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00:00-00:04 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from the cruise capital of the world.
00:19-00:35: JON: Miami Florida is one of the most culturally diverse cities in America, and we will celebrate that on Next Stop Miami. On this episode we will bring you Miami cuisine, local music, sports, and we will feature the number one art show in the Americas. All this and so much more on Next Stop Miami. The fun starts now!
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00:39-02:14 JON: Jungle Island is a fun and interactive theme park where you can get up close and personal with some of natures most amazing animals. This is Ryan, he’s our tour guide, what are we going to see today buddy?
RYAN: We are going to see some of the most rare, the most endangered, the most fun and the most interactive animals basically anywhere.
JON: Good, let’s do it.
RYAN: Let’s go. OK, the first stop on the VIP safari tour at Jungle Island is this room, the lemur nursery.
JON: This looks unique.
RYAN: It is very unique. This is actually the only place in the world that you can legally touch one of those red rough lemurs. What I am going to have you do is come over and take a seat on these pillows, you want to just hold your hands open whenever they come out.
JON: We’ve got lemurs!
RYAN: Alright. Now these guys here, of all the lemurs, these two are two of the most endangered.
JON: He jumped on our camera guy. Whoa! Flying lemurs!
RYAN: There you go, nice.
JON: That’s what I’m talking about!
RYAN: Here we are at the kangaroo paddock.
JON: Hey kangaroos!
RYAN: These are called the giant reds, and these are the kangaroos that can get to be about 6 feet tall, there we go.
JON: Oh wow.
RYAN: Little more, so almost my height at this point. They can go days and days without water, and they can smell water from over 200 kilometers away.
JON: And the camera guy gets more love from the kangaroos too, it was the lemurs, now it’s the kangaroos for you Mike.
02:19-03:05 RYAN: OK, so these are our Aldabra tortoises, they come from off the coast of Africa, and their lifespan is truly astounding. The truth is we don’t know how long they can live.
JON: Really?
RYAN: Yeah, because they keep outliving generation after generation of people, and the records kind of get lost. Go ahead and take seat on him, just like you would ride a horse. There you go. Most people equate slowness with weakness, but this is one of the most powerful animals you will come across.
JON: Oh, he feels strong.
RYAN: Yeah.
JON: Thanks for the ride buddy. That is how you properly dismount a tortoise by the way, like that.
RYAN: That’s right, there is an art to it.
JON: Yeah I know. Thanks for noticing.
03:13-04:07 BREEZA: You are going to put your hands just like I have them, one behind the jaw, and one at the base of the tail, and I want you to have a nice firm grip on her, so go ahead, give it a try. Firm grip, and what’s cool about alligator teeth is they are actually hollow, so every time she looses a tooth, another one will immediately start to grow.
RYAN: So this is one of the most unique parts of the tour, this is Senor Pepe, and his white collar, the legend is that if you touch it, it brings you good luck.
JON: Oh, bring me good luck buddy, bring me good luck.
RYAN: So this is your surprise ending, this is Smokey and Lord Byron, they are two baby capuclin monkeys about 9 months old, and they are pretty cute.
JON: Now for an amazing experience on your next trip to Miami you guys, you have to check out Jungle Island, this was fantastic.
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04:15-04:42 Florida is one of the few states in the country that has won championships on all 4 major sports, baseball, basketball, hockey and football. The Florida Marlins have won the World Series twice, in 2004 the Florida Panthers took home the coveted Stanley Cup, and in 2006 the Miami Heat won the NBA title. Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Miami Dolphins have won the Superbowl, in fact in 1972 the Miami Dolphins were the only undefeated team in the history of the NFL. Coming up on Next Stop, we feature the Miami Dolphins game fan experience.
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04:47-06:38 JON: We’re here at the Miami Dolphins game for a fan experience, kicking it off appropriately in the pit for some tailgating. I’m going to test your Dolphins trivia. Are you big Dolphins fans?
GIRLS: We will do our best.
JON: What year did the Dolphins come into existence?
GIRLS: 1964
JON: Is that your final answer?
GIRLS: That is our final answer.
JON: 1966
GIRLS: Oh no.
MAN: 1966
JON: Bam. Nice. From a guys perspective, this is our first Dolphins game. What should we expect?
MAN: Expect a lot of drinking, a good time, and a Dolphins victory today.
JON: To a Dolphins victory, whoo hoo! That is mighty tasty iced tea! What’s tailgating without some good barbequeing going on right here, Elijah, you’ve got it going on brother. You look like a big Miami Dolphins fan.
ELIJAH: I’m always a fan, since ‘72. Since I was 5 years old I always been a Miami Dolphin fan, I love the Dolphin, in my house I got dolphin, I’ve got my kids with me and they are Dolphin fans.
JON: Good, well that’s good it should be in the family. We’ve got Fernando here, how old are you buddy?
JON: You’re 6? And you are a big Dolphins fan? So Fernando what do you want to be when you grown up?
FERNANDO: Play football.
JON: There’s a lot of cool things happening at Sunlife Stadium, the tailgating was awesome, but coming up something very special, NFL royalty get inducted into the Miami Dolphins Walk of Fame.
ANNOUNCER: Forever from this day forward, stars present, past and future will have their names inducted here in this plaza, Coach Don Shula, the winningest coach in the history of the National Football League, and a true leader within our organization.
JON: If you are a fan of football, you realize how special that ceremony just was. The pregame festivities continue in the Dolphins Grand Plaza.
06:43-07:40 JON: You just never know who you are going to run into, we’ve got Sam Madison, ex all pro quarterback for the Miami Dolphins.
SAM: I know you all travel all over the world but thank you all for coming here to Sunlight Stadium and seeing what we have in store for you guys.
JON: This is our first Dolphins game, I’m really impressed so far, there’s a lot of stuff happening outside the stadium.
SAM: It is a great opportunity to come out here and interact with the fans and, when the fans come out to have a good time I mean because when you come the game you know all the fans they talk about it, you always come out to have fun.
JON: Ladies and gentlemen, buckle down, it’s game time, here come the Miami Dolphins! Alright Coach Shula, we have the Raiders in town, what’s the game plan today? Ah, keeping it close to the vest I see. Well coach might be a man of few words, but he does have the most victories of any coach in the history of the NFL. Good luck today coach.
07:46-08:04 JON: Sunlight stadium has several venues where you can grab some food, grab some beverages, watch the game. We are in a nightclub, LIV, Sunlight stadiums own night club. So what’s going to happen at halftime?
DJLAZ: Get ready, I’m going to jump on the turntables, we’re going to turn this into the craziest daytime nightclub party in the world.
08:15-08:28 JON: Well, it looks like the Dolphins have this game wrapped up, what an amazing experience, starting with the tailgating. This stadium is incredible, the Walk of Fame induction ceremony, thank you Miami Dolphins organization for helping us make great memories on Next Stop Miami.
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08:32-08:47 JON: Despite being called the sunshine state, the sunflower isn’t Florida’s state flower, it is the orange blossom. In fact, there are more orange groves in Florida than anywhere else in the world and it provides the United States with 75% of its oranges. 40% of the worlds orange juice comes from the sunshine state.
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08:54-10:42 JON: Luxury meets the ocean at the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach. From the minute you walk into the lobby, this provocative flair, and this swanky feeling just overtakes you. We love this man, let’s talk about the history of this property, because it goes back in time.
DAVID: Well, as you probably already know, and many people in Miami Beach and around the country, the Eden Roc is built by the same architect that built the Fontainbleau, that’s Morris Lapidus. So you’ll see his design all throughout Miami Beach, this was his baby, this was his boutique build, and this came up in the mid 50’s.
JON: This is kind of a happening spot in this area.
DAVID: Well we renovated it for it to be a cool lifestyle space, you know, accenting what Morris did here with the floating ceiling, and to give our customers kind of that influence and that historic feeling that they are in a place that isn’t just here today and gone tomorrow.
JON: The property is absolutely beautiful, I love the fact that you are on the beach, but inside this place has a lot of variety. The rooms are really pretty cool, and also, dare I say, a little bit swanky too.
DAVID: Jon, listen, you know, what the owners of this building were very, very, very particular on how they designed our new tower.The historic tower has always been here, we redesigned a 21 story tower, the first of its kind on this beach. In all shapes, matters and form, they redesigned those rooms to look just like the historic tower ones.
JON: Let’s talk about your spa, 30,000 plus square foot spa, it is relatively new, it’s going to win awards, there is no question.
DAVID: what we walked away with was a bigger understanding on that lifestyle space where we integrate fashion and beauty and health, with the experience at a destination hotel and a spa experience.
10:46-11:45 TIMOTHY: Welcome to the first Elle spa in the world, we are the first spa that had a relationship with Elle magazine. Being the first Elle spa in the world, we offer an editorial collection of unique items that have been aquired for us that are available for sale within our retail shop. We also have signature treatments that are created by editors that’s available inside our Elle spa.
DAVID: Some of the things that we wanted to express with you were some of our secrets, her name is Paula DeSilva.
JON: Now I hear you are not much of a secret, she was on Hells Kitchen.
DAVID: Yeah, she is one of them.
PAULA: Miami is evolving a lot as you know, and there is a ton of great chefs down here in this area now, and what we did with 1500 degrees was we wanted to appease to all of the guests that we have not only in the hotel, but locally as well.
JON: Well this area is absolutely on fire and 1500 degrees fits in perfectly to the Eden Roc, branding it, very swanky, very cool, and it looks very tasty.
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11:50-11:54 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Little Havana Food Tours!
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11:57-13:10 JON: One of my favorite things about Miami is the cultural diversity, today we are in Little Havana for a culinary walking tour.
GRACE: Hi folks, welcome to the Little Havana food tour from Miami Culinary Tours. We’re going to try all of this different types of traditional cuban cuisine, so follow me. When you ask for a cafe cubano, it comes just in little cups, you don’t drink out of this cup. Little Carlo is the owner of El Pub restaurant, now the coffee is roasted locally. And now we are going to stop, I call it the Mister Villa place that actually has the cuban tobacco cigar factory, it’s great to watch the art of cigar rolling, you know the good cigars are made with the entire tobacco leaf, the family does the entire process themselves. Your sandwiches before they get cold, you have ham, pork, swiss cheese, you cannot come to Miami without trying these.
13:21-14:44 GRACE: I love this place because, this is a place in Miami that was dedicated to the elderly, now they have these like rooms, anybody that is below the age of 55 is not allowed to play, you can not play for money, I see things happening. You know this is where you really absorb the older cuban generation. The city of Miami invested 110,000 dollars and assigned this space for them, it brings a sense of community which is one of the things that we really love about this neighborhood. Couple things I really like about this place is that the eggs that they sell, they come from the chickens that are walking around in the neighborhood, and the fruit, they comes from the trees, you know, in the neighborhood, um, so you can’t get more organic than that.
JON: Pretty sustainable.
GRACE: Yeah, exactly. OK, everybody, thank you so much for coming to the Little Havana Food Tour I hope you enjoy the food and enjoy walking in the Little Havana and try all these traditional cuban, so thank you so much.
JON: Gracias.
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14:51-15:49 JON: We are at the Miami Beach Convention Center for the 10th annual Art Basel Miami, the most prestigious art show in the Americas. There is over 2,000 artists from countries all over the world. How did this get started Bob?
BOB: A group of people affiliated with the Art Basel fair in Basel, Switzerland came to Miami Beach and thought about launching a second fair here, and the baby sister is now 10 years old.
JON: What did the New York Times call this, because that is pretty impressive.
BOB: The olympics of the art world.
JON: This is the olympics of the art world, folks, we’re surrounded by so much talent, and we don’t even know where to start, we have an afternoon here, what do you recommend for us?
BOB: Oh, I recommend comfortable shoes.
JON: I’ve got that!
BOB: I recommend seeing as much as you can, it’s a tremendous amount or art of every type, from video art, photography, all kind of pieces, you’ll see art valued in the millions.
15:56-16:47 JON: We’ve got Europe well represented here with Mr. Greve, he has galleries in Paris
KARSTEN: Yes, Cologne, and Switzerland. For us it is beginning art fest where the place and the movement to get people interested in art and to get them into the galleries. Now it turned out the opposite, they are coming to the theater and they are not really coming to the galleries so it is an opposite movement.
JON: We’ve got Brazil in the house with Rodrigo, which that is not the proper way to say your name, right?
RODRIGO: Yeah, it’s Rodrigo, that’s ok, yeah.
JON: Rodrigo.
RODRIGO: Our gallery is one of the most respected in Brazil, we exist in 1988, there are 16 brazillian galleries this year at the fair.
JON: Great!
RODRIGO: So there is a lot of interesting Brazilian art, and it’s been great for us.
16:53-17:50 JON: You know what sounds good about now? Sitting in the park reading a good book, there just so happens to be a bookshelf behind me, follow me. Oh, I guess it’s just art. It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lilian from Shanghai.
LILIAN: Yes, our gallery is the very first contemporate gallery owned by a swiss guy, he came to Shanghai 2 years ago, opened this gallery, only promoting the chinese young artist.
JON: Do you have a favorite piece in this exhibit?
LILIAN: Umm, all of them are my favorite pieces!
JON: I figured you would say that, but come on, you have one that maybe, one or two that you love.
LILLIAN: This artist Zhen Chen is from Beijing, he is born in 1918 and he did a lot of animation pieces.
JON: Well we did it, we found the most unique piece of art at Art Basel Miami, voila!
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17:57-18:01: JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Miami’s thriving local music scene with Elastic Bond
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18:05-18:54 JON: Our Art Basel celebration continues in downtown Miami at the Performing Arts Exchange. Our featured local band, Elastic Bond, Sofy, welcome to Next Stop.
SOFY: Thank you for having me.
JON: I’m excited to see you guys perform live, because your manager sent us your music so I have been listening to it, I kind of describe it as Miami Sound Machine meets Sade.
SOFY: Definitely Sade is an influence, and I would say Diggable Planets and Funny Allstars. You know, the songs come out, some of them come out in spanish, some of them come out in english.
JON: Now Art basel is happening all around us right now, it’s happening behind us, got Dexos doing a cool painting.
SOFY: Oh Yeah.
JON: It’s a pretty cool scene for Miami, and music is part of that.
SOFY:A lot of the times we have people painting live at our shows.
JON: Vey cool.
JON: We understand we are in for a treat at the beginning of the show too. We don’t know what it is yet, but your guys said you want to roll on that.
SOFY: Yes, definitely.
18:55-19:11 MUSIC
19:12-19:35 SOFY: Well tonight we’re releasing our music video Frecuencia Natural as so we are, it’s from our EP, it’s our latest release right now on itunes, and so we’re performing, we are paying tribute to that, to that EP, and we have people you know, they did art, the art of the cd they brought it to life with an art installation inside, so we have that by the stage.
19:38-20:13 MUSIC
20:14-20:28 JON: What’s the music scene like here, I hear lots of different flavors of music in Miami, very international.
SOFY: I think it’s a great thing, I love it. You have a lot of beautiful, beautiful music definitely. People don’t know about this, but it’s here.
20:29-20:43 MUSIC
20:44-20:52 JON: From what my vision is of music, because we feature musicians all over the world, I really feel like your band encapsulates Miami, it really has a Miami feel to it.
20:53-21:24 MUSIC
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21:27-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from one of our nations most eclectic and exciting cities, Miami. Thanks to our Miami show sponsors, the Eden Roc Renaissance Miami Beach, and the Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau, we appreciate all your help, we had a great time. Thanks also to our title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!
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