see your city than on the rive man, this is awesome.
CHRISTOPHER: I get to meet people from around the world, they are all coming together here for a city park, but it is also, of course, welcome to visitors. Alright, hello, good afternoon and welcome to San Antonio, my hometown. We are going to cruise through the most exciting, the most historic sections of the riverwalk. I’ll tell you a lot about its story, its history. The city and the riverwalk have been growing up together for centuries now, and I will tell you the stories of the buildings that we see along the way too. Do you notice that an audience could be sitting there on the left side, imagine 800 people completely filling the hill, or imagine a concert happening on the other side of the water, because on my right, on the starboard side, there is a little clearing that is a stage. If you are curious about that, like how long it has all been here, it’s actually quite a rich story. We started with a river, we are on a real river, the San Antonio rivers natural path, and then the riverwalk was a federal government project to have a park on the river.
01:52 CHRISTOPHER: 1929, this tower like building was designed by architects Atley Ayers and Robert Ayers. there are little details around the second floor like faces, and monsters, and flowers by the second floor windows, Superstition says the ugly faces and the monsters and the gargoyles protect it from bad luck and evil spirits. This building on the right side, the brown brick building,built in 1926 used to show black and white silent movies in it. On the left side, lets look at this next building, the tall yellow building, and people say it looks like it is going to fall down, but see if you agree it looks like a free standing wall. Well don’t worry about that, it is not going to fall down, there is a sharp angle on the whole building, like a triangle, and high to the right is an observation tower, the tallest structure in San Antonio. We don’t have 60 story buildings, but we have a tower that is the height of a 60 story building, so you can take a look around, this was the hemisphere expansion project for our fair, which was called hemisfair. On the left side of the boat, part of the convention center is decorated with an amazing tile mosaic. That is not a painting, there is no paint involved. The tile mosaic is made out of little stone pieces, mostly one inch wide, and it was assembled to show cultures coming together
03:20 JON: I like what you said on the boat, you’ve met people from all over the world, but at the end of the day, what?
We’re all in the same boat.
JON: That was good, I like it! Now when you travel, what do you tell people about San Antonio? What should they come to San Antonio?
CHRISTOPHER: I like to say it has a small town feel, right, we ar enot one of th ebiggest cities in terms of skyscrapers but we still have a lot to offer with our growing tourism industry, with our parks, we have a number of theme parks and other attractions that are away from the riverwalk. I think there is something unique that you are just not going to find any other place.
JON: I would agree. Thanks for having us man.
CHRISTOPHER: Great meeting you.
JON: Good to meet you too.
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04:06 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, where Davy Crockett made famous, and a restaurant that never closes.
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04:18 JON: You can’t come to San Antonio Texas and not visit the world famous Alamo. This is really a treat for us, this is the first time we’ve been here, teach us, tell us about this beautiful place.
DR. WINDERS: We welcome you to the Alamo. Now, we are at a different spot, most people that come here head straight to the church, but this is the actual historic entrance to the Alamo compound.
JON: So the Alamo structure that I know of as the Alamo is way the heck over there, and we are over here but we are still in the Alamo.
DR. WINDERS: It really does show you how big the compound really is, and on the sidewalk, if you come down here and there is gray stone, what that represents is an irrigation ditch that ran through the Alamo.
JON: So the man, Davy Crockett, was here.
DR. WINDERS: He is at the Alamo. And for many people, the Alamo wouldn’t be the Alamo without Davy Crockett, and that is why his death here really matters, because for many people it’s like I don’t know where the Alamo is, and what does it have to do with me? But when you throw him into it, it’s like Oh, Davy Crockett, he wa skilled where? So it really makes people more interested.
JON: So this is what I am talking about, it is so much larger than it looks from out there. It’s beautiful, the grounds, the foliage, absolutely gorgeous.
DR. WINDER: It really is, and what we are entering here, this is behind the church and this is a 1030’s era park that created a green space.
05:53 JON: So this is fun, I like that you guys are all dressed up in your period costumes.
DR: WINDERS: This is typical for 1830’s and what we’ve got is, we’re in the hot months, so both of them have on lightweight trousers. These are rapid firing weapons. Well you might want to say ‘How fast is a rapid firing weapon in 1830?’
JON: Probably a little less rapid firing than it is today.
DR: WINDERS: A little. 3 times a minute.
JON: Pretty good.
DR. WINDERS: So 2 times a minute, 100 yards, but when they are empty you still have a weapon, and that is where the bayonet comes in.
JON: Ah yes.
DR. WINDER: Important step, ready.
JON: Ready!
JON: Aim!
JON: Fire! Let’s talk about the battle, how long did it last?
DR: WINDER: It is a 13 day long siege, 12 days being the siege where they are cutting off reinforcements, cutting off an escape, about 200 of them that are dead, and then you have on the mexican side maybe 500 dead and wounded.
JON: This has been a great day, I am pleasantly surprised with San Antonio, and the Alamo was wonderful, I thought it really was just this, but yet the expansive beautiful grounds, thank you for sharing the history and thank you for sharing the Alamo, it was a pleasure.
DR. WINDER: Thank you.
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07:29 JON: With a population of 1.3 million people San Antonio is the 7th most populous city in the United States, second only to Houston in the state of Texas. From 2000-2010 it was the fastest growing city in the top 10, and it receives over 26 million visitors a year making it the most popular tourist destination in the great state of Texas. It also plays host to the 4 time NBA champions and much loved San Antonio Spurs. For more information on this great U.S. city, go to
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08:00 JON: Since 1951 family owned Mi Tierra has been feeding hungry locals and tourists alike. It has become an institution in this great city of San Antonio, and for good reason. I love a good family story, and you have a very good family story.
MICHAEL: Oh thank you. Well, it all started with my grandfather Pedro, and my grandmother Ruz Cortez, they actually, we are in the place where the restaurant actually opened, and so with 150 dollars that he borrowed from an aunt and uncle, he opened this restaurant. The story goes in 1951 this was the original restaurant, or the main dining room. We kept all the panelling, and the original booths as well, so it kind of keeps the feel.
JON: I love all the colors, it is Christmas year round at Mi Tierra.
MICHAEL: That’s right, year round.
JON: Who got to do all this?
MICHAEL: Well you know, there has been a couple artists that have worked on the mural, the original artist was Jesus Garza, now the current artist is Robert Eduarde. There is artists, there is presidents of Mexico.
JON: And family.
MICHAEL: And my family. This is my grandfather Pedro, and my grandmother Ruz.
09:17 MICHAEL: It is all about the experience more than anything else, and what we do to make this room, and all the spaces that the folks are in to enjoy themselves, to have a good time. The music, the art of the wall, the lights on the ceiling, you know.
JON: And in the end it is about the food. All this food has gone by me and I have yet to taste your food.
MICHAEL: Well we will do that next.
JON: I’m in!
MICHAEL: Come on, let’s do it.
09:40 JON: I said I was hungry, I don’t know if I am this hungry, holy smokes.
MICHAEL: Well this is a little part of what we serve here at Mi Tierra, you know we are truly a capital tex mex food, you get a little bit of everything here, you get baby goat, ground beef, polana pepper, you get carnitas, and over here , because we are open 24 hours a day, we never close, we also do chilequillas, which is a breakfast dish.
JON: Let’s dine man, let’s dig in. I don’t even know where to start.
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10:21 JON: Up next, a city doing the right thing, and one of our all time favorite hotels.
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10:33 JON: The San Antonio river authority is passionately committed to the preservation and sustainability of the San Antonio river watershed, and they are doing a great job of it, let’s check it out. So tell us about the San Antonio river authority, what’s it’s purpose?
STEVEN; The river authority, what we do as a regional agency is take care of the San Antonio river, from here in Bear County where it starts, to 140 miles south of here all the way to the Gulf Coast.
JON: It doesn’t always look like this, all the different seasons happen, and it looks much more colorful certain times of the year. I think this is pretty beautiful today as well though.
STEVEN: I enjoy it all year round, but you are absolutely right, there are going to be different colors for different seasons, depending on when visitors may be in town.
JON: I notice people riding bikes by, walking by, we’re going to take the golf cart on our tour.
STEVEN: We are, we are.
JON: You said blue bonnets, we are going to call this our ‘Blue Bonnet’ golf cart.
STEVEN: Perfect, alright.
JON: Let’s do it.
11:28 STEVEN: We’ve got plenty of turtles that are sunning themselves on the rocks here, so it is really a great place for folks, if you are a bird watcher this is going to be a paradise for you to come enjoy. If you really like to get out and just enjoy nature, running and walking and biking, it’s the place to be out here, but if it is someone who just wants to watch birds or butterflies for example, we have lots of migratory monarchs that fly through this place as well so this really creating a habitat that is going to be a wonderful benefit not only for us humans to enjoy, but the other species that we share this area with. So what we have here is many B cycle stations that are set us all along the San Antonio river, both through downtown, north of downtown, and all the way south here on the mission reach project. You check them out, there are stations all over the river you ride them for about 30 minutes from one destination to the other, you park it back in, you get out, you enjoy your destination, you come check out another bike and go to the next destination.
JON: I’m very impressed.
12:33 STEVEN: So we are here at the Mission Conception Portal. There are 4 portals along the Mission Reach Project, and they are designed to connect the San Antonio river with the historic 1700’s era Missions that are in town.This one was actually built up, we had to walk up these steps to get a little bit higher, so we could actually create a view shed, so what we see here off in the distance here is the 2 towers or Mission Conception, and that was built in the 1730’s, 1740’s timeframe. So, the river actually flowed much closer to the Mission Conception back in the 1700’s when it was built. Over the years we’ve channelized the river for flood control, and kind of controlled it as much as we could, so we couldn’t really restore the river back to it’s 1700’s flow at this area, but we wanted to make that connection again between the river and the Mission, so we have this portal here so we have that connection here even though it isn’t exactly the way it was in the 1700’s, we still get that impression that the river and the Mission are connected.
13:31 STEVEN: Ok, so we are standing in, literally, right next to the San Antonio river.
JON: Finally we get to be by the river.
STEVEN: We are getting close to it here. This Mission Reach project, we’ve seen a lot of the habitat restoration, we’ve talked about that a lot already today, but we’ve done a lot of work to restore the actual river itself, we’re not just doing it for the birds and the fish, we are doing it for us to enjoy. we’ve put all these canoe shutes in, so if you are out here enjoying a day of paddling or kayaking you can just shoot through here, you don’t have to get out and forage around it, so we are really trying to do something good for the environment, but make it recreationally enjoybla for us as well.
JON: You’ve done a great job. Steven, thank you so much.
STEVEN: Thanks for being here, appreciate it.
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14:15 JON: Alaska Airlines offers daily non stop service from San Antonio to Seattle, gateway to the Pacific Northwest, with connections to Canada, Hawaii and Mexico. Thier award winning service is offered on Boeing 737 state of the art aircrafts,one of the youngest fleets in the idustry. For more information go to and learn how you can explore more and spend less of Alaska Airlines
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14:41 JON: The Westin La cantera Hill Country Resort is perched atop one of San Antonio’s, highest points, overlooking the breathtaking Texas Hill Country. It’s ideal for families, business travelers, leisure travelers, and this week for our Next Stop crew. This lovely resort has 508 guest rooms, a full service spa, 6 pools including a kids pool and an adults only pool. Let me clue you into a little gem I found, one of the pools even has it’s own built in massager, no extra charge. Located just a few hundred yards from the main resort, Casita Village is an escape within an escape. The village is made up on 11 casitas, or little houses in spanish, and each one is named after famous Texas ranches, which is apparent in the classic texas style of the interiors. The coolest part of staying in the casitas is that each unit comes with its own golf cart to motor around this 535.9 acre property, but please be courteous of other drivers, and don’t text and drive.
15:45 JON: Now let’s check out the resorts many dining options and world class golf. We’re in Francescas, which is obviously fine dining.
DIRK: Very fine dining. It’s very fun, and very fine, we use a lot of local farm to table, or csa which is community sustained agriculture, and every Friday we get amazing fruits and vegetable of the season come in, and we are constantly evolving with our menus here at Francescas.
JON: So you guys also have special events, we we actually fortunate enough to be part of one of those where everybody made their own rubs, that was cool.
DIRK: Yeah, it is our spice rub orientation class, we will go the gamut of all the different spices, and then what they do are their classic pairings, what do you want to do with th eoutcome of your spice, do you want it to be something that is big and bold and spicy, or do you want it to be something that is approachable to all of your guests, or do you want to to something that is seasonal, a seasonal rub that you could add to your dishes.
16:42 JON: There are 36 holes of championship golf here at Westin La Cantera, and Steve, this is spectacular.
STEVE; It’s a golf course that’s playable for anybody, it doesn’t matter what kind of player you are, high handicap, low handicap, women find the golf courses to be very friendly to them, so I think that is a huge advantage for us.
JON: This is a great location, you’ve got Six Flags right over there, so when you are done golfing you head over there and you hit a roller coaster.
STEVE: You head over there and hit a roller coaster, if you like you can go over and hot the shops at La Cantera, you can spend a lot of money over there.
JON: You really get a good idea of the size of this property.How big is this property?
STEVE: Well this that we’re on right now, we are on the resort course on La Cantera, the golf itself is 250 acres, so it’s large, it’s very large. The Palmer course that we have which is a signature course by Arnold Palmer is about 158 acres.
JON: What do you tell people about San Antonio, I see you are from Iowa.What do you tell your friends in Iowa about San Antonio?
STEVE: I tell them you can come and play golf year round, because the weather is beautiful if you don’t mind the heat just a little bit in the summertime, but other than that it is absolutely beautiful and I think the other thing you will find here is the hospitality is beyond belief.
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17:53 Coming up on Next Stop, we feature a 2 time latin grammy award winning artist
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18:22 JON: Our featured artist on Next Stop San Antonio is none other than Carla Morrison, 2 time latin grammy winner. That is pretty impressive, congratulations on all your success recently.
CARLA: Thank you.
JON: You look too young to have all this success behind you, how did it all start?
CARLA: It all started from back home in Mexico, I was very influenced by my dads music. My dad is American, so he used to put on the Beach Boys, Patsy Cline, and all this good stuff
JON: You also have a giving side to you. You gave the japan tsunami, you donated one of your songs, tell us about that.
CARLA: Yeah, well they told me how they were trying to get some money for the tsunami, and of course I had a song and I said go ahead and do whatever you want with it
20:14 JON: What’s next for you, what is your goal? You’ve already won a couple latin grammy’s, what’s next?
CARLA: I well, I guess my goal in life is to pretty much have fun and you know, I’m just having a lot of fun so whatever comes my way I am happy.
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21:29 JON: Gracias for tuning in to Next Stop from San Antonio, another amazing Alaska Airlines destination, and thanks to this shows sponsors, the Westin la Cantera Hill Country resort, and the San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau. As always, thanks to our shows title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines VISA Signature Card.Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody.
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Next Stop: Monterey

Monterey Bay Aquarium, Epic Whale Watching with Princess Monterey Whale Watching Tours, Carmel Valley Village, Joyce Vineyards, Cafe Rustica, Portola Hotel & Spa, The Only Craft Brewery in Monterey, Monterey Jazz Festival











NEXT STOP MONTEREY-Transcription Season 3


00:00-00:07 JON: Hi, I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop from another fantastic destination whose motto is ‘Grab life by the moments’


00:21-00:38 JON: Welcome to magical Monterey California. On this episode we will bring you two of it’s most popular attractions, the Monterey bay Aquarium and the Monterey jazz Festival. We will take you whale watching and wine tasting, and introduce you to some of it’s passionate locals. All this and more on Next Stop Monterey. The fun starts now!

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00:41 JON: When you visit Monterey, you’ve got to check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium, it’s all about education and entertainment. We begin our tour of the Monterey Bay aquarium at the kelp forest, which is quite impressive Jessica.

JESSICA: It is. We are the first aquarium to ever have live kepl on exhibit, it’s really our crown jewel here.

JON: This is impressive, the sardines there, lit up by the sun, it is a sight to see.

JESSICA: It is beautiful, we have about 3,000 sardines in here, sometimes they will put in anchovies too, and it’s always fun to see if they school together or not.

JON: So we are going to see the sardines being fed.

JESSICA: That’s going to be over at out other exhibit, and to see that many sardines moving together like that, the colors bouncing off of them, and the light, it’s pretty amazing and breathtaking.

JON: So this is pretty authentic, it feels like we are outside on the beach.

JESSICA: Yes, so here we are in our wave crash exhibit, a very popular exhibit for families and kids, we bring in about 80,000 school children a year for free, and they don’t have to pay for it, but this is one of their favorite places.

JON: Is that why they call it the wave crash?

JESSICA: That’s why, exactly why, very popular for photo opportunities, you are underneath the wave.

JON: Babies!

JESSICA: Babies. This is the nursery for a lot of our bat rays, and leopard sharks. This here is a shovel nosed guitar fish

JON: I’ve never heard of that, it looks funny.

JESSICA: You can see there is several different sizes of bat rays in here, the one that is only about 6 inches from wing to wing. In this aviary, all of our birds are rescued for whatever reason from the wild, they wouldn’t be able to survive out there, so they’ve got a sanctuary here with all the food they can eat, no predators, excellent health care. They are definitely diving birds, we throw crickets in the water for them, and also pellets, to they sink and they can dive down for that too.

02:41 JON: And now for the touchy feely section.

JESSICA: Yes, this is where you get your hands pretty cold and pretty wet, but it’s definitely worth it.

JON: I’m in.


JESSICA: So many different types of seaweed here that we have, but if you start digging through the seaweed and the kelp, you are going to find some pretty interesting animals.

JON: Like that?

JESSICA: Like this one. This is what we call a decorator crab, again, pretty harmless animal,. they have very small pincers, but they are called a decorator crab because they are going to take all this seaweed and algae, and they are going to decorate themselves with it as camoflage

03:19 JON: This is kind of the zen room.

JESSICA: Yes, here we are in the world of jellies, so many different species, but all found in Monterey Bay, so many different colors to them the orange sea nettles, purple stripes, pretty amazing animals, Heartless, brainless and spineless.

JON: I’ve described a few people like that too.

JESSICA: Ex boyfriends of mine.

JON: Haha, heartless, spineless, brainless, they are amazingly beautiful though.


JON: This building is awesome, it actually feels really authentic, it actually feels like I am in a cannery right now.

JESSICA: Which is important to us, that history of canning so many sardines, we are the sardine capital of the world here in Monterey.

JON: Well congratulations on that.

JESSICA: Thank you. Now we put sardines in exhibits, we don’t can them anymore, but the beautiful picture that we still have here really speaks to that history.

JON: Now the slogan for Monterey is ‘Grab life by the memories’, did you know that?

JESSICA: I didn’t.

JON: Grab life by the moment, what does that mean to you, grab life by the moment?

JESSICA: Learn, explore. We are right here in Monterey Bay, go explore the ocean.

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04:35 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Northern California’s hidden gem, Carmel Valley Village

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04:47 JON Carmel Valley Village is a little piece of heaven located just outside of Monterey. Fine wines, great food, and a step back in time. I love a good story, especially when it talks about wine. Russell has a great, not only about your vineyards, but about the whole area, it’s kind of maintained a really nice growth.

RUSSELL: Yes, Monterey was such a wonderful place to grow up that I think it became, it almost got looked past a little bit. You know, I grew up enjoying the ocean, and scuba diving and surfing, and all these great different things, but growing up on a vineyard here in Monterey really kind of showed me, wow, Monterey really is a diverse place because I was able to do all these different kinds of activities, and then to pursue what my true passion, which was wine making. We just had 5 wines rated in the Wine Enthusiast. They’re great, they are all in the high 80’s and 90’s, this is a dry riesling. I think typically you think of a lot of the California domestic rieslings as being big, you know, and sweet,  viscus and kind of sappy, a lovely summertime wine. This is our 2012 Gamay Noir Rose, you know, kind of strawberry, rhubarb, you know, great acidity.

JON: I taste the fruit.

RUSSELL: Again, on the lower end of the spectrum on alcohol, about 12 ½ percent alcohol. Looks like we have some visitors.

JON: Well you don’t see that everyday in a wine tasting room

RUSSELL: This is something we experience daily here in Carmel Valley, just kind of showcases the relaxed atmosphere that’s out here.

JON: What are we having now?

RUSSELL: I’m going to pour you some of the famous San Lucie Islands Pinot, so this was one of the wines that was rated in Wine Enthusiast, a nice delicate expression of Pinot, California Pinot Noir, you’ll notice the pretty transparency

JON:  I love this, I can see why this one is an award winner. I love your wines, but I think it is time to pair with some food, you mentioned some good food around here, what do you recommend?

RUSSELL: Yes. First on my list would be Cafe Rustica

JON: It doesn’t get more local that this.

07:10 JON: When the locals recommend it, you know it’s gotta be good. Russell recommended it, TerrI recommended it, lots of other friends have said you have to go to Cafe Rustica. Julien, thanks for having us first of all, what makes this place special?

JULIEN: This place is special because we make everything from scratch with fresh and local produce, and everyday we try to keep it consistent, real good food, not too heavy so people can enjoy it everyday.

JON: Well that’s great, I don’t even know where to start on this table right now, what are we looking at?

JULIEN: Well you can try with the eggplant napoleon, that is the classic, we do have the escargot, clams is always a nice appetizer, the special tonight is a fresh sole, it’s been suteed with caper mushrooms provence, pasta rustica is also very good because it is a lot of fresh vegetables, grilled eggplant.

JON: So Russell, you’ve  been here many times, obviously.

RUSSELL: Many, many times.

JON: What’s the experience like for you?

RUSSELL: MOst importantly to me, is we are going to get great food, and it’s going to be great every time. It’s not one of those spots that you go to experience the food and it’s hit or miss.sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s mediocre.Every time it is the best, and that is what I love about the place, is it’s always the best.

JON: You’ve got a really special part of the world here that you don’t see around anymore.

RUSSELL: It’s almost like taking a step back in time, like we chatted about earlier, with the wine, and food like this, you just can’t go wrong.

JON: You can’t. Cheers.

ALL: Cheers.

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08:49 JON: Alaska Airlines is the official airline of the Monterey Jazz Festival, and proudly serves Monterey County. With daily service from Monterey to San Diego, you can easily connect to other Alaska Airline Destinations like Los Cabos, Boston, and the beautiful Hawaiian Islands of Oahu and Kauai. For mor einformation, visit award winning and learn how you can explore more and spend less with Alaska Airlines

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09:13 JON: Up next, a fantastic hotel featuring the only craft brewery in Monterey, and epic whale watching.

09:22-09:24 Next Stop Logo

09:25 JON: Monterey is one of the few places in the world where you can see whales year round. Today we are at the Princess Monterey Whale Watching to do just that.

09:38 KATHERINE: Welcome aboard the Greatland, my name is Katherine, I’m your naturalist biologist on this ship today. Now, as we head through the harbor we are taking a look at the California sea lions, they are everywhere, it turns out we have thousands of them here. Sea lions are up and out of the water, on the buoys, they’ll be all over the rocks, wow, what’s going on with those sea lions, they are getting out of the water because it’s freezing in there. You might notice, these whales are supposed to be shiny, ebony black maybe with white bellies, but you notice they are kind of dusty gray, what’s going on there? Well, they are beefing up and pigging out so fast they are sloughing skin. If you were to run your fingertips across the whales body, the black skin would come off on your fingertips. You might even notice just forward of the blow holes you’ve got these weird bumps peppering their faces, No whale has a face like a humpback whale, these white shells digging into their skin with the brown fleshy animal coming out of the shells, they are just filter feeding, they get a great free ride off of these whales, so they are hitchhikers. Left side, left side, what coming up right there, nice! Left side! Unbelievable, yeah> Trip of a lifetime.

11:15 KATHERINE: So to get some perspective out there about how big these whales are, 43, 47 feet in length, oh, their eyeball is the size of a small childs head, that is how big the eyeball is on a humpback whale, it’s huge! There’s the pec fins coming out, big long, wing like pec fins, ooooh, nice, yes that was a nice tail. Wow, look at that fish run for it’s life, so cool, holy smokes, thats fish in the bubbles. These humpback whales are tool users, they are releasing bubbles to freak the prey out, nice job!

11:56 JON: It’s always great to be passionate about your job. Katherine here defines passion. You love your job.

KATHERINE: I love this job, it’s fantastic out there.

JON: Today was really special, not your typical day, right?

KATHERINE: Today was off the charts, it’s a moment in time getting to be surrounded by 20 humpback whales racing around the boat, it was crazy, right?

JON: It was really crazy, you got all excited, I’ve never seen someone get so excited.

KATHERINE: It was fantastic!

JON: Tell us about Sophie.

KATHERINE: Sophie is our gull, and she actually layed eggs this season on the roof and she raised 3 chicks right there and at one point Sophies chicks decided to go on a whale trip. They hopped on the bridge, went out with the ship and stayed with us the entire time watching whales to be redelivered back to mom at the end of the day

JON: What do you love the most about Monterey?

KATHERINE: Monterey, I love the wildlife, I love the ocean, I love the trees, the people here are fantastic, good eats in restaurants all over the place.

JON: And you love your job.

KATHERINE: I love my job, I love my job!

JON: And we love you!

KATHERINE: Thank you, I love you too!

JON: Thank you, thanks for having us.

12:58-13:01 Next Stop Logo

13:04 JON: It’s always such a pleasure to meet someone in local tourism who gets it, and Terri here from the Portola Hotel and Spa she gets it. She has been our Monterey show champion, and first of all, thank you.

TERRI: It’s pleasure, thank you so much for being here, you and your team have been really outstanding at capturing of the great experiences you can have here in Monterey.

JON: It kind of films itself.

TERRI: It does, that’s true, there is so much to experience here, and the new branding for our convention and visitors bureau as you know is grab life by the moments, and that is really what we do here in Monterey.

JON: I love that. This location is perfect.

TERRI: It’s idealic, you can walk to everything, I mean if you are an outdoor, action packed person we have Del Monte beach just footsteps away, right outside the door an 18 mile recreational trail, a mall for dining and art is just a short drive away, well we’ve actually got an art gallery on site

JON: Nice. Now, I love the old fishermans wharf too, it’s kind of a little mini San Francisco.

TERRI: Yes, the fishermans wharf, and we have a new attraction that we have as well is the wharf marketplace which has just opened up. You know we are the first LEED EB Silver certified hotel on the central coast, we are very proud of that Jon, and so..

JON: I saw that.

TERRI: Everything we do, our sustainable practices have to do with we work with the local dairymen, the ranchers, the farmers, we take a great sense of pride in that from our guest rooms, right down to our cuisine.

JON: The property itself is beautiful, it’s quite large.

TERRI: Thank you. Yes.

JON: There are a lot of rooms in this hotel, how many different room types?

TERRI: Yes, well we have several different room types and suites, we have 379 all total, up to 60,00 square feet we can be for groups, we also have great intimate spaces as well.

JON: There is some great dining options in the area, and you have Jack’s right here which is a great restaurant, in fact, tonight there is a wine reception.

TERRI: That’s right.Well every Friday we do feature the winery of the month.

JON: Tell us about Peter B’s.

TERRI: Peter B’s. we are the only crafted brewery in Monterey.

JON: I don’t have a watch on, but I think it might be beer thirty.

TERRI: I think you are right, I will take you there.

JON: Let’s go.

15:21 JON: This is a cool place, you know I was down here the other night and it was just packed. It’s kind of like the Cheers of Monterey.

KEVIN: It truly is, we have a fun crowd in here.

JON: Why do you think the locals like this place so much, because it is literally packed every night.

KEVIN: It’s tucked around the back side of the Portola Hotel and Spa, it’s a quiet serene little spot.

JON: And I noticed all of these mugs back here, I would assume you have some pretty loyal followers here.

KEVIN: We do, we have a lot of loyal followers, we have a mug club that folks come to enjoy.

JON: I like that a lot, and I know I am going to like your beers.

KEVIN: We will start on the right hand side, this is our Fort Ord wheat beer, it’s an american style wheat that we brew with orange peels that are thrown right into the kettle and it gives it an orange zest to it as well as that wheat style that people really enjoy. Really easy drinking, definitely has a rounder palette.

JON: Really smooth.

KEVIN: The next in line is our amber ale, I will use a touch of chocolate malt

JON: I like that color

KEVIN: Crystal

malt, yeah, it’s a deep ruby color to it, and it is more of a medium full bodied beer, really classic amber style beer. This is a chocolate porter that I have aged in pinot, I know that pinot definitely pairs well with chocolate, you can definitely pick out some of that oak, some pinot inther as well

JON: Yeah. Now the slogan here is grab life by the moment. What does that mean to you?

KEVIN: There are a lot of excellent moments to be had around here, there is climbing, there is surfing, there is backpacking, there is ocean life, everything.

JON: Thanks for everything. See you guys soon.

16:52-16:53 Next Stop Logo

16:54 JON: The city of Monterey is located on the south edge of Monterey Bay, on central California’s pacific coast. MOnterey had California’s first theater, printing press, and newspaper, and was the only port of entry for taxable goods in California from 1711 to 1846 when California became a state. Among Montereys popular tourist attractions are Old Fishermans Wharf, The Cannery Row, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and coming up on Next Stop, the world famous Monterey Jazz Festival.

17:26-17:27 Next Stop Logo

17:29 JON: Timing is everything in life, and we are fortunate to be here in MOnterey for the 56th MOnterey Jazz Festival. Some of the best musicians from all over the world are right here.


17:48 JON: A man who needs no introduction, Mr. George Benson.


18:14 JON: How did this start 56 years ago? It’s kind of an interesting history.

TIM: Yeah, Jimmy Lyons, our founder, was a jazz DJ here in the Monterey Bay area. He probably took a cue from the NewPort jazz Festival from Newport Rhode Island, about a big outdoor festival on the sea, under the trees, in the sun, and it was a great shoulder season activity for the tourist community, hence, the Monterey Jazz Festival was born, because 67 Monterey business people each gave 100 dollars, so 6,700 funded the first MOnterey Jazz Festival.

JON: So what has kept it so successful, this is the 56th year, that’s crazy.

TIM: Well, we have a very loyal audience, very loyal patrons. We are true to the music, and we present a really great festival that we work really hard on.

JON: Kids need something like this too. In the day where all the music programs are falling by the wayside in schools, you guys are helping keeping it alive.

TIM: We invest over 600,000 a year in local regional, national and even international educational programs.

JON: What is your best memory in the time you have been associated with the festival?

TIM: You know, I think it just boils down to relationships with certain artists, particularly when we do the commission pieces because those are the things that the Monterey Jazz Festival is commissioning and premiering so we have a deep involvement with the whole process, it’s very fulfilling.


19:44 JON: From Oakland California, the California Honeydrops.

19:59 JON: we got to the fairgrounds today and our guide said ‘You’ve got to go check out the California Honeydrops,  they are bringing it, the crowd is loving it, man, you guys are fun Lech.

LECH: That’s what we do man, we have fun and we make other people have fun whether they want to or not.

JON: Describe your music, I can’t really put a finger on it, it’s awesome

LECH: It’s amazing, It’s our own little thing you know, it’s our own little style but we take from a lot of Bay area and west coast blues and R&B, and we kind of mix it with a lot of New Orleans music.


JON: So of course there is music from all over the world at the MOnterey Jazz Festival, but there is also food from all over the world. All the way from Ghana. Phillip brings his tasty delights.

PHILLIP: The unique thing about it is it is coming from Ghana, it is not your everyday food that you find at music festivals.

JON: You have an interesting day job too.

PHILLIP: Yes, I am a social worker by trade, so I work with the social services agency that provides services to the homeless, the mentally ill, and low income individuals and families, but this is what I do on the side because I am a music lover and I thought there is something that I need to bring to the music scene and that is food from Ghana


21:05 JON: Local boys from Santa Cruz, the North Pacific String Band


21:26 JON: Thanks for joining us on Next Stop from magical Monterey. The locals are passionate about their destination and for good reason, this place is awesome. Thanks to this shows sponsor, the Portola Hotel and Spa, especially Terri, we could not have done it without you, thank you so much. Thanks also to our shows title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines VISA Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.

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Next Stop: Central Oregon

Whitewater River Rafting with Sun Country Tours, Tour of Deschutes Brewery, Cool Art in the High Desert, Year Round Things to do at the Sunriver Resort, Ghost Tree Invitational Golf Tournament, Music of Lee Koch

NEXT STOP CENTRAL OREGON-Transcription Season 3


00:00-00:05 JON: Hi, I’m JOn Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from a destination where memories aren’t just made-they are found.


00:20-00:42 JON: Welcome to Central Oregon, a high desert paradise for families and singles alike. This is the adventure capital of the Pacific Northwest, and on this episode we will take you rafting, golfing, and biking. We will feature local brews and cuisine, and take you to THE party of the year. We will also feature a fantastic musician with an even better story. All this and more from Next Stop Central Oregon, the fun starts now!

00:43-00:44 Next Stop Logo

00:45 JON: For  25 years the Deschutes Brewery has been producing award winning microbrews. In fact, they currently produce the nations favorite craft porter. Let’s meet the man that started in all. There he is, I am so honored to meet you, I have been drinking your beer now for about 2 decades. In 1988 did you ever have any idea that the pub in downtown Bend would grow into this?

GARY: Oh heavens no. We, you know, really all we started was a pub, my background was the restaurant business. We just wanted to make a little bit of beer, some good food, our business plan said we could make a tidy living, raise our family in a beautiful town like Bend, and that was really all we planned on.

JON: This is the room that started in all, right?

GARY: This is the room, this is the original 50 barrel J.D. Northwest brewhouse that we put in in 1993, and we continued to grow and put in a lot more modern operation.

JON: Now, I’ve never been to a brewery that had a room like this.

GARY: This is where our trained panel does this every single day, 5 days a week. Our technician on the other side of the wall can put down whatever beers they want tasted and analyzed on that day, and then the computer screen will prompt the taster with questions that they can answer, that then are all compiled on the computer.

2:04 JON: So you’ve got the quality control, but really, it’s all about the product too, right?

GARY: It’s absolutely about the ingredients, and what we have here is really a display of what the ingredients are. What we here is malted barley, herbs and spices, we have some corriander and a little bit of orange peel here. This particular hop is centennials.

JON: It’s kind of embarrassing but I kind of  need a restroom break..

GARY: well, if you need a restroom, we’ve got one over here.

JON: Oh, cool.

GARY: Right behind this door

JON: Thank you.  OH MY! That might be the coolest restroom I’ve ever been in my entire life, but there was no restroom.

GARY: Well if you wanted a bathroom , they are over there. This is a rest room, this is where we come for our breaks.

JON: So everybody gets a pint, or whatever, after their shift.

GARY: Everybody gets a shift pint after they are finished with work.

02:58 JON: These tanks are quite impressive, different sizes.

GARY: Yeah, these are, you can kind of see , wherever we are, this is the old roof line that was part of our building, you can kind of chart our growth by whatever size tanks we were buying at the time. See you, got that? Just like that!

JON: That is so cool. Don’t you feel like we are on Laverne and Shirley right now?

GARY: Yeah, exactly.

03:29 JON: Now for some reason, everytime I talk about beer, I get thirsty.

GARY: It’s unbelievable how that happens, but this is what all the hard work is for.

JON: This is America’s favorite craft porter, and it happens to be mine. I didn’t ever drink dark beer in the day until I went to your pub in Bend and I tried Deschutes Black Butte Porter, and I loved it.

GARY: We keep saying Black Butte Porter is the beer that dispels all the myths about dark beer. People love it, women love it, men love it, it is the beer that we think once people can get past the color, it is a beer to fall in love with. Cheers.

JON: Cheers.

04:08-04:10 Next Stop Logo

04:11-04:17 JON: Coming up, a colorful art show in the high desert, and a world class year round resort

04:20-04:22 Next Stop Logo

04:23 JON: Timing is everything, and we were lucky enough to be in Bend, Oregon on the weekend of Art in the High Desert, on of the top 15 art shows in the country. Carla, take us back, how did this all start?

CARLA: This started with 5 people, 4 of them artists, and we wanted a really good art show because we knew Bend needed it, deserved it, and would love it. we all put in 200 dollars, and with 1,000 dollars we started this show.

JON: Obviously people are coming out to support it, I see hundreds of people all over the place.

CARLA: Yeah, we’ve now got people who come to Bend just for this weekend.

JON: You mentioned you are an artist, I saw you doing a transaction over there. You’re not just the director, you are also one of the participants.

CARLA: Yeah, I’m sort of schizophrenic this time of year, because I am also trying to sell art and be a jeweler.

JON: The location is fantastic, I love the new district down here, I used to come here years ago and this has, it’s really grown up.

CARLA: They have, on really hot shows I can look out and see artists floating down the river, going…

JON: Taking a break?

CARLA: And I’ve gone, whoa! Get back in your booth!

05:27 JON: This is Amy, she is here all the way from North Carolina.

AMY: Yee haw! Oh wait, that’s Texas

JON: They say that in North Carolina too.

AMY: Yeah they do. What do I think of this? I want to move here! It gorgeous.

JON: Isn’t it nice?

AMY: Plus I’ve had 3 consecutive days of fabulous hair.

JON: Your stuff is fun!

AMY: Thank you, I call them fo…

JON: What do you call them:

ANY: I call them fobots, short for found object robots, and they all have a name, a number, a date of birth, and like the tin man, they all have a heart inside.

JON: Which is your favorite of these?

AMY: My favorite? Me upon my pony in my boat, which is a song by Lyle Lovett. This is an old toy boat, spice tins, a pool ball, wire brush, funnel, a sash lock, wrenches, his feet are button hole attachments.

06:20 JON: This is David who used to live in Oregon for many years, now you live in Austin Texas.

DAVID: Right. This is an amazing show, it brings so many people together from across the country, the best artists in the country are out here right now.

JON: Your art, all this by pencil, it’s crazy.

DAVID: It is. Well, it is a little bit obsessive, but I call it my obsessive compulsive disorder with a pencil, it’s just what I do.

JON: How long have you been doing that?

DAVID: This kind of work about 35 years.

JON: The elephant one blow my mind that it’s all pencil, and that picture with the depth there, I just love it.

06:53: JON: This is Dakota, and he wins the award for the most colorful, crazy, fun art that we’ve seen all day. How did you get into doing this? There is all these bottle caps, and this is just fun.

DAKOTA:  Yeah, I had a barrel full of caps 12 years ago, and I was doing these sculptural wood, you know, functional sculptures, and I wanted to to make it look metal, so that was the original thought.

JON: You’ve got a dolphin tail over there, you have a cactus representing Texas, and a bowl, what is your favorite piece?

DAKOTA: You know I just did this elk head, that is my favorite piece.

07:28-07:30 Next Stop Logo

07:31 JON: Central Oregon offers 30 unique and challenging golf courses, designed by some of the worlds best golfers and designers. Golf digest named Central Oregon as one of the top 25 places in the world to play golf. Golf enthusiasts planning a trip to Central Oregon can get free travel planning and concierge assistance by phone, live chat, or by

07:49-07:51 Next Stop Logo

07:52 JON: The Sin River Resort is a year round resort, ideal for families and friends, now Scott, you are the General manager here, you’ve been here about 6 years, now I used to come here about 10 or 15 years ago with my friends from Portland, and we had a blast, there is so much to do, but you have a lot more going on right now, you’ve got a lot of enhancements.

SCOTT: We do, over the years the resort has added a lot in regards to amenities, and offerings, and activities, everything from remodeling our guest rooms, to the new homeowner aquatic center labeled The Shark. It’s beautiful, it’s got an indoor pool that is obviously heated year round, an outdoor aquatic park with slides and lazy rivers and kiddy pools and lap lanes.

JON: People like to eat, and you have some pretty good restaurants here too.

SCOTT: We do, we’ve got 9 dining outlets throughout the resort, everything from upscale, we just added a new beer garden outlet this summer.

JON: I always found my way to the owl’s nest, live music, fun environment. I see kids everywhere. People of all ages, all the way to grandparents just really enjoying each other. This is a really special place.

SCOTT: From golf to bike riding, that in and of itself, with 35 miles of pristine bike trails throughout the town of Sun River all adjacent to the Deschutes River, we’ve got over 400 bikes in our bike rental shop.

JON: I’m kind of dying for a workout, I’m thinking that’s good for me to do next.

09:17 JON: This is Rob and he is the director of recreation, let’s go biking!

ROB: Let’s do it.

JON: Rob, I had no idea the interesting history of this place.I thought it was just a big ski resort that was built sometime in the 80’s-no. There is a lot more to it.

ROB: Back in the 40’s, 43 and 44 you know, back in World War Two, you’ve probably heard of that.

JON: I have heard of that actually.

ROB: They, this was an installation for the Army Corps of Engineers, but this building actually was the officers club.

JON: That’s cool man. Carry on soldier.

ROB: Aye, aye.

JON: This is beautiful.

ROB: You know it. The great meadow, we call it.

10:04 JON: Obviously there is a lot more going on than just biking here.

ROB: There is so many activities here that you really need multiple vacations.

JON: This is the ideal family resort, I’ve never seen anything like it, and we see so many kids, brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, I think this is the best family resort I’ve ever seen.

ROB:  Jon, as the Director of Recreation, you’ve just said the best phrase I have heard in a long time.

10:26 JON: We had a great day here at the Sunriver Resort, we got some biking i n, some exercise, learned some history, and tonight we cap it off in this beautiful serene marina for the family fun float. Tom, what is the family fun float>

TOM: The family fun float is a float we came up with this year where we invite families to come and float 3 miles down river on rafts. It takes about an hour, hour and a half, and it culminates with s’mores and a cowboy singalong. And one of the things you’ve probably noticed from your time here is there is an atmosphere of tranquility here indeed, and the venacular of our youth, it’s a chill place to be.

JON: I can’t think of a better to describe the Sunriver Resort.

11:11-11:13  Next Stop Logo

11:14 JON: Coming up next, whie water rafting on the mighty Deschutes, and a party not to be missed.

11:21-11:23 Next Stop Logo

11:25 JON: Central Oregon is stacked with adventure opportunities. Today, we are white water rafting on the Deschutes River with Sun Country tours.

SCOTT: So we are at the Big Eddy thriller here, this is kind of the main event. Part 2 and part 3 are the highlights today, and you guys can see here the giant V going through the river here? Kind of a little hydrology 101 where the lap lateral is the dominant one and it is pushing the water into the rock so our idea today is to stay away from the rocks so we’re going to have a little bit of an angle there, picking on the right side of the raft. So as we go down we are just paddling aggressive, all together smiling, having fun, we’re going to keep it straight through the third part which is kind of a mild tsunami, a soft bucket of water coming at you, and just kind of prepare for that and have fun. Big Eddy on 3, 1, 2, 3 BIG EDDY!

JON: What was it like going in the water, because you looked kind of scared man, I know your mom was scared.

JACKSON: First I was scared, but it was so shallow my feet were touching.

JON: They were? What did you think of the Big Eddy, you didn’t fall in there, how was that?

JACKSON: It was just a wall of white.

JON: Pretty much wasn’t it?


JON: Would you tell your friends to come do it?

JACKSON: Once they saw the Big Eddy, they would turn around and go back.

JON: I think so, but you didn’t. High five buddy! Good job.

13:17 JON: This is Scott, our fearless guide, you were awesome man, you prepped us well for the Big Eddy

SCOTT: Thank you. It’s an awesome trip, it is kind of our shorter white water experience, it is a teaser for all the other great trips that we offer.

JON: What other tours do you guys offer?

SCOTT: So we offer a half day trip on the Mackenzie River, it’s a great family fun trip, class 2’s and 3’s mixed in.

JON: And then of course I failed miserably, because I fell in backwards, on the first wave man.

SCOTT: It happens, and that is the way to go, and we kind of set you up a little bit there to give you experience.

13:54-13:56 Next Stop Logo

13:57 JON: Alaska Airlines started service to Roberts Field in 1982, and proudly continues to offer service to the high desert paradise of Redmond, Bend,and the surrounding areas. On all Alaska Airlines flights into Roberts Field, you will receive Starbucks coffee and complimentary Northwest beers and wine. For more information on destinations, airfares and their award winning mileage program, visit

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14:23 JON: We are in town for the Ghost Tree International followed by dinner on the range back here at the Sunriver Resort, It’s a golf tournament, it’s a charity event, but really it’s just an excuse to have some fun. This is Josh who is originally from these parts, now living in LA, doing an awesome job as MC of this event. This is quite the event my friend.

JOSH: I love this event, I think this is my 5th or 6th year doing it, as long as they will have me, I will be here. It is a spectacular location, the food is incredible.

JON: So it started as a golf tournament yesterday, I kind of bill it as a golf tournament with a really good excuse to have a party.

JOSH: Pretty much, pretty much, yeah we have people from all over the northwest who come to play in the tournament, because we play at Crosswater, which is a Sunriver owned property.

JON: And the whole goal is to raise money for?

JOSH: Well we’ve got the Boys and Girls Club of Central Oregon.

JON: We just ran into Ronald McDonald.

JOSH: Excuse me I think I’ll find him.

JON: He didn’t have any food, no food Josh.

JOSH: Oh, he didn’t? Oh, no fires.

JON: No he didn’t have any burgers or anything, but we ran into him so the Ronald McDonald House is also one of the beneficiaries

JOSH: Ronald McDonald house, that’s right.

JON: I think it is one of the most fun and unique ways to make money that I have ever seen, we actually attended the golf tournament yesterday and witnessed something very cool, check this out.

15:38 JOSH: Well basically I am going to rip a 400 plus yard drive on this hole, this super long par 5. I’m a four time remax finalist, currently ranked 5th longest hitter in the world. When I am not competing, I travel all over the world, hitting for charity events just like this one. Today we’re accepting donations to play my tee shot, the proceeds raised on this hole go to benefit the Ronald McDonald house, that is what this tournament is all about.

16:07 JON: Have you ever seen a guy hit a ball that far?

JOSH: I have never seen anybody hit a ball that far, it’s amazing.

JON: Talk about cool gigs, that guy just travels all over the world and he hits golf balls. Josh made a ton of money for the charities too, so that’s awesome. Tonight we are here at this great party, this is kind of the party of the year for Central Oregon,

JOSH: It is, it absolutely is. nd there are some great parties here, but this one is the creme de la creme.

16:38 JON: Who better than to talk about Central Oregon than the CEO of the Central Oregon Visitors Association, Alana.

ALANA: I think what we deliver is a very chic, authentic, experiential opportunity for vacations, but still in a community that is small enough to be incredibly welcoming and generous of nature of the people that live here.

JON: Now we’ve spent a lot of time in Bend and Sunriver and we love it, but there is a lot more to see here, right?

ALANA: There is, that is the beautiful thing about Central Oregon as a destination, yes, Bend and Sunriver are the heart of it, but within an hours drive you can have a completely different geographic and cultural experience.

JON: What is your favorite Central Oregon memory?

ALANA: For me it’s all about the people. We have 300 days of sunshine, and unlimited recreation, but it is the people that live here who have raised our visitors who have made this something that is really, you just don’t want to miss it.

17:34-17:36 Next Stop Logo

17:37 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, a fantastic musician with an even better story.

17:46-17:48 Next Stop Logo


18:11 JON: Lee Kich is our featured musician on Next Stop Central Oregon and he is cooking up some serious tunes tonight at the Silver Moon Brewing here in downtown Bend, and you and your wife, and your baby girl are living the dream my brother.

LEE: We are living our dream, it;s not everybody’s dream, but we get to drive around the country playing music, taking pictures, and raising our daughter.

JON: So you had a really killer place in Temecula, you dumped that a few weeks ago and you dumped that, bought an RV, and that is how you guys are living, that is what I mean…

LEE: That’s our home, home on wheels, yeah.

JON: Has it been fun?

LEE: It’s been a blast, and people, especially considering Jolene, our little baby, people are oh, she must be so confined, but we pull up at parks and we let her crawl around, and I think, it might sound kind of  cheesy, but the world is our oyster.


19:53 JON: So where did you get this soulful disposition in music, man you just bring it, you’ve got such an energy onstage.

LEE: It’s really just due to my parents preference in music, listening to Motown a lot, I mean everything from Motown to Led Zepplin to Creedence Clearwater, and then my mom was into more of the jazzy, Nat King Cole and the rat pack guys.

JON: What do you think of Bend, this is your first time to Bend Oregon, you like Central Oregon?

LEE: Everybody that we’ve met is super sweet, any questions they have they want to sit down and not just tell us in passing but, ‘Oh, let me tell you my favorite thing to do’ Everyone has been so great and welcoming so we’re going to be back, we are going to make this an annual stop for sure.


21:28-21:31 Next Stop Logo

21:32 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from the high desert paradise of Central Oregon, and thanks to this show’s sponsors, the Sunriver Resort and the Central Oregon Visitors Association. Thanks also to our title sponsors and good friends Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines VISA signature card. Without them, we wouldn’t be here. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.

21:51-21:53 Next Stop Logo


Next Stop: Mammoth Lakes

Enjoy This Adventure Packed Episode. See Mammoth Via SkyTime Helicopter Tours, See The Backcountry with High Sierra Jeep Adventures, Kayak and Stand-up Paddle board, Fly Fishing with The Trout Fitter, The Westin Monache Resort, Things to do year around at Mammoth Mountain, Music of Tom Hook

Next Stop: Kansas City

Kansas City Royals Fan Experience, Best BBQ on earth at Oklahoma Joes, National WWI Museum at Liberty Memorial, The College Basketball Experience, Hotel Phillips Art Scene, Nightlife at Power And Light District, Lonnie McFadden at The Phoenix Jazz Club

Next Stop: Tri-Valley

World Famous Wente Vineyards, Rare Cars at The Blackhawk Automotive Museum,Olive Oil Picking and Tasting at The Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort & Spa, Golf Lessons at The Bridges Golf Club, Pairing Wine with Food at Amber Bistro, Livermore Wine Country Festival, Band Favorite Wolf Hamlin & The Front Porch Drifters.
























NEXT STOP TRI-VALLEY-Transcription Season 3

00:00-00:03 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from Tri-Valley
00:19-00:35 JON: Welcome to Next Stop, from beautiful Tri-Valley in Northern California. On this episode we will feature local food and wine, incredible automobiles, heart pounding music and passionate locals, including a singing sommelier. All this and more oj Next Stop Tri-Valley, the fun starts now!
00:36-00:37 Next Stop logo
00:43-03:39 JON: Wente Vineyards is the oldest continuously operated family owned winery in the United States. It’s a wonderful story about commitment to quality, sustainability and family.
PHIL: It started in 1883 with my great grandfather, he came from Germany in the 1870’s, learned to make wine in the Napa Valley as an apprentice under Charles Kruge, fell in love with the business or got the bug, however you want to put it, decided to start his own winery and moved down to the Livermore Valley and purchased 40 acres in 1883.
JON: You guys have done amazing things with your property. Obviously your vineyards are very successful, but you have got a golf course. What I like about what you guys is you just use the land, you didn’t knock things down, you built it right into what the land was.
PHIL: People associated their experience at the wineries with their love with that particular wine or region or wherever else, so that it was really clear that wine regions were tourist destinations that needed to have other amenities.
JON: You guys have also been recently recognized for your sustainability.
PHIL: Well speaking of that Christine is waiting in the caves and she is going to tell you all about that.
JON: Before sustainability was even a word, Wente Vineyards was incorporating sustainable practices into their vineyards, and into your restaurant. How are you guys so far ahead of the curve?
CHRISTINE: Well sustainability has always been part of my families philosophy. This property where we are now, we are our historic caves, they have been here for more that 100 years, naturally temperature controlled for aging wine, and on this property we also have a beautiful 1,000 square foot organic herb and vegetable garden. Much of the produce for our restaurant comes from that garden, herbs, vegetable, even some flowers, and it is very seasonal, and our master gardener, Diane, who has been here for 25 years works in conjunction with our chefs to decide what to grow. The chefs actually walk out there daily and harvest, and incorporate the ingredients into their menu.
JON: That is so cool, and you guy have events year round. Big into weddings, but you have an amazing summer concert series.
CHRISTINE: We have awesome summer concerts, a gorgeous outdoor ampitheater right behind the restaurant.
JON: Family businesses are hard to even get 2 generations in, 5 generations, you are still going strong. How has that happened, number one, and is that a little bit of pressure on you and your brother?
CHRISTINE: Only in a good way, we both love it. My brother Carl is our winemaker, he was trained to be a winemaker and is very involved in making every single one of our estate grown wines. This is our Riva Ranch chardonnay, Wente Vineyards Riva Ranch Chardonnay, this is from our vineyards in Arroyo Seco, Monterey. It’s a nice bright, fresh tropical flavors, I think you will really like it, cheers.
JON: I’m sure I will, cheers.
03:45-03:46 Next Stop logo
03:46-04:08 JON: The Tri-Valley region of Northern California is comprised of 5 lovely towns, Dublin, Danville, Livermore, San Ramone, and Pleasanton. Located just 33 miles from San Francisco and 27 miles from San Jose, few places are as unspoiled, charming and authentic as the Tri-Valley. Go to and plan your next trip to this gorgeous region.
04:09-04:10 Next Stop logo
04:11-06:06 JON: The Blackhawk Automotive Museum located in Danville is a 100,000 square foot architectural masterpiece, and a car enthusiasts dream
TIMOTHY: We have approximately 90 cars at any one time on display.
JON: So they are rotating?
TIMOTHY: That is correct, yes.
JON: So where do you get them from?
TIMOTHY: Some of the cars are owned by the museum, and then we are extremely fortunate we have some owners that have had cars on long term loan here.
JON: These Rolls Royces back here are beautiful.
TIMOTHY: They are, and there are identical, those are Phantom Five Rolls Royces, just money alone would not allow you to own one of those, you had to be head of state royalty.
JON: The proper class.
TIMOTHY: That is exactly it. Those are the only two 2 door in existence. We have the 1952 Ferrari that Phil Hill owned personally and drove up to Pebble Beach.
JON: So we are on the next level right now, kind of the sexy car level. Not that the sports cars aren’t sexy, but tell us about what women say when they come up here.
TIMOTHY: When they look at the cars, they like it because they are just beautiful cars.
JON: And they are sexy.
JON: There are a couple of ones that really stand out here, first of all, that one over there has got to be the oldest care you have.
TIMOTHY: That is. That is our oldest original car, it is a 1906 Cadillac.
JON: This looks like it is out of the George Jetson era, this is really cool, it looks like a spaceship.
TIMOTHY: Of these 5 cars, the 3 we are looking here, the 3 Alfa Romeo, possibly, historically the most significant trio of cars out there.
JON: So you say that you do rotate the cars, but the Mona Lisa doesn’t leave.
TIMOTHY: That would be a tough one to rotate. If somebody comes to see that and it is not here…that has been at the museum since we opened. It’s a great car, and looks wonderful, gets everybodys attention and we are extremely proud of it.
06:07-06:08 Next Stop logo
06:10-06:14 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, a beautiful wine country resort, and some local flavors.
06:15-06:16 Next Stop logo
06:18-07:02 JON: Nestled in the serene Livermore Valley lies a little piece of heaven, also known as the Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa. Before we learn about this award winning property, they are going to put me to work picking olives. Derek, I’m Jon, nice to meet you.
DEREK: Likewise. So we have these buckets, and when you hand pick its basically you are just raking the olives off the tree into you rbuckets.
JON: They almost look like grapes.
DEREK: They do, manzanilla, it’s a spanish varietal, but they also make a really nice big robust oil.
JON: So the orchards very cool, but your property is very stunning. let’s go explore.
DEREK: Alright, lets do it.
07:09-09:08 JON: I love your property, one thing that stands out big time to me is the roses, this time of year-they bloom all the time?
DEREK: Yeah, from about February through November, we have the beautiful California sun.
JON: That’s crazy. This property is so peaceful, away from everything. You have 10 rooms, and each one is a little bit unique. Your bedding is unbelievable, I have never slept in such comfortable bedding anywhere in the world.
DEREK: They are soft, they are luxury. That’s what we try to do here, even though it is out in the country, it’s a country setting, our bedding, it’s one thing we have really invested in. Being in wine country, we have a lot of great support in the wine country community, and what Livermore needs is a wine country experience, and that is what we can offer people here.
JON: I spent hours in the orchard picking today, I got really dirty.
RHIANNON: Yes. Great!
JON: So now I want to taste the fruits of my labor.
DEREK: First vintage we labeled Handprints, in honor of all of our friends and family that have had their handprints all over this property not only for ourselves, as well as for our son.
JON: It has a deep meaning, very nice.
DEREK: That is our sons handprints, that is vintage one.
JON: So what we looking for here.
DEREK: Just like wine, you give it a little swirl, and just like wine, you sip it. A little air in.
JON: This is so good and fresh. You just don’t get olive oil this fresh.
RHIANNON: No, this is just a couple of months old now.
JON: Oh my gosh, congratulations.
RHIANNON: Thank you.
JON: Now spas to me are synonymous with wine country. You us have a spa, tell me about that.
RHIANNON: We do, we have an 8 room day spa, It’s a great opportunity to come to wine country, experience what Livermore Valley has to offer. Relax, rejuvenate, enjoy the pool area, and really leave refreshed and ready to go about your life.
09:11-09:13 Next Stop logo
09:14-09:34 JON: Alaska Airlines offers non stop service from Mineta San Jose International Airport to 12 exciting destinations, including Seattle, Portland, Hawaii and Mexico. From Oakland, it serves 6 destinations including Seattle, Portland, and the beautiful Hawaiian Islands. Explore more and spend less with Alaska Airlines award winning service and always find the best fare at
09:35-09:36 Next Stop logo
09:38-11:31 JON: the food scene in Danville is thriving. Tonight we are at Amber Bistro, one of the local favorites. Eric, Danville is an awesome place, this is my first time.
ERIC: Just a small little town in the foothill of Mount Diablo, really quaint little downtown, beautiful boutiques, lots of restaurants.
JON: Lots of restaurant! I think there has got to be a dozen on this street alone.
ERIC: Easily, yeah. All different types of food, so lots of choices.
JON: This place is obviously very popular with the locals.
ERIC: Yes it is. What is unique about it is that is really a neighborhood restaurant for the locals here, but it does bring a little bit of a city sophistication in the menu and the wine program, the bar program, to Danville.
JON: So you are a sommelier by trade. I practiced that word in the car, I got it right?
ERIC: You got it right, you did good.
JON: So this would be awesome for you to live in this community and to see the wine country just growing like this, and being able to pair it with your food, which leads me to the next thing. Let’s pair it with your food!
ERIC: First dish is a fire roasted salmon, nice little spice in there.
JON: Looks good, smells good.
ERIC: Red curry sauce, salmon, artichokes, and what I like to pair it with is a viogner, something that goes well with the spice salmon.
JON: It’s really nice.
ERIC: And on a hot day like this, it’s nice and refreshing as well, so a good combination. And just back by popular demand, it’s alaskan halibut, the season was opened just a little while ago, this particular dish we do a little almond crust. the next one is kind of my little weak spot, I can never get enough duck. The best match with duck is pinot.
JON: When I think of duck, I think of gamey. This is not at all.
ERIC: Not, it is not gamey at all. And really, the duck breast if it a wonderful quality like this, it shouldn’t be gamey at all.
JON: A pleasure to meet you, thank you for having us.
ERIC:. Real nice meeting you.
11:36-11:38 Next Stop logo
11:39-11:44 JON: Up next I get some pointers from a female golf professional, and we have some fun at a local festival.
11:47-11:48 Next Stop logo
11:49-14:21 JON: For you golf enthusiasts, The Bridges Golf Club located in San Ramone is a must. Now Wendy, I’m not very good golfer, I need to learn some stuff. I brought my shoes, and I brought my glove, but I didn’t bring my clubs, because they don’t fit so well.
WENDY: That’s ok. So what we are going to do today is just kind of a rough draft, look and how fast you are swinging the club that will kind of give us an estimate of what kind of shaft you will need. Alright, let’s take a look at your swing. You want kind of a natural arm hang there, so your arm should hang naturally down to the club. Now we’ve also got to look where you are lined up to, you are headed straight for those people over there that are on 17, we probably don’t want to hit them, we want to go more towards the fairway over here.
JON: Hi!
WENDY: That’s alright.
JON: Little better than mine. This is a spectacular location, look at this clubhouse.
WENDY: It’s pretty amazing.
JON: This is just beautiful. So weddings are a huge part of your business.
WENDY: They are here.
JON: It’s about half, right?
WENDY: Exactly, we do about 120 weddings a year.
JON: That’s unbelievable, that like one every three days?
WENDY: It is, yes.
JON: Then golf is obviously a big part of what you do as well.
WENDY: We do, yes, a lot of rounds of golf here.
JON: You’ve got memberships, but guys like me can come and play anytime?
WENDY: We will take you anytime.
JON: Gavin, one of your assistant pro’s loaned me his clubs, so thanks again. Gavin has a good sense of humor.
WENDY: Does he?
JON: Look at this guy!
WENDY: Oh yeah, that’s adorable.
JON: He’s scottish! If it’s not scottish it’s crap! Let’s talk about one of the hardest parts of the game-putting. What do you tell people?
WENDY: I tell people to relax and just trust your swing.
JON: I think we should have a little challenge, because this green looks a really challenging. Winner gets what?
WENDY: A beer?
JON: Fair enough. I like it. (laughs) Oh man! Our balls hit each other!
WENDY: Almost! Alright, you are buying me a beer!
JON: Wendy thank you for your pointers.
WENDY: Happy to help.
JON: One more pointer though. I need to learn to stand like a golfer.
WENDY: Yes, yes you do. So you put one foot on the ground, cross one foot in front of the other, lean a little bit on that putter, hand on the hip.
JON: Like this?
WENDY: You look great!
JON: I like it, thanks for a great day.
WENDY: You’re welcome.
JON: Let’s go get that beer.
WENDY: Love it, thanks.
14:23-14:24 Next Stop logo
14:25-16:09 JON: We are in the heart of downtown Livermore for the 22nd annual Livermore Wine Country Festival. Let’s have some fun! I have never been to a festival with more variety.
RACHAEL: And that is what we want you to go away with. It is really celebrating the location, which is our downtown. The restaurants, the shopping, the arts and crafts, the local beer, the local wine, it’s Livermore.
JON: So I have one request for you, I want you to go ziplining with me, and in exchange, you can put me to work.
RACHAEL: I will totally do it. I am short one beer pourer, you can pour some local beer.
JON: Can I drink it?
RACHAEL: Yes, that will be your pay.
JON: I like it!
STEPHEN: Today we are pouring 3 different styles, we have our tarred blackberry wheat beer, figured today being the wine festival, everyone is out there walking around, a nice cold refreshing beer would be great. We use natural blackberrys in the beer itself during the fermentation, so you taste it, but it’s not overly sweet.
JON: I can taste it. There ya go! Have a little head on your beer, will ya? Since I did such an awesome job pouring beer, I found something more daring that ziplining for Rachael and me to do.
RACHAEL; Next Stop.
JON: Livermore downtown, baby! I’m at probably the most impressive booth in the entire festival, the NBC Bay Area booth. Lance, there is a lot going on here.
LANCE: What we do is incorporate many of our clients as well as some of the franchises that NBC has on their programming. We have football, we have baseball. Alaska Airlines has joined us and we have enhanced our visit from last year, and it’s non stop.
JON: I like what you have going on. You have dancers, cooking demonstrations, you are bringing aloha to Livermore.
16:19-18:20 JON: Festival goers come in all ages, shapes and sizes. We’ve got Jenny here, how old are you Jenny?
JENNY: I’m 12.
JON: And where are you from?
JENNY: I’m from Fremont.
JON: I understand you really want to be on tv, so I’m going to change roles with you, I’m going to give you the mic, and you can interview me. How about that?
JENNY: What do you like best about the atmosphere of this festival?
JON: I just think it is a big celebration. It’s a really nice day, so everybody is out and having a really good time and celebrating their local community, which is lovely.
JENNY: So have you tasted any wine yet?
JON: Not today, it’s a little early yet for me, but I will be tasting wine throughout the day. That is a good question. What about you, have you tasted any wine yet?
JENNY: No, I’m only 12!
JON: haha, I know. Most of the festival activities of course are on the outside, but we happen to have discovered a hidden treasure on the inside, follow me. I love great chinese restaurants, and I expected we probably would find some good restaurants in Tri-Valley, but we have never seen a restaurant with such an impressive wine list. Nick, this is incredible.
NICK: Well you are probably looking at 800 different items, including like, white wine, red wine, dessert wines.
JON: You have a special gift, please share with our viewers.
JON: Bravo! Thank you. What did I tell you, hidden treasure? I think so!
NICK: Thank you.
JON: What a wonderfully colorful and diverse festival. We met some great local, colorful people and very talented. And how about Nick? Opera in a chinese restaurant? Wow. This is just one of the many festivals that happen throughout the year in the beautiful Tri-Valley. For more information on this and other things Tri-Valley go to When Next stop returns, we feature Wold Hamlin and the Front Porch Drifters.
18:24-18:25 Next Stop logo
18:26-18:55 MUSIC
18:56-19:52 JON: Our featured musician is Wolf Hamlin, you saw him on American Idol, you now see him on Next Stop. Wolf, welcome.
WOLF: Thank you.
JON: Let’s talk about American Idol, that must have been an incredible experience for you.
WOLF: It was incredible, a lot of hurry up and wait.
JON: Yeah. That’s how TV is.
WOLF: Dude, you go oh, I’m, I’m not, I’ve got to wait 7 more hours so, it definitely wracks your brain, because now you can gain more and more and more nervousness as the day goes on.
JON: You have a very eclectic band.
WOLF: Very much so.
JON: Businessmen, teachers, winemakers, talk about your band.
WOLF: I got it all. I got my lead guitar player is a teacher, a geology teacher. My other guitar player Carl is a winemaker for a local vineyard that has been around for a hundred plus years. My fiance is one of the fiddle players, I’m lucky she said yes and I didn’t have to pay a dime, worked out good.
JON: But you did though, you had to buy a ring.
WOLF: Well yeah, but I’m talking about like actually just under the table, please, just so my mom’s happy, you know how it goes.
19:53- 20:08 MUSIC
20:09-20:32 JON: Your fans love you guys, you have such a bumping energy.
WOLF: Yeah, it is fun. And you feed off of that, when people are getting excited and you see the excitement in their face, that just makes you want more and makes you want to give them an awesome experience. The only thing that is worth anything in this life is friends, music, good people and good times, Just relaxing and do it.
20:31-20:26 MUSIC
20:27-20:28 Next Stop logo
20:30-20:51 JON: Thanks for joining us on Next Stop from the beautiful Tri-Valley, and thanks to this shows sponsor, Visit Tri-Valley. And to our hotel partners, the Livermore Courtyard by Marriott, and the Purple Orchid Wine Country Resort and Spa. Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card, we love you guys and we thank you for your partnership. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories, everybody.
20:52-20:54 Next Stop logo
Credits Roll

Next Stop: Amazonas

Next Stop: Amazonas, Top Places To Travel In Brazil

Manaus Walking Tour Including Fish Market And Opera House, The Amazon River via Seaplane, A Resort with a Zoo The Tropical, American Airlines New Plane Design, Jungle Tour at Juma Amazon Lodge, Boi Bumba Folk Music and Culture.














NEXT STOP AMAZONAS-Transcription Season 3


00:00-00:04 Ola, I’m Jon Olson, and welcome to Next Stop, from Amazonas.

Next Stop Amazonas Intro rolls

00:19-00:37 JON: Welcome to  Amazonas, Brazil’s largest state. On this episode we will go deep in the jungle for some adventures, we will tour the capitol city of Manaus by foot and by air, and we will introduce you to an amorous spider monkey. Our local music and cultural scene will blow your mind. All this and more on Next Stop Amazonas. The fun starts now!

00:38-00:40 Next Stop logo

00:45-2:24 JON: Manaus is the capitol of Amazonas, and here we are with Alex, our new buddy, for a walking tour of this beautiful city. We start here, and this guy started Manaus, right?

ALEX: This guy is very famous, because he was the first governor here.

JON: So I like it that not only people hang out in the square here, but actually the dogs come and hang out  too.

ALEX: Yeah, everybody come here, like I said, everybody miss this place, what are they going to miss? Here.

JON: I like this statue, this is cool I like the boats, what does it signify?

ALEX: This monument is for the immigration and the date was November 15 when the Portugal Empire. Do you see the waves?

JON: Sure.

ALEX: Which represent the Amazon river, Negro river and slight waves, the significance of this place here.

JON: So the boats are basically to open this area to the rest of the world through the river?

ALEX: Through the river, they come to Manaus.

JON: Very smart. Alright Alex, let’s see how the locals shop.

ALEX: This is a typical fish from the amazon, called Daqueiro. It is very popular here, everybody buys the fish, and it is good. Besides, it is a lot of fish, like another one of these?

JON: What are some of the larger ones?

ALEX: It’s called Tambaqui.

JON: Tambaqui? What are some things unique to Brazil that we can find in this area?

ALEX: Some fish, and some fruit maybe you cannot find in the U.S.

JON: Lots of unique stuff around here Alex, this is clearly the shopping district.

02:30-04:21 JON: So we’ve got the local station in town, there is 2 TV crews in here fighting for space. No portugese! If he speaks english, I should speak portugese?

ALEX: Yes.

JON: You are right, I’m sorry

CARLOS: Repeat after me.

JON: Repeat after me.

CARLOS: You are a bull.

Crowd laughs.

JON: I’m a horse? I’m a bull? I am! We continue our tour. So we are looking for something fairly unique, I think we have found it. We don’t see this like this, what is this kind of meat?

ALEX: It’s cow beef.

JON: It’s cow? Ok. This is your basic chicken, vegetables, you said vegetables are really expensive here, right, like potatoes are really expensive?

ALEX: Very expensive.

JON: And this is just big goat cheese basically?

ALEX: Buffalo mozzerella.

JON: I love this market, it is something that you guys have that we don’t, but I like it. Obviously you have to find a way to get everything into this market, this is clearly how they do it.

ALEX: That’s right, that’s right. This is the original port of Manaus. They even sleep in these boats.

JON: Nothing like saving the best for last, this is absolutely incredible, the opera house.

ALEX: It is very popular for performances from other countries, such as opera, dinners, dancing, singing, we have every year now.

JON: Eell thank you for the tour, you have a great city. What great memories here, I think we should go explore some more.

ALEX: I hope that people from the cities in the U.S. come to visit us in Manaus.

JON: Why would you not?

04:24-04:26 Next Stop logo

04:27-4:33 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we see a natural phenomenon by air, and feature Brazils only hotel with a zoo.

04:36-04:38 Next Stop logo

04:39-04:45 JON: When you think of Amazon, you think huge. The best way to see this enormous area is by sea plane.

05:08-06:51 JON: I don’t know how you live on that island, but people are living there. What do they do, just fish?

JAIR: Fish and grow plants for remedy

JON: This must be the Amazon, the Negro and the Amazon meet, you can see the dramatic changes in color. If you wondered where the meeting of the waters was, it’s on the Negro River and the Amazon. That is very dramatic, it’s really something to see. How long is the Amazon river, do you know?

JAIR: To the ocean, about a thousand miles. From here to the ocean.

JON: You can really see the waterways from up here. On the ground you don’t notice how much water there is surrounding the whole city. That is the opera house? That is a gorgeous building. What a fun tour.

JAIR: Oh, it’s great.

JON The best way to see Manaus and the surrounding Amazon, plus the meeting of the water, that is really fantastic.

06:56-06:58 Next Stop logo

06:59-07:13 JON: Brazil is comprised of 26 states, Amazonas is the largest of these states in area, Manaus is the capitol city, and the largest metropolitan area in Northern Brazil with nearly 2.3 million inhabitants. Manaus is located and the convergence of the Amazon and Negro rivers.

07:14-07:15 Next Stop logo

7:17-08:57 JON: We’re staying at the lovely Tropical Manaus, which is much more than your average hotel, it is kind of like a city, it’s huge!

CHRISTIAN: Yes, it is one of the best hotels we have here in Brazil. Everybody knows about the Tropical here in Brazil, it is a favorite, and we have a lot of kinds of rooms, 9 types of different rooms here.

JON: 9?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, we can receive a lot of groups and a lot of people.

JON: So the presidential suite is aptly named, because President Clinton  actually stayed there.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, we’ve received a lot of presidents, the most important is Clinton, of course.

JON: And entertainers too, Schwarzenegger, Alanis Morrisette, your location is awesome, you are right on the beach, right off the beach we checked out yesterday, it was incredible.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, it is an amazing place for leisure.

JON: You’ve got some restaurants here too that are pretty impressive, you’re buffet is very impressive.

CHRISTIAN: Did you enjoy it?

JON: Oh my gosh, the food is incredible.

CHRISTIAN: It’s great, not only for the guests, but the people of Manaus.

JON: One of the first things I noticed when we checked into the hotel of course, is the lobby bar, which is very open, and very fun and inviting, but I love your hallways, they are so long, they are very majestic.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, majestic, and they like it a lot because it is different.

JON: So we always like to find something a little unique about every property we stay at throughout the world, here-the zoo. You guys have your own zoo! Who has there own zoo?

CHRISTIAN: We have it here a perfect zoo, I think it is the only hotel in Brazil that has a zoo.

09:02-10:30 JON: Hello, I’m Jon.

DAISY: I’m Daisy.

JON: Daisy, nice to meet you. I came here yesterday and I saw these animals, and there was this cute little baby running around. I’ve never seen animals like this, what are they?

DAISY: There name is peccary, very common in the amazon rain forest.

JON: So it is kind of like our pig? It’s like a pig in the U.S.? Now you also have some very interesting monkeys, what is your favorite?

DAISY: My favorite is the spider monkey.

JON: Me too! Let’s go check out the spider monkeys. So these are my favorite monkeys too, tell us about these animals.

DAISY: Spider monkey are the biggest monkeys in the Amazon rain forest. Only 2 species, one is living in another state.

JON: One of these monkeys is a movie star.

DAISY: Nina.

JON: Nina! So I know what this guy is, it’s a macaw.

DAISY: She is born in here, but she has a problem, I care for her now, after 14 days in the cage.

JON: You have a very impressive hotel and how many hotels have a zoo? This is so cool. thank you so much for sharing this with us, this is very memorable.

CHRISTIAN: It was a pleasure for us.

JON: Christian, Daisy, thank you so much.

10:33-10:34 Next Stop logo

10:35-10:44 JON: You may be wondering how we got here, since Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly to Brazil. Coming up on Next Stop, you will find out, as we highlight one of their fantastic code share partners.

10:45-10:46 Next Stop logo

10:48-12:57 JON: It’s always a pleasure to meet up with Alaska Airlines partners throughout the world, and on this trip to Brazil, we partner with American Airlines, who is experiencing some amazing growth, some really fantastic changes starting right here, at DFW. What’s next generation?

KEVIN: Yes, we are standing in our first airport, which is the next generation concept design, which is designed around the customer, really improving the customer experience, putting the customer at ease throughout the airport journey as well as keeping them connected. So we have behind us the ticket counter at DFW terminal A1, which features a lot of the latest technology, such as self tagging kiosks. This is a big part of our brand, and who we want to be, which is an airline that is new, modern, fresh, and is really keeping customers connected, keeping customers at ease through their travel journey, and this is  a big part of it, is really elevating the airport experience for our customers here.

JON: As an avid traveler, I am a connoisseur of brand new airplanes, and we’ve got that today with the 777 300.

BRADY: Yes, I think the new American is really  what you are seeing with our 777 300, its, in our first and business class cabins, its 100% wifi seats, direct dial access, its the first for a U.S. carrier, our customers love it.

JON: I noticed there is some good party lighting going on inside.

BRADY: Yes, so another cool feature about this aircraft is it does have a mood lighting system, there is several different settings that the flight attendants are able to do throughout the flight, one of them happens to be the party setting, or the party mode as we call it, it has been very popular, of course it has our brand colors of blue and red.

JON: Your coach isn’t so bad either, you have your own private screens in coach.

BRADY: For myself included, who would be flying in the main cabin, we didn’t leave any stone unturned, and so we really paid a lot of attention in our main cabin, and that was really our goal behind this aircraft, and I think we hit a home run on that.

JON: I think you did too. Now I am in the market for a new car back home in Honolulu, but I am thinking…why not just skip right to one of these planes, how much would this set me back?

BRADY: Well, list price, lets say about 110 million.

JON: Chump change!

BRADY:Chump change, but it’s well worth it, and you will get there faster, I promise.

JON: Brady, thanks for taking us to Brazil.

13:01-13:03 Next Stop logo

13:04-13.25 JON: Alaska Airlines has an award winning mileage program, and is proud of it’s partnership with American Airlines, which serves over 250 cities and 40 countries worldwide. You can visit amazing places like Brazil! take advantage of the bonus miles issued on approval of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card, and start planning your next adventure today. For more information, visit

13:26-13:28 Next Stop logo

13:29-13:34 JON: We are deep in the amazon, about 3 hours outside of Manaus, at the Juma Lodge, for some jungle adventures.

13:52-14:16 JOAO: OK Jon,, we will start our hike from now. Basically, some recommendations along the way, just look before you touch any type of trees, sometimes we have spiky palm trees, but basically, some parts about of the palm trees help survive how we use our ocean and the forest, so we will learn some techniques, how we climb the trees, which is the material to use and many things to be using along the way. Welcome to the jungle, lets do it!hank you.

JON: Thank you.

14:22-18:06 JOAO: Well now we are arriving into a place that I would like to show you how we have this knowledge from our ancestral people for a long time. This here going to be pulled in this direction. Look, when I pull it this direction here, it will want to remain, it’s stuck back, look. So we do it here, we swaggle it like this.

JON: Oh wow. Voila! Didn’t expect that to happen!

JOAO: Yeah. So this is the one we use to make our roofs, principle, so Juma Lodge and the other local natives homes are done out of this here.

JON: So I am about to be anointed Jon of the jungle.

JOAO: There he is!

JON: I am now Jon of the jungle!

JOAO: King of the rainforest, yeah! You can use this here, it is a special palm tree that gives a lift for us.It’s always good to grab it. You grab it, it goes up, it goes up

JON: Awesome!

JOAO: You see how we did it, right? You put it between your ankles like this, yes, yes. OK!

JON: And that is how it is NOT done!

JOAO: So here we have a species of a monkey that is called a Howler Monkey, it is a baby.

JON: It is a howler monkey, that is the noise they make.

JOAO: Yes, in this area where we are, we have the black ones and the tail is very strong, you can see.

JON: I can feel it wrapping around my neck right now. So how long has Juma Lodge been in existence? This is a very cool place.

JOAO: Over 12 years at most. Juma Lodge is very simple, very rustic.

JON:  So where is the piranha? I’ve never fished for piranha.

JOAO: So we have a little surprise, we will go and look for them. We will choose a spot  at a flooded woodland, where the water now is coming up. There in maybe a small one.

JON: Oh, check it out!

JOAO: Well, this is a small one, a black one. Well just take a look and see what this can do in a snap, in seconds when it closes its mouth. Everything that it bites, the expectation is to take a whole beef.

JON: Todays adventures at Juma Lodge were both fun and informative. Tonight, we’re going caiman hunting. Joao is up there looking for caimans right now, we’re hunting caimans in the amazon! This is crazy, wow, unbelievable!

JOAO: He is well camouflaged in the vegetation, you can see you didn’t really realize it was under. Hold out your hand there firmly, good, great.

JON: You could basically make a handbag or something out of this, right?

JOAO: Yea, it has been used for a while as belt, wallet, shoes. Now it is very strong.

JON: Whoa! That will get your heartbeat flowing! You do a great job sharing your culture, obrigado.

JOAO: Thank you so much. Your welcome, my pleasure once again.

18:09-18:10 Next Stop logo

18:11-18:18 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we attend a Boi Bumba rehearsal. What is Boi Bumba? Stick around and find out!

18:20-18:22 Next Stop logo

18:23-18:53 JON: For our local music and cultural scene on Next Stop from Manaus, we are at a rehearsal for Boi Bumba. It’s crazy in there  right now. Before we talk about what is going on in there, what is Boi Bumba?

JOAO: Boi Bumba is a cultural evolution that has parties. It is an island in the middle of the Amazon River, so it is very interesting, so it comes to Manaus and they all get together, and it is an explosion of culture. It is an explosion of movement, music and dancing, it is wonderful.

19:11-20:03 JON: Explosion is a great way to put it, this is crazy, pandemonium, it’s way more than just the musicians though, the communities come together and it is a big competition, talk about that.

JOAO: Ok, the competition is between two bois, ok? Boi Bumbas. The red one, and the blue one.

JON: So when the competition isn’t happening and they are not practicing and rehearsing, do the two sides meet up and have a beer?

JOAO: No, never.

JON: This is really serious. This guy in there right now that the people love singing, who is that guy?

JOAO: Ok, that guy is blind. He is considered the emperor of the musicians, he is the most famous singer of all the Boi Bumba expression.

20:22-20:55 JOAO: Wherever we go to promote Amazonas, we take a dancer, a couple of dancers from Boi Bumba, and it is very interesting, when they start dancing, everybody goes along and tries to do the same thing, but they don’t have the coordination, it’s quite difficult to get along with them.

JON: I was watching and trying to do it.

JOAO: They have lots of movements, and have to play with their hands, play with their legs, you know? And their expressions, they express everything that we have, like ancients. So it is different, people love it, and they come to these parties every year.


21:29-21:30 Next Stop logo

21:31- 21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from Amazonas, Brazil. Obrigado to this shows sponsors, American Airlines, The Tropical Manaus, the Juma Lodge and Amazonas Tours. Thanks also to our title sponsors and very good friends, Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!

21:52-21:53 Next Stop logo

Credits Roll






Next Stop: Orlando

Hang Gliding at Wallaby Ranch, Wrestling Alligators at Gatorland, Boggy Creek Airboat Ride, The Ravenous Pig Gastropub, Organic Beer Tasting at Orlando Brewing, Lake Buena Vista Resort, Music of Sailor 1942


Wallaby Ranch

Wallaby Ranch offers year-round Discovery Tandem Flights and hang gliding instruction. We are located just outside Orlando in sunny central Florida. We use the latest tandem aerotowing techniques to provide the safest, most enjoyable hang gliding experience possible. Wallaby Ranch offers a truly unique atmosphere for visitors, students, pilots and their families, and friends from around the world.g Gliding at Wallaby Ranch



Wrestling Alligators at Gatorland

For more than 60 years, Gatorland has been creating Fun, Smiles, and Special Memories for millions of visitorswho have entered through its world-famous gator mouth entrance. Located between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South Orange Blossom Trail, Gatorland is one of Central Florida’s classic attractions, and provides a unique and natural alternative to the larger theme parks of today. Founded by the late Owen Godwin in 1949, and still privately owned by his family today, Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve, combining “Old Florida” charm with exciting, new exhibits and entertainment.



Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

The Florida Everglades in south Florida are known worldwide as the location to go out on an airboat tour. It took years of talking to journalists, travel agents and customers to open up the awareness that the headwaters to the Florida Everglades actually start right in Orlando. They were able to finally make visitors realize that with their few precious vacation days Boggy Creek’s central location still gives them a chance to see the “Real Florida” only minutes from Orlando’s attractions.



The Ravenous Pig Gastropub

The gastropub is an idea fresh from across the pond. Start with a traditional pub experience, add a passionate culinary team and pair with an elevated dining experience—and you’ll get fare that is as delicious as it is unique.



Lake Buena Vista Resort

Lake Buena Vista Resort is the preferred Orlando Resort of thousands of Orlando visitors every year! Our luxurious Orlando Resort offers fully furnished one, two, three and four bedroom condo style hotel suites in the heart of Orlando, Florida.



Organic Beer Tasting at Orlando Brewing And Music of Sailor 1942

Orlando Brewing beer is the only beer around declared “Fresh From Florida” by the state’s Department of Agriculture. It is also never pasteurized and therefore must remain cold.

At Orlando Brewing we love all things local, organic and sustainable. That’s why our six-pack holders and plastic cases are recyclable and reusable, while our sampler flight trays are up-cycled wooden pallets. It’s also why we donate our spent grains, which are 100% certified organic and high in fiber and protein, to local and organic farmers in the surrounding area to be used as feed, helping to sustain our community’s local and organic agriculture.


Sailor, 1942

Sailor, 1942 in a rich mix of folk, indie, blues, punk rock, soul, and youth.

Formed in early 2012, Sailor 1942 started out as a simple solo acoustic project; but soon after recording their debut album with several different instruments Sailor 1942 has since grown into something much more. With a live performance that brings the best of indie and folk together, Sailor 1942 is the band to keep a lookout for.


