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White Sox & Chicago Bulls, Bike Hike Tour, Skydeck at Willis Tower, Rooftop Bar Hopping, Conrad Hotel, Vino Louden at Buddy Guys Legends.
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00:00-00:4 JON: Hi I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the windy city.
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00:19-00:33 JON: Chicago Illinois, our nation’s 3rd largest city is well known for it’s many sports, it’s fun and enthusiastic locals, great food, a lively blues scene and so much more. but don’t our word for it, we’ll show you on Next Stop Chicago. The fun starts now!
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00:36-00:56 JON; There is no city more passionate about it’s sports than Chicago. You’ve got Da Bears, Da Blackhawks, Da Bulls, Da Cubs, and Da White Sox. Today we’re all about sports, we’re kicking it off here at US Cellular field for a White Sox game, the Twins are in town, then we are gonna head across town and catch the Bulls and the Celtics. Play ball!
01:06-03:15 JON: It’s the White Sox versus the Twins, it is game time. Ximena is going to take us around US Cellular and show us the fan experience. So I see lot’s of different vending options.
XIMENA: We have vegan, vegetarian options, we are trying to go green a little at the park.
JON: And you have pretzels and beer.
XIMENA: We actually have a coupon pretzel that is good for 4 people.
JON: Nice, I like that. So we are high above the field right now. This is pretty cool over here.
XIMENA: It’s our fundamentals track, it’s for children and they teach the kids to pitch, to throw.
JON: Ok, what about the adult who need to learn some fundamentals, what about the adults?
XIMENA: Oh, I don’t know, you might be on your own.
JON: Come on!
XIMENA: You can try it out, maybe they will help you.
JON: I love this, this is a little piece of old Comiskey, he actually stood under that shower on a hot day.
XIMENA: You never know, maybe, it’s possible
JON: It works! Chicago sports are amazing, are you a full Chicago sports fan?
AL: Die hard Sox fan, and I’m here just to have a great time and hope the Sox win all the time.
JON: You know Briana is a big White Sox fan because she organized a group of what, 100 people today?
BRIANA: I do it every year for my boyfriends birthday.
JON: We don’t have Chicago sports, describe to our viewers about Chicago.
BRIANA: It’s like where you are from, it’s who you are, it’s what you represent, it’s the town or the neighborhood you are from. I’m from the south side and definitely you recognize that, you represent, and White Sox is what you are all about.
JON: This is what it’s all about folks, it’s all about families coming to the ball park. Who is your favorite player on the White Sox?
O’BRIEN CHILD: Paul Konerko
JON: Paul Konerko? I like him too.
O’BRIEN DAD: Even from a young age these guys love the Bears, the Hawks, the white Sox, it’s great, it’s a great sports town, it really is.
JON: What a perfect day for baseball, and now we are off the the Bulls game. See all that traffic out here? We didn’t have to sit in that. We’re taking the metro transportation, it is very, very easy here in Chicago, it’s the best way to get around. It stops right outside our hotel, I’m going to make a quick clothes change and then it is go Bulls!
03:21-03:29 JON: Well here we are, it’s the house that Michael built. it’s the United Center, home of the Chicago Blackhawks, who are having an amazing season in hockey and tonight, it’s the Celtics in town taking on the Bulls.
03:42-04:25 JON: Bulls fans are rabid, we’ve got one of them right here, what’s your name buddy?
KEVIN: El Vicaro, they call me the number one and only, representing the matador nation.
JON: Come to almost every game?
KEVIN: Yes sir, I’m known as El Vicaro, the bull cowboy, wrapping you all with the rest of my big boys right here.
JON: You’ve been around since the Jordan days my friend.
HAYWOOD: Yes I have, everybody’s happy, they keep coming back again.
JON: Why are they so passionate about sports here?
HAYWOOD: Michael Jordan is one of who made it famous here, and I see a back up coming up right now with Gary Rowland, like I said shoe shine you have the best guys, the best in the west north south and the east you know and I’m the doctor you know, the master blaster.
04:35-04:54 ALLISON: I am a fan of Captain Heinrick and so we did a poster of Captain Kirk.
JON: In case you get hungry during the game you guys can dig into that. You know what I notice about Chicago? The girls are big big fans, more so than I think in other cities, why do you think that is?
ALLISON: it’s so fun to go to the games, Wrigley Field is beautiful, United Center is awesome, it’s always a good time.
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05:02-05:06 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the tallest building in the western hemisphere, it will blow your skirt up!
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05:11-05:28 JON: The Chicago River is the only river on earth that flows backwards. Reversed in 1900 for sanitary purposes, it is considered one of the 20th centuries top engineering marvels. Every year the Saturday before St Patricks day, they dye this river green to celebrate St. Patrick. Sounds like a fun party!
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05:40-06:04 JON: Chicago has one of the most impressive skylines of any city in America. Today we are going high above the tallest building in the western hemisphere, Willis Tower, formerly Sears Tower, for a guided tour of the sky deck. There is 2,232 steps from here to the sky deck. Since Mike and I already worked out today, we are sending Josh up the stairs. See you Josh!
06:15-06:27 JON: Here is a fun little Willis Tower fast fact for you…the tower is 262 Michael Jordans tall, and 313 Oprah Winfreys tall, I guess it is about 320 Jon Olsons tall.
06:38-08:33 RANDAL: You are on the 130th floor of the Willis Tower, North America’s highest building, and we are on the sky deck level right now, we have beautiful views today, we into about 3 states that you’ll see, and I would like to point out some of the sights we are going go along the way. Yeah, this is our south shot, we are very proud of this because this is a developing area, it was going to be the site of a lot of the places for the Olympics that were coming up. It’s a very big neighborhood for us, we’re a whole pocket of communities of different ethnicities that everybody kind of comes together, we do have 17 miles of uninterrupted lake front there, beaches, parkways, bike trails. This is one of our best views here just for the fact you have so much different color, you have different contrasts, you have the green down in millenium park, you’ve got Buckingham Fountain over there in the pink, from the ground it looks like it’s monstrous, but from up here it looks like it is almost a water fountain, the view is…
JON: You can get a little drink out of it!
RANDAL: You can take a look, you have the Chicago River here, and this is an intersting thjing for us, many years ago we reversed the flow down to St Louis. but St. Louis got us back.
JON: How did they get you back?
RANDAL: They sent it back to us as Budweiser!
JON: Ha ha!
RANDAL: Sorry! We have a beautiful shot to the north, we have John Hancock Center, Trump Tower over here, you really get a nice perspective of height.
JON: Ok, I’m really glad that I am not afraid of heights, because we are actually standing outside the building right now.
RANDAL: We took, we built 4 glass balconies outside the 103rd floor of the Willis Tower, and my parents ask me why the heck would you do that, and we really wanted to become experiencial, everybody has gone into experiencial tourism and everybody kind of wants that memory. Coming up in the tower has always been a memory, but what could we do to add to that? So we took and we put glass balconies 1353 feet over the west side of our building which is our best view down.
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08:46-08:49 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we ride around Chicago on 2 wheels.
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08:54-09:05 JON: In July 2004 Mayor Richard Daley dedicated Millenium Park as a gift to the people of Chicago. This park is an enduring tribute to Chicago’s long standing history of excellence with architectural and artistic excellence.
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09:12-09:54 JON: We love our Chicago home, the Conrad Chicