Next Stop: Baja Sur

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00:00-00:04 JON: Hola I’m Jon Olson, welcome to Next Stop from Baja Sur!
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00:14-00:29 JON: Bienvenido to Next Stop from beautiful Baja California South, also known as Baja Sur. On this episode of Next Stop we will feature the beautiful towns of La Paz and Loreto and we will play on the Sea of Cortez. All this and mucho mas coming up on Next Stop, the fun starts now!
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00:40-01:22 JON: We are about to make some great memories on Mexico’s stunning Sea of Cortez for a day filled with all things water and beach related. Muy Bueno! This is our awesome host Scott who actually set up this entire day, you have a day full of activities for us planned.
SCOTT: Well right now we are here getting clams that we are going to be making for lunch on Coronado Island beach a little later today, but before we get to that we’re going to do some kayaking around the north side of Coronado Island. We’re going to start out looking at some interesting rock formations, and then we will come up on a seal colony.
00:27-2:31 JON: This is nice way to see the landscape close up.
SCOTT: It really is, the kayak really allows you to kind of get up close and personal with it. There is a little tiny baby about this big right in here, he just touched the back of me.
JON: Ok, you are like pretty much crafting the near perfect day for us. We go out, we see the dolphins, amazing bottle nosed dolphins, hundreds of them playing in the wake, get in the kayaks, paddle over to the sea lions and the seals in their habitat, it was the closest I’ve been, that was awesome, thank you.
SCOTT: It was pretty neat, wasn’t it?
JON: And then paddling across the scenery with the mountain right next to us, and all of the colored rocks, this is really a beautiful, beautiful place. And the island here, this is Coronado?
SCOTT: This is Coronado.
JON: How many islands surround Loreto?
SCOTT: There is 11 islands in total, and then there is 5 that are close in to Loreto here.
JON: Tell us about lunch because it looks pretty amazing.
SCOTT: Today we’ve got fresh clams, the ones we got on the way out here, and we have baja fish taco’s as out main course.
02:38-03:52  SCOTT: Jon I want to introduce you to a really good friend of mine, Enrique Salcedo.
JON: My pleasure, it’s a pleasure to meet you
ENRIQUE: Nice to meet you Jon.
JON: Likewise.
SCOTT: We call him chief, you can call him chief too.
JON: Hey Chief!
SCOTT: Enrique has turned me on to some really great mexican traditions, and one of them is raw clams.
ENRIQUE: This is the side where you have to start opening them, so it is like this, and then you pull with the knife already.
SCOTT: So the whole clam meat is like the lining on the inside of that shell. That is a pretty big clam.
ENRIQUE: Yeah, very big.
SCOTT: I;m not sure that one is designed for beginners.
JON: Can we cut it in half?
ENRIQUE: They will move because they still alive.
SCOTT: Oh my god, look at that!
JON: Uno, dos, tres!
SCOTT: Perfect, perfect.
JON: Not bad at all.
SCOTT: I think you earned something here.
JON: Tequila!
SCOTT: Come on over here Maria.
JON: What a day.
SCOTT: What a day. It’s not over yet Jon. From here we are going to take you guys back to the hotel, you’ll have time for a siesta, then we are going to cook the catch of the day.
JON: Oh, bueno! Mas tequila, mas pescado.
JON: Bueno.
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04:15-04:21 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, activities on the Sea of Cortez, and a tour of the tranquil village of Loreto.
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04:25-04:40 JON: Sitting against the tides of the Sea of Cortez, Loreto is the paradise of Baja California Sur. Loreto’s tourism community is doing its best to blend environmental conciousness with unforgettable vacations. The Sea of Cortez is truly a sportsman’s paradise.
Check this out!
04:50-05:48 Enrique was the master on the water, he’s actually going to let me try to feel the power of the kite.
ENRIQUE JR: You have to hold the bar. It’s like a bicycle, so if you want to go, if you want to move the kite to one side, you have to pull one side of the bar.
ENRIQUE JR: And the kite will go to one side. The first time you get the kite in the air and you start handling the kite, you first have to learn how to handle the kite really good, and maybe it could take you about 4 to 5 lessons. Your arms, straight, straight, there. Most of the time in Loreto in this spot the wind is going sideways on the beach which is really great because you don’t have to be worried about being blown off into the ocean. I like to come to Loreto to kite because we have some really nice sandy beaches, most of the time the wind picks up really nice so it is very nice to come to Loreto to kite.
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06:02-06:36 JON: Loreto was the first town in all of Baja California which is a perfect way to start our tour of Loreto, with CC, who’s going to tell us all about this historical, quaint fishing village.
CC: Well right behind us we have the first capital of the Californias, first town to be built in all Baja California, and at one point it was even the capital of the California United States.
JON: So the whole west coast, all the way down. It all started here.
CC: You got it.
JON: We’ve heard so many amazing things abut Loreto, so we totally want to see this town.
CC: OK, well let me take you through a beautiful portion of the vegetation just in the main square that has a lot to do the name of Loreto, the laurels that we have here.
06:40-07:03 JON: CC, why Loreto? Why was this the first town in Baja California?
CC: Jesuit missionaries really wanted to evangelize this area, and the indigent population was really a marker to figure out how big the peninsula was, I mean was it an island or was it part of Mexico, and the island was Califia, and now its Baja California.
JON: Ah, California, Califia.
CC: Exactly
JON: It’s coming together.
07:06-08:44 JON: So what’s next?
CC: Well, we are going to have a really special treat right now, which is making really traditional mexican food here, tortilla making.
JON: Oh I like this place, very colorful.
CC: It’s made from adobe, so it’s also historical for the area.
JON: Nice.
CC: Rosa, presenta Jon, Jon, Rosa.
JON: Hola.
CC: Show us how the dough is made please.
JON: Yes please.
ROSA: Farina.
CC: Farina, flour, some oil and a little bit of salt, ok.
JON: OK, so now we know what’s in it, now we just have to learn to flatten it out, right?
CC: Tell us how, we roll it a bit, ahh, flatten out on the edges, and when you think it is too big for your hands you start doing this little thing.
JON: Yours is way better than mine.
CC: And you put it, just lay it down. It’s not very round but the flavor is the one that counts.
JON: It’s better than mine Rosa!
CUSTOMER: That’s enough.
JON: Enough? You think I’m good? We’ve got the peanut gallery over here.
CUSTOMERS: Clapping, cheers.
JON: Gracias, muchos gracias! Tomato
CC: Umm hmm, you have now a fish taco with beans.
JON:  Bueno, gracias.
CC: SO now that we’ve fed you, its time to dig into some history.
08:47-09:19 CC: This mission was started off with just a smaller room back in 25th October 1697 with the beautiful Holy Mary of Loreto from Loreto Italy, and we are blessed with having her still. The main park in Loreto doesn’t have any more quarrels, because you are looking at them.
JON: Really?
CC:The traditional name of Loreto is Loreto Concho, so you have Loreto, an evangelized name and Concho, a name that refers to the sea chest.
09:21-09:56 CC: I want you to try my favorite place. This place has the most delicious ice cream I’ve ever had since I was in fourth grade.
JON: That sounds perfect, and on a hot day too.
CC:  A lot of people come here, we have the people of Loreto, the residents are from Canada, the United States. So great, I bet they are out there, oh yeah.
JON: Hola!
JON: CC, what a perfect way to end the walking tour, on the rooftop of La Mision, our beautiful hotel with the sunset.
CC: And with a great view of our town that really hasn’t changed in 300 years.
JON: Its a very quiet town, its a very safe place to be, so thank you so much for having us, we love it here.
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10:02-10:08 JON: Coming up we visit La Paz, highlighting fresh seafood, a world class resort and a vibrant night life.
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10:18-10:35 JON: Situated near the southern tip of Baja California Sur, La Paz is a seaside paradise. Warm pacific breezes, sunsets over ripples waters and a rich fabric of local culture combine to make La Paz an ideal vacation spot. For more information on La Paz and other Mexico destinations, visit today and book your vacation.