NEXT STOP ORLANDO-Transcription Season 3
00:00-00:04 JON: Hi. I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the theme park capital of the world.
00:19-00:36 JON: Welcome to Orlando, Florida. On this episode of Next Stop, we will visit the longest continuously running theme park in Central Florida. We’ll soar high above the Wallaby Ranch, and we’ll get up close and personal with untamed nature in the Everglades. All this and more playful personalities on Next Stop Orlando. The fun starts now!
00:37-00:38 Next Stop logo rolls
00:43-03:48 JON: I’ve jumped out of airplanes, I’ve jumped of mountains, I’ve swam with sharks and sting rays. Today, hang gliding at Wallaby Ranch.Check that off the bucket list! There are many beautiful places to hang glide around the world, but there are very few places to learn. Wallaby ranch here in Orlando is one of those places.
MALCOLM: Kind of a hang gliding kibbutz of sorts you know, we have a lot of fun and we sort of live, eat and breathe hang gliding, which is a great environment for someone who wants to come and learn.
JON: This is kind of the mecca for hang gliders from around the world, everyone wants to come here, why is that?
MALCOLM: Well, we are actually famous for being safe, you know? Hang gliding has a reputation out there and people are afraid of it, and if they research it much they will find out we have an unbelievably good safety record.
JON: 100%
MALCOLM: In all that time, we’ve never put a scratch on the soil.
JON: What is the process in learning, what am I going to do here?
MALCOLM: Well you get in the harness with the instructor, there is 2 harnesses that both hang from the center of gravity. Lay down in here and your feet are completely off the ground, on the wheels, and you take off behind the airplane and you follow them up to 2,000, 2,500 feet, he gives you a signal and you release the rope and your gliding around, and at that point, it is just like you have launched off a mountain.
JON: Wooo!
MALCOLM: Alright, we are in the air.
JON: This is awesome!
MALCOLM: Since the advent of aero towing, ultralite has evolved to the point that you can tow them, it has made teaching a lot easier. Feels pretty nice, huh?
JON: It feels great. What a freeing feeling.know?
MALCOLM: Hang gliding is fun, it’s not about being scared, you know? We will just go to the down wind edge of the field here and we will finish up with a little figure 8 approach.
JON: Haha, the eagle has landed!
MALCOLM: What do you think?
JON: That is fantastic! That is the best way to start a day, oh my gosh.
MALCOLM: None better. You did great!
JON: You have so many people that have come here for the first time and have stayed.This is like a commune, in a good way. There are so many people that just eat, breath and sleep hang gliding, but everybody has a function on this property as well.
MALCOLM: Sure. Somebody is cooking, somebody is fixing airplanes, somebody is teaching.
JON: So what is the greatest part about Wallaby Ranch to you?
MALCOLM: Everyday I am taking someone else up, that is the biggest motivating thing for me to do tandems, that is the biggest motivating thing for me to start this place in the first place, is my love of taking up people that have never been before.
JON: That is one of absolute coolest things I have ever done in my life, and if you guys want to check this out, I think there is a website somewhere you can go to.
03:53-03:55 Next Stop Logo
03:56-04:01 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the oldest theme park in Central Florida, and a lovely Orlando resort.
04:02-04:03 Next Stop Logo
04:04-7:56 JON: Gatorland is the alligator capital of the world, combining old Florida charm with new exciting exhibits and entertainment. I’m Jon Olson.
TIM: Hey Jon, welcome to Gatorland.
JON: It’s good to meet you. Now, Karen from Visit Orlando says you have the most interesting title in the state of Florida.
TIM: Well, it is the Dean of Gator Wrestling, but I don’t want that to impress anyone.
JON: I’m impressed!
TIM: I’ve been doing this for about 40 years. What it really means is when I get down on a gator I just can’t get back up, so there you go, you get a title. You ever wrestle a gator?
JON: I never have.
TIM: Let’s do that and a few more things, we’ve got a lot of stuff here at Gatorland.
JON: I’m following you.
TIM: Alright, come on. This is one of our favorite alligators. He was a wild alligator down in Hillsboro County. Thats a boy.
JON: That’s Chester.
TIM: Come here Chester, there ya go.
JON: Ooooh!
TIM: What you see right there is about 3,000 pounds per square inch.
JON: What are we doing here?
TIM: We’re going to go right in here, and we are going to walk at them kinda slow, but they are probably all going to turn and run, I hope not. Walk that at them. don’t be hesitant, just walk straight at them. Se, when they don’t run, that means they are going to attack.
JON: OK, great!
TIM: Can you stand up and smile for me today? Come here, lift your head up, hey buddy.Yeah.
JON: That is not a friendly noise.
TIM: Jon, we’re going to put you on one of our wrestling gators. Now you’re going to also give this a shot. Brandon, why don’t you go ahead and get his tail, now as he pulls him back, and as he’s pulling, he’s watching the gators mouth because they can spin and bite.
BRANDON: Now get on his back, get both knees right over the seam, now you hold him right around the tape here, cover it up and there you go, you’re on an alligator.
JON: This is a first. Whoa!
TIM: I was told this is one of your favorite animals.
JON: Yeah, love them! He can get in my hand
TIM: I’m going to drape him here. No, he is a very friendly snake. again, one of our reptiles of concern here in Florida, it’s a Burmese python, and there is reportedly thousand of these down in the everglades South Florida. This is a Chilean rosy haired tarantula, very delicate, isn’t it? It’s a different feeling.
JON: It’s very different. Especially when you can’t see what they are doing. Very calming feeling.
TIM: It’s just crawling. I’m going to just leave you with that one.
JON: So this is the oldest continuous theme park in the state of Florida.
TIM: We’ve got thousands of alligators, crocodiles, a zip line, an alligator breeding marsh that is absolutely full of natural wildlife, natural birds, so there is just something to see for everybody, if you are a nature lover or you want some of that thrill side of it.’SO who’s your girlfriend?
TIM: This is Holly, she came to us through the pet trade industry. give Jon a kiss, Holly. There ya go, now get up here. She’s a Malucan cockatiel
JON: Tim, I can not thank you enough for a memorable afternoon. What a pleasure.
TIM: I had a great time, you were a great sport. and you ar enot going home with any extra holes, that is a succesful day around here.
JON: Thanks for having us, it was a pleasure to meet you.
TIM: Come back soon.
JON: Thank you so much, take care. Think TIm’s going to miss you? You are coming home with me buddy!
08:01-08:02 Next Stop Logo
08:03-08:21 JON: Alaska Airlines invites you to explore more amazing places like Orlando, Florida, where you can fly non stop from San Diego or Seattle. Take off with your travel information at your fingertips with their new travel app, where you can manage reservations, book a flight, or even make a seat change. For more information on this useful app, go to
08:22-08:23 Next Stop Logo
08:24-10:38 JON: Our Orlando home is the Lake Buena Vista Lake resort, Village and Spa, and village is a very appropriate word for this place, it is a village. Now Daryl, you’ve been here from the beginning.
DARYL: Correct. we started with 2 buildings originally, the mall was next door.
JON: It must be amazing to see what it has become today for you.
DARYL: It is, It’s a child that has grown, so it’s pretty impressive. Once again, I’ve been here since the beginning.
JON: And a lot of variety for the families that stay here.
DARYL: Absolutely. We’’ve got 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units that will fit any size family.
JON: Now it is a village, there is a lot going on here, but one of my favorite things is the pool.
DARYL: The pool is zero entray, it was built for families., The pirate ship is our biggest thing, it’s our number one focus., everyone sees it and goes oh, and the kids go looka the ship, look at the ship, so it is pretty impressive.
JON: The location is excellent, you are close to so many theme parks, you’ve got a nice mall with designer brand shops next door.
DARYL” A couple of weeks ago I awas walking by the pool and a gentleman said ‘Are you the manager’? and I said “Yes, how can I help you’? and he said ‘ I just want to thank you; I said ‘Absolutely, you know, I’m glad you are enjoying your stay and everything He said ‘I want to thank you, because when I came down we were going to do all the parks, and we did the parks the first day and after that the kids got in the pool and said they didn’t want to go to the parks anymore, they just wanted to stay in the pool ’ so hence, he saved a lot from going to the parks all day.
JON: So he hung out in the poolside bar all day, the kids were in the pool, I’m guessing his wife was in the spa. Tell us about the spa, it’s a really nice spa.
DARYL: The spa is 6,00 square feet, full service for hair, nails, manicure, pedicure, different styles of massage, it’s very nice.
JON: We have frequented the place next door, you’ve got a very authentic Irish pub with excellent food.
DARYL: Frankie Farrells is another key feature, it is our one main restaurant on property, huge portions, great prices, and a really good atmosphere, it’s got a authentic irish fell in it.
JON: It’s excellent. You’ve also got a general store, you’ve got a fitness center, this place really has it all.
DARYL Yeah, it’s as you said, it’s a village, so we try and incorporate everything that the guest would need so they really, besides having to go to the park, they don’t have to leave.
10:42-10:43 Next Stop Logo
10:44-10:49 JON: Up next, we experience nature at it’s finest, and Orlando’s Ravenous Pig.
10:50-10:52 Next Stop Logo
10:53-14:14 JON: Today we experience the untamed wilderness of the Central Florida everglades with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. Tell us about this boat, how does this thing work?
JOHN: Basically, it’s relatively simple as far as mechanics goes, you have your big block chevrolet, so basically all you do it this little pedal right here, you hit that when you are ready to go, your steering is right here, this right here is a hard left, this right here is a right.
JON: So what are we hoping to see today?
JOHN: We are going to see as much as we can possibly find. Gators hopefully, preferably, and any other wildlife that’s going to contribute to what we do. They are not on the payroll like I am though, so there is no guarantees. Up over here guys we’ve got ourselves about a 10 or 11 foot male alligator, and if you look directly behind where his head is, you see the grass is kind of layed down, that is kind of his little spot that he’s chosen to come up and sun himself to get his body warm. Now this is a perfect angle too, you can see the distance between the nose and the eyes on this gator? Whatever that distance is in inches, will translate over into feet.
JON: That is crazy going through that grass, it goes against all principles of boating.
JOHN: Yeah, it’s um, I see it all the time, the first time people that have been in a boating background see that, you can see the look of total terror on their faces, and then they are like, that was kinda cool, do it again, do it again! That one right there we are going to say is about 4 or 5 years of age.
JON: Does the hissing mean he likes us?
JOHN: The hissing means he wants you to just reach out and touch him. Pet him, come on now, be my buddy. No, I don’t want you to do that. Honestly, even a gator of about this size has a bite equivalent of to that of a pit bull.
JON: OK, no.
JOHN: Over here, off to your left, on the very top of the cypress trees, off to the left hand side, it you look, you not have one, but you actually have two, there is a pair of breeding bald eagles there on the left. This county actually has the highest concentration of breeding and nesting bald eagles in the entire state of Florida. There is 20 just around the outside of this lake alone. Come on little one, come on buddy, mama, help him out, you can do it. Come on buddy we’re pulling for you.
JON: What kind of birds are these?
JOHN: We’ve got a breeding set of Sandhill Cranes, and there is a set of two freshly newborn babies that have hatched out in the last few days.
JON: They are already playing, man, look at that!
JOHN: A little sibling rivalry going on there.
JON: John, this is nature at it’s finest, unspoiled nature.
JOHN: Yes, it certainly is. This is basically what the real Florida is. You come out here and enjoy what the real beauty is. This is basically the way it would have been 50 or 60 years ago, before there was any intrusion of people, theme parks, and anything else. Coming out here givve you a little taste of what this place use to be like a hundred years ago, what our grandfathers would have seen.
JON: What a wonderful experience, thank you very much.
JOHN: My pleasure, I appreciate you coming down and sharing this with me.
14:20-14:22 Next Stop Logo
14:23-14:44 JON: Orlando Florida us one of the top domestic and international meeting and vacation destinations in the world. To plan your dream vacation to Orlando, we recommend you check out this website is loaded with helpful information to help your family plan a vacation with memories to last a lifetime.From discounted theme park tickets, to sample itineraries, has got it all.
14:47-14:48 Next Stop Logo
14:50-16:43 JON: The Ravenous Pig is located in Winter Park, one of 6 dining districts in Orlando. It’s a gastro pub. What is that exactly? Let’s find out. We’ve filmed all over the world. We’ve talked about gastronomy in Mexico, we’ve featured a gastro pub in Sydney, Australia, but I still don’t know what gastro pub really means.
JAMES: What gastro pub means to us, or what we first envisioned when we first decided to open was a pub atmosphere that focused on food first.
JON: It’s called the Ravenous Pig, but you don’t just serve pig.
JAMES: No, we are almost 50/50 serving seafood and meat. We do everything.
JON: So what do we try here?
JAMES: We should probably start here, this is a chicken and pork truffled sausage, with a house made mustard underneath here, a head cheese, which is a braised pigs head rolled up and then sliced. In front of you is one of our appetizers, it actually scallop and pork belly, so that is a seared diver scallop, and then a piece of porl belly.
JON: I’ve never had anything like it.
JAMES: It’s very cool, I like it a lot.
JON: It’s really good. So you are not only well known for your food, but you are also well known for your cocktails.
JAMES: Jaime heads up our bar, she is fantastic. I really suggest your next stop here moving right up to the bar and seeing what Jaime has to offer.
JON: Twist my arm!
JAIME: This is our house infused bacon bourbon, so we actually rendered bacon fat and mixed it with house infused organic maple syrup,. then we mix it with a little bit of vanilla extract, orange bitters, top it with soda and serve it with candied bacon.
JON: Everything is better with bacon.
JAIME: Of course.
JON: Why should our viewers come to the Ravenous Pig?
JAIME: I guess the number one reason is that I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t.
16:46-16:48 Next Stop Logo
16:49-16:55 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, our local music segment, and some tasty Orlando brew.
16:57-16:59 Next Stop Logo
17:01-19:27 JON: For our live music scene in Orlando, we are at the Orlando Brewing Establishment which is my new favorite haunt. This place is awesome John, I love it man, thanks for having us.
JOHN: No, thank you.
JON: Now I love 3 things about this place. I love the bear. I love all the stuff on the wall, but I especially love the big american flag. What’s up with that?
JOHN: It’s the flag that was used for the opening ceremonies of our theater downtown, it was a big high rise and everything, and when they were done with the ceremony, they decided they were going to throw the flag away. Well, the foreman of the job said ‘No, no, no, no, I’ve got a friend who know what to do with it’ and so he brought it down here and we hung it on the wall.
JON: Fantastic
JOHN: So it’s been flown once.
JON: Only once, and now it stays on your wall proudly.
JOHN: Forever and ever.
JON: everything else on your wall, you’ve got some crazy signs up there. What is your favorite one?
JOHN: I think the reason I get up in the morning is beer.
JON: That one? Every afternoon? The reason I get up every afternoon is beer?
JOHN: Yeah, afternoon. Yep.
JON: I like that one too. Let’s talk about your beer, because it’s really good, it’s also one of the true organic breweries.
JOHN: We are one of ten in the United States of the world there are the 3 beers that we have, that is the imminent domain, that is a malty, a very malty beer, then we have the blonde, the blonde is our most popular, it’s very light, it is about 4 or 4 ½ percent alcohol.
JON: I can see why. Now this one, I love the name.
JOHN: That’s Hopgasmic
JON: Hopgasmic!
JOHN: That was the end of the year beer, we converted from non organic hops to organic hops.
JON: I like this beer a lot.
JOHN: So that is the last beer we made with non organic hops.
JON: I like it, that’s excellent
JOHN: Everything we make now is from 100% organic hops
JON: So you guys feature live music.
JOHN: Yes we do, I like music, I really enjoy music. We’re the original original music venue in Orlando.
JON: I like it, and that goes basically for our band tonight, Sailor 1942
JOHN: Yes.
JON: Their music is old school ,but very young kids.
JOHN: They are, umm, they have a very unique way of looking at the world, they are kind of what you would expect in the Bob Dylan age of folk.
20:34-20:47 JON: Do you ever get up and sing with the band?
JOHN: Um, one time.
JON: Ha ha! How did that work out for you?
JOHN: I’m not sure, I think it’s on youtube.
JON: I’m going to look for that, I’m definitely going to look for that.
21:20-21:21 Next Stop Logo
21:22-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning in to Next Stop from Orlando. In addition to theme parks, we hope we showed you some different things to do here in the Orlando area. Also a huge thanks to this shows sponsors, Visit Orlando, and the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa. And a special shout out to florida Dolphin Tours who hooked us up with Orlando Magic tickets, thanks guys. Thanks also to our shows title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines VISA signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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Next Stop: Guadalajara

City Tour Via Horse & Buggy, Day of the Dead Culture, Traditional Mexican Rodeo,Tlaquepaque Art Tour,Town of Tequila,NH Hotels, El Parian Restaurant, Music of Mariachi Tlaquepaque.



Next Stop: Washington D.C.

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Segway Guided Tour of Downtown DC, International Spy Museum featuring a James Bond Car, Newseum, Mount Vernon George Washington’s Estate, The Madison Hotel, Bobby Parker Guitar Blues Legend at Madams Organ.















Season 3


00:00-00:05 JON: Hi, I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the city with the ultimate american experience.

00:06-00:19 Next Stop Washington D.C. title rolls

00:20-00:30 Welcome to Next Stop from our nations capitol, Washington D.C. the ultimate american experience. On this episode of Next Stop, we will experience monuments, museums, local music and so much more. The fun starts now!

00:31-00:33 Next Stop logo rolls

00:34-00:39 JON: One of my favorite things about hosting Next Stop is that I get to try new things. Today, we are going to tour D.C. on Segways.

00:43-01:32 JEFFREY: Alright guys, welcome to Bike and Roll, if you guys just gather around we are going to go over a few things about the segway, my name is Jeffrey, I will be your guide this afternoon.Once you get on its a fairly intuitive machine, but there is a small adjustment period, you just want to step on one foot, and then the other and it will balance like that. ANother important thing to notice when you are getting on the segway is where your feet are. If your feet are too forward, your segway is going to automatically go forward, if your feet are too backwards the segway is going to automatically go back. You want to just step up upon the platform here? Yeah.


JEFFREY: Oops, there you go. You good?


JEFFREY: Alright, then so come back. Oops, you turn it. Alright Kelsey, this direction here, good.

01:38-02:40 JEFFREY: Alright, everyone is feeling good? Let’s go! So this is the navy memorial here, we have 4 different fountains, representing  4 of the different oceans. The memorial itself, there is one statue over there that is called the Lone Sailor that represents anyone who has ever served, is serving, or will serve in the United States Navy. I can tell you guys a little bit about the Canadian Embassy if you want. It was opened in 1988, it is a very fancy building, a very expensive building, you have got 12 columns around here, around the whisper room which is the echo chamber that we’ll go up to in a minute, and if you make loud noises…

JON: Stress buster! Echo! Woo!

JEFFREY: You can hear it echo throughout the chamber.

02:46-03:48 JEFFREY: So this is the United States Capitol Building, some people think it is the White House, they are wrong. So, originally, it was a much smaller building, you can see the lighter colored marble here represents the original building. The statue on top is called Freedom, it is facing east, as it goes people say so the sun will never set on the face of Freedom. So this is the Smithsonian Castle, the castle now functions as a visitors center, you can go in and get information about the different museums, where to go, to plan your trip.

JON: What is your favorite aspect of about D.C.?

JEFFREY: One of the things I like about D.C. is that it is a planned city, it is laid out in a grid.

JON: This is a beautiful city, it is planned very well, and what a great way to see it. Copenhagen might be the city of bikes, but Washington D.C. is the city of segways.



STEPHEN: This is our 10th year in business, and we mostly did bike tours and bike rentals, and when I started I had 50 bikes and now we have 700.

JON: Whoa.

STEPHEN: And so now I have 10 segways, and we’ll see how many I have in 10 years.

03:52-03:54 Next Stop logo rolls

03:55-04:08 JON: Ranked 7th on the list of America’s favorite architecture, the Lincoln Memorial honors our 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln. It has been the site of many famous speeches, including Martin Luther Kings 1963 speech, I Have a Dream. The memorial is administered by the U.S. Parks Service, and it open 24 hours a day for your enjoyment.

04:09-04:12 Next Stop logo rolls

04:13-04:46 JON: We are at the Presidents Gallery by Madame Tussauds in Washington DC, the only location where you can get face to face with all 44 US Presidents. Before we meet the presidents, Henry, lets meet this lady, Madame Tussauds.

HENRY: Madame Tussaud was born in Strausberg, Germany in 1761. She got her start making wax figures for the first royalists death masks, that’s how there is 14 attractions all around the world.

JON: So what is different about the Washington DC location?

HENRY:  The Washington DC location is more interactive, has 44 presidents, only place you can meet them.

JON: And learn a lot about the history.

HENRY: A lot about the history.

JON: LEt’s go meet the presidents.

HENRY: Let’s go meet them.

04:51-06:46 JON: So obviously I know who this guy is.

HENRY: The father of our nation, George Washington.

JON: He was the only president unanimously elected by the electoral college.

HENRY: I bet you didn’t know after he was elected, he only had one tooth left.

JON: I did not know that.

HENRY: Yep. He refused to wear dentures, he actually wore false teeth, false teeth that were made out of hippopotamus, human and elk teeth.

JON: You’re kidding?

HENRY: No, I’m serious.

JON: Henry, these are so lifelike, the size is accurate, the attributes are accurate, how are they made?

HENRY: Well, evidently there were no sittings, because all of them are deceased, so they used watercolors, watercolors and sketches to make their figures, there were no video’s, anything.

JON: How long does it take to make one of these things?

HENRY: About 6 months.

JON: So I saw the special on HBO on John Adams, he was a feisty guy. What else can you tell us about him?

HENRY: Well he was the first president to live in the White House, I bet you didn’t know that.

JON: I did not know that. There is something else about these two, they both died on the exact same day.

HENRY: The same day, sounds like a conspiracy to me, but I’m not going to say anything.

JON: What are the odds of that?Ah, one of my favorite presidents.

HENRY: Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln. Here we go, Abraham Lincoln, the first president to be assassinated while in office.

JON: So you have other figures that weren’t presidents?

HENRY: We have a lot of other figures, such as Rosa Parks. Oh.

JON: I’m not going anywhere, Rosa didn’t.

HENRY: Me either.

JON: I’m not afraid of the police. From civil rights to a lunar landing.

HENRY: Lunar landing. Buzz Aldren and Neil Armstrong.

JON: Look mom, I’m on the moon! To present day, Michelle and Barack Obama.

HENRY: Michelle and Barack, the head game.

JON: What a fun job you have.

HENRY: Fun job, you get to meet a lot of great people, including yourself.

JON: Likewise, great to meet you Henry, you too Barack, Michele.

HENRY: Hey, that’s my woman!

06:47- 07:09 JON: Now let’s learn a few fun facts about some of the other presidents.Like did you know that President Reagan began his career as a radio sports announcer in Davenport, Iowa? President Ford received offers to play for the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions? President Eisenhower was the first president to have his inauguration broadcast on television. My fellow americans, I want to thank Henry again for a wonderful tour, now it is time to party with some celebrities!

07:19-07:20 Next Stop logo rolls

07:21- 07:26 JON: Coming up on Next stop, we visit two world class museums in our nations capitol.

07:29-07:31 Next Stop logo rolls

07:32-07:43 JON: Washington DC has a wide variety of wonderful museums Today we are visiting Newseum, featuring over 5 centuries of news and the international spy museum, celebrating the wonderful world of international espionage.

07:50-08:39 CARRIE: We are one of the only museums, I would venture to say the only museum in the world, who changes an exhibit daily. These are our front pages, they are daily front pages, they are from all 50 states and a selection of countries around the world, they change every day.

JON: What are the highlights that we should definitely check out?

CARRIE: Well you are going to definitely want to check out the Pulitzer Prize photography exhibit. The gallery there features photographs from all the Pulitzers winners, as well as some of the cameras used by the photographers, and it is a great place where you can really dig in and learn about not just see the photo itself, which is amazing and resonate enough obviously having won a Pulitzer, but you can dig in and get the story behind the photograph, get the journalists, the photo journalists view and understand what was going on, how they were experiencing things.

08:48-09:26 JON: What else should we see?

CARRIE: So, you want to see the Berlin wall. We have 8 pieces of the original Berlin wall on exhibit here in Washington.

JON: I don’t think anyone alive today in our generation will ever forget the horrible tragedy of 911.

CARRIE: Absolutely not, and we have a special gallery here dedicated to 911 and understanding in particular how and why journalists did what they did on that day, but it also includes some amazing objects, the most iconic of which is surely the communications tower, the antenna from the top of the tower.

09:40-10:06 JON: So from a little bit of sadness to joy, I see lots of kids in the interactive section.

CARRIE: Absolutely, we have this great interactive newsroom where you can see what it is like to be a tv reporter, try and read the teleprompter, try and make your cue.

JON: Hello, I’m Jon Olson. One of the highlights of a trip to Washington DC would be seeing the president of course. But, few people will ever get that close. But don’t worry, the latest big screen exhibit at the museum brings you as close as the presidents photographer.

10:13-11:15 JON: The international spy museum has the largest collection of spy artifacts of any museum in the world, and it just so happens, we have an actual former spy taking us on tour today. Let’s go back a bit, what got you into the world of spy and espionage?

PETER: Well, I went into that world at the height of the cold war. When the cold war was getting underway, and I was approached by the agency and we were very concerned about the Soviet Union, communism, all that business. This was the 50’s we’re talking about, the late 50’s.

JON: A lot of the stuff you actually used.

PETER: We are right here in disguise, I’ve used disguise. we’re here near bugging equipment, I’ve used that sort of thing, not necessarily everything here, but certainly the elements of espionage that are depicted here I have been involved with, yes.

JON: So we think of spies,I mean everybody is intrigued with the life of the spy, you have James Bond, you think of it as the Bond experience. How much of it is like Bond?

PETER: My easy answer is all of it, but of course that is not quite true.

11:24-12:31 JON: I like this one, because I loved Maxwell Smart, he had a phone.

PETER: That was actually a very early cell phone, wasn’t it?

JON: Obviously this is out of service, this isn’t one of the newer technologies. How  long does an artifact have to be out of service before it can come to the museum. Obviously we don’t want to see all the latest, greatest stuff here.

PETER: We use our own judgment in what we’re putting out here. Everything you are seeing in here has been described in the literature and the photographs.

JON: So Peter I love this one particularly because you actually wore a jacket like this.

PETER: That’s true.

JON: What was that like?

PETER: This is called the buttonhole camera, ok? Because the lens is in the buttonhole. In other words, if we could open and close the lens, you would see it like a little eye down there.

JON: So this exhibit is really for the birds.

PETER: That is one way of putting it. But, this is one of my favorite exhibits. One of these guys got a camera hanging off of him, and what that camera has is an automatic shutter release, so when the pigeon flies, the shutter release starts taking pictures.

JON: Thank you for having us, this has been a lot of fun, a pleasure to meet you.

PETER: A pleasure.

12:38-12:39 Next Stop logo rolls

12:40-12:45 JON: Coming up, a Washington DC landmark, and the home of our nations first president.

12:48-12:50 Next Stop logo rolls

12:51-15:15 JON: No trip to the Washington DC area would be complete without a visit to one of the most famous homes in America, George Washington’s Mount Vernon.

REBECCA: George Washington inherited the house from his half brother Laurence, and really, this became his living biography. He added onto the house over the course of the 47 years he lived here. This was his home, this was his land, he once wrote ‘There is no state in the United America that is as pleasantly situated as this’ and we are inclined to agree. When you look at the beautiful view of the Potomac river that he enjoyed, and the care that he took in manicuring the lawns and really creating a statement, but also being true to his roots, he was a Virginia farmer, and that is what he thought of himself first and foremost, as a farmer.

JON: Let’s go check out his fields.

REBECCA: That sounds great, lets see what he is growing today.

JON: So what do you do with this thing?

REBECCA: This is his 16 sided treading barn, it was a very revolutionary concept for the time. He recognized that he was growing wheat, and he needed a way to separate the wheat from the shaft in an efficient way, he also had horses that needed exercise, so they determined that if you ran the horses along the barn, you could make their, their hooves would knock the wheat off the shaft.

JON: So these are the slaves quarters?

REBECCA: These are the slave quarters for the household slaves, so the ones who were working in the kitchen, in the house, assisting the family. Others were living closer to the fields. In all there were about 400 slaves that lived here during Washington’s time. Now when he died, he did include in his will the freeing of his slaves, however several of the slaves that were living here on the property were Mrs. Washington’s slaves and came down through her family.

JON: Now this is so romantic.

REBECCA: Yes, it is indeed. Final resting place of George and Martha Washington, side by side. He is right here on the right, she is there on the left.

JON: She outlived him by 3 years, now a lot of his family members are buried on property here.

REBECCA: There are 30 people from the Washington family that are buried here in all, yes.

JON: It is so peaceful out here, there is so much land, yet we’re so close to DC. How do you get here from DC?

REBECCA: It’s actually quite easy to get here, we’re 16 miles down the George Washington memorial parkway, so from the Lincoln Memorial to Mount Vernon is about 16 miles. You can do what you did, arrive by boat, which is a wonderful way and certainly a way that many of Washington’s guests would have.

JON: I would choose the Spirit of Mount Vernon anytime.

REBECCA: It’s a great way to go, you sit back and relax and enjoy the water, enjoy the beautiful Potomac, great scenery, have a nice tour, head back, back to Washington DC.

15:20-15:21 Next Stop logo rolls

15:21-15:44 JON: Did you know from President George Washington’s administration all the way through FDR’s, inaugurations were held on March 4th with few exceptions. This was changed by the 20th amendment to the US Constitution to January 20th to avoid the post election Lame Duck period. I mean think about it, seems like a long time now from November til January until the president takes office, imagine adding a couple extra months. What’s the incumbent president to do? If you didn’t know this before, now you do.

15:45-15:47 Next stop logo rolls

15:48-17:50 JON: Many famous people have stayed here from the Dalai Lama, to Frank Sinatra, to heads of state, this week it houses Next Stop. The Madison Hotel, Jim, Thanks for having us.

JIM: Hey, thanks for being had.

JON: So who was President madison, and who was Dolly, let’s start there.

JIM: President Madison played a very important role in colonial politics. He was actually the co authors of the federalist papers, and of course Dolly Madison played a real pivotal role in entertaining head of state from all over the world at that time.

JON: So President Kennedy was here for the opening of this hotel.

JIM: That is right, that is correct.

JON: A lot of famous people have stayed here.

JOM: When it was open by JFK in 1963 there  wasn’t really a hotel in Washington that had all the amenities, and service, and ambience, that the Madison had.

JON: You walk in the lobby and you feel it. It’s a big lobby, it is expansive, a lot of different things going on here, you have one restaurant on one side, one on the other, it’s a cool property.

JIM: So when you walk into the Madison, you clearly get the feeling that wow, I am in Washington, alright? Whether it is some of the design features that we have here, from the artwork that you see on the walls, there is a real sense of place, and real sense of time when yu come in.

JON: And you rooms are nice, very spacious, ergonomically designed, but one of your suites was actually listed as one of the top 100 suites in a luxury magazine I noticed.

JIM: That’s right, we again, are fortunate to have 3 Presidential suites, but very unique, and again, very Washington.

JON: One of my favorite aspects about the Madison is your people, your staff. The minute we walked in they knew who we were, and every time we walked through the door they greeted us, almost by name every time, it was really impressive.

JIM: As fancy as the stage is, if the acting isn’t good, it isn’t good. Some people, they want to have, they want to be greeted every single  time they come in alright? Others don’t, so we have to really be careful in how we read our guest, to give them what they want, not what we think they want, what they truly want.

17:54-17:55 Next Stop logo

17:56-18:01 JON: Up next, Blues legend Bobby Parker, at Madam’s Organ.

18:06-18:08 Next Stop logo

18:09-18:51 JON: Southern hospitality is alive and well in the Adams Morgan district of DC and Madam’s Organ.

BILL: It is just a goofy play on the neighborhood you know, Adams Morgan, Madam’s Organ. I’m not exactly a rocket scientist here.

JON: I love it, you’ve had it for 20 years, you guys are celebrating your 20 anniversary this year.

