Next Stop: Amazonas

Next Stop: Amazonas, Top Places To Travel In Brazil

Manaus Walking Tour Including Fish Market And Opera House, The Amazon River via Seaplane, A Resort with a Zoo The Tropical, American Airlines New Plane Design, Jungle Tour at Juma Amazon Lodge, Boi Bumba Folk Music and Culture.














NEXT STOP AMAZONAS-Transcription Season 3


00:00-00:04 Ola, I’m Jon Olson, and welcome to Next Stop, from Amazonas.

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00:19-00:37 JON: Welcome to  Amazonas, Brazil’s largest state. On this episode we will go deep in the jungle for some adventures, we will tour the capitol city of Manaus by foot and by air, and we will introduce you to an amorous spider monkey. Our local music and cultural scene will blow your mind. All this and more on Next Stop Amazonas. The fun starts now!

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00:45-2:24 JON: Manaus is the capitol of Amazonas, and here we are with Alex, our new buddy, for a walking tour of this beautiful city. We start here, and this guy started Manaus, right?

ALEX: This guy is very famous, because he was the first governor here.

JON: So I like it that not only people hang out in the square here, but actually the dogs come and hang out  too.

ALEX: Yeah, everybody come here, like I said, everybody miss this place, what are they going to miss? Here.

JON: I like this statue, this is cool I like the boats, what does it signify?

ALEX: This monument is for the immigration and the date was November 15 when the Portugal Empire. Do you see the waves?

JON: Sure.

ALEX: Which represent the Amazon river, Negro river and slight waves, the significance of this place here.

JON: So the boats are basically to open this area to the rest of the world through the river?

ALEX: Through the river, they come to Manaus.

JON: Very smart. Alright Alex, let’s see how the locals shop.

ALEX: This is a typical fish from the amazon, called Daqueiro. It is very popular here, everybody buys the fish, and it is good. Besides, it is a lot of fish, like another one of these?

JON: What are some of the larger ones?

ALEX: It’s called Tambaqui.

JON: Tambaqui? What are some things unique to Brazil that we can find in this area?

ALEX: Some fish, and some fruit maybe you cannot find in the U.S.

JON: Lots of unique stuff around here Alex, this is clearly the shopping district.

02:30-04:21 JON: So we’ve got the local station in town, there is 2 TV crews in here fighting for space. No portugese! If he speaks english, I should speak portugese?

ALEX: Yes.

JON: You are right, I’m sorry

CARLOS: Repeat after me.

JON: Repeat after me.

CARLOS: You are a bull.

Crowd laughs.

JON: I’m a horse? I’m a bull? I am! We continue our tour. So we are looking for something fairly unique, I think we have found it. We don’t see this like this, what is this kind of meat?

ALEX: It’s cow beef.

JON: It’s cow? Ok. This is your basic chicken, vegetables, you said vegetables are really expensive here, right, like potatoes are really expensive?

ALEX: Very expensive.

JON: And this is just big goat cheese basically?

ALEX: Buffalo mozzerella.

JON: I love this market, it is something that you guys have that we don’t, but I like it. Obviously you have to find a way to get everything into this market, this is clearly how they do it.

ALEX: That’s right, that’s right. This is the original port of Manaus. They even sleep in these boats.

JON: Nothing like saving the best for last, this is absolutely incredible, the opera house.

ALEX: It is very popular for performances from other countries, such as opera, dinners, dancing, singing, we have every year now.

JON: Eell thank you for the tour, you have a great city. What great memories here, I think we should go explore some more.

ALEX: I hope that people from the cities in the U.S. come to visit us in Manaus.

JON: Why would you not?

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04:27-4:33 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we see a natural phenomenon by air, and feature Brazils only hotel with a zoo.

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04:39-04:45 JON: When you think of Amazon, you think huge. The best way to see this enormous area is by sea plane.

05:08-06:51 JON: I don’t know how you live on that island, but people are living there. What do they do, just fish?

JAIR: Fish and grow plants for remedy

JON: This must be the Amazon, the Negro and the Amazon meet, you can see the dramatic changes in color. If you wondered where the meeting of the waters was, it’s on the Negro River and the Amazon. That is very dramatic, it’s really something to see. How long is the Amazon river, do you know?

JAIR: To the ocean, about a thousand miles. From here to the ocean.

JON: You can really see the waterways from up here. On the ground you don’t notice how much water there is surrounding the whole city. That is the opera house? That is a gorgeous building. What a fun tour.

JAIR: Oh, it’s great.

JON The best way to see Manaus and the surrounding Amazon, plus the meeting of the water, that is really fantastic.

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06:59-07:13 JON: Brazil is comprised of 26 states, Amazonas is the largest of these states in area, Manaus is the capitol city, and the largest metropolitan area in Northern Brazil with nearly 2.3 million inhabitants. Manaus is located and the convergence of the Amazon and Negro rivers.

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7:17-08:57 JON: We’re staying at the lovely Tropical Manaus, which is much more than your average hotel, it is kind of like a city, it’s huge!