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10:50-12:34 JON: It’s lunch time in La Paz, and the crew is hungry. I’m with my new friend Veronica and we’re going to talk about food in La Paz. Let’s start here, we are at Bismark Cito. When we were planning this trip everyone said you have to come to Bismark Cito, whats special about this place?
VERONICA: This is a must stop for La Paz and Baja California Sur. As you can see here, we have a variety of seafood.
JON: You have a pluthera of seafood, I think we have every kind of seafood on the table.
VERONICA: Everything, and everything is from here, from the Sea of Cortez, that’s wonderful. So its very fresh, they got the food here every morning, and this restaurant its a tradition of La Paz.
JON: It has a great history, right? It started with a food cart basically.
VERONICA: Exactly, it started in 1968, has always belonged to the same family. They started with just with the cart as you can see in here, they serve tacos, different kind of tacos, shrimp, oyster, octopus.
JON: Now the food in La Paz, we’ve been here for a couple of days now, every restaurant we have gone to is fantastic. You don’t see fast food chains lining the streets, you have a lot of really good La Paz restaurants.
VERONICA: Exactly, I would call it high quality you know, everywhere, even in the little restaurants. For instance, the steaks we tried the other day.
JON: So good, the buffalo…
VERONICA: The buffalo , buffalo barbeque.
JON: It was so yummy. And italian, we had great italian last night.
VERONICA: Yes, and wonderful also, wine cellar to do the mariachi with the food .
JON: I like it.
VERONICA: Yes, it is like a secret of La Paz, the gastronomy, you know? And when the people come, the tourists come, they can discover that secret.
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12:49-14:23 JON: We are staying at the beautiful Costabaja Resort and Marina, and with Thierry who is the  Vice President of Sales for the US and Canada, but here we are in Mexico.
THIERRY: Good evening.
JON: Good evening, thanks for having us.
THIERRY: Thank you for coming.
JON: What a beautiful resort, this is much more than a just a great hotel, tell us about the resort, because there are so many things happening here.
THIERRY: It is a 550 acres master planned community right on the Sea of Cortez, and if everbody knows abut the Sea of Cortez,, it is one of the wonders of the world. It has its own marina,we have a villlage, we have…we just opened a golf course, first Gary Player golf course built in Mexico and all of Latin America.
JON: Really?
TERRY: With 14 holes with sea view, something pretty much unbelievable.
JON: That almost unheard of.
THIERRY: Almost unheard of. We are sitting right on the Sea of Cortez, so it is really a must.
JON: Lets talk about the hotel, because we stay at a lot of hotels and this is very unique, its really a full service hotel, you’ve got a beach club.
THIERRY: It is the first 4 star hotel built in La Paz, its been recently remodeled to become 4 star level. All rooms have been completely remodeled, its sitting right into the marina so you have beautiful view of the marina, beautiful view of the golf course as well as the city view of La Paz.
JON: What is it about La Paz that brought you here, and what do you like most about La Paz?
THIERRY: Everything, I’ve travelled extensively throughout my youth all over the world, its probably one of the best places I’ve ever been. La Paz because it is one authentic mexican city and also sitting one one of the most beautiful body of water in the world.
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14:33-15:16 JON: Its a Friday night in La Paz and we are kicking off our night here at The Jungle. We’re going experience nightlife La Paz style with some tequila, some cervesa’s, some new friends and who knows where the night will take us, Salud! What is this bar known for?
CHRISTIAN: For the tequila, for the rock music, we have the Thursday for ladies night, many of the people come here.Ladies night Thursday, yeah.
JON: Is there a drink that The Jungle is known for?
CHRISTIAN: Yeah, we have one of the special drinks its called goodbye mother you want to taste?
JON: Yeah
CHRISTIAN: OK, it vodka, tequila, rum, sprite, lemon juice.
15:21-16:22 JON: Our next stop on our La Paz nightlife tour, La Casa de Villa, they are making a special drink for us, apparently it is a very famous drink here, I don’t know why, we are about to find out.
VICTOR: This is a very famous booze here Tabaca, its made from the root of a plant, this plant is called damiana, its very famous because it is popular for believing that the women who have some trouble when they get pregnant, they drink this booze and they got pregnant, that is why this is formed like a lady.
JON: So am I going to get pregnant if I drink this tonight?
VICTOR: Its not going to make you pregnant but maybe a little bit because its like an aphrodisiac drink.
JON: Aphrodisiac? Yeah aphrodisiac. So its going to make me?
VICTOR: Yeah maybe, so I’m going to stay away from you, a little bit!
JON: You are pretty good looking Victor!
VICTOR: Just a little bit.
JON: Salud!
16:28-16:57 JON: Those other bars we’ve been to tonight have been kind of big and loud, and whistles blowing which is fun, but this is really nice too, its a very quaint feel.
JUAN: That is part of the idea of the design of the place is having a different place, you know comfortable, with good prices. We have a lot of original drinks from the house.
JON: That was my next question, every place we have been they have made their special drink, do you guys have a special drink?
JUAN: He is already preparing four of them for you.
JON: Four of them?
JUAN: Yeah, four different drinks for you.
17:06-17:16 JON: Well I think we had a good time tonight in La Paz, huh? Good nightlife here! Now most good nightlife’s end at a karaoke bar and La Paz is no different. We’re heading in to Sinatra and going to leave you guys here. Hasta la Vista baby!
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17:56-18:29 JON: Its a beautiful day in La Paz and we are about to have a city walking tour with my buddy Victor here who works for tourism. First of all, this is kind of a nice little area here, that we are in downtown La Paz, pigeons flying everywhere, people everywhere, music.
VICTOR: We are at the center of the heart of my city La Paz, welcome to it, over there we got the mission, this mission was founded in 1535 buy the jesuits.
JON: And this building here used to house the government, lots of big decisions happened here.
VICTOR: This is you know, like the capital building 1891-1981.
18:40-19:18 JON: Alright Victor, I’m not exactly the spanish speaking expert, but I think I know what this means ‘Centro Cultural La Paz’ this is the cultural center of La Paz, right?
VICTOR: Yeah, you’re right, and actually this is like a museum right now. This used to be the city hall of the city, but right now it is just a museum.
JON: So this building is absolutely beautiful but it is kind of sprinkled in with some new stuff right now, there is a hot dog stand over here, they didn’t have those back in the 1500’s. There is a lot of new shops.
VICTOR: For sure. yeah, if you want to go scuba diving, let’s go to a shop. If you want to surf there is a surf shop, but actually there is a craft shop I want to take you to.
JON: Sounds good.
VICTOR: Yeah? Lets go and enjoy that.
19:29-20:40 JON: So this is where it all happens, this is the *Malecon* everything happens here, and there is people biking, skateboarding, roller skating, and there is statues with guys in boats.
VICTOR: Yep, this is called ‘The Old Man and the Sea’
JON: You’ve got a nice palm in front of us too. Go ahead and recite that for us.
VICTOR: Really? In spanish?
JON: In spanish.
VICTOR: (recites poem) It talks about a fisherman who is waiting for his boat made of paper-this is it-and he wants to sail through the seven seas in his paper boat.
JON: OK, this guy right here? The Sea of Cortez is just gorgeous, your downtown is just fantastic, I think we should get up high.
VICTOR: I know the perfect place.
JON: I feel very fortunate, we started the walking tour walking around downtown and now we’re on top of a building which, I understand you never bring guys up to the top of the building, its only like  hot chicks.
VICTOR: Yeah, only girls. You’re welcome, you’re more than welcome.
JON: What are we seeing here?
VICTOR: Well we are in downtown and there is the cathedral, just enjoy the view.
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21:32-21:50 JON: Thanks for tuning into another fun episode of Next Stop, and muchos gracias to Tourism Baja California Sur for your help in putting together a fantastico show. Thanks also to our title sponsors Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines Visa signature card for your partnership. We will see you next time on Next Stop, where will we take you next? make good memories everybody!