BILL: Twenty years next month, and in fact, the guy you have playing was the first band I hired 20 years ago, Bobby Parker.

JON: Let’s talk about Bobby Parker, this guy is a legend around here.

BILL: Bobby, he is not just a legend here, literally I have Steve Winwood and Tom Petty call me, bring him out to meet them at a show. he is the only guys the Beatles admit to stealing from, Led Zepplin, note for note, Moby Dick. I mean over the years he has played, started in 57, you know this guy has been playing non stop.


19:07-19:44 BILL: You know, Washington’s a town that you know,not much is real. There is so much acrimony politically, etc, but I will tell that when they come in here, democrats, republicans, ambassadors, you know we have had heads of states in here. There are no arguments about politics, the music unites everybody.

JON: I can tell that.

BILL: It just, it is the kind of place you know, as I said, Washington is a town that not much is real, this place is real.

JON: When I pulled up tonight and saw the sign ‘Sorry We Are Open’

BILL: The front says it all!

JON: I knew, it does say it all! You guys are all about humor, good times, good music, good food, just bringing people together.


20:32-21:13 JON: What happened with the Beatles?

BOBBY: McCartney was a good friend of mine, he still is.

JON: He stole your riff, man!

BOBBY: Yeah I know, but you said it!

JON: what song?

BOBBY: I feel fine.

JON: What is the best memory for you?

BOBBY: The Apollo days, with all the original artists. Little Anthony, The Imperials, Frankie Avalon.

JON: So how do you keep it going? I mean here we are, I am not going to tell your age, we discussed it, but you are still bringing it, your first hit was before I was born, how do you keep relevant, how do you keep the energy?

BOBBY: I love the music man, and people make me happy out there! Let me hear you say yeah!

Crowd cheers


21:24-21:25 Next Stop logo

21:27-21:51 JON: Thanks for joining us on Next Stop, from our nations capitol, Washington DC. We had some wonderful experiences, met some great people and we learned a lot. We hope you did too. Thanks to this episodes sponsors, Destination DC, and the Madison Hotel, Washington DC. As always, a warm thank you to our good friends and title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!

21:52-21:54- Next Stop logo

21:55 Credits roll

Next Stop: Vancouver/Victoria

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View This Episode’s Segments

00:00-00:06 JON: Ola mi amigo’s, I’m JOn Olson. Bienvenido’s from Next Stop, from the longest sea boulevard in the Americas.
00:07-00:20 NEXT STOP MAZATLAN rolls
00:21-00:40 JON: Mazatlan, Mexico is known as the pearl of the Pacific, and we’ll show you why. It’s comfortable, casual, affordable Mexico at it’s finest, and it’s one of our favorite Mexican destinations. From warm culture, to great foods, to fun activities to a rocking nightlife, Mazatlan is en fuego, you’ll see. The fun starts ahora, now.
00:41-00:43 Next Stop logo
00:44-02:09 JON: There is a multitude of ways to discover Mazatlan, today we are going to do it the fun way, on the fun bus, followed by an art history walking tour. Let’s have some fun!
LUIS: To start first, here on the right we have a disco. Valentino’s one of the largest disco’s here in Mazatlan. The most unique about this beautiful disco is it is settled on this beautiful natural rug. One of the nice things I hear about Mazatlan Malecon we are the largest one on the whole entire world, we are about 13 miles long and it is about 21 kilometers.This is one of the great exports that we do here in Mazatlan which is fishing. On the other side we have the beautiful lady, and her presentation of the beautiful woman of Mazatlan as well too. All these guys early in the morning, about 5, 6:00 in the morning, they go straight out to the islands, they do some fishing, they come over here, they gut your fish, clean it out, scale it and sell it to you by the pound. Coming up next there is a nice monument right here of the continuation of life, and as well here in Mazatlan you can see a lot of dolphins early in the morning. This monument is about 25 feet high and then the guy has to jump forward and 4, 5 feet forward because he has the rocky land and then he only has about 5 feet. Once he hits the ground he has to go back up because everything on the ground is nice and rocky.
02:17-02:57 JON: He made it! Luis, I like your town.
LUIS: Thank you very much. Welcome.
JON: Thanks for the tour. Now you are a local guy.
LUIS: I am a local guy, exactly.
JON: But you moved away.
LUIS: I sure did.
JON: And you came back, what brought you back?
LUIS: My family.
JON: There is lots of beautiful, beautiful statues along the Malecon, what are some of your favorites?
LUIS: My favorite one would have to be the continuation of life. And I guess the harmony of the sculpture is unique, it’s awesome. Because it resembles Mazatlan, the whole continuation of life and always together as a family, it doesn’t matter where you go, you always have to do it together.
JON: Well that bus ride was fun. Now for some art and history.
03:01-03:52 SHEILA: Welcome to Mazatlan, this is our art museum, and across the street is our archaeological museum. Vamonos, let’s go see some art!
GLEN: Welcome to my studio, I’m Glen Rogers. In addition to my painting and my print making, I teach workshops here. Monotype is a one of a kind printing process where you are basically painting on a piece of plexiglass, now this is just black and white, but then you can go through it and add more colors, more layers, more information.
JON: Glen, obviously you are kind of a mover and a shaker in the art scene here, where do you see it going? I see, I feel like it is just ready to kind of explode, I really kind of feel something happening.
GLEN: Well you know with the art walk, it’s created a lot of interest in art and the artists, and more and more artists are moving in because they are realizing hey, this is a nice little artists haven we’ve got going.
03:57-04:58 SHEILA: In 1845 a little girl was born in Mexico City, as she got older and started to sing people realized, boy she’s got a beautiful voice. She traveled all over Europe and became so famous she was known as the mexican nightingale. Julian Monteal, he was her manager for many years so he started thinking, you know, she’s got all this wealth, she doesn’t have any children, and I better…we’ll get married. They did a wedding ceremony up in her room with some ‘witnesses’ and when it came time to say ‘I do’ she was dead. They thought, oh, what if somebody finds out, we have to do this again, so they talked about it and someone went behind the head of the bed and ‘do you take this man?’ and they took her head and went ‘uh huh’ honestly, hey, you can’t dispute that. She said yes and he got everything.
JON: Sheila something tells me that we’ve barely scratched the surface of your knowledge.
SHEILA: I believe that something that is telling you that is true, there is just so much to see and do here.
05:01-05:03 Next Stop logo
05:04-05:08 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Tequila making 101, and Mazatlan’s tasty delights
05:10-05:12 Next Stop logo
05:13-05:48 JON: There are many ways to get around Mazatlan, and my favorite, the most fun and intriguing way, is in their open air taxis called pulmonias. They are pretty much located everywhere, they are very affordable, and they come in all different shapes and sizes, they are a lot of fun. The drivers are way more than just drivers, they are historians and tour guides, they love to impart their Mazatlan history and give you tips on things to see and do here. My tip for you, negotiate your fare before getting in the pulmonia. It’s also important to know whether you are paying in peso’s or US dollars. The current exchange rate is over 13 peso’s to one dollar, so it is muy importante. Most importantly, enjoy the ride!
05:51-05:53 Next Stop logo
05:54-07:05 JON: Sure Mazatlan has great beaches, great restaurants, its a very cool city. But outside of Mazatalan, with Huana Coa, you’ll find adventure.
JONATHAN: Nice to meet you Jon, I’m Jonathan.
JON: Hi Jonathan.
JONATHAN: Welcome to Huana Coa, let’s get your harness on.
JON: Alright, I’m excited.
JONATHAN: Now step in.This is to protect your brain.
JON: Ha ha, what little that’s left.
JONATHAN: And there you go Jon, you are all set.
JON: Well JOnathan I am going to go ahead and say that the adventure started way before we got up to here, that was quite a ride!
JONATHAN: That was great yeah?
JON: That was fun.
JONATHAN: And it is just the beginning, so…
JON: Awesome.
JONATHAN: Are you ready for this Jon?
JON: I’m ready for this.
JONATHAN: Are you sure?
JON: I’m ready, I’m ready.
JONATHAN: I mean I know you have done this before but, it’s always different, you know?
JON: Different is good.
JONATHAN: Great, alright. You sure you are good?
JON: I’m positive.
JONATHAN: All right then.
JON: Vamonos! wooo hooo!
07:19-07:34 JONATHAN: We are going to take you down, okay? I’m going to connect you to this device which is called figure 8.
JON: This is a different way to get down.
JONATHAN: Keep your legs apart from the rope, ok?
JON: Ha ha ha, awesome, that was a very cool way to get down.
07:45-10:00 JON: Our adventures continue on our way to the tequila factory. Viva La Vinata Lososuna!
DANIEL: Hi, you’re welcome. My name is Daniel and today you are going to learn about the making process of lososuna, the traditional way. Those are our steamers, we fill them with 4 tons of agave each. After the cooking process, agave is soft and sweet. This is after the cooking process, a pine, cook pine here, this only the natural sugar from agave, we don’t add anything. The next step is to extract the juice, we only want the juice, it’s done during the milling process and the older way we use here to extract the juice was a giant stone wheel. So, we wash all the sugar from the fiber and then the juice goes to the fermentation area. The fermentation is the main process, because here the yeast produces the alcohol. And there we have all the water, so the alcohol vapor is 60% alcohol, that’s why the next step is to reduce the alcohol content.
JON: Why would you want to do that? I’m just kidding!
DANIEL: We have 60% alcohol if you want it! If you smell with the right side of your nose, you will smell the wood, and if you smell with the left side, the alcohol.
JON: It’s smooth. This has to be one of my absolute favorite Mexican adventures. Zip lining, ATV’s and tequila. Gracias. Salud.
10:05-10:07 Next Stop logo
10:08-10:25 JON: Mazatlan is the largest port between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal. It’s 17 miles of sandy beaches and geographically diverse environment are all added features, making Mazatlan one of Mexico’s premier beachside destinations. You will also find Mazatlan to be a tremendous value for your dollar. Book your trip today at
10:26-10:28 Next Stop logo
10:32-11:35 JON: One of my absolute favorite things about filming in Mexico is the food. It’s so good, it’s local, it’s organic, it’s fresh. We are on top of one of your suites here in your hotel, 4 generation.
LANCE: 4 generations, started in 1953 and I have the blessing of being in operations now and managing the hotel and trying towards, working towards having people like you come and celebrate our food with people of the quality of cooking of Mora, he is the president of the chef association in town, Cordon Bleu chef amongst many different cooking schools he has been to.
JON: And this is what Mazatlan is known for, the shrimp.
LANCE: This is absolutely what Mazatlan is known for, this is a type of shrimp called U 5, or Blue Giant shrimp of Mazatlan.
JON: The food scene in Mazatlan…we’ve had several great dinners, at some great restaurants, Topolo is one.
LANCE: Absolutely. Great town for food, definitely.
JON: Old town is a cool place, every restaurant is a little bit different, you really feel the culture here.
LANCE: Absolutely, you know Mazatlan has been around for more than 300 years as a port, so there is a lot of tradition in the downtown area, you have kind of an eclectic infusion of german, french, spanish.
11:41-12:30 LANCE: Now we add a little bit of seared mahi mahi or dorado. Next step is to add a mole sauce, which is actually a chocolate based sauce, this is traditional Mexico.
JON: I love that, it’s so good.
LANCE: Primarily from south central Mexico, so what we’ve done here we’ve taken recipes from around the country and infused them into a very traditional Mazatlan meal. That looks good man.
JON: It looks awesome. So how long should we wait?
LANCE: Well I mean, you are the guest, so I’m just about to jump at it, so you tell what is the courtesy wait time on your show?
JON: Well, there really is no set time, it’s kind of like when you want to do it. You are the king, remember, I am your taster. So I’m going to go ahead and dig in and taste one of the shrimp.
LANCE: Alright. I’m going to have to follow you up on that one, because you know, I just can’t sit back on that. It’s so good you’ve got to take 2 bites.
JON: They are just so good.
12:32-12:34 next Stop logo
12:35-12:40 JON: Up next, a day on the water, Mazatlan by night, and a unique way to use golf balls.
12:42-12:44 Next Stop logo
12:54-14:48 JON: We are in for a day of fun in the sun here in Mazatlan with my new friend Giancarlo, we call him Gianco.
GIANCO: That’s it.
JON: I’m Jon O, you are Gianco.
GIANCO: How are you Jon?
JON: Good to see you brother. What’s up for today? We’ve got some banana boats, we’ve got kayaks, we had a nice cruise out here too.
GIANCO: We’re just having fun today, you know we are going to do a little trip around the Mazatlan bay, we are going to go down to the south to see the white rocks as we call them.
JON: Now why are they white, because they are very very white.
GIANCO: Imagine thousands of birds just flying on top of them, what can you imagine?
JON: I can imagine that there is some bird dropping that paint the rocks white.
GIANCO: So here in Mazatlan we call them the bird poo islands.
JON: So snorkeling, kayaking, banana boats, it’s going to be a great day, let’s have some fun! I’m feeling a little pumped up, how about you?
GIANCO: Oh yeah.
JON: That was good.
GIANCO: That was excellent man.
JON: Good exercise, what’s next my man?
GIANCO: How do you feel like a banana boat ride?
JON: I’ve never done that, I see it all the time, never done it, I’m in.
GIANCO: Alright!
JON: Fast and furious, that’s how I like it.
GIANCO: That’s it.
JON: We didn’t tip.
GIANCO: We didn’t tip. We were close to doing it.
JON: We were close to tipping, that’s for sure. What’s next man, you are the maestro for the day.
GIANCO: Well, we’ve done kayaking, we’ve done a banana boat ride, how about a little sport like volleyball?
JON: Love it.
GIANCO: Sounds good to you?
JON: So far so good, it’s been a great afternoon. What’s up next?
GIANCO: What about a little nap? Because tonight is going to get wild Jon.
JON: Really?
GIANCO: Oh yes.
JON: Why?
GIANCO: Well, let’s do bar hopping, what do you think?
JON: I like it.
GIANCO: Yeah, then I will meet you at 10 downtown.
JON: Salud
GIANCO: Salud amigo
14:56-15:32 JON: And voila! It’s night time and we are ready to play.
GIANCO: Yes, I’m back again in downtown man.
JON: It’s a good night, this place is jumping.
GIANCO: You know in Mazatlan we have different options. I wanted to show you a little bit of downtown first, which is on the south part of Mazatlan.
JON” Ok, so we are at Mil Amores, a thousand loves, and this is what I am talking about Gianco, this is awesome.
GIANCO: This is great, you know we have different type music in different, in different places and this is very typical music not for Mazatlan, but for all Mexico.
15:4116:35- JON: What is the drink here they are going to make a special drink for us?
GIANCO: Well they are going to do a special drink for us, with some fire and cinnamon you know. We are now in Bora Bora, very, very attractive place and very famous here in Mazatlan
JON: You can’t come to Mazatlan and not come to Senor Frog’s.
GIANCO: Now it is time to go meet Senor Frogs.
JON: We have a drink, a very special drink at Senor Frogs. Woo hoo, ha ha! Mazatlan nightlife, not bad!
16:38-16:40 Next Stop logo
16:41-17:04 JON: Mazatlan is the 2nd largest city in the state of Sinaloa, one of 31 states in Mexico, conquered in 1531. Mazatlan means ‘Land of the Deer’ white tailed deer to be specific, and has a population of roughly 875,000 people. I say roughly because they really don’t know, because guys like me come down and fall in love with the area and next thing you know all my friends and family have followed me. So it’s kind of hard to keep track. Come to Mazatlan and find out for yourself.
17:05-17:07 Next Stop logo
17:11-18:07 JON: We are staying at the lovely Pueblo Bonito Resort and Spa, located in Emerald Bay, one of the most beautiful parts of Mazatlan. This location is awesome Jorge.
JORGE: It’s really well located, in the downtown by the Emerald Bay, you’ve got the best of both things, you are close to downtown, you can take the shuttle and what people like is that this is real Mexico. This has a new classic french influence.
JON: The rooms feel like you are in real Mexico. Beautiful decorations that are designed to make you feel like you are in old Mexico. The property is stunning. How many pools?
JORGE: Each villa has it’s own pool and it’s own jacuzzi outdoor, and also indoor.
JON: Well you do have a great spa, it’s called a resort and spa, and we went in there today and got a workout in, it’s a beautiful, massive workout space and then the spa itself is pretty cool, tell us about that.
JORGE: We have different treatments, we have golf massage, swedish and pretty much any you can think of.
JON: You said something else that caught my eye, golf massage, golf ball massage. Is it with real golf balls?
JORGE: Yep, instead of using warm rocks they use golf balls.
18:13-19:04 CAROLINA: Today Jon, the treatment you will be receiving is the golf massage. It was designed for a special golfers which use a lot of posture, a lot of different techniques for their swing. We relax those muscles that are tense, we do a lot of stretching and a lot of warming of the muscles.
JORGE: So what did you think about the golf ball massage?
JON: I loved it. I love all kinds of massage, but that was different, it was a very kind of trigger point massage, your therapist did a great job.
JORGE: Did you try the cold plunge and the jacuzzi?
JON: I did try the cold plunge, I loved it, going from the hot jacuzzi into the cold plunge is a total shock to your system.
JORGE: Was it good for your hangover?
JON: Well I didn’t have a hangover, but if I had one it would be good for it.
JORGE: It’s good for that, or for the wrinkles.
JON: It’s good for that too.Your entire resort has been amazing for us, so thank you so much for hosting us.
JORGE: No, thank you for coming.
JON: Muchas gracias.
19:06-19:08 Next Stop logo
19:09-19:14 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Mazatlan’s talented, artistic, and cultural community.
19:15-19:17 Next Stop logo
19:18-19:22 JON: The cultural scene in Mazatlan is en fuego, it’s on fire. Tonight we celebrate that.
19:37-20:01 JON: You are the man who directs all the culture in this gorgeous city of Mazatlan. And you guys did this all for us?
RAUL: It’s all for you.
JON: Thank you, muchas gracias!
RAUL: We have an opera company, ballet company, full touring play company, an orchestra, professional youth.
JON: So tonight we are going to have a jazz band.
RAUL: Jazz band. You will have ballet and folklore dance.
20:21-20:37 RAUL: These are all students, all but the ballet are students.
JON: And we are also going to celebrate carnival, carnival is big and like this is one of the biggest celebrations of carnival in all of the America’s. Obviously we missed it, but tonight we are going to capture a little bit of it.
RAUL: A little drop.
21:24-21:26 Next Stop logo
21:27-21:53 JON: Gracias for tuning in to Next Stop, from magnificent Mazatlan, and mucho, mucho gracias to this episodes sponsors, the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort and Spa, and Playa Sol tours for putting together a fantastic itinerary. Rosita and Gianco, we are going to miss you guys but we’ll see you soon. Thanks also to our show’s title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!
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Next Stop: Queensland


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Next Stop: Sydney

World Famous Sydney Opera House, Bridge Climb, Bike Tour, Blue Mountains, Qantas First Class Lounge, Kirketon Hotel, Eaudevie, James Willing at 4 Pines Brewery and Space Beer.


00:00-00:04 jon: G’day mates, welcome to Next Stop, from one of the greatest cities in the world.
00:05-00:18 Next Stop Sydney rolls
00:19-00:34 JON: Sydney is consistently rated number one of the greatest cities in the world by travelers. I am one of those travelers and I definitely agree, it’s one of my favorite cities around the globe. There is heaps of wonderful things to do and see here in the land down under, so sit back and enjoy Next Stop Sydney. The fun starts now!
00:35-00:37 Next Stop logo
00:41-01:11 JON: We are in one of my favorite Sydney neighborhoods, the Rocks, for a tour with Bonza bike tours. So I’ve ridden a bike before so I know how to ride a bike, I know how to put the helmet on, but I don’t know where we are going.
KAT: Where we are going today, is we are going to start down in Circular Quay, and we go up to Observatory Hill, and you can see a whole bunch of Sydney from there. Before the bridge was built it actually had a 360 degree view there.
JON: Lovely. Are we going to get a workout?
KAT:You certainly are. It’s easy, it’s something everyone can do.
JON: Let’s do it!
KAT: Alrighty.
01:17-01:46 KAT: So here is Circular Quay, where the tour starts. It’s also the place where Sydney started pretty much, so it’s kind of really appropriate.
JON: This is cool though! I’ve seen the ships down here in CIrcular Quay they are amazing, a different one every day. What a view man, this is awesome. This is what you guys call art here?
KAT: Well, it’s what some people call art. We’ve uh…
JON: I like it.
01:57-02:57 KAT: We’re here at a place called Walsh Bay, what we can see over here is something called Blues Point Tower, which is what some people say is the ugliest building in Sydney, but unfortunately it got heritage listed.
JON: Really?
KAT: Yeah.
JON: Why would it be heritage listed?
KAT: Because it was one of the oldest ones here, so they built it, the government bought it, and it stuck around long enough.
JON: I’ve noticed Kat that Sydney is a very fit city, as the people just went by.
KAT: It takes a little bit of work to maintain the reputation, but.
JON: What’s the reputation?
KAT: We’re a good looking country.
JON: Hot. Everyone is in good shape here, I love it.
KAT: Here we are at Observatory Hill. As you can see there’s bit to observe.
JON: There is a lot to observe!
KAT: There is a lot to observe, as you can see, it’s a pretty good view. And we return!
JON: Kat thanks for the tour!
KAT: No worries, I got you back safe and sound.
JON: We love your city, man.
03:00-03:32 Next Stop logo
03:08-03:14: JON: In it’s short lifetime, the Sydney opera house has earned a reputation as a world class performing arts center. It has become a true symbol of Sydney and the Australian nation.
03:23-04:49 JON: The Sydney Opera House is a beautiful structure known throughout the world. Alex is our tour guide today. I’ve always wanted to come here.
ALEX: The Sydney Opera House, it was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd in October of 1973. And in that time the Sydney Opera House has become one of the most visited sites in Australia. The Sydney Opera House has a global recognition factor of around 4 billion people, that equates to roughly to 2 out of every 3 people on the face of the earth, they will recognize the iconic shape of the Sydney Opera House. It’s amazing, people get truly overwhelmed walking through this space.
JON: I bet, especially architects.
ALEX: Architects, I take architects around and they just want to come and sit here and go oooooh, baby!
JON: Ok, so obviously we’ve got concrete on the inside, but on the outside…it’s not.
ALEX: Well the whole roof is covered with ceramic roof tiles from Sweden. There is 1 million, 56 thousand and six individual roof tiles that cover the whole Sydney Opera House. Now, instead of climbing up and individually placing each tile, one after the other, up to a million fifty six thousand and six, they tiled each one of those panels, or lids, down on the ground and they used a big crane to pick up each individual panel section and locked it into position.
04:59-05:26 JON: What’s the message to our viewers, I mean obviously it’s a beautiful structure, but why should people come to the Sydney Opera House?
JON: I thought the Sydney Opera House was just for opera, and just for classical music, but come into the Sydney Opera House, it’s places to eat, great views all the way around and inside. But it’s not just opera that they do here, it’s rock concerts, films, talk, avant garde theater, cabaret, burlesque, rock shows, a little bit of something for everyone.
JON: We’ll you’ve been an awesome tour guide, thank you Alex, pleasure to meet you.
ALEX: Thank you.
05:31-05:33 Next Stop logo
05:34-05:38 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we experience one of the great thrill that Sydney has to offer.
05:41-05:43 Next Stop logo
05:50-06:28 JON: One of the most thrilling things you can do here is climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Next Stop, the top.
DEAN: Welcome to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. What I would like you to do is to grab your latch, take it off the hook, we will to be attaching it to our static line, that will be on our right hand side, so are we ready for action?
ALL: Yes!
DEAN: Let’s go, let’s do it. First part of the bridge here, southern approach span, roughly 300 meters long, here we are coming over George Street, it’s the oldest street in the country, actual fact.
JON: Is it really?
06:39-08:13 JON: That was quite a climb!
DEAN: Brilliant!
JON: That’s a fun little climb right there, straight up!
DEAN: Everybody gets the same thrill that you do on the Bridge, Jon-O.
JON: And you get to do it several times a day!
DEAN: We do, we get to do it up to 3 times a day, you have got to be fit and ready to go as a climb leader.
JON: You are looking fit man. So what it that little fort like thing over there?
DEAN: I’m glad you asked that Jon-O, because that is our main means of defense in Sydey. Fort Dennison, roughly 155 years of age, so the little island that that little fort sits on which is known as Pinchgut, was literally the top of the island was cored away into a shelf so they could build the fort there that we see today.
JON: I see lots of other people climbing the bridge, how many people come through this every day?
DEAN: A record breaking day we’ll see 1800 people, big numbers. It’s the thing you’ve got to do when you come to Sydney as you can see Jon-O, you’ve got views of the whole of the greater Sydney, right out to those blue mountains, right down to the southern islands, out to the Tasman Sea, out of the South Pacific.
JON: Well this was a spectacular day, I won’t forget this. You were an awesome tour guide, you didn’t disappoint, so thank you Dean.
DEAN: Thanks Jon, it’s been great to have you on board.
JON: Guys?
ALL: How good is this?
08:16-08:18 Next Stop logo
08-19-08:35 JON: There are over 400 beautiful parks and open spaces here in Sydney, and the city encourages responsible use and enjoyment of their lovely outdoors. The weather is quite moderate year round here in Sydney, so it’s almost always a perfect day to get outside and enjoy. For more information on Sydney and to plan your day at the park, go to
08:36-08:38 Next Stop logo
08:39-11:04 JON: We are staying at one of Australia’s best boutique hotels, located in the heart of Sydney’s restaurant and bar district, the Kirketon Hotel. Let’s talk about the property here, and the different room styles available, and just the overall feel you get when you come here.
PAUL: Yeah, sure. There is 3 different rooms upstairs, the standard and premium and executive rooms. The difference really is just in size, the decor is all pretty much the same, it really is dependant on how much size you need.
JON: I love the feel you get in this, you don’t feel like you are in a big city, you feel like you are in a small town. It’s kind of a small town boutique atmosphere and the neighborhood is awesome.
PAUL: What we were trying to do here with the designers was really fit it into the Darlinghurst and create a boutique hotel that the locals really embraced.
JON: You have one of the most famous pubs in Sydney attached to the hotel.
PAUL: We do, we do , we do. Eaudevie it’s a fantastic cocktail bar and its won numerous awards, right up to umm, best hotel bar in the world, so I’d urge you guys to head down and grab a cocktail.
JON: You know, I think I might fit in there. Thanks to Paul, we are at Eaudevie, which is a…kind of a speakeasy, right?
IAIN: Yeah, roll with that. Yeah, a speakeasy, a quiet little bar.
JON: Iain, I’m told you guys make some crazy cocktails.
IAIN: We take, we do our best shot at it, that’s certainly true, yes.
JON: So what are we going to do?
IAIN: Right now we’re going to make up for you our own variation that we do on a Moscow Mule, the original drink just being a vodka based cocktail with some lime juice and a ginger beer. Just give us a good measure of citrus vodka, I’ll knock some orange juice in there right now, we cut, instead of just using straight honey, we just cut it down a little bit.
JON: That is very different and very good.
IAIN: Yeah, so that is Eaudevie Moscow Mule.
JON: You have only been open for 2 years, how is it so popular?
MAX: Ah well I think you know Sydney eventually is a big town, but the community is small and when they find something cool they all follow each other like sheep.
JON: I noticed the kitchen is right back here, this guys is just whipping it up right next to the bar, right out in the open.
MAX: Yeah, it’s very helpful and plus is we give him shots he gives us a good recipe to make some drinks, yes, so it’s a good deal, it’s a very good deal.
JON: It’s a win-win! Wll cheers to you Max.
MAX: Thank you
11:07-11:09 Next Stop logo
11:10-11:15 JON: Up next, the world’s best first class lounge, and the mystical Blue Mountains.
11:17-11:19 Next Stop logo
11:20-13:59 JON: Today we are travelling a couple hours outside of Sydney, to the mystical Blue Mountains. OK, I can see the sign, Flat Rock, but where are we Duggie?
DUGGIE: Well we are at the beginning or the middle of the Blue Mountains, and this particular is called Flat Rock, so I’ve brought you here because it has magnificent views across the whole of the Blue Mountains, 100 kilometers that way, 100 kilometers that way.
JON: Regardless of the mist. Let’s be imaginative! Let’s find the other cool stuff.
DUGGIE: Yeah, well, you know it’s the Blue Mountains, don’t need to be blue, today they might be white, if we go this way, we just might be able to see some really special stuff.
JON: You know, I feel like we are on the moon, but a lot of people have been here.
DUGGIE: Yeah, look at them all.
JON: This is great!
DUGGIE: Do you think Neil Armstrong has written something on there?
JON: I bet he has.
DUGGIE: So after the wars, there was a worldwide depression as you probably know, and so they moved out to the regions, so of them moved from the beaches and people who came to the Blue Mountains actually lived in caves, there are hundreds of thousands of caves.
JON: This is really cool, you would never know this existed here, again, many people have found it though.
DUGGIE: So next stop is Scenic World, which is one of the most visited and popular attractions in the Blue Mountains.
ELI: We’re at Scenic World today, on this skyway, a cable car that goes across the valley about 389 meters to the other side. As you can hear and see the waterfall down here.
JON: Oh, wow.
ELI: It’s about 800 feet top to bottom of the falls. Our next stop is Scenic Railway, 52 degrees.
JON: So what we’ve got here is the steepest railway in the world. So this used to haul coal up and down?
ELI: Yeah, coal up and down. Little coal cars from 1878 to 1945.
JON: Yeah, this is pretty steep, that is so cool! This is awesome. Well this is a quite a lovely way to end our day in the Blue Mountains.
DUGGIE: This is what you do with your loved ones, a bit romantic.
JON: Well we love you, you’re our new friends.
DUGGIE: Aw, shucks, thanks.
JON: Thanks for your time today, great to meet you, it was a great day today.
14:01-14:03 next Stop logo
14:04-17:17 JON: A few years ago I had the pleasure of using my Alaska Miles to upgrade to business class on Qantas, and it was one of the best flying experience of my life. Well this was no different, a couple of days ago, with Alaska Airlines simple connection through LAX, we boarded the brand new airbus 380 and it was an amazing flying experience Thomas. Qantas is a great airline. The spirit of Australia!
THOMAS: We are, absolutely, and that is what we encompass, that real just genuine care and Australian hospitality and I’m glad to hear that is what you experienced.
JON: Now, you’ve also experienced the airbus 380, let’s talk about that plane, because it’s like a hotel in the sky, it’s not like an airplane.
THOMAS: No, it’s not. The 380 is designed by Marc Newson, our Creative Director at Qantas. The aircraft in the first cabin, business class, premium economy, down to the economy cabin is really providing what is now, you know, the queen of the skies.
JON: Well the economy cabin, this is really nice, everybody has their own screen a their seat, they’ve got foot rest, snack bar in the back, it’s great for economy but we were able to upgrade to business class. Wow.
THOMAS: Yeah, absolutely.
JON: Flat bed, super comfortable, the food was exceptional, the service-amazing. This first class lounge is something like we’ve never seen, this is really beautiful. And designed by the same guy who designed the interior of the airbus 380, right?
THOMAS: Absolutely, yep, yep. So Marc Newson, our Creative Director designed the first lounge here, it’s a totally new build on top of the existing airport here in Sydney.
JON: The carpet has a purpose, right?
THOMAS: Yeah absolutely, and with the carpet, its again got Marc Newson’s signature design on it, about time in Hong Kong and it’s about having a design when you initially look at it, it makes you feel a bit dizzy so you don’t look at it, you look up and actually enjoy everything else that there
for you to see.
JON: This lounge is just amazing, it’s very clean, very chic, very elegant. Kind of a simple elegance I think.
THOMAS: Understated luxury is what we like to call it.
JON: And I love that noise, that board over there.
THOMAS: Yeah, you know, on land as well, we don’t want to lose the golden years of aviation, so with the flapper board, we want people to remember.
JON: Sydney airport is obviously a very busy, hustle and bustling airport.
THOMAS: Absolutely.
JON: But when you walk into this lounge downstairs, you have the living wall, feel the oxygen and everything just all of a sudden tapers down.
THOMAS: We want to take away, you know, that stress and hassle downstairs, and when you come through, go into the garden there, that sense of health and well being, and bring you up into the sanctuary and relaxed space in the lounge.
JON: So not only is this relaxing, but it’s a super elegant place.
THOMAS: Oh, absolutely, and if you know, the hustle and bustle downstairs, we couldn’t unwind you enough with the living wall, we’ve thrown in a day spa as well just to make sure you are really relaxed.
JON: A day spa?
THOMAS: Absolutely.
JON: No way.
THOMAS: yeah, come and have a look.
JON: Wow. OK, this is kind of like saving the best for last. Another living wall! So much oxygen in here, what a beautiful room.
THOMAS: If you are not relaxed after you’ve been in here, you never will be.
JON: You guys have thought of everything
THOMAS. that is what it is all about.
JON: And you’ve won awards, this has won the best first class lounge in the world.
THOMAS: When we first opened in 2007, the following year won the Sky Tracks best first class lounge in the world award. We are very proud.
JON: And we love Qantas, it’s great to meet you.
THOMAS: No worries Jon, well come back to Qantas first very soon I hope.
JON: I hope so too. For more information on Qantas and this exceptional airline, visit
17:20-17:22 next Stop logo
17:23-17:26 JON: Coming up,local music in Macho Manly, and we chat about space beer.
17:28-17:30 Next Stop logo
17:31-17:57 JON: Manly is not only the birthplace of surfing in Australia, but is also one of Sydney’s favorite seaside destinations. It also boasts the pedigree of producing several surfing champions. Manly is a quaint little town loaded with hotels, cafe’s, surfing shops, pubs and so much more. it was aptly named by Captain Arthur Phillip for it’s indigenous peoples confidence and manly behavior. Manly’s slogan, 7 miles from Sydney, 1,000 miles from care. No worries, mate!
17:58-18:00 Next Stop logo
18:01-19:23 JON: We’re in the 4 Pines brewery in Manly, to chat about local foods, space beer, and music. Australians love their beer, and when I was coming to Australia, a few of my mates on the mainland said you’ve gotta have a Fosters. Jaron, let’s just go ahead and dispel that rumor now. Australians don’t drink Fosters.
JARON: No, not at all. In fact, it’s actually really hard to find a Fosters beer anywhere in Australia.
JON: Here we are in the brewery, for our little romantic dinner for 2, in Manly.
JARON: Ummm, we started just as this, brewery, bar, restaurant that we are in here tonight, and just recently we’re gone whole sales around Australia. Crack this bad boy open and you will see some pretty serious steam coming out of it. And this here is one of the absolute signatures here, cooked with a little of that pale ale here as well.
JON: So I read something about space beer. What’s space beer?
JARON: Good question. We’re actually working with a group of space engineers, the director who is a bloke from the US, he’s lived out here for about 10 or 15 years now. The space engineers that we are working with, they are locals here as well.
JON: OK, good.
JARON: And over a few beers, you do space, we do beer, let’s do space beer. It’s a cool story and the project is already pretty far evolved.
JON: Cheers.
JARON: Cool. To space beer.
JON: To space beer.
JARON: Cheers.
19:55-20:27 JON: James, I’m digging your tunes, man.
JAMES: Thanks very much.
JON: Cheers.
JAMES:Thank you.
JON: What is your choice of beverage this evening?
JAMES: Well, I actually like to blend my beers, this is a blend of Kolsch and Hefeweizen, I call it the Kolscheweizen.
JON: Nice!
JAMES: Yeah, I got a lot of hassle for it, but I’ve been here a couple years now, so I just kind of like to dabble and mix things up.
JON: So like Jaron, you are not from Manly either?
JAMES: No, I’m actually from very very close to where Jaron was from in Perth, my brother was good friends with Jaron growing up, but a couple of years above me and I came across here, it was supposed to be for 2 weeks, but it’s been about a year and a half ago, so I haven’t left. I couldn’t leave, I just love it here.
21:10-21:22 JAMES: The goal of my music is to reach people through music. I know that sounds really corny, but I don’t actually care monetarily what I do with music, I just want to have the most people I can listen to it, and be touched by it.
21:30-21:32 next Stop logo
21:33- JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from one of the most gorgeous cities in the world, Sydney Australia. Cheers to our Sydney show sponsors, Qantas Airlines, Eight hotels, and destination New South Wales. We love you Ozzys! Thanks also to our title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody!

Next Stop: Sun Valley

Paragliding, Skiing, Nordic Festival, Ketchum Tour, Sun Valley Resort, Impressive Snow Grooming, Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats at Whiskey Jacques

00:00-00:05 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop from the nations first destination ski resort.
00:20-00:33 JON: Sun Valley is a year round world class resort destination. We’re here in the winter time, so in this episode we are rocking all things winter.From downhill to nordic skiing, from a cozy sleigh ride to stomping tunes, you’re gonna love this show.The fun starts now!
00:34-00:35 Next Stop logo
00:36- 01:31 JON: It’s a gorgeous day on top of Mt Baldy, a gorgeous to ski. It’s almost always a nice day to ski up here, the weather here is pretty awesome, right Sonja?
SONJA: Absolutely. It’s so gorgeous up here, we have tons of sunny days.
JON: There is a lot of organized groups up here today, there’s a lot going on, but is seems like it’s organized, not chaos.
SONJA: Back here, all the ladies here, is a group called the DIVA’s. DIVA stands for de incredibly vomen alpine shredders!
JON: De incredibly vomen alpine shredders, ya? Gotta put a Y on the end of it!
JON: Ski lifts here are amazing, how many lifts are there, describe the terrain before we hit it.
SONJA: There is a variety of terrain. Most of the green runs, in other ski areas ski as blue runs, and then we have amazing just, pitches, that are consistent pitches for about 3,000 vertical square feet.
01:41-02:25 JON: This view is awesome.
SONJA: Isn’t it incredible? This ski area is surrounded by 4 mountain ranges. We are so lucky, we have the Boulders, the Pioneers, we are in the Smokies, and to the far north are the Saw Tooth Mountains which are just amazing.
JON: Sonja, I love this mountain, I love skiing it, but I always like to learn something new, what do you suggest?
SONJA: What would be really fun today would be learning how to synch ski, so synchronized skiing. You can either ski in the same pattern or do a figure 8 and the ticket to synch skiing is your pole swing, and pole touch. So if I am in front, when I swing my pole, you’re going to swing your pole.
JON: You make it sound easy.
SONJA: It is!
JON: OK, well let’s give it a try.
02:35-03:22 JON: It was an epic morning on Baldy,, but something was missing, snowboarders. They’re here at Dollar Mountain, the freestyle terrain park, that also doubles as one of the top teaching mountains in the world
ABBY: Dollar Mountain has been ranked one of the best teaching mountains in the world for a reason. We have various terrains starting from really mellow greens that gradually increase, we have amazing lifts, we start out with the magic carpet, and then we go to a quad detachable lift which is a very easy lift for beginners to get on and off. We also have amazing instructors that provide some of the best instruction in the world. Today a lot of these children that are riding the magic carpet are just guests on vacation, but also we have a couple events, we have a snowboarding event going on, and different racing events going on as well too.
03:30-04:39 JON: There is an event going on here today and people are just flying down this course, what’s this all about?
BRIAN: We are doing a snowboard event, the inter mountain series and it’s a border cross today.
JON: I would think it’s gotta be one of the fastest growing sports for kids though where there is a mountain, cuz they are all…no one is skiing anymore, just us oldies.
BRIAN: Yeah, and you know, the retention rate is, we’re trying to make it higher by giving us themselves places to learn. What we did is we attacked the youth market, put in a halfpipe, put in jumps, put in progression parks, put in beginner parks, put in a tubing hill and it’s pretty much the family fun zone right now.
JON: I think I am going to go join grandpa over at the tubing hill, because that’s more my style.
BRIAN: Yeah.
JON: As you can see from our day today at the Sun Valley resort, there is something for everybody, of all ages. I love tubing! And away we go, woo! Next Stop, Sun Valley resort for Apres Ski!
04:43-05:08 JON: If you enjoy a great day on the mountain like me, you know there is a couple of things you look forward to at the end of your ski day. We’re back at the Sun Valley resort for Apres Ski, a time to get together with friends and family, and share war stories from your day on the mountain. Some true, some probably not so true, like how I was totally ripping it on the half pipe. You also know that you work up one heck of an appetite, in just a few minutes we are going to board a horse drawn carriage for a sleigh ride to Trail Creek cabin, for a dinner fit for a king.
05:23-06:12 MATT: Trail Creek cabin was built back in 1937 and according to Sun Valley resort, by Averell Harriman, who is the founder of Sun Valley. Over the years this cabin has developed into a public venue used for sleigh rides in the winter months and in the summer months we have your regular drive out dining. We have a spectacular menu, one of our most popular dishes is an idaho white trout, it is farm raised in Hagerman Idaho.
JON: SO what is your favorite thing on the menu, what is the must try?
WENDY: We are known for our ribs, our baby back ribs so…
JON: I just saw some go by they looked incredible.
WENDY: My favorite is the trout.
JON: You like the trout?
WENDY: Yeah.
JON: Can I try it all?
WENDY: Yeah, just order a whole bunch of everything and just share.
06:19-06:21 Next Stop logo
06:22-06:27 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, world famous Sun Valley Resort, and a ride on the beast.
06:28-06:30 Next Stop logo
06:31-06:56 JON: The Sun Valley Nordic and Snowshoe Center is located in the 58,000 square foot Sun Valley Club, located right in the backyard of the world famous Sun Valley Lodge. This stunning facility features a restaurant, lounge, bar and locker rooms, and also has equipment repair and storage. Virtual indoor golf adds to the list of extras as this skiers shangri-la. The Sun Valley Club also doubles as the gold clubhouse in the summertime. The Sun Valley Resort is truly a year round resort.
06:57-06:59 Next Stop logo
07:00-10:16 JON: When I knew we were coming to Sun Valley, I said please let us stay at the Sun Valley Lodge. I’ve stayed here before, I love this property, and thanks to Jack, here we are. The minute you walk in you feel a special sense of history, just right in the lobby.
JACK: History and comfort, feel like you are home.
JON: I like that. Sure. This place is a little though nicer than my home.
JACK: Very special place. When Averell Harriman founded Sun Valley he said it’s got to be roughing it in luxury.
JON: I love all the old pictures, you really feel like you are back in time when you are here.
JACK: A sense of history, we are very proud of our history, very, very proud of our legacy here and the history of Sun Valley, what it’s meant to not only the skiing industry but the state of Idaho.
JON: The lodge is a special place, you’ve got the lodge, you’ve got the inn, would you just, it’s a small part of the whole Sun Valley resort, but let’s talk about the lodge and the inn and the different rooms that are available, and some of the more famous people that have stayed here.
JACK: We right now have 148 rooms at the lodge, there is a standard room, a medium room, a king room and suites, and the inn there is also 4 3 bedroom apartments also, so we have a variety of accommodations here at the Sun Valley resort.
JON: Tell us about room 206.
JACK: 206 is famous for a reason, because it’s called the Hemingway Suite. Ernest Hemingway spent a lot of time there, and he finished writing For Whom the Bell Tolls there.
JON: I love the property, I love the fact that you’ve got ice skating and hockey right off our shoulders here, and the pools, the heated pools.
JACK: Another thing that is very unique itself in the lodge is the bowling alley, built in 1936, a six lane bowling alley, we keep that history there, it’s a great family spot for the evenings.
JON: That’s a cool spot, I like it.
JACK: But the whole resort is more than just the lodge or the inn, there is 2600 acres here, we’ve got a lot to do here and it’s made for people that are active.
JON: All year round.
JACK: All year round. In the winter of course we have 2 different ski mountains. Dollar is where the first chair lift in the world was. And in 1939 we looked across the valley at this big mountain over there called Baldy and decided to put some lifts up there, so with the leftover, where the pile of timbers were, they built Roundhouse, and that was our first warming hut on the mountain and it’s still a great place to have lunch and even dinner, a lot of history there, it’s great, a 4 sided fireplace, wonderful views of the valley. One favorite pastime is the shopping area, people like to shop, and of course eat. Great restaurant.
JON: All the facilities on the mountain are just incredible, they are the nicest lodges, the ski lodges that I think I have ever seen. Everyone loves something free, you have free transportation to the mountains, and free ski storage, that’s unique.
JACK: Absolutely. For all the guests at the Sun Valley resort, it also free…we also pick them up at the airport, the Sun Valley airport 15 miles away.
JON: I didn’t know that, well how about that. I want to talk a little bit about the ice skating rink, because that is year round, it is one of what, two in the world?
JACK: That are uncovered, and open year round, it’s pretty special.
JON: You have lots of great shows during the summer time.
JACK: Yeah, it’s really amazing it can be 85 degrees and people are out there ice skating in their shorts and t shirts, but a real special occasion in the summer is when we have our ice shows, we have been having them for 74 years now and the greatest olympic and world champions have been here skating.
10:21-10:54 JON: You get a real sense of community here too, everybody knows each other and likes each other, it’s a really friendly place to be.
JACK: It is, it’s very friendly I think it’s one of the reason people keep coming back, and one of the reason why we all live here.
JON: There is something that I read about which is ride the beast. What is ride the beast?
JACK: Ride the beast is where one lucky guest can ride the grooming machine with the groomers.
JON: You know Jack, I always get to have all the fun on the show, so I think it’s time I share some of the wealth with one of our camera guys, think that is a good plan?
JACK: I think that’s great.
JON: I know Josh probably doesn’t want to do it, so Mike…ride the beast.
11:00-11:54 JIM: My name is Jim Wehan, and I have been grooming here for 31 seasons. On my left hand here there are 2 sticks, and that is my steering, there is one for each track, and everything else is on this joy stick on the right hand. Well, you start with a blade and you cut the snow first, and then that all goes underneath you and you till in the holes, cut the high spots, and the tracks chew it up a little bit in the process, then you get to the tiller back here and it chews up the snow and turns it into the fine powder, and in the back you have the comb and thats what makes the corduroy pattern, I like riding these snow cats I just think they are impressive machines, one of my favorite parts I think are the sunsets I get to see.
12:00- 12:14 JON: As Mike ends his day on the beast, I end mine chilling out in the heated pool at the Sun Valley Lodge. This resort is incredible. In fact, I challenge you to find any year round resort that has more going on than the Sun Valley Resort. For more information, go to
12:15-12:17 Next Stop logo
12:18-12:22 JON: Coming up, a nordic festival, a tour of beautiful downtown Ketchum, and we jump off a mountain.
12:25-12:27 Next Stop logo
12:28-12:52 JON: There is a reason Sun Valley has sun in it’s title, the Wood River Valley is known for its dry sunny summers, and it’s mild sunny winters. Temps in the summer average about 77 degrees fahrenheit, and in the winter, about 33 degrees fahrenheit, with up to 200 inches of snowfall every year. The best part about the weather here in Sun Valley, they average up to 250 days of sunshine every year, so no matter what the season, it’s always a good time to visit Sun Valley.
12:53-12:55 Next Stop logo
13:03-13:55 JON: And now for something completely different, we decided to jump off of Mt Baldy today.
CHUCK: We’ve got just about ideal conditions right now, we’re top of the limelight, winds coming in out of the north, and so what we are going to do I’m going to get your harness on you. We are going to lay the glider out right here where we are standing, when pulleying up into the wind you’ll feel quite a bit of pull.
JON: How about landing?
CHUCK: Landings easy. You know, it’s just like coming of…
JON: Oh forget it, we don’t need to even talk about landing, let’s just go. Let’s just do this thing.
CHUCK: Yeah, we’ll talk about it when we are up there! Sort of like stepping off a high speed chair lift, we’re going to come in and land real soft. And straight down the ski lift we go.
JON: Woo hoo, awesome!
14:41-14:43 Next Stop logo
14:44-15:57 JON: On your next trip to Sun Valley, it’s highly recommended to pop into the Sun Valley visitors center. This is a really unique spot.
GREG: Yeah, it’s a pretty interesting structure.
JON: I’ve never been in one like this.
GREG: It’s an old bank that we tore apart this last fall, we wanted to create a place where all visitors and locals alike could come together, we are co tenants with the coffee shop here it’s sort of the place you start your adventure when you come to Sun Valley. What we have is really the ability on an ipad to control these screens to show people what they want to do, how to get out into the surrounding area, whether its art galleries, or for a hike, or white water river rafting in the summer, all year round there is a little something for everybody.
JON: Can we talk you into showing us around?
GREG: Oh yeah, let me take you guys around town, maybe take you to the ice skating rink, take you to some galleries, show you some local shopping, give you a flavor of Ketchum and Sun Valley.
JON: Sounds good, let’s go get some fresh air. Is this your dog?
GREG: That’s Buck.
JON: Hey Buck. Let’s take Buck on the walk. So what’s this place?
GREG: This is the Galleria, a great place to go shopping, a collection of shops, and there is a bakery with an amazing latte’s and cappucino’s and baked goods right down here in the middle.
JON: Your dog is cracking me up dude.
GREG: Oh man, well you know, you can tell why dogs ended up being mans best friend.
16:07- 16:33 JON: This is way cool.
GREG: Yeah this is a great local amenity, it’s open all winter long and totally free, this is the Atkinsons park and this is our ice skating rink. This ice skating rink is just proof of how much the community cares about this town and all the fun stuff we have here to do.
JON: That’s awesome. For more information on Sun Valley and Ketchum, go to
16:37-16:39 Next Stop logo
16:40-18:40 JON: Sun Valley is a nordic skiers paradise, and our timing is perfect, we are in town for the third annual Sun Valley Nordic Festival. This is a really happening thing for this town.
TRAVIS: Yeah, absolutely, we get a great crowd out here, we’re hoping to have 500 out here by later tonight which in a town our size is a pretty good sized group.
JON: Really great to see all the kids out here, we just saw the kids race, the seniors are coming up, this is a great sport to start as a young kid.
TRAVIS: It is, we have an incredible program here in the valley, we start kids off young, you know we’ve got kids racing on the world cup today, and we have six year olds racing on this course today.
JON: Why is it so big here, why in Sun Valley?
TRAVIS: There’s a lot of reasons, a lot of big personalities involved in the sport in this town, and then also we’ve got some of the best skiing in the world.
JON: The energy here today is awesome, I’m excited for the finals. What’s your prediction?
TRAVIS: I’m still going to pick our hometown guys. Colin Rogers and Nicole DeYoung, nobody is faster in the last 100 meters than Colin Rogers, so he’s gonna smoke them.
ANNOUNCER: And they are off, here we go. A big win for Colin, across the line backwards.
JON: I’m with the champions, Nicole and Colin. Now you guys had some extra pressure on you, I was talking to the MC beforehand and I said who do you think is going to win, you can tell us, and he said ‘I’m going for the local boys, both Colin and Nicole’ You guys did it man!
COLIN: Yeah, you know it went alright. Matt was pushing really hard, we were really tight together, he pushed the pace early and I just tried to hang onto him and conserve a little energy.
JON: Now you are not from here, you came from Alaska, and you’ve been here for five years, how do you like Sun Vally?
NICOLE: Correct. You know, it’s great, I have to say I really like the sun.
JON: It’s called Sun Valley for a reason!
NICOLE: Exactly, yeah.
JON: We had a great time watching you guys win this thing today, congradualtions, have a great time tonight.
18:48-18:54 JON: The race is over but the party is just beginning, live music, snowshoe dancing, and a lot more. This was a very cool event.
18:58-19:00 Next Stop logo
19:01-19:05 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, a cool local hang out, Whiskey Jacques, for our local band segment.
19:09-19:11 Next Stop logo
19:12-20:31 JON: For our local Sun Valley music segment, we’re at Whiskey Jacks in downtown Ketchum. Now, I’ve been here before and this place did not look like this last time I was here.
THATCHER: We had a catastrophic fire, burned to the ground, and our boss, bless her heart, decided to rebuild and built this beautiful new bar. We’ve got a full game room in the back, we’ve got 8 high def tv’s, this is one of our popular sandwiches, the grinder, served with onion rings. Our most popular items are our spicy bourbon chicken wings.
‘JON: I’m digging into these.
THATCHER: Excellent, good fried, finish them off on the grill, sweet tangy sauce, and of course, our world famous pizza.
JON: Right now we’ve got a bunch of people dining here, this is going to change here in a few minutes, right?
THATCHER: Yeah, we go from a family friendly pizza establishment to a rocking night club.
JON: Our band tonight, tell us about these guys
THATCHER: We have Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats, they come from Boise Idaho. They are a mix of bluegrass and rockabilly. They have their own little pzazz they bring to the stage, they call it progressive psychobilly. It’s bluegrass with a little edgier edge, so they got a lot of stringed instruments, they have percussions, they got a lot of foot stomping too.
JON: Sounds fun.
THATCHER: It’s good old hootenanny with these guys.
20:21-21:29 MUSIC
21:30-21:32 Next Stop logo
21:33-21:52 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop, from Sun Valley, a world class, year round resort destination. Thanks to Jack and your friendly and knowledgeable staff for helping make our trip fantastic. Thanks also to our good friends and title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines visa signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody.
21:53-21:55 next Stop logo
21:56 Credits roll

Next Stop: Miami

Jungle Island, Miami Dolphins Game, Little Havana Food Tour, Art Basel Miami Beach, Eden Roc Renaissance, Elastic Bond