CHRISTIAN: Yes, it is one of the best hotels we have here in Brazil. Everybody knows about the Tropical here in Brazil, it is a favorite, and we have a lot of kinds of rooms, 9 types of different rooms here.

JON: 9?

CHRISTIAN: Yes, we can receive a lot of groups and a lot of people.

JON: So the presidential suite is aptly named, because President Clinton  actually stayed there.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, we’ve received a lot of presidents, the most important is Clinton, of course.

JON: And entertainers too, Schwarzenegger, Alanis Morrisette, your location is awesome, you are right on the beach, right off the beach we checked out yesterday, it was incredible.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, it is an amazing place for leisure.

JON: You’ve got some restaurants here too that are pretty impressive, you’re buffet is very impressive.

CHRISTIAN: Did you enjoy it?

JON: Oh my gosh, the food is incredible.

CHRISTIAN: It’s great, not only for the guests, but the people of Manaus.

JON: One of the first things I noticed when we checked into the hotel of course, is the lobby bar, which is very open, and very fun and inviting, but I love your hallways, they are so long, they are very majestic.

CHRISTIAN: Yes, majestic, and they like it a lot because it is different.

JON: So we always like to find something a little unique about every property we stay at throughout the world, here-the zoo. You guys have your own zoo! Who has there own zoo?

CHRISTIAN: We have it here a perfect zoo, I think it is the only hotel in Brazil that has a zoo.

09:02-10:30 JON: Hello, I’m Jon.

DAISY: I’m Daisy.

JON: Daisy, nice to meet you. I came here yesterday and I saw these animals, and there was this cute little baby running around. I’ve never seen animals like this, what are they?

DAISY: There name is peccary, very common in the amazon rain forest.

JON: So it is kind of like our pig? It’s like a pig in the U.S.? Now you also have some very interesting monkeys, what is your favorite?

DAISY: My favorite is the spider monkey.

JON: Me too! Let’s go check out the spider monkeys. So these are my favorite monkeys too, tell us about these animals.

DAISY: Spider monkey are the biggest monkeys in the Amazon rain forest. Only 2 species, one is living in another state.

JON: One of these monkeys is a movie star.

DAISY: Nina.

JON: Nina! So I know what this guy is, it’s a macaw.

DAISY: She is born in here, but she has a problem, I care for her now, after 14 days in the cage.

JON: You have a very impressive hotel and how many hotels have a zoo? This is so cool. thank you so much for sharing this with us, this is very memorable.

CHRISTIAN: It was a pleasure for us.

JON: Christian, Daisy, thank you so much.

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10:35-10:44 JON: You may be wondering how we got here, since Alaska Airlines doesn’t fly to Brazil. Coming up on Next Stop, you will find out, as we highlight one of their fantastic code share partners.

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10:48-12:57 JON: It’s always a pleasure to meet up with Alaska Airlines partners throughout the world, and on this trip to Brazil, we partner with American Airlines, who is experiencing some amazing growth, some really fantastic changes starting right here, at DFW. What’s next generation?

KEVIN: Yes, we are standing in our first airport, which is the next generation concept design, which is designed around the customer, really improving the customer experience, putting the customer at ease throughout the airport journey as well as keeping them connected. So we have behind us the ticket counter at DFW terminal A1, which features a lot of the latest technology, such as self tagging kiosks. This is a big part of our brand, and who we want to be, which is an airline that is new, modern, fresh, and is really keeping customers connected, keeping customers at ease through their travel journey, and this is  a big part of it, is really elevating the airport experience for our customers here.

JON: As an avid traveler, I am a connoisseur of brand new airplanes, and we’ve got that today with the 777 300.

BRADY: Yes, I think the new American is really  what you are seeing with our 777 300, its, in our first and business class cabins, its 100% wifi seats, direct dial access, its the first for a U.S. carrier, our customers love it.

JON: I noticed there is some good party lighting going on inside.

BRADY: Yes, so another cool feature about this aircraft is it does have a mood lighting system, there is several different settings that the flight attendants are able to do throughout the flight, one of them happens to be the party setting, or the party mode as we call it, it has been very popular, of course it has our brand colors of blue and red.

JON: Your coach isn’t so bad either, you have your own private screens in coach.

BRADY: For myself included, who would be flying in the main cabin, we didn’t leave any stone unturned, and so we really paid a lot of attention in our main cabin, and that was really our goal behind this aircraft, and I think we hit a home run on that.

JON: I think you did too. Now I am in the market for a new car back home in Honolulu, but I am thinking…why not just skip right to one of these planes, how much would this set me back?

BRADY: Well, list price, lets say about 110 million.

JON: Chump change!

BRADY:Chump change, but it’s well worth it, and you will get there faster, I promise.

JON: Brady, thanks for taking us to Brazil.