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Next Stop: Cabo

Camel Ride, Nature Walk, Beach Hopping, Snorkeling, Art Walk, Gastronomy, Nightlife Bar Hopping Including World Famous Cabo Wabo.















00:00-00:05 JON: Hola, I’m Jon Olson. Bienvenidos to Next Stop from the lands end of Baja, California.
00:06-00:19 Next Stop Cabo Intro rolls
00:20-00:38  JON: Welcome to Los Cabos, home of Cabo San Lucas, world renowned for it’s good times, which of course we will dive into on this episode. We’ll also take you to San Jose Del Cabo and dive into the areas rich traditions, history, culture and art. More local music, more great friends, and more surprises await you on this episode of Next Stop from Los Cabos. The fun starts now!
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00:44-01:32 JON: We are with Cabo Adventures in the Mexican outback for a nature hike, and a ride on dromedaries. Dromedaries? You’ll see!
DAVID: Well we are going to do, we are just basically here, we are going to go in a semi circle, and then so Avalo, he is going to be waiting at the end of this hike. Please, move a little bit more that side, this is a 500 acre property, there is room for everyone and everyone, yes.
JON: Laughter
DAVID: Thank you, you have the same sense of humor.
JON: I like it a lot.
DAVID: Either laughing as nobody else sees it man, thank you for validating my jokes man. This, just like downtown Cabo, this is when all the wild creatures come out. Please follow this way.
01:37-02:21 DAVID: Let me get my laser pointer so that you can see what I mean, we are 100% eco friendly, we are pioneering this technique, right? So this dried flowers, they can be boiled and then they can be made into soup. The sap of the tree, so if you are walking in a place like this, if you don’t have a chap stick, this is what you can use as chap stick. Often time this cactus is used by birds to make a nest, that one in particular has been made by a woodpecker, which is one of the most abundant types of woodpeckers that we have here.
02:25 DAVID: Ah you know its very important for everybody to know that there is a type of snake that is called a taipan, this snake is one of the most venomous in the world because one drop of venom about the size of a tear, only one drop of venom about the size of a tear can kill up to 60 people. This type of snake that is one the fastest, one of the deadliest, we don’t have it here!
JON: OH! Laughter
DAVID: Just handing out information. Girls break it when you go to the park, girls dig it man,
02:58-03:07  SIDI: In Sahara Desert it is tradition. It is tradition of symbol of welcome, gratitude, love and honor.
JON: Salud, man.
SIDI: Salud
03:23-03:26 JON: Alright, hasta la pizza!
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03:46-03:51 JON: when Next Stop returns we’ll do a nature walk, and we will ride this bad boy.
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04:02-04:33 CAROLINA: Good morning everybody, welcome on board to Ocean Riders, you see we are going to use these nice faster boats of course everybody shoes off, and then on board you can bring all your person belongings. Show me your hands up like this, this one means stop I feel sick, this is emergency stuff, ok? But if we are so happy, show me carnival hands, how about everybody carnival hands? Whooo, here we go, The first stop is gonna be on the lovers beach, where we can walk and take some pictures.
05:07-05:27 CAROLINA: And about the snorkel, just remember to close your mouth all the time, and if it’s too hard for you, push the water out, just turn upside down and the gravity may come. Questions? We are ok? Ready guys?
JON: Si.
CAROLINA: Muy Bien! Let’s go see my babies.
05:49-05:50 JON: It’s like a porcipine.
06:05-06:47 JON: We started out by taking the boat out to lovers beach, and divorce beach. I have to ask, who’s idea was it to put lovers beach and divorce beach right next to each other?
CAROLINA: Because they waves.
JON: Because of what?
CAROLINA: The waves!
JON: The waves? Oh, I see.
CAROLINA: Because the lovers looks so flat, the water is so warm it is the opposite, it is the cold, and the rougher here.
JON: Bigger waves and the more nasty side.Yeah, the lovers beach is very passive, we saw lots of things, lots of formations in the rocks, from elephants to lots of things. And there are movies that have been filmed there.
CAROLINA: Yes, lots of mexican movies around.