00:00-00:04 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from the cruise capital of the world.
00:19-00:35: JON: Miami Florida is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America, and we will celebrate that on Next Stop Miami. On this episode we will bring you Miami cuisine, local music, sports, and we will feature the number one art show in the Americas. All this and so much more on Next Stop Miami. The fun starts now!
00:36- 00:38 Next Stop logo
00:39-02:14 JON: Jungle Island is a fun and interactive theme park where you can get up close and personal with some of natures most amazing animals. This is Ryan, he’s our tour guide, what are we going to see today buddy?
RYAN: We are going to see some of the most rare, the most endangered, the most fun and the most interactive animals basically anywhere.
JON: Good, let’s do it.
RYAN: Let’s go. OK, the first stop on the VIP safari tour at Jungle Island is this room, the lemur nursery.
JON: This looks unique.
RYAN: It is very unique. This is actually the only place in the world that you can legally touch one of those red rough lemurs. What I am going to have you do is come over and take a seat on these pillows, you want to just hold your hands open whenever they come out.
JON: We’ve got lemurs!
RYAN: Alright. Now these guys here, of all the lemurs, these two are two of the most endangered.
JON: He jumped on our camera guy. Whoa! Flying lemurs!
RYAN: There you go, nice.
JON: That’s what I’m talking about!
RYAN: Here we are at the kangaroo paddock.
JON: Hey kangaroos!
RYAN: These are called the giant reds, and these are the kangaroos that can get to be about 6 feet tall, there we go.
JON: Oh wow.
RYAN: Little more, so almost my height at this point. They can go days and days without water, and they can smell water from over 200 kilometers away.
JON: And the camera guy gets more love from the kangaroos too, it was the lemurs, now it’s the kangaroos for you Mike.
02:19-03:05 RYAN: OK, so these are our Aldabra tortoises, they come from off the coast of Africa, and their lifespan is truly astounding. The truth is we don’t know how long they can live.
JON: Really?
RYAN: Yeah, because they keep outliving generation after generation of people, and the records kind of get lost. Go ahead and take seat on him, just like you would ride a horse. There you go. Most people equate slowness with weakness, but this is one of the most powerful animals you will come across.
JON: Oh, he feels strong.
RYAN: Yeah.
JON: Thanks for the ride buddy. That is how you properly dismount a tortoise by the way, like that.
RYAN: That’s right, there is an art to it.
JON: Yeah I know. Thanks for noticing.
03:13-04:07 BREEZA: You are going to put your hands just like I have them, one behind the jaw, and one at the base of the tail, and I want you to have a nice firm grip on her, so go ahead, give it a try. Firm grip, and what’s cool about alligator teeth is they are actually hollow, so every time she looses a tooth, another one will immediately start to grow.
RYAN: So this is one of the most unique parts of the tour, this is Senor Pepe, and his white collar, the legend is that if you touch it, it brings you good luck.
JON: Oh, bring me good luck buddy, bring me good luck.
RYAN: So this is your surprise ending, this is Smokey and Lord Byron, they are two baby capuclin monkeys about 9 months old, and they are pretty cute.
JON: Now for an amazing experience on your next trip to Miami you guys, you have to check out Jungle Island, this was fantastic.
04:12-04:14 Next Stop logo
04:15-04:42 Florida is one of the few states in the country that has won championships on all 4 major sports, baseball, basketball, hockey and football. The Florida Marlins have won the World Series twice, in 2004 the Florida Panthers took home the coveted Stanley Cup, and in 2006 the Miami Heat won the NBA title. Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins have won the Superbowl, in fact in 1972 the Miami Dolphins were the only undefeated team in the history of the NFL. Coming up on Next Stop, we feature the Miami Dolphins game fan experience.
04:43-04:46 Next Stop logo
04:47-06:38 JON: We’re here at the Miami Dolphins game for a fan experience, kicking it off appropriately in the pit for some tailgating. I’m going to test your Dolphins trivia. Are you big Dolphins fans?
GIRLS: We will do our best.
JON: What year did the Dolphins come into existence?
GIRLS: 1964
JON: Is that your final answer?
GIRLS: That is our final answer.
JON: 1966
GIRLS: Oh no.
MAN: 1966
JON: Bam. Nice. From a guys perspective, this is our first Dolphins game. What should we expect?
MAN: Expect a lot of drinking, a good time, and a Dolphins victory today.
JON: To a Dolphins victory, whoo hoo! That is mighty tasty iced tea! What’s tailgating without some good barbequeing going on right here, Elijah, you’ve got it going on brother. You look like a big Miami Dolphins fan.
ELIJAH: I’m always a fan, since ‘72. Since I was 5 years old I always been a Miami Dolphin fan, I love the Dolphin, in my house I got dolphin, I’ve got my kids with me and they are Dolphin fans.
JON: Good, well that’s good it should be in the family. We’ve got Fernando here, how old are you buddy?
JON: You’re 6? And you are a big Dolphins fan? So Fernando what do you want to be when you grown up?
FERNANDO: Play football.
JON: There’s a lot of cool things happening at Sunlife Stadium, the tailgating was awesome, but coming up something very special, NFL royalty get inducted into the Miami Dolphins Walk of Fame.
ANNOUNCER: Forever from this day forward, stars present, past and future will have their names inducted here in this plaza, Coach Don Shula, the winningest coach in the history of the National Football League, and a true leader within our organization.
JON: If you are a fan of football, you realize how special that ceremony just was. The pregame festivities continue in the Dolphins Grand Plaza.
06:43-07:40 JON: You just never know who you are going to run into, we’ve got Sam Madison, ex all pro quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.
SAM: I know you all travel all over the world but thank you all for coming here to Sunlight Stadium and seeing what we have in store for you guys.
JON: This is our first Dolphins game, I’m really impressed so far, there’s a lot of stuff happening outside the stadium.
SAM: It is a great opportunity to come out here and interact with the fans and, when the fans come out to have a good time I mean because when you come the game you know all the fans they talk about it, you always come out to have fun.
JON: Ladies and gentlemen, buckle down, it’s game time, here come the Miami Dolphins! Alright Coach Shula, we have the Raiders in town, what’s the game plan today? Ah, keeping it close to the vest I see. Well coach might be a man of few words, but he does have the most victories of any coach in the history of the NFL. Good luck today coach.
07:46-08:04 JON: Sunlight stadium has several venues where you can grab some food, grab some beverages, watch the game. We are in a nightclub, LIV, Sunlight stadiums own night club. So what’s going to happen at halftime?
DJLAZ: Get ready, I’m going to jump on the turntables, we’re going to turn this into the craziest daytime nightclub party in the world.
08:15-08:28 JON: Well, it looks like the Dolphins have this game wrapped up, what an amazing experience, starting with the tailgating. This stadium is incredible, the Walk of Fame induction ceremony, thank you Miami Dolphins organization for helping us make great memories on Next Stop Miami.
08:29-08:31 Next Stop logo
08:32-08:47 JON: Despite being called the sunshine state, the sunflower isn’t Florida’s state flower, it is the orange blossom. In fact, there are more orange groves in Florida than anywhere else in the world and it provides the United States with 75% of its oranges. 40% of the worlds orange juice comes from the sunshine state.
08:48-08:49 Next Stop logo
08:54-10:42 JON: Luxury meets the ocean at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. From the minute you walk into the lobby, this provocative flair, and this swanky feeling just overtakes you. We love this man, let’s talk about the history of this property, because it goes back in time.
DAVID: Well, as you probably already know, and many people in Miami Beach and around the country, the Eden Roc is built by the same architect that built the Fontainbleau, that’s Morris Lapidus. So you’ll see his design all throughout Miami Beach, this was his baby, this was his boutique build, and this came up in the mid 50’s.
JON: This is kind of a happening spot in this area.
DAVID: Well we renovated it for it to be a cool lifestyle space, you know, accenting what Morris did here with the floating ceiling, and to give our customers kind of that influence and that historic feeling that they are in a place that isn’t just here today and gone tomorrow.
JON: The property is absolutely beautiful, I love the fact that you are on the beach, but inside this place has a lot of variety. The rooms are really pretty cool, and also, dare I say, a little bit swanky too.
DAVID: Jon, listen, you know, what the owners of this building were very, very, very particular on how they designed our new tower.The historic tower has always been here, we redesigned a 21 story tower, the first of its kind on this beach. In all shapes, matters and form, they redesigned those rooms to look just like the historic tower ones.
JON: Let’s talk about your spa, 30,000 plus square foot spa, it is relatively new, it’s going to win awards, there is no question.
DAVID: what we walked away with was a bigger understanding on that lifestyle space where we integrate fashion and beauty and health, with the experience at a destination hotel and a spa experience.
10:46-11:45 TIMOTHY: Welcome to the first Elle spa in the world, we are the first spa that had a relationship with Elle magazine. Being the first Elle spa in the world, we offer an editorial collection of unique items that have been aquired for us that are available for sale within our retail shop. We also have signature treatments that are created by editors that’s available inside our Elle spa.
DAVID: Some of the things that we wanted to express with you were some of our secrets, her name is Paula DeSilva.
JON: Now I hear you are not much of a secret, she was on Hells Kitchen.
DAVID: Yeah, she is one of them.
PAULA: Miami is evolving a lot as you know, and there is a ton of great chefs down here in this area now, and what we did with 1500 degrees was we wanted to appease to all of the guests that we have not only in the hotel, but locally as well.
JON: Well this area is absolutely on fire and 1500 degrees fits in perfectly to the Eden Roc, branding it, very swanky, very cool, and it looks very tasty.
11:48-11:49 Next Stop logo
11:50-11:54 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Little Havana Food Tours!
11:55-11:56 Next Stop logo
11:57-13:10 JON: One of my favorite things about Miami is the cultural diversity, today we are in Little Havana for a culinary walking tour.
GRACE: Hi folks, welcome to the Little Havana food tour from Miami Culinary Tours. We’re going to try all of this different types of traditional cuban cuisine, so follow me. When you ask for a cafe cubano, it comes just in little cups, you don’t drink out of this cup. Little Carlo is the owner of El Pub restaurant, now the coffee is roasted locally. And now we are going to stop, I call it the Mister Villa place that actually has the cuban tobacco cigar factory, it’s great to watch the art of cigar rolling, you know the good cigars are made with the entire tobacco leaf, the family does the entire process themselves. Your sandwiches before they get cold, you have ham, pork, swiss cheese, you cannot come to Miami without trying these.
13:21-14:44 GRACE: I love this place because, this is a place in Miami that was dedicated to the elderly, now they have these like rooms, anybody that is below the age of 55 is not allowed to play, you can not play for money, I see things happening. You know this is where you really absorb the older cuban generation. The city of Miami invested 110,000 dollars and assigned this space for them, it brings a sense of community which is one of the things that we really love about this neighborhood. Couple things I really like about this place is that the eggs that they sell, they come from the chickens that are walking around in the neighborhood, and the fruit, they comes from the trees, you know, in the neighborhood, um, so you can’t get more organic than that.
JON: Pretty sustainable.
GRACE: Yeah, exactly. OK, everybody, thank you so much for coming to the Little Havana Food Tour I hope you enjoy the food and enjoy walking in the Little Havana and try all these traditional cuban, so thank you so much.
JON: Gracias.
14:48-14:50 Next Stop logo
14:51-15:49 JON: We are at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the 10th annual Art Basel Miami, the most prestigious art show in the Americas. There is over 2,000 artists from countries all over the world. How did this get started Bob?
BOB: A group of people affiliated with the Art Basel fair in Basel, Switzerland came to Miami Beach and thought about launching a second fair here, and the baby sister is now 10 years old.
JON: What did the New York Times call this, because that is pretty impressive.
BOB: The olympics of the art world.
JON: This is the olympics of the art world, folks, we’re surrounded by so much talent, and we don’t even know where to start, we have an afternoon here, what do you recommend for us?
BOB: Oh, I recommend comfortable shoes.
JON: I’ve got that!
BOB: I recommend seeing as much as you can, it’s a tremendous amount or art of every type, from video art, photography, all kind of pieces, you’ll see art valued in the millions.
15:56-16:47 JON: We’ve got Europe well represented here with Mr. Greve, he has galleries in Paris
KARSTEN: Yes, Cologne, and Switzerland. For us it is beginning art fest where the place and the movement to get people interested in art and to get them into the galleries. Now it turned out the opposite, they are coming to the theater and they are not really coming to the galleries so it is an opposite movement.
JON: We’ve got Brazil in the house with Rodrigo, which that is not the proper way to say your name, right?
RODRIGO: Yeah, it’s Rodrigo, that’s ok, yeah.
JON: Rodrigo.
RODRIGO: Our gallery is one of the most respected in Brazil, we exist in 1988, there are 16 brazillian galleries this year at the fair.
JON: Great!
RODRIGO: So there is a lot of interesting Brazilian art, and it’s been great for us.
16:53-17:50 JON: You know what sounds good about now? Sitting in the park reading a good book, there just so happens to be a bookshelf behind me, follow me. Oh, I guess it’s just art. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lilian from Shanghai.
LILIAN: Yes, our gallery is the very first contemporate gallery owned by a swiss guy, he came to Shanghai 2 years ago, opened this gallery, only promoting the chinese young artist.
JON: Do you have a favorite piece in this exhibit?
LILIAN: Umm, all of them are my favorite pieces!
JON: I figured you would say that, but come on, you have one that maybe, one or two that you love.
LILLIAN: This artist Zhen Chen is from Beijing, he is born in 1918 and he did a lot of animation pieces.
JON: Well we did it, we found the most unique piece of art at Art Basel Miami, voila!
17:54-17:56 Next Stop logo
17:57-18:01: JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Miami’s thriving local music scene with Elastic Bond
18:02-18:04 Next Stop logo
18:05-18:54 JON: Our Art Basel celebration continues in downtown Miami at the Performing Arts Exchange. Our featured local band, Elastic Bond, Sofy, welcome to Next Stop.
SOFY: Thank you for having me.
JON: I’m excited to see you guys perform live, because your manager sent us your music so I have been listening to it, I kind of describe it as Miami Sound Machine meets Sade.
SOFY: Definitely Sade is an influence, and I would say Diggable Planets and Funny Allstars. You know, the songs come out, some of them come out in spanish, some of them come out in english.
JON: Now Art basel is happening all around us right now, it’s happening behind us, got Dexos doing a cool painting.
SOFY: Oh Yeah.
JON: It’s a pretty cool scene for Miami, and music is part of that.
SOFY:A lot of the times we have people painting live at our shows.
JON: Vey cool.
JON: We understand we are in for a treat at the beginning of the show too. We don’t know what it is yet, but your guys said you want to roll on that.
SOFY: Yes, definitely.
18:55-19:11 MUSIC
19:12-19:35 SOFY: Well tonight we’re releasing our music video Frecuencia Natural as so we are, it’s from our EP, it’s our latest release right now on itunes, and so we’re performing, we are paying tribute to that, to that EP, and we have people you know, they did art, the art of the cd they brought it to life with an art installation inside, so we have that by the stage.
19:38-20:13 MUSIC
20:14-20:28 JON: What’s the music scene like here, I hear lots of different flavors of music in Miami, very international.
SOFY: I think it’s a great thing, I love it. You have a lot of beautiful, beautiful music definitely. People don’t know about this, but it’s here.
20:29-20:43 MUSIC
20:44-20:52 JON: From what my vision is of music, because we feature musicians all over the world, I really feel like your band encapsulates Miami, it really has a Miami feel to it.
20:53-21:24 MUSIC
21:25-21:26 Next Stop logo
21:27-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from one of our nations most eclectic and exciting cities, Miami. Thanks to our Miami show sponsors, the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, we appreciate all your help, we had a great time. Thanks also to our title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!
21:52 Credits roll

Next Stop: Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo

Dolphins Swim, Sea Kayaking, Walking Tour, Zihuatanejo Market, Coconut Plantation, Clay Tile Making, Las Brisas Ixtapa, Live Music at Bandidos
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00:00-00:05 JON:Ola, I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from Mexico, where coast meets culture.
00:06:00:19 NEXT STOP IXTAPA/ZIHUATENEJO Intro rolls
00:20-00:35 JON: Bievenidos to Next Stop from muy benito Mexico. On this episode, we feature IXTAPA ZIHUATENEJO to various state towns in one location. More warm Mexican culture, action and adventure on Next Stop. The fun starts now!
00:35-00:38 Next Stop logo
00:47- 03:24 JON: We’ve just arrived, we’re going to kick our day off with a tour, and from seen so far, we’re in for a treat. Paco, I’m Jon.
PACO: Hello, Ola, my name is Paco, welcome to Zihuatenejo.
JON: This is a beautiful place.
PACO: Oh, si, Zihuatenejo it is a unique place in Mexico, which is a fishing village, a place no one has to miss.
JON: This is a beautiful village, I’ve never seen anything like this, tiled roofs, cobblestone streets.
PACO: Real Mexico.
JON: It’s real Mexico.
PACO: Real Mexico, great weather, great beaches, great people.
JON: Now Zihuatenejo means, it has something with women, right?
PACO: Yeah, Zihuatenejo, yeah, it’s an indian name which according to the language spoken by the Aztecs it mean, place of the women.
JON: Hence the statue of the women.
PACO: That’s why also we have the statues everywhere of the women.
JON: That’s not a bad thing.
PACO: That’s not a bad thing and that’s the reason why I moved down here.
JON: So Paco, I’m going to like this town, we’ve got statues of women everywhere, and you have coconuts! Look at these trees.
PACO: Everywhere. This is by the way the place where you basically most of the coconuts in Mexico.
JON: Really?
PACO: Yeah.
JON:The other thing you’ve got is a lot of artwork and a lot of shops, this is just like a shoppers paradise here.
PACO: This is the best place to come to shop of course.
JON: How are the prices?
PACO: Ah, very reasonable.
JON: They make deals for me?
PACO: They make a lot of deals with you, a lot of them. Just remember something, do you think you are very good? These guys are professionals.
JON: I’ll remember that.
PACO: Of course. So you got to try hard.
JON: So this is where it happens, this is the town square.
PACO: Yes, this is the main Zihuatenejo square and this is where everybody gets together on the weekend, especially on Sunday.
JON: You have basketball hoop here, I like it! Is basketball big in Mexico?
PACO: Of course. Soccer would be number one, and I would say basketball number two.
JON: These guys coming in with their catch?
PACO: These are the real local fishermans, yeah, these guys go out all night long and they go back very much at this time.
JON: They bring the fish in and they line it up up there and people come and then people come and just buy them, just like a local market?
PACO: Exactly right.
JON: So this is what red snapper looks like.
PACO: Yes sir.
JON: I’ve never seen a red snapper out of the water.
PACO: So this is the first time.
JON: It’s red!
PACO. It’s red, completely red as you can see. And this is something you see everyday, and this is something we have done forever.
JON: I love it.
PACO: OK, this is why people like Zihuatenejo.
JON: Keep the tradition going.
PACO: Keep the tradition going, the way it should be.
03:25-03:26 Next Stop logo
03:28-03:47 JON: Both longboard and shortboard surfing are excellent off the beaches of Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo. The water is tropically warm year round so there is no need for a wetsuit. Don’t know how to surf? No problem. Local surf shop experts provide excellent instruction as well as sales and rentals. For more information on surfing and other activities in Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo go to
03:48-03:49 Next Stop logo
03:50-07:01 JON: We are at Peurto Mia, which means My Port, ready to board a sunset cruise. How cool is it that I have my own port in Zihuatenejo.
TONY: Hey guys, welcome aboard Picante, welcome to the bay of Zihuatenejo. I’m your skipper and host back here Captain Tony. Because yeah we are a little cruise around the bay of Zihuatenejo and out to the hotel zone of Ixtapa. We just left our home port of Puerto Mia back there, over here to the left hand side is the town of Zihuatenejo, charming romantic place, and there is some phenomenal architecture here, it is a very unique form of architecture that was developed specifically in Zihuatenejo.
JON: Captain Tony, nice to meet you man, a pleasure to be on your boat.
TONY: Good meeting you, great to have you here.
JON: How long have you been here, because you are not from these parts.
TONY: No, I’ve been here about 21 years, in Zihuatenejo. What brought me here was the lifestyle, it’s just such a fantastic place. I had young kids, I wanted to raise them.
JON: I think a lot of Americans envy you being down here, what is the lifestyle like versus the hustle bustle back in the states?
TONY: Besides the physical beauty of this place, it is the people that are here, so pleasing, or willing to please you, just their nature, it’s just a family oriented place.
JON: We have honeymooners from Southern California, what are your names:
KATIE: Katie.
CHRIS: And Chris.
JON: Congratulations.
KATIE: Thank you very much.
JON: So what is this place like as a honeymoon destination?
KATIE: It’s perfect, it’s away from the hustle and bustle of normal Mexico, but it’s romantic and perfect weather.
JON: Let’s test your knowledge about the area. What does Zihuatenejo mean?
KATIE: It means the land of the woman.
JON: She’s right!
JON: So what does Zihuatenejo mean?
DOUG: I don’t know.
HEATHER: Sounds like confusion.
JON: It’s the place of women. You’re probably going to know all these answers because you are a local, your kind of a local. What does Zihuatenejo mean?
DAVID: It means friendliness to me. It means warmth, I’ve often said to my wife, because we are from the northwest, that I would rather be uncomfortably warm than uncomfortably cold.
JON: There is an actual meaning of the word Zihuatenejo.
DAVID: Thank you.
JON: Do you know what the actual meaning of the word is?
DAVID: You know, now you are going to embarrass me Jon, because I do not!
JON: OK, my last question, and this is important. What is the traditional chant here in Mexico after you do a shot of tequila?
CHRIS: Aye yi yi yi yi! Ariba ariba ariba!
HEATHER: Pull ya ya ya ya!
JON: That’s the best you’ve got? I know you can do more.
HEATHER: No, he can do more.
DOUG: Ariba! Wooo weee!
JON: What’s the typical chant here in Mexico after you do a shot or a popper of tequila.
DAVID: Oh Jon, you are the right age for the answer to that question.
JON: There is no right or wrong age for this David, you know this.
DAVID: And I don’t, and I’m embarrassed because you nailed me, which is…
JON: Arrryiyiyiyi yaaaa!
07:07-07:10 Next Stop logo
07:11-07:16 JON: Up next, sea kayaking, swimming with dolphins, and a market that defines local.
07:17-07:19 Next Stop logo
07:20-07:43 JON: Ixtapa’s two world class 18 hole golf courses make this tropical destination a haven for golf enthusiasts. They are located at opposite ends of Ixtapa’s main hotel strip, about a five minute taxi ride so they are very close and very convenient. The courses are well groomed and maintained all year long, you combine that with the amazing weather here and it’s always a great time for golf in Ixtapa. For more information, go to
07:44-07:46 Next Stop logo
07:47-09:42 JON: We’re up for another fun day on the water, we kick our day off in the authentic Mexican village of Bara des Porto with my boy Paco to go sea kayaking, followed by swimming with dolphins.
PACO: OK, we will be riding this beautiful lagoon which is about 40 miles long, as you can see it is surrounded by mangroves. And well, we will see everything regarding the ecological of Zihuatenejo and Ixtapa.
JON: Let’s get this show on the road.
PACO: OK. This is not the sea, yeah?
JON: It’s a very peaceful lagoon.
PACO: It’s a very peaceful place. And you see on the mangroves, you know branches hold that…
JON: Are these all mango trees?
PACO: Yeah, they are all mango trees.
JON: This a good workout for the upper body.
PACO: Yeah, it’s a good workout.
JON: Good way to kick off the day.
PACO: Overnight you be looking like Sylvester Stallone 20 years ago. This place has about 150 families ok, and they all make a living out of the fishing.
JON: All of them?
PACO: Ok, all of them., They supply a lot of the fish to Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo.
JON: It’s a cute little village, I mean this is authentic Mexican village, this area.
PACO: It is, it is. If anybody would like to have the chance to see the real Mexico this is one of the places where they must come if they have the chance to come to Ixtapa. So you ever want to go back to the primitive life of Mexico, this is the place.
JON: That’s great, father can go out with his sons and daughters, and moms there too. I think my favorite part of this morning is seeing all the locals out doing their thing, you know? I think we all, especially in our busy lives aspire to a simple life like this.
PACO: Right. that is why we want invite all the people to come to this place.
JON: Now they know who to hook up with, Paco knows it all!
09:47-10:22 JON: Now it is time to swim with the dolphins with Aidan and Emma. Let’s hop in.
OSCAR: OK, this is the mini motorcycle. Check it out. And they have some kind of whistle. Do you want to meet a superstar? Jojo is a movie star.
JON: What’s up Jojo?
10:40-11:21 JON: Well I’ve danced with the dolphin, now it’s time to ride her belly.
OSCAR: Ok you guys, now say goodbye
ALL: Bye bye!
11:23-11:25 Next Stop logo
11:26-13:50 JON: The food scene is off the charts here. Today we are going shopping downtown at the Zihuatenejo market with Chef Paco, we’re going to buy some ingredients, take them back to his kitchen and make some magic.
JON: What are we making today and what do we need to get?
PACO: For today I prepare one restapa with chicharon sauce and prepare the sauce with the cerano chile, tomato, onion, and fresh sea bass.
JON: That sounds simple.
PACO: Yeas, very simple.
JON: So this is the place that everybody comes everyday to shop and get all their ingredients fresh, everything is fresh here.
PACO: Very very fresh ingredients.
JON: Gosh, you can get everything here, bowls, mops, sponges, video games, got some musician serenaders too. We’ve been here 5 minutes and my mind is blown, this place is awesome.
PACO: This is the local fish.
JON: That’s a good looking fish.
PACO: Good looking fish.
JON: We’ve got our potatoes, we’ve got our veggies.
PACO: Mahi mahi, or sea bass fillet?
JON: I’d go with mahi mahi
PACO: Mahi mahi? Ok, this is mahi mahi.
JON: We’re set man. Ready to cook? Let’s go baby!
PACO: Yeah. Let’s go.
JON: What an amazing place to cook Chef Paco.
PACO: Oh, it’s very nice.
JON: The Tides Hotel, this place is gorgeous, you’ve got the tides rolling in, how appropriate, you’ve got the beach, very nice place. What are we going to do here?
PACO: Ok, today is mahi mahi in chicharone, chop parmesan cheese.
JON: Chef Paco definitely has his own way of doing things, I think the best advide for me is to just stay out of the way and help when asked.
14:01-14:08 PACO:It’s ready. it is very easy.
JON: Anyone can do it, right?
PACO: Yep.
JON: And it tastes really good!
14:09-14:11 Next Stop logo
14:13-14:19 JON: Coming up on Next Stop we visit a working coconut plantation, learn how to make rooftop tiles and more.
14:20-14:22 Next Stop logo
14:23-14:56 JON: Ixtapa and Zihuatenejo is arguably the most romantic destination in Mexico, we see honeymooners everywhere, and the food scene is amazing. In fact, a couple nights ago our lovely hostess, Ana Luisa, took us to a restaurant El Faro, built into the side of a cliff. The sunset was muy romantico, the food was amazingly prepared. Last night we had dinner on a boat in the harbor, amazing, the food again was incredible. Today we are having lunch on the beach at the Tides, there is something for everybody. If you really want to dig into the food scene here come in March for their annual food and wine festival. For more information visit
14:57-14:59 Next Stop logo
15:00-17:27 JON: Before tourism became the main industry here, fruit plantations and tile making ruled the day.
MIGUEL: This is an 80 year old plantation. That is the new coconut, that is what happens when the coconut falls from the tree. If we leave it there in 5-7 more years it will be that tall, in 5 years.
JON: That one, ok.
MIGUEL: This is basically a sword, we use it to peel the coconuts. We put it on the sword, and basically we use the weight of the body very carefully. there we go. This is the coconut meat, and the coconut milk, but normally it’s solid, really solid. If it is not used to prepare as a coconut, we use it to feed the chickens in the chicken coop and they love it. If you like a drink of fresh coconut it is very easy, don’t think anybody knows how to cut the coconut open. taste it.
JON: Oh, that does taste good. So coconut has many more uses?
MIGUEL: Nothing gets wasted on the coconut, we can use everything. We use it to make earrings, toys, bracelets, necklaces, different things. the next place we are going to stop, at the tile makers, they use it as a fuel.Ok, so this is the tile maker. Today, that is what we are going to learn, how to make a roof tile. We would put some sand in the bottom, we have to spread it, don’t roll it.
JON: So how many of these can he put out a day? Like if he is working hard how many of these does he make a day?
MIGUEL: This guy can make up to 500 a day. Well, this is the time we need a volunteer.
MIGUEL: Muscles! That will hold it, the other way, there we go.
JON: Voila!
17:28-17:30 Next Stop logo
17:31-19:22 JON: You will find both romance and luxury here at the Las Brisas Ixtapa, our Ixtapa resort. Soraida, we love this place, thank you so much for hosting us.
SORAIDA: Thank you for being here.
JON: The location is amazing, we feel like we are steeped into the side of a hill here, we feel like we are walking through the jungle.
SORAIDA: Yes, because the architect respect very well the mountain so they left a very good vegetation around.
JON: You walk in and there is a beautiful big lobby where a lot of people congregate.
SORAIDA: Yes, this lobby is perfect use because everything is a marvelous experience about the sunset, because you can see the sunset since it is coming down, to the end.
JON: It’s also a bar at night, and there is a lot of people that come down there and congregate, the other night it was packed, there was a big boxing match on. The rooms are beautiful too, this is one of your suites, you have got your own private pool out here, how many different room styles are there?
SORAIDA: We have six master suites like this, with one bedroom, two bedroom and the presidential suite that has three bedrooms.
JON: How many restaurants do you have, because the food is bueno.
SORAIDA: Yes, very good restaurants, we have five restaurants, two of them are especiality restaurants, one is mexican and the other one is el portofino.
JON: You’re right on the beach, obviously with some crazy waves.
SORAIDA: This is only hotel that has their own beach.
JON: But if you don’t want to get all sandy, you have got a really nice pool as well.
SORAIDA: Yes we do. We have a very especial swimming pool area and it is fairly distributed, because two are for families, one for adults only and one for the little kids so everyone has their own place.
JON: There is something for everybody at Las Brisas Ixtapa, and I want to say mucho, mucho gracias for having us, very nice to meet you.
SORAIDA: Very nice to meet you too, and thank you for being here.
19:24-19:26 Next Stop logo
19:27-19:33 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we hang out in beautiful Zihuatenejo for some live music.
19:33-19:35 Next Stop logo
19:36- 20:06 MUSIC
20:07-20:21 JON: It’s off the hook tonight, it’s a Friday night in downtown Zihuatenejo, this place is pretty cool Alberto.
ALBERTO: Zihuatenejo, exactly. This is Banditos place, this is a very great place, Zihuatenejo like this much all the time.
20:22-20:36 MUSIC
20:37-21:05 JON: Tonight is very special here at Banditos. But you do more than this though, we are coming here tomorrow night to watch some games, like, you guys are like kind of the action nightlife spot, you are kind of Cheers of Zihuatenejo.
ALBERTO: Do you like to watch american football>
JON: I love to watch american football.
ALBERTO: Banditos is for you. For all the watch any sport you want and have fun.
21:06-21:21 MUSIC
21:22-21:24 Next Stop logo
21:25-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop, from beautiful, romantic Ixtapa/Zihuatenejo. Gracias to our show sponsors, The Las Brisas Ixtapa and the Ixtapa Zihuatenejo CVB. Mucho, mucho gracias to Ana Luisa and Paco, we love you guys, we had a great time with you this week, we are going to miss you. Gracias to our shows title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa signature card. Thanks for your partnership. Next Stop, where will we take you next? We actually know, but you’re going to have to tune in and find out. Make good memories everybody!
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21:55 Credits roll

Next Stop: Walla Walla

Pepper Bridge Winery, L’Ecole No. 41, Woodward Canyon, Dunham Cellars. Power House Theater, Marilyn Forever Blond, Marcus Whitman Hotel, Coyote Kings – filmed at Sapolil Cellars.
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00:00-00:04 JON: Welcome to Next Stop from the friendliest small town in America.
00:05-00:18 Next Stop Walla Walla rolls
00:19-00:42 JON: Walla Walla, located in SE Washington was just voted the friendliest small town in America by Rand McNally and the USA today, and they’ve got good reason to be friendly. The wine industry has absolutely exploded the past few decades, and the arts and cultural scene has followed suit. We’ll explore all of this and more on this episode of Next Stop from Walla Walla, a show full of pleasant surprises. And you’ll find out why I am donning a tux. Stay tuned, the fun starts now.
00:43-00:45 Next Stop logo
00:54-01:51 JON: Wine Spectator says Pepper Bridge is a vineyard name you need to know. Before we get to know the wines, let’s take you straight to the source, the vineyards. This is where it happens, right?
JEAN-FRANCOIS: Well this the uh, this is harvest. This is the work, or the fruit of your labor for one year for everybody. For the wine growers.
JON: Where you can actually say this is the fruit of our labor, and for the first it actually means something.
JEAN-FRANCOIS: Basically this is the paycheck of the growers after one year labor.
JON: This is incredible. These guys just, they all pulled up in their vans and boom, there just in the vineyards, picking, picking, picking. I noticed that your people got out of the van smiling, ready to work.
JEAN-FRANCOIS: This is the energy, it’s harvest, it’s awesome, everybody is excited.
JON: Let’s go get up close and personal with some of the grapes and you can show me what you look for.
JEAN-FRANCOIS: You see here, the seeds are pretty brown, so this is a good indication of ripeness but really, as simple as it looks, the taste. The flavors are ripe, pick it.
01:57-03:08 JON: Ok, so we’ve picked the grapes in the vineyard we’ve brought it back to Pepper Bridge, what it this?
JEAN-FRANCOIS: This is the processing area, so we get this first table up here where we unload the grapes and then it goes to this piece of equipment which takes the stem away, basically what it does it just detach the berries from the stem. And now this is our new toy here, and we have been very fortunate with this amazing company based in Walla Walla, shaking and optical sorting in the food industry all around the world. This is 3, 4 years later we can try a little wine.
JON: And 3, 5 hours later! We were in the vineyard a few hours ago, all the sorting, now the best.
JEAN-FRANCOIS: Now we are going to taste our 2008 merlot from Pepper Bridge winery. Our goal is really to make a wine that represents Walla Walla Valley, so…
JON: And this does well, this is nice. What should I be looking for in this one?
JEAN-FRANCOIS: Hey, you know what? Whatever you want.
JON: I like that answer, some people try to get really intricate, this is an oaky flavor with some daisy…
JEAN-FRANCOIS: Life is too short, just drink what you like, it could be 5 bucks, can be 100 bucks, just drink what you like.
JON: I like that.
03:11-03:14 Next Stop logo
03:15-03:33 JON: The name Walla Walla is of native American origin and means many waters. In the early 1800’s, fur traders established it as a trading post, and by the 1860’s, Walla Walla experienced the effects of the gold rush, with commercial, banking, and manufacturing activities. Following the gold rush, farming became the economic force behind this community, and continues as one today.
03:34-03:36 Next Stop logo
03:37-03:44 JON: To be honored 10 years in a row by Wine and Spirits magazine as one of America’s top wineries, you must be pretty good. They’re better than good, they’re L’Ecole 41.
03:54- 05:16JON: Where better to learn about wines than in a schoolhouse.
MARTY: This area was called Frenchtown, and this is the old Frenchtown schoolhouse.
JON: And hence the name L’Ecole, which is the school, right?
MARTY: Exactly, and it was district number 41 so…
JON: L’Ecole 41
MARTY: You got it.
JON: You guys have won some huge awards, very prestigious.
MARTY: Yeah, we’ve done very well, Wine and Spirits did their top 100 wineries in the world, there were several wineries from Walla Walla, including Pepper Bridge and L’Ecole, but it was special for us, because it was our tenth award.
JON: Well let’s find out why.
MARTY: Alright, well this is a white blend, of, it’s a bordeaux white variety of sauvignon and sauvignon blanc and we call it Luminesce. You get this nice bright fruit, good citrus flavors, melon, pear, honeysuckle, nice food pairing wine, just a really pretty white bordeaux blend.
JON: This is perfect for a sunny day like today, the sun is shining.
MARTY: Perfect for me anyway.
JON: Cheers! So, rumor has it you’re actually going to put me to work.
MARTY: Well, that was our idea, we thought we should make you earn your keep.
JON: I think that’s fair. So what am I going to do?
MARTY: Well, we have a particular fermentation bin targeted for you to punch down.
05:21-05:40 JON: Ok, I know what these are Marty, but I don’t know what these are.
MARTY: Well, these are a bunch of metal bars we use to punch down the fermentation bins.
JON: These ones have holes in them, this one doesn’t.
MARTY: The holes are a little bit easier, maybe you need them.
JON: Let’s use this one. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m a little bit nervous here Marty.
05:52-06:13 MARTY: After you finish that bin, I’ve got another 20 or so for you to do.
JON: Uh, yeah, I’ll get right on that Marty. We normally start our day at school with a bell, but at L’Ecole 41, it’s how we end our day. Sweet.
06:14-06:16 Next Stop logo
06:17-06:21 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, more fabulous wines from Walla Walla wine country. Why not?
06:22-06:24 Next Stop logo
06:34-08:36 JON: Woodward Canyon was the second winery in the Walla Walla valley, and we’re very honored to be joined by Rick Small, one of the founding fathers of Walla Walla wines, who’s got an amazing story, but let’s go back to 1981, what was happening here in Walla Walla?
RICK: OK, well you know I just returned from college a few years before that, five years at the university, and come back into the valley and there wasn’t much going on, there were restaurants, there were a lot of farmers but, you know, nobody was doing anything that was very much fun as far as agriculture.
JON: So how did you get started?
RICK: Well, you know Gary Figgans and I were good friends and we were in the army reserves together, we just kind of got into it. It just started Gary was into it, and it just kind of evolved, and I kind of got his passion and I just learned, and but it was a lot of fun, the journey to where we are now has been great, it’s just been fabulous.
JON: You must be so proud and excited at what is happening with Walla Walla wines all over the world right now.
RICK: I love the fact that at the end of the day it is still coming off family land.
JON: That’s the great story, and the sense of place that you have here because you grew up here, this is the wine, you grew up here, and you went to school there, next door, that is so cool.
RICK: Yep. It’s very, very cool. We used to play right where those grapevines are right now, there was a little baseball diamond out here, and there was a backstop and everything like that and the grass, it was such alkaline, no grass could even grow there, so we would play in this white dust.
JON: This is a picture of you right here.
RICK: Yeah, that is when I was in grade school, in first grade and on the baseball team, exactly, and I didn’t even have on socks, baseball socks, I mean we were lucky to have uniforms.
JON: One of the things that you employed in your everyday life is one of my moms and mine, is quality versus quantity, talk about that.
RICK: Well I think it’s the only way to do it for me anyway, just make smaller quantities, and let the quality of your product drive the demand. So we should do what we do best, in quality.
JON: You’ve clearly focused on quality, you’ve won some great awards.
RICK: The awards are nice, but at the end of the day, it’s what’s in the bottle that counts.
08:39-08:41 Next Stop logo
08:42-08:58 JON: The story of the Walla Walla sweet onion began over a century ago, on the island of Corsica, off the west coast of Italy. It was there that a french soldier found an italian sweet onion seed and brought it back to the Walla Walla valley, today, Walla Walla sweet onions are known throughout the world as some of the sweetest, tastiest onions you’ll find.
08:59-09:01 Next Stop logo
09:02-09:15 JON: It’s harvest time in Walla Walla, we’re at Dunham Cellars where the passion is in the bottle, for a tour and a harvest lunch.
09:16-10:52 DANIEL: This is where the magic happens. So, we are currently involved in the latest harvest in Washigton State record which is not a bad thing, we are giving the grapes plenty of time to ripen up this year, and the excitement has started. So what we do, is after we are done crushing and stemming, we do a 24 hour ambient soak in each tank, we open the bottom valve on the tank, and just through gravity we have the wine fountain up, and it’s really light colored right now because literally, we just crushed the fruit yesterday, so the color has not completely extracted yet. So this does a couple things, one, it really aerates the wine which is helpful for the yeast. I mean, let’s face it, we are not wine makers, we are yeast shepherds, and so the trick is to make the healthiest environment for yeast as we can.
JON: I noticed that we are all holding our glasses like this, but you are holding your glass like this the whole time.
DANIEL: Ah, yes. Ok, so I actually went to school for wine drinking, wine making.
JON: I want to go to that school!
DANIEL: And so when you are a freshman, you grab the glass by the goblet, right? So then as a sophomore, you grab down here on the stem, and you think oh, ok, now I’ve arrived. Then you get to your junior year and you’re like, ok, I’m cool, whoa. And then, senior year, and then you graduate.
JON: So you are a junior?
DANIEL: Today I’m a junior. Well, then there is grad school where you just, give me the bottle.
11:00-11:42 JON: So we are at the harvest lunch, and you are Eric Dunham, I’m thinking you might have something to do with the winery.
ERIC: They bring me in to cook every once in a while, but in between that, we rock grape juice here.
JON: So what inspired you to start this?
ERIC: I grew up when there were only 2 wineries here and my role models had careers and made garage wine and hit it big so I kinda went that route to be able to afford to make wine.
JON: The passion is in the bottle, I read that on your website.
ERIC: When I got into the industry, I really wanted to be judged in a brown bag, I wanted to be judged by the quality, unperceived of the label. Our goal is to make wines that we love to drink, and the style is consistent every year and from some of the best vineyards in washington state.
JON: Cheers.
11:48-11:50 Next Stop logo
11:51-11:56 JON: Up next, a stunning theatrical performance in a world class hotel in Walla Walla.
11:57-11:59 Next Stop logo
12:00-13:48 JON: The Powerhouse Theater located in downtown Walla Walla is 120 year old building that used to supply power to the city. Tonight, it supplies world class entertainment. Tonight, Walla Walla came out in swarms, looking very good mind you, for Marilyn Forever Blonde, the third performance at the Powerhouse Theater which has just taken the city by storm. It wasn’t always a theater though.
HARRY: It used to be a gas plant before electricity was invented. It took about 2 ½ months to rebuild the whole inside and we built the interior so it touched the building in very few spots, so we didn’t sandblast, or change the old building at all. So this is a duplicate of Shakespeare’s theater that he built for himself.
JON: This town is so excited for Marilyn Forever Blond, and Greg wrote it, produced, directs, this was your baby.
GREG: No, I didn’t direct it, you don’t direct your wife, it’s impossible.
JON: I was going to ask you about that.
GREG: It’s like teaching to play golf, or teaching them to drive.
JON: Everything that Sunny says as Marilyn, are things that Marilyn actually said, where did you find all this material?
GREG: Well, I wrote this before the internet, this was about late 80’s you know, so I got all these books on Marilyn, I had my office write down all the quotes on 3 by 5 cards and then I scooped them up and I sent them back and they typed them up, and I went, you know that could be a play and then I worked on it, and then I couldn’t find anyone to do the part so I waited 20 years to get someone to do it and then I had to marry her to do the part.
JON: I’m blown away by Sunny and her performance and usually we film performances, but tonight we actually we got to sit back and enjoy it, but yesterday we actually did get the pleasure of connecting with Sunny and meet this wonderful lady.
13:49-16:01 JON: What I love about this production is that your husband Greg wrote it word for word in Marilyn’s words, and he was telling us earlier today, he says you may not agree with this that he made you a deal, he said that he’d marry you if you took the part because he had been looking for the right actress for 20 years to play the part, is that true?
SUNNY: He keeps telling people these lies!
JON: Tell us the truth, set us straight.
SUNNY: The truth is, we were in Vegas, I was doing Marilyn, and I put on the short wig, and he said I’ve never thought of you as Marilyn before, but when you do Marilyn it’s pretty convincing, you need to read my play. We were not married at the time, I read the play, said no way, because nobody, no woman should have to be compared to Marilyn Monroe, that’s just not even fair. And then we were married, and the nagging just would not stop.
JON: Do the part!
SUNNY: Do the part, do the part, read a scene
AS MARILYN: Boop Boop dee doo. He loved it, his eyes popped out. I remember he made this joke off screen, he said ‘Young lady, you are a case of arrested development. With your development, somebody’s bound to get arrested’
JON: It’s been said that you do an amazing job channeling Marilyn from the dead before your performances, what do you go through to become Marilyn?
SUNNY: Well I spend 2 ½ hours in makeup, I turn on some frank Sinatra music of her era, and that sort of, at the end of the 2 ½ hours, being prepared and surrounded by pictures of her in my dressing room and hearing Frank Sinatra sing, imagining them going out, maybe she is getting ready for a date with him, it sort of transports me back to that era.
JON: What do you want us to take from your performance?
SUNNY: Well, I think what I have learned from it is that, be careful what you wish for. Marilyn’s taught me a lesson and I hope the play teaches that lesson, is to honor those around that are close to you, because she didn’t have those people.
AS MARILYN: He didn’t like girls with brains. I told him that was the nicest compliment I’ve ever had.
SUNNY: So be careful what you wish for, fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to me.
16:03-16:05 Next Stop logo
16:07-18:01 JON: We’ve encountered many pleasant surprises here in Walla Walla, and none as pleasant as the Marcus Whitman Hotel. Completely surprised all of us to have a property like this in Walla Walla Washington, it’s world class.
KYLE: It is, it’s top of the Mark, Jon.
JON: And you did this right?
KYLE; Well, many people before me did this, but I was the person that did the entire renovation back in 1999 and 2000, 2001.
JON: And the rooms are a little bit unique, I’m in a suite which is beautul, but there is different types of rooms, describe the rooms for us.
KYLE: In our historic tower we have 52 guest rooms, so we have wonderful 2 room luxury suites, we have what we call our executive tower king rooms, and then in our west wing a lot of king rooms, double queen rooms, and some junior suites over there for our guests
JON: So there is something for everybody. I’ve noticed that everybody is smiling, all your employees are happy, you have a really good staff.
KYLE: Thank you for noticing, and it is true, we work very hard with not just our hiring process, but also you know, this is our extended family.
JON: This town is just ready to explode, you just feel it, it has it with the wineries, the Powerhouse Theater and the Marilyn Forever Blond show, this must be really exciting times here in Walla Walla.
KYLE: You know it certainly is, and I think it has exploded. Got such a great vibe and energy that, and it grows every year, it just gets better and better every year. It’s as exciting as heck.
JON: And you can tell that everybody is really excited to be here too, I’ve talked to people that have moved here from New York, Chicago and they just really love it here, and there is so much going on.
KYLE: Yeah, the folks you meet, we’re very passionate about what we do, very proud about our community and really love our quality of life here a very unique quality of life and it’s what has kept me here.
JON: So tonight is going to be fun, we are bringing all of our friends we have met from the four wineries this week and we are going to pair their wines tonight with Antonio’s food.
KYLE: They had some fresh scallops in there earlier they were preparing for tonight, so I’m pretty excited, it’s time to go eat.
JON: Let’s go.
18:05-18:50 ANTONIO: We always shuck the scallops ourselves, we got them in live, so scallop shells with a roasted pumpkin puree and then here’s the fresh scallops that we shucked right her, Grant seared them all perfectly with a little bit of butter. This is one of those dishes, there’s some cold, there’s some hot, there’s some warm, try a little bit of everything at the same time with the port, it’s going to need all the flavors to kind of come together.
JON: Those scallops were incredible.
ANTONIO: Yeah, you liked those?
JON: The sauce was amazing. What else are you going to make for us tonight?
ANTONIO: We have chilean sea bass we’re going to poach for you guys tonight, and make a parmesan infused olive oil and we are going to do a real nice spin on pumpkin cake and salted caramel ice cream for dessert.
19:05-19:07 Next Stop logo
19:08-19:13 JON: Coming up on Next Stop Walla Walla, local band Coyote Kings.
19:14-19:16 Next Stop logo
19:17-19:45 JON: So we mentioned in the intro of the show that the wine scene is blowing up here which means arts and culture follow. The music scene is actually blowing up as well, we’ve got Robin here with Coyote Kings who’s going to be our music segment tonight.
ROBIN: We actually put our first band together in Walla Walla in 1977. I know I don’t look that old.
JON: What were you, two?
ROBIN: Close.
JON: Let’s look at your shoes though man, I love your duds, look at this guy, he’s dressed he’s dressed for the court tonight.
20:09-20:48 JON: Tell us about your music
ROBIN: Well, we call it rockin bluesin, and bluesy rock, smokin hot. So we kind of mix everything from a little bit of funk, a little bit of classic R&B thrown in.
20:49- 21:20 JON: Walla Walla is such a cool place, what do you love most about Walla walla?
ROBIN: It’s quiet but it is starting to get so much more to do. All week there is music someplace, and on the weekends there is music all over the place.
21:21-21:24 Next Stop logo
21:25-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from Walla Walla Washington, a town that lives up to it’s billing as the friendliest small town in America. We made some amazing new friends on this show so thanks to each of you for your participation in making this a great show. Kyle and Brenda, we love you and we love the Marcus Whitman, and we can’t wait to come back and hang out with you. We also love our title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines visa signature card, so thanks to you for your partnership. We’ll see you next time on Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
Credits roll

Next Stop: San Diego

LEGO Land California, San Diego Zoo and Safari Park, Next Level Sailing, Hotel del Coronado, Len Rainey and The Midnight Players




00:00-00:05 JON: Hi, I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop from a city heralding our nations best weather.
00:06-00:19 Next Stop Logo Rolls
00:20-00:41 JON: San Diego, our nation’s 8th largest city has incredible weather, with great weather you’ve got lots of happy people. In fact, that is their slogan here in San Diego, happy happens, and it is definitely happening on this episode, where we will take you to some of the top attractions. We’ll also feature a world class historical hotel. Happy people, local music and more in this episode of Next Stop from San Diego. The fun starts now!
00:41 Next Stop logo
00:44 JON: Legoland California is a 128 acre park with over 50 family friendly rides and millions of legos. We’re in for education, adventure, and fun
01:01 JON: I’ve been hearing about Legoland California for a long time and I’ve never been here. So far, I’m super impressed Julie.
JULIE: I’m glad, I’m glad you are hear for one thing.
JON: Thank you.
JULIE: And I’m glad you are impressed for another. I think a lot of people expect certain things when they come here, they say Legoland, you have lego models, well we do. We have more than 22,000 lego models within this 128 acre family theme park, we have more than 57 million bricks that make those models.
01:31 JON: You have more than just the Legoland here, this is Las Vegas, you’ve got San Francisco, we have Washington DC, we have New York which is uber cool, but you also have a water park.
JULIE: World’s first Lego themed water park which we opened last year, and it’s great too because again, it is designed for the 2 to 12 year olds and there are not a lot of water parks out that are designed just for the younger set.
JON: So how do you incorporate lego’s into like a roller coaster, or into a water park? How do lego’s fit into that?
JULIE: You know, one of the coolest thing with the water park is build a raft river. This is a unique concept just designed for us, we have inner tubes with actual plates on them, and kids can build using soft lego bricks and kind of build their own rafts as they float down this lazy river.
02:15 JON: There is over 50 rides to choose from here at Legoland. Mike, my camera guy and I are on the dragon. Arrrr!
02:32 JON: Legoland is incredibly impressive, and somebody has to build this stuff. Let’s talk about Star Wars here, this is one of your new exhibits. There are so many millions of pieces, like where do you even start?
GARY: Around us, these are all scenes from all of the Star Wars films.Right behind us is actually from Star Wars Clone Wars. From start to finish, this whole area takes about a couple of years from original concept to starting to do design work, to actually figuring out the layout of where it’s going to go and how we are going to get everything animated and working.
03:13 JON: You are going to help me build something, right? What are we going to build?
GARY: Yes, we are going to build you.
JON: We’re going to build me?
GARY: Yeah, we’re going to build you.
JON: What are we going to do with me?
GARY: Well you can go travel around Legoland.
JON: Let’s do it.
GARY: OK Perfect. I will build one, and you build as well. I will just give you the pieces, so, you are doing great so far.
JON: I haven’t done anything!
03:41 JON: So the coolest thing about building the mini me that Gary actually helped me do is I get to place it anywhere I want in Legoland, San Francisco…I’m choosing Washington DC, because we are planning to do a Washington DC area show in season 2, and I know we’re going to visit the Lincoln Memorial so I’m going to place myself right on the steps and next time you see me in Washington DC I’ll be standing with Mini Me on the Lincoln Memorial.
04:07 JON: I expected a lot from Legoland California, and it far exceeded my expectations. It’s a child’s dream, and it wasn’t so bad for me, and Mini Me, either.
04:18 Next Stop logo
04:26 JON: San Diego has one of the top sailing communities in the US. Today we set sail with Dennis Connor’s America’s Cup yacht, the Stars and Stripes.
PATRICK: Alright, welcome aboard everyone, welcome. Welcome aboard Stars and Stripes. You are more than welcome to help out, this is 300 pounds and it goes 11 stories up, so we’re hoping someone wants to help out pulling. We do it the old fashioned way, heave ho. So, you are more than welcome to help out on that, we also have the grinding pedestals here, so the coffee grinders, we will get everyone involved in that. Almost there! There are three gears and you will never hear me tell you to slow down
MAN: Once we do that, it’s straight and in the center, right?
PATRICK: So we are going to pick up speed, you will feel it.
05:17 PATRICK: This is actually an IACC International America’s Cup Class, they are designed for where they race. They are designed for one race and that’s it, and then they basically throw them away, you know, they are not used again.
05:44 JON: You seem like a young captain, how long have you, did it take you to learn how to sail on this big boat?
PATRICK: I grew up sailing Lake Michigan, and just over the years of getting used to, I started as crew and then getting used to the boat just worked my way up to captain.
JON: What is the sailing community like here, it seems pretty vibrant, there is so many boats in the water.
PATRICK: It’s huge. San Diego is like a Mecca for sailing. If you look in the local marinas, it’s all masts, not too many power boats, it’s because of the great weather.
JON: Patrick, thanks for having us on board on behalf of everybody on board, it’s been a great day.
PATRICK: we’re glad to have you, thanks for coming out, we appreciate it.
06:32 Next Stop Logo
06:35 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.
06:42 next Stop Logo
06:45 JON: The San Diego Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of Southern California. Lions and tigers and bears and hippo’s…oh my!
07:03 JON: So this is my long lost brother John, he’s the tiger whisperer here at the San Diego Zoo, I like that name, the tiger whisperer. Did you just actually call these tigers down for us?
JOHN: Well they are very food motivated, it’s not like I have some kind of magical power over them or anything, they come down because a lot of the time when they hear me call, they are going to get fed.
JON: This is mama and the two babies.
JOHN: Two boys 5 months old, Christopher and Connor, just tipped the scale at 50 pounds yesterday. They were about 3 pounds when they were born. This is mom’s 4th litter. Whatever moves gets torn to pieces, makes me want to put a piece of furniture in there to see if they can wreck it like my cats at home do.
07:47 JON: Ok Nate, I’ve always been intrigued by hippo’s, they seem so peaceful and docile, but they are not really that peaceful and docile, are they?
NATE: No, no, they have a pretty bad reputation, they are considered the most dangerous mammal in Africa and it’s true they kill more people annually than lions, leopards, elephants and buffalo, any of the other dangerous animals you can think of. It looks kind of like they are smiling sometimes, their lips just kind of open up and those incisors are right there and it looks like a smile. Hippo’s don’t really smile, it’s just a kind of an accident of nature.
08:28 JON: So they say hippo’s aren’t very friendly, but actually they are friendly to guys like me, they like me, they know me, I’m kind of a hippo whisperer kind of guy who can actually get up close and personal, and even give it a kiss. Nice hipp!
08:50 JON: So who doesn’t love a koala bear, they are so cute, they’re so cuddly, but they are not bears, right Jen?
JEN: They’re not bears at all, they are actually a marsupial, they do carry their joey’s in a pouch just like a kangaroo or a wombat. The males don’t have a pouch, only the females do, and they’ll actually carry their young for at least 6 months in that pouch.
JON: And this is a male, introduce us to this cute guy.
JEN: This is Burly, and Burly is very special. He has an aboriginal name, Burly, it means star. We were hoping that once he came out of the pouch at 6 months he would be our star, our little ambassador here at the San Diego Zoo, and he has really turned out to be that.
JON: Look at that face! Obviously we had a great morning at the zoo, it’s been a pleasure meeting you and Burly, but we are off to the Safari park next, what should we expect up there?
JEN: It’s a unique experience, that everyone needs to experience on a day when they are in California. There is just so many animals up there and they have them all together, actually mingling like you would see in the wild, different species together.
09:54 LEAH: Welcome to the safari caravan, welcome aboard.
JON: I’m excited, it’s going to be fun.
LEAH: Alright. Are you ready to head out to Africa?
JON: Let’s go to Africa!
LEAH: Alright, sounds good. We are going to be cruising by our elephant herd here in just a minute. The worlds oldest white rhinocerous standing in the shade of our adult male Rothschilds giraffe. Having animals like this is super important to us, we break longevity records here all the time, we estimate Atomba’s ago to be about 45 years old, we are not 100 percent for sure as she did come out of the wild.
10:38 JON: Look at all these animals living together in harmony.
LEAH: It’s absolutely amazing, watching them interact with each other, that’s what we do out here every day, you see all those great interactions with each other. Our rhino’s interact directly with all the animals in this exhibit, everyone hangs out with everyone else. Sabba is our adult male giraffe, Sabba is a very handsome gentleman, and he is looking very proud of himself because all the babies out here are his. So Sabba here, Sabba is looking for a snack.
JON: Is that what he is looking for, or is he looking to eat me, am I a snack?
LEAH: You guys wanna feed Sabba?
JON: Yeah!
LEAH: Come here buddy. So, the easiest way to feed a giraffe is just like this,you can kinda hold that leaf up for him, and he is going to take that right from you. Rule of tongue for a giraffe is an inch of tongue per foot of giraffe, so Sabba is about 17 and a half feet tall, so he is going to a 17 and a half inch long tongue, and on Sabba you can really see these osicones, these horns on top of his head? Osicones is just a latin word for hair covered horns, they’re lumpy, they’re bumpy, they’re big, he’s got huge osicones. He actually has 5 of them, there is one on the middle there with 2 big ones on top of his head, and there is actually 2 more little ones behind that, and he would use those in combat with other males.
11:55 JON: One of my favorite shows that I’ve watched for years is Big Cat Diary, and my favorite animal to watch is the cheetah, so when I knew at the end of our San Diego Zoo and Safari Park day we were going to do the cheetah run, I was pretty excited.
JANET: I know, it’s pretty incredible, and we are so happy with it. Our track itself is really impressive being 100 meters long, it’s the longest dedicated cheetah track, and we are running outside of an exhibit, it’s an open environment, so people are standing right there, just a few feet from the cheetah, the world’s fastest land mammal, sprinting full speed right past them.
12:38 JANET: Never in history has a wild cheetah attacked a person, they’re always going to choose flight over fight, and I think that does make them endearing, they are that sensitive predator, they are this incredible animal to run 70 miles per hour, to be such perfect athletes, it just really does make them so unique and special.
JON: Well thank you for sharing them with us.
JANET: Well thank you.
JON: The whole experience was just an amazing day at the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park.. I can’t imagine why anybody coming to San Diego wouldn’t want to do this.
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13:14 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the historical and legendary Hotel Del Coronado.
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13:24 JON: San Diego has some of the best beaches around, in fact, the weather and beaches are a way of life here in San Diego. The Travel Channel just rated this beach, Coronado Beach, as one of America’s finest beaches, something locals and visitors have known for years. When you are done with your day at the beach, make sure and visit Coronado town, a quaint turn of the century town, complete with beautiful homes, parks, restaurants, shopping and so much more. For more information on Coronado and San Diego, visit and book your vacation today, you will be glad you did.
13:52 Next Stop logo
13:55 JON: The legendary Hotel Del Coronado has hosted many celebrities throughout time, from royalty, to presidents, to Hollywood. Today, they host the Next Stop crew.
14:10 CHRISTINE: I am the Hotel Del’s resident historian.
JON: Nice.
CHRISTINE: And the hotel was built in 1888, and we have a lot of history here, the hotel was actually built as a destination resort way before there was such a thing.
JON: So what inspired it back then? Why would they have built such a huge beautiful resort back in the day?
CHRISTINE: Well we’re looking in the wrong direction, the reason they built it here was out that way.
JON: The ocean. Location.
CHRISTINE: Location, location., location. It’s a beautiful location. There is something about coming into the Del that is awe inspiring and people, even little children, understand that it is a very special place, and that is all still here. So much of our interior achitecture, our intertior molding, design is still the way it used to be. All our lovely verandas you can see behind us, it’s actually beautiful here.
15:05 JON: There is a wide variety of accommodations here at the Hotel Del, and this is one of the newer rooms, this room is beautiful.
CHRISTINE: This is a beautiful room, it really speaks to the glamour that was with the Del from the very beginning, and this is in our victorian building which is 123 years old, but you would never know it from this room, it looks like a fashionable room from the hollywood era.
JON: You also have some cottages?
CHRISTINE: We do, we have Beach Village, which is a resort within a resort. It’s a private enclave, it’s own pool, it’s own concierge, it’s own services. It’s very private, it’s where the Hollywood people today like to come and stay.
JON: Well let’s stay along the hollywood line, because you’ve had movies filmed here, Some Like It Hot, Marilyn Monroe.
CHRISTINE: Yes, and it’s a classic, it was voted the number 1 comedy of all time.
15:55 JON: This 28 acre resort is not only stunning on the inside, but there is a lot going on on the outside, They’ve got a great pool, there is every beachfront activity you can possibly imagine, this place is kid-topia. They ever turn this into an ice skating rink during the winter months, how cool is that? My next stop, the spa.
16:19 JON: This is the life Corey, chilling out at the Spa Del. Spa’s just aren’t for women, guys dig spa’s too.
COREY: You said that right Jon. I’ve got to tell you one of the most interesting things I have noticed is that men just don’t appreciate what a spa has to offer. What Mandy is doing right now is not only applying a nice moisturizer to your hand so it will feel real nice later on when you go to talk to your wife, your girlfriend, or any other body that you like to hold hands with, but right now she is pouring a little wax on there, and it feels a little warm, very sensual right now.
JON: It does.
COREY: But in a few minutes what you will find is that it will be coated on there just like candle wax.
JON: I like it. After I do this I gotta do something sporty. You know what I think I will do?
COREY: What do you think you are going to do?
JON: I think I will try out surfing.
COREY: You know, this is the place to do that. Look just behind us folks, fantastic out there.
17:14 JON: This is Gnarly Neal, and he’s bound to get me up on this surfboard, on those waves.
NEAL: OK, here we go, paddle, paddle, paddle. Here it comes, hang on, hands back,toes up, here you go, bring that one foot up, good, good. Let’s throw on our wetsuits and we’ll head on out.
JON: Let’s do it!
NEAL: Alright.
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17:51 Stick around for artistically blended blues, jazz and rock and rool on Next Stop, San Diego.
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18:01 JON: San Diego’s famed Gas Lamp District is a 16 block area, equal parts stately and fun loving. The district, which gets its name from gas lit street lamps along 5th Avenue, has gone through many incarnations. Today you will find numerous restaurants ranging from burger joints to 4 star italian bistros, and much more. Numerous wine bars and night clubs brings this district to life at night and give it a vibrant pulse. If you are looking for action in San Diego, the Gas Lamp District is where it’s at.
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19:14 JON: Our musical guest on Next Stop San Diego is Len Rainey and his Midnight Players.
LEN: The band has been with me now for abo