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ATV at Kahomo Ranch, Cirque Polynesia, Sailing on Teralani, Westin Kaanapali, Wailele Polynesian Luau, Mulligans/Willie K



00:00-00:04 JON: Aloha and welcome to Next Stop from our 50th state’s valley isle.
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00:11- 00:23 JON: It’s whale season on magical Maui and on this episode we’ll get up close and personal with some humpback whales. We’ll also experience adventure and culture on Maui and feature the legendary tunes of Maui’s own Willie K. The fun starts now!
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00:29-00:45 JON: For this evenings activity we board the Teralani for a sunset cruise complete with pupu’s and cocktails and hopefully, something that rhymes with cocktails, whales, get it? The fun starts right when you board.
CREW: Go guys, go. Come on, while we’re young, get on the ladder.
00:55-01:23 MARIO: Heads are the bathrooms, those staircases right there. Take your time going down there, use the railings while you move around down there. You guys, if you don’t think it is operating correctly down there don’t be shy, please let Amber know, ok? What we are going to do is go out, looking for some humpback whales, if we don’t see humpback whales today you might be sleeping because they are all over the place. If your eyes are open you’re probably going to see some whales out there.
01:33-1:59 AMBER: These are baleen whales. There’s two types, there is toothed whales and baleen whales. They are going to be feeding up in Alaska all summer in groups. They like to, they form big bubble nets which capture their prey, then they’ll take turns jumping through the net to engulf the prey.
JON: Really: That’s a huge one, wow!
AMBER: That’s a mom and a baby.
JON: Look at those tail flips, I can;t tell which is the mom and which is the baby.
ALL: Cheers, wow!
02:12-03:12 JON: I love the cocktail cruise not only for the cocktails and the whales, but also because  you get to meet fun people from all over the place. What are your names and where are you guys from?
MAN: I’m Jon and this is Dayle, from Vancouver Washington.
JON: I have some questions for you about Hawaii, let’s test your Hawaii knowledge. First of all, what is the capital of Hawaii?
MAN: Honolulu.
JON: You are correct. Do you know the name of the state fish?
WOMAN: Ono? No?
MAN: You can’t pronounce it, it’s about 20 letters long.
WOMAN: This long! Look, he’s go to bring a…
JON: I’m actually bringing it out, I’m giving you a cheat sheet and I want to hear you guys pronounce it.
WOMAN: Oh, no no no.
JON: Come on, you can do it.
WOMAN: Puma noo koo na kua pu ah ki
JON: That’s pretty close, Jon, come on you’ve gotta give it a try, your wife did.
MAN: Huna huna noo koo noo koo apoo.
JON: That’s pretty good actually.
03:14-03:58 JON: We not only saw whales and had killer pupu’s and cocktails, but these guys do an awesome job. The Teralani is the way to go when you come to Maui to see anything. What do you guys do when you’re not…when the whales aren’t here?
MARIO: We snorkel, we get in the water, we go snorkeling.
JON: Nice!
AMBER: And sailing.
MARIO: And sailing.
JON: You guys do a great job, you make everyone from all over the country is here having a good time. We had a good time. Dude, I need to ask you a favor though, if I give you these hats will you wear them? Bud says yes, Bud chose the gray. For you Bud.
MARIO: Always? Of course we’ll wear them.
AMBER: I will wear it.
JON: Promise?
AMBER: I promise.
JON: Because you guys see tourists from all over the place, you need to help us promote Next Stop.
MARIO: Yeah, but they don’t all bring us hats.
JON: Nice, cheers. Thanks you guys.
AMBER: Thank you.
JON: Aloha
MARIO: Aloha.
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04:05-04:24 JON: Lahaina, located on west Maui was the first capital of the kingdom of Hawaii. In the 19th century it served as the center for the global whaling industry, Lahaina, in hawaiian, means cruel sun, related to it’s sunny dry climate. It only gets about 13 inches of rain a year, so for those of us living in a rainy wet climate, isn’t that a good reason to come to Maui? Book your trip today at
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04:28-04:34 JON & ALL:Coming up on Next Stop, we get down and dirty on ATV’s in west Maui, wooo!