JON: Even Planet of the Apes.
CAROLINA: Planet of the Apes, Troy, the TV show Heroes.
06:59-07:18 JON: Apparently you have been coming to Cabo for many years.
JOSE: This is my 5th year, and I have been doing Ocean Riders for about 3 ½ years.
JON: What is is about Cabo that you like so much?
JOSE: It’s 2 hours away, and its peaceful.
JON: And it’s safe though, isn’t it?
JOSE: Very safe, very peaceful, everybody is very courteous. It’s not like other places you go, so it is very safe.
07:25-07:26 Next Stop logo
07:28-07:55 JON: Golf in the Baja Peninsula offers a wide selection of courses located right here in Los Cabos, and this area is quickly becoming known as one of the worlds premier golf destinations. What sets these courses apart? The beautiful Sea of Cortez, which many holes lie adjacent to. Come experience golf in the Baja Peninsula and we guarantee you will be back. With such courses designed by legends like Jack Nicklaus and Greg Norman. Great Courses, great champions, great vistas, and great golf, in Baja Sur.
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08:07-09:14 JON: Cabo is home to some of the worlds best hotels and resorts, and Dreams in Los Cabos is no exception, this place is absolutely stunning. Let’s talk about all the beach activities, starting with the weddings.
YOLANDA: The wedding:
JON: Every night we’ve been here there has been a wedding.
YOLANDA: We have 300 weddings a year.
JON: 300 a year?
YOLANDA: We are the more popular company in Los Cabos for weddings.
JON: And the activities on the beach I love. You have putt golf, you have horse shoes, you have the I don’t know what you call it, it’s the trampoline where people can flip upside down, you have 2 beautiful pools, I can’t think of a better place for families, for children, what do people tell you about your property?
YOLANDA: That is what, that they have everything in one place that is the main thing, that they have found here a very high quality of service, premium beverage, and it’s simple, I mean they have everything here and they really enjoy this beautiful property.
JON: Another thing you have is a really warm, wonderful and smart staff.
YOLANDA: That feeling for you know, to receive of guests in this hotel, and they really enjoy that.
09:15-09:50 PEPE: I’m glad to be you know, everyday with the guests, it’s awesome.
JON: You seem like you love your job, you’ve got that big smile on your face.
PEPE: I got a beautiful hotel right here you know, there is nothing compared to this.
JON: There is no doubt about it. You have worked every day that we’ve been here, do you ever get a day off?
PEPE: Every day but Saturday, Saturday is my day off.
JON: And what do you do? What do you do for fun in Cabo?
PEPE: A little bit of drink at the beach, you know, a couple margaritas.
JON: Well you meet people from all over the world, you must have some pretty crazy vacation stories, and weddings like every single night.
PEPE: Not that I remember, what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.
JON: Alright, we’ll we are gonna look you up tonight.
PEPE: Alrighty.
JON: Great to have you.
PEPE: Nice to meet you.
JON: Muchos Gracias.
09:51-09:52 Next Stop logo
09:53-09:58 JON: Coming up on Next Stop we learn about gastronomy at a dietz in downtown Cabo San Lucas.
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10:02-10:18 JON: J.D. Power and associates rated Alaska Airlines number one in customer satisfaction among traditional network carriers for the 4th year in row. Now, we’ve been telling you for the last year to fly Alaska Airlines, but don’t take our word for it, take J.D. Powers and Associates word for it. Book your trip today at
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10:22-11:30 JON: Art knows no cultural boundaries, and tonight we celebrate art and history in downtown San Jose. Art is alive and well in downtown San Jose tonight, this is an art walk which happens.
ROSA LUZ: Every Thursday.
JON: Every Thursday
ROSA LUZ: Every Thursday, and it is from 5 to 9 and all the galleries are serving wine and new things that the artists are in town.
JON: Now you have several of your states represented in your gallery.
ROSA LUZ: I have almost every state in Mexico.
JON: Let’s start with the fruit.
ROSA LUZ: This is just a very colorful decoration for restaurants, or hotels, or your house.
JON: So what are some of your favorites?
ROSA LUZ: My favorite is the palo verra. And the ceramic is very intricate, very beautiful. It takes over 3 months to make one piece.
JON: Wow.
ROSA LUZ: So it is very detailed, very classy.
JON: what else do you like in here, there is so much to choose from.
ROSA LUZ: I love the blown glass from Guadalajara.
JON: That’s your home.
ROSA LUZ: Uh huh. Let me see what else there. Black clay from Oaxaca, that is absolutely pretty, it is one of the fewest places where the clay is completely dark.
11:37-12:02  ROSA LUZ: I want to show you some pearls, I was talking to you about,  and that what we are famous for, this is the pearl from Baja, the black pearls that we are famous for. The regular color pearls are white, and that is why we are very famous because it is black.
JON: I didn’t know that Baja was famous for black pearls.
JON: I learned something new tonight.
ROSA LUZ: We learn something every day.
12:03-12:28 ROSA LUZ: One the main attractions that we have in San Jose, it’s here, the galleries.The art galleries that present, and change the work.
JON: I like it all, I love that one, that makes me feel like I’m on vacation.
PATRICIA: That is a piece, that artist took it 4 years to do it. He started painting in 2005 and ended up in 2009. It’s an artist that doesn’t produce a lot, 10 to 12 pieces at the most.
12:34-12:45 JON: So much to see and do down here, but you have a guide that’s available through the hotels, and it’s free.
ROSA LUZ: yes, it’s free and we give it to any person that is interested in where to go and what to do in the historic district of San Jose Del Cabo.
12:51-13:55 JON: We are back where we started in front of the Mission in San Jose, we’ve done the art, we’ve had some wine, we’ve met some great people, but let’s talk about the history and the importance of this area, starting with the Mission.
MARIA: Yeah, this Mission is very important to us. We are at the location where everything was started, this Mission was built 1735, the Jesuit Mission, and it is one of the first ones they built in the southern part of the peninsula.
JON: So today when we arrived here at the town square, this place was jumping. What was happening here today?
MARIA: So they were celebrating the Corpus Christi. Corpus Chrisi is a celebration to celebrate the covenant that Jesus Christ made with the humankind. For instance, if you live under my commands, under the commands that are in the bible, under the same standard the humankind can have happiness. So we invite all your colleagues and friends, and visitors to come and enjoy and we can talk deeper and explore other areas.
JON: Muchos Gracias.
MARIA: Da nada.
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14:01-14:26 JON: With over 1 million varieties of desert plants, the Wirikuta was designed to honor both the cactus in its many forms, over 2,500 varieties of cacti here, and the traditions and culture of Mexico’s indigenous people. The Wirikuta also has 3 large pyramids made from large granite stones, each representing a different continent. As you stroll the grounds of these meticulously planned botanicals, it’s sure to impress you as you learn about plants from all over the world. It’s also a great place to just chilax.
14:29-14:30 Next Stop logo
14:38- 16:20 JON: I learned a new word today, gastronomy, which means the art and science of good eating, it’s a very, very important word and Carmen here is an astronomy expert, especially down here in Baja Sur.
CARMEN: Thank you very much, I hope I can help you.
JON: The varieties of food in Mexico and Baja Sur is amazing, and healthy.
CARMEN: It is, as you can see here we have the lobsters, the sea bass, the tuna, the big shrimp.
JON: This restaurant  is beautiful.
CARMEN: It is.
JON: It kind of speaks to my heart, this is kind of what you expect, if I were to come here, this is one of the restaurants I would bring people here.
CARMEN:  Well you know this is a real Mexico, I mean you can see the colors, the lights, the dishes, everything is Mexico, the music. And the most important is you guys are coming to our country and you find out really good things like this is.
JON: We love coming to your country. We keep talking about how safe it is, and how much fun it is.
CARMEN: It is!
JON: And the Mexican people have such a wonderful spirit.
JON: I love how much fun you guys, you laugh with us, you get our jokes, or at least my jokes.