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13:04-13.25 JON: Alaska Airlines has an award winning mileage program, and is proud of it’s partnership with American Airlines, which serves over 250 cities and 40 countries worldwide. You can visit amazing places like Brazil! take advantage of the bonus miles issued on approval of the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card, and start planning your next adventure today. For more information, visit

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13:29-13:34 JON: We are deep in the amazon, about 3 hours outside of Manaus, at the Juma Lodge, for some jungle adventures.

13:52-14:16 JOAO: OK Jon,, we will start our hike from now. Basically, some recommendations along the way, just look before you touch any type of trees, sometimes we have spiky palm trees, but basically, some parts about of the palm trees help survive how we use our ocean and the forest, so we will learn some techniques, how we climb the trees, which is the material to use and many things to be using along the way. Welcome to the jungle, lets do it!hank you.

JON: Thank you.

14:22-18:06 JOAO: Well now we are arriving into a place that I would like to show you how we have this knowledge from our ancestral people for a long time. This here going to be pulled in this direction. Look, when I pull it this direction here, it will want to remain, it’s stuck back, look. So we do it here, we swaggle it like this.

JON: Oh wow. Voila! Didn’t expect that to happen!

JOAO: Yeah. So this is the one we use to make our roofs, principle, so Juma Lodge and the other local natives homes are done out of this here.

JON: So I am about to be anointed Jon of the jungle.

JOAO: There he is!

JON: I am now Jon of the jungle!

JOAO: King of the rainforest, yeah! You can use this here, it is a special palm tree that gives a lift for us.It’s always good to grab it. You grab it, it goes up, it goes up

JON: Awesome!

JOAO: You see how we did it, right? You put it between your ankles like this, yes, yes. OK!

JON: And that is how it is NOT done!

JOAO: So here we have a species of a monkey that is called a Howler Monkey, it is a baby.

JON: It is a howler monkey, that is the noise they make.

JOAO: Yes, in this area where we are, we have the black ones and the tail is very strong, you can see.

JON: I can feel it wrapping around my neck right now. So how long has Juma Lodge been in existence? This is a very cool place.

JOAO: Over 12 years at most. Juma Lodge is very simple, very rustic.

JON:  So where is the piranha? I’ve never fished for piranha.

JOAO: So we have a little surprise, we will go and look for them. We will choose a spot  at a flooded woodland, where the water now is coming up. There in maybe a small one.

JON: Oh, check it out!

JOAO: Well, this is a small one, a black one. Well just take a look and see what this can do in a snap, in seconds when it closes its mouth. Everything that it bites, the expectation is to take a whole beef.

JON: Todays adventures at Juma Lodge were both fun and informative. Tonight, we’re going caiman hunting. Joao is up there looking for caimans right now, we’re hunting caimans in the amazon! This is crazy, wow, unbelievable!

JOAO: He is well camouflaged in the vegetation, you can see you didn’t really realize it was under. Hold out your hand there firmly, good, great.

JON: You could basically make a handbag or something out of this, right?

JOAO: Yea, it has been used for a while as belt, wallet, shoes. Now it is very strong.

JON: Whoa! That will get your heartbeat flowing! You do a great job sharing your culture, obrigado.

JOAO: Thank you so much. Your welcome, my pleasure once again.

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18:11-18:18 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we attend a Boi Bumba rehearsal. What is Boi Bumba? Stick around and find out!

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18:23-18:53 JON: For our local music and cultural scene on Next Stop from Manaus, we are at a rehearsal for Boi Bumba. It’s crazy in there  right now. Before we talk about what is going on in there, what is Boi Bumba?

JOAO: Boi Bumba is a cultural evolution that has parties. It is an island in the middle of the Amazon River, so it is very interesting, so it comes to Manaus and they all get together, and it is an explosion of culture. It is an explosion of movement, music and dancing, it is wonderful.

19:11-20:03 JON: Explosion is a great way to put it, this is crazy, pandemonium, it’s way more than just the musicians though, the communities come together and it is a big competition, talk about that.

JOAO: Ok, the competition is between two bois, ok? Boi Bumbas. The red one, and the blue one.

JON: So when the competition isn’t happening and they are not practicing and rehearsing, do the two sides meet up and have a beer?

JOAO: No, never.

JON: This is really serious. This guy in there right now that the people love singing, who is that guy?

JOAO: Ok, that guy is blind. He is considered the emperor of the musicians, he is the most famous singer of all the Boi Bumba expression.

20:22-20:55 JOAO: Wherever we go to promote Amazonas, we take a dancer, a couple of dancers from Boi Bumba, and it is very interesting, when they start dancing, everybody goes along and tries to do the same thing, but they don’t have the coordination, it’s quite difficult to get along with them.

JON: I was watching and trying to do it.

JOAO: They have lots of movements, and have to play with their hands, play with their legs, you know? And their expressions, they express everything that we have, like ancients. So it is different, people love it, and they come to these parties every year.


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21:31- 21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning into Next Stop from Amazonas, Brazil. Obrigado to this shows sponsors, American Airlines, The Tropical Manaus, the Juma Lodge and Amazonas Tours. Thanks also to our title sponsors and very good friends, Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!

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