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04:37-05:00 JON: We all have to eat on Maui and some of us just have to shop. For you shoppers the Whaler’s Village is perfect. With over 90 stores to tickle your fancy there is just about something for everybody. And when you are done shopping and you have worked up an appetite, visit one of their fantastic restaurants, I’ve tried them all and they are fabulous. My favorite thing about Whaler’s Village is the location, right on world famous Ka’aniplai beach. For more information visit
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05:03-05:25 JON: For today’s Maui adventure we’re heading up country with Kahoma Ranch ATV Tours.
KEIKO: Transmission is an automatic so I mean, you don’t even have to touch them if you unless you gotta. There is only 2 gears, all the way down is reverse, if you have to, all the way back up is low. There is a high gear, but we cut the high gear off, especially for the Californians.
05:39-05:40 JON: We could have really gotten wet there!
05:48-06:38 KEIKO: So I’m gonna point out some fruits and stuff grown in Hawaii, a lot of people ask like how pineapples and bananas grow, and I’m going to show you guys a couple of native plants while we up there, yeah? So bananas, this is how it grows, first off, starting off, it starts off with a flower underneath every leaf there is seeds of bananas. Pineapples, a lot of people think it grows in trees, 9u know it doesn’t grow in trees, it grows just like this, see them? So it takes about a year and a half for a pineapple to be matured and ready to eat, same thing with the bananas, a little over a year. So, Maui Gold pineapple, the most sweetest pineapple in the world, cut then just like this inside, so you cut around the core like this, and slice.
06:46-07:13 KEIKO: This is the 9th rainiest place in the world, 600 inches a year. We’re going to yell as loud as you can just for a quick second and stop. Just not longer than a second, if you do it longer than a second you won’t be able to hear the echo. Ok, one, two, three go!
ALL: Whoo!
JON: Sweet!
KEIKO: You guys all ready to ride again, get back on the ATV’s and ride? Alright, let’s go!
07:44-08:09 JON: Not only was it an exhilarating ATV adventure up here, but I also got a nice little spa treatment, they say mud is good for the skin, right?
KEIKO: Yeah!
JON: Now you guys do other tours, right?
KEIKO: Yeah, I mean we do a waterslide tour that you didn’t experience but, uh, the first tours are driving like how we just did and the last two tours is a waterslide tour incorporated with the tours, it’s sliding and the rest is driving.
JON: We’ve done a lot of tours, this was super cool, this is a must do on your Maui checklist.
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08:18-08:38 JON: You can’t come to Maui and not attend a luau, luau’s are very important in Hawaii. We’re at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa, the luau is much more than just a show, it’s an actual story from beginning to end, right?
NATHAN: Right.
JON: Tell us the story, walk us through the story.
NATHAN: Our story is a journey of all the polynesian islands, from start to finish. You get the costumes, the songs, the dances, a real touch of what the history is about.
08:47-08:59 JON: What is the significance of the fire knife dance within the luau?
TAVITA: The fire knife is originally from the island of Samoa, actually it started out with just the knife dance and the fire was added on later.
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09:07-09:22 JON: If you are a golf enthusiast there is 14 courses to choose from on Maui. Our favorite is the Kaanapali golf courses that is located in the heart of Kaanapali. With over 45 years of tournament history, legends like Jack and Arnie have played here, and so can you. For more information visit and play golf.
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09:26-09:30 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, a cultural experience at a world class resort.
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09:35-10:27 JON: There are many beautiful hotels and resorts to stay at on Maui, we chose the Westin  Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas. A AAA 4 diamond resort located right on Kaanapali beach. The lobby is warm and inviting and the rooms are gorgeous. Each villa has it’s own famous Westin heavenly bed, a fully equipted kitchen, flat screen tv’s, and what I love, a whirlpool bathtub. And for those of us that don’t like to travel with a lot of bags, no worries. Each unit also has it’s own washer and dryer, so leave that excess baggage at home. The 26 acre property at the Maui Westin Villas is spectacular, they have 6 pools, one of them has a waterslide which me and my crew totally dig, one of the pools for the keikis, or children, even has it’s own pirate ship, aaargh.
And if you just want to chill out and hang out in the lazy river pool, or take a stroll along the oceanfront walking and jogging trail. But the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort is much more than your average resort, it is a cultural experience.
10:30-12:18 JON: We’ve shown you that the Westin Villas here on Maui is an amazing resort, but you can actually immerse yourself into the  hawaiian culture here on property, isn’t that true Maka?
MAKA: Yes it is, absolutely.
JON: It all starts in the morning with the conch shell blowing, what is the significance of the conch shell and the chanting?
MAKA: Well the significance of the conch shell is, at the sound of the poo, or the conch shell announces that something very special is about to happen. So, after the sounding of the conch shell then you have what we call a Ole’ kahale, or the calling, which is in a chant form for instance.
JON: Beautiful.
MAKA: Thank you.
JON: I loved that. Sustainability is a big topic here today, Hawaii being the most isolated land mass in the world you need to live off the land still, tell us about that.
MAKA: Actually back in the old days of Hawaii, or pupuna, or our ancestors, that is the lessons that we have been taught because it is always, we become one with hapuhana moku with is earth mother. We believe that when we take care of earth mother she will take care of us.
JON: And there’s lots of different vegetation on property here, you have a botanical tour, correct?
MAKA: Yes, absolutely, we do have a botaniocal tour, we have one of our associates that take our owners and guests on a short, maybe about an hour tour on our property. We have what we call laoa, which is medicinal plants that we grow, and we explain what the scientific name, the common name for it, and what we use it for.
JON: Well I love to participate, and I’m thinking I need to immerse myself in hawaiian culture here on property, what would you recommend?
MAKA: I would recommend that you really immerse yourself with coconut weaving that we have every Fridays here on our property.
JON: I like it, I’ve never done it. Time to try something new.
12:22-12:47 JON: Hey kids, hey Mika, Maka tells me you are going to teach us how to weave from the coconut tree.
MIKA: Hey brother.
JON: Maka tells me you are going to teach us how to weave from the coconut tree.
MIKA: Yeah, put your left hand like this, some of you might have two left hands, but grab your left hand like this, your other left…there you go, this left. Grab the wide of the first leaf, drape it over your left hand just like this, make it so it goes across your hand.
MIKA: Good job brother!
JON: Thanks man!
12:49-14:00 JON: Relaxation, rejuvenation, and personal wellness, these are the themes here at the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas.
SARAH: The spa really embodies all three of those. With wellness, yoga classes, fitness classes, pilates. For relaxation and rejuvenation, some massage, facial body treatments really help you relax your mind and body.
JON: Now your spa is very beautiful, you’ve got a tree house suite, tell us about that.
SARAH: The tree house suite overlooks our meditation lounge, you can here the bamboo swaying, the birds chirping, you get all those outdoor elements.
JON: Now for couples you guys have some special programs as well.
SARAH: We do, we have a couples instructional massage, so that is a therapist takes a couple up to our room, and it’s a great bonding experience, the husband is learning how to give a really good foot massage, the wife is learning how to do a really good shoulder and scalp massage.
JON: And then after they are done with all that they can chillax as I like to say, in relaxation lounge which is outdoors, but kind of private and secluded as well. Well, I’m going to do something different, I’m going to get my spa on later on but what do you suggest?
SARAH: I would say for wellness to try the paddle boarding, you can do it right outside the resort.
14:04-14:31 JON: So Sarah mentioned stand up paddle boarding as something I should do for my self relaxation rejuvenation and I think it’s a good idea because its really kind of the sport of the people, it’s really not that difficult, everybody is doing it here in Hawaii, all ages. Here’s the 101, grab your paddle, grab your board, paddle out to some smooth water, paddle out on your knees nice and easy. When you find some smooth water, stand up with your feet about shoulder length apart, and start paddling. While you are paddling, bend your knees, you get a nice core workout, it’s actually a lot of fun.
14:34-15:34 JON: We have many dining options here at the Westin Maui Villas and one of my favorites is Pulehu.
CALEB: One of the things that chef Francois has really brought to the table is, he’s all about sustainability. We take traditional italian recipes and we infuse them with local flair.
JON: tell us abut the other options for dining here, in addition to Pulehu which is fantastic.
CALEB: Well in addition to Pulehu, we also have Oceans Pool Bar & Grill and on Fridays they do a live sushi demonstration and they have live music there, And we’ve also got Paiolo, that’s Maui’s only ocean front sports bar which is great.
JON: We love that, but what are we going to be cooking tonight, because I’ actually going to get in the kitchen with chef Francois.
CALEB: Honestly I’m sure he’s got some tricks up his sleeve, you know he’s going kinda trial by fire with you.
JON: What are we going to make here?
FRANCOIS: We’re going to make clam linguini, so bring some of those nice beautiful clams, and we just let them steam just for a second.
JON: Just pour it in?
FRANCOIS: Just pour it in, nice little flame going.
JON: Merci Beaucoup!
FRANCOIS: Bon Appetit!
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15:40-15:47 JON: When Next Stop returns
ALL: Cirque Polynesia!
JON: You guys don’t want to miss this.
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16:02-16:42 JON: Las Vegas meets Maui at Cirque Polynesia. Now Tuffy, this isn’t your first circus.
TUFFY: Well the new thing is for this season is the wheel of death, or the wheel of destiny, which I prefer calling it rather.
JON: I like the wheel of destiny too.
TUFFY: It’s really exciting, its about 50 feet high, or performer runs around the outside of it doing tricks, he does a flip off it, it’s really cool.
JON: So how many families are involved in the performance, because I see mothers, daughters, kids, its a big family.
TUFFY: The circus is about family, and most circus performers grew up passing it on to the next generation so, its almost all families.
17:27-17:59 JON: You surprised everybody tonight with this. I thought it was an act because you guys are performers, but it’s not an act.
JON: You guys got engaged tonight.
JON: That is awesome! Congradulations, this was a rare, I was sitting in the back row going ‘is it real, is it a joke, is it real or part of the performance’
SIMON: I’ve been thinking about it for years, and we’ve looked at rings before and I found this one and I really liked it and I just felt like it was time, I felt like it was right.
JON: Congradulations you guys, the best of luck to you and what a great show you have thanks for having us tonight.
BOTH: Thank you
JON: Awesome.
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18:08- 18:58 JON: For our local music segment we are in Wialea at Mulligans on the Blue for award winning music by Willie K
JON: Irish publicans Mike O’Dwyer brings Ireland to Maui here at Mulligans.
MIKE: And a full irish pub at that, with real Guiness.
JON: Is this real Guiness, straight from Dublin?
MIKE: Straight from St James’s cave.
JON: Nice! So this is going to be the real thing.
MIKE: There’s nothing like it, real irish pub with real irish people drinking real irish Guiness.
JON: What’s it like to have a guy like Willie K perform here regularly?
MIKE: To have a hawaiian man playing irish music in an irish pub…my dad came here and he said he had to travel 8,000 miles to see somebody sing Danny Boy properly, so we are honored, this is kinda his home on Maui.
19:21-19:55 JON: Music is very important in the hawaiian islands and everywhere you go, everybody knows Willie K, and for good reason, your music is awesome.
WILLIE:Thank you, Aloha.
JON: Aloha. How did you get started, how did it all begin for you?
WILLIE: Brother I been born with it. You know, parents were musicians so everybody else that was born right after that was, became great musicians.
JON: So did you sit around with the family and play growing up?
WILLIE: We still do that.
JON: That’s awesome.
WILLIE: We still do that.
JON: You have your ohana with you tonight you’ve got your cute little girl.
WILLIE: We try to make the atmosphere more family like
20:1620:29 JON: You play amazing hawaiian music but you rock out to other stuff, I’ve heard you do opera.
WILLIE: Yeah, well it’s all part of the entertaining process, you give them everything you possibly can so that they remember you and love you and tell everybody else, wherever they come from.
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21:26-21:52 JON: Mahalo for tuning into Next Stop from magical Maui, we’ve barely scratched the surface of this lovely island. There is so much to see and do, so much culture to experience, we hope we have enticed you book your next trip to Maui. Thanks to our Maui show sponsors, the Westin Kaanapali Ocean Resort Villas, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa signature card. Also thanks to our long time partners, London Influence and Latitudes. We’ll see you next time on Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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