CARMEN: Thank you, you know Mexicans we are friendly and we as you say, we try to be happy every single day. And well, it’s nice to have our friends and tourists here, and welcome everybody.
JON: One of your main businesses here, and very important to the economy is sport fishing.
CARMEN: Yes it is.
JON: Fishing is very important to Cabo.
CARMEN: You are right. Fishing is a sport in Los Cabo that started like, more than 30 years ago. In Los Cabos we have a big tournament, a business tournament that is one of the biggest in the world, and it is a lot of fish to catch, I mean the big marlins, you know, for the fans of fishing it is paradise.
16:2117:04  JON: Your restaurant is awesome.
RUDY: Thank you very much.
JON: This feels like this in Mexico, kind of like the Cheers of Los Cabos.
RUDY: A lot of cute ladies
JON: I didn’t notice!
RUDY: You know how much is sober here.
JON: Let’s talk about what is going on behind us here.
RUDY: Oh yeah, we have tequilas. You can not say no because for sure you are never going to see it again.
JON: Then I definitely can’t say no.
RUDY: A little bit.
JON: So tequila honestly is another beautiful form of Mexican art.
RUDY: It is.
JON: It’s an art form.
RUDY: It is, it’s one, besides mariachi, it is one of our most representative.
JON: Yeah, and your food too..
RUDY: Our signature, and our food too.
JON: Salud.
RUDY: Salud.
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17:26-17:31 JON: when Next Stop returns, we will mix it up with some of Cabo’s well documented night life. Viva Los Cabos!
17:33-17:34  Next Stop logo
17:36-17:51 JON: It’s a Friday night in Cabo San Lucas which means its time to party. Cabo Wabo is one of the most famous bars in the world, we’ll end our bar tour here with some live music. We are going kick it off at a few of the other local venues. I’ve invited some of my friends from earlier in the show, it’s time to play.
17:56-18:34 JON: I’m liking where this bar hopping started out. I’m supposed the meet Lilzy at Passion and I’ve never been here before but this place looks pretty cool and I am greeted by this…Hola Lilzy.
LILZY: Hi Jon, great to see you, welcome to Passion Club.
JON: This a pretty cool place.
LILZY: Yeah, it is a pretty cool place to start the party of Cabo. So they have this special shot, it’’s called bubble gum shot.
JON: I’ve never seen a shot like this, ever.
LILZY: And are you ready to start a party, yeah.
18:37-19:20 JON: Tell us about Passion.
MAN: Passion? passion is all about good cocktails, have fun, house music, the best.
JON: The streets of Cabo are jumping tonight, I’m here to meet my new friend Angel or Angel I think at Mandala. Let’s check this place out. Angel, what’s up my friend?
ANGEL: Hey what’s up? How are you doing?
JON: Lilzy told me you had something very special planned for me.
ANGEL: Definitely. This is the actually the house drink for all Mandalas. There is a mandala here, in Cancun, PVR and other places and the house drink actually came up from some people who came from Russia and showed igt to us.
18:33-20:19 JON: Cabo San Lucas has the great reputation for being kind of, a party capitol of Mexico. Do you think that fair?
JORGE: Um, the party Capitol of Mexico?
JON: I kind of hear that.
JORGE: I may say-YES!
JON: Let’s talk about this, because this is the drink.
JORGE: This is the Cabo Wabo tequila you know. This is aged over two years.
JON: So Jorge, what do you tell people who maybe have  never been to Cabo, especially to Cabo Wabo, why should they come here?
JORGE: We have a great, great place. We have great music, use of the place, it bounce on the lighting the sound system, everything is perfect and people enjoy to come here and have a good time.
21:21-21:24 BAND: Gracias, Muchos Gracias.
21:25-21:26 Next Stop logo
21:27- 21:53 JON: Gracias for joining us on Next Stop from Los Cabo’s, one of the friendliest, safest and most fun destinations of the year. Mucho, mucho, gracias  to Veronica and your wonderful staff, from top to bottom you guys helped put together another amazing trip. We’ll miss you guys, hope to see you soon. As always, big thanks to our title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines VISA Signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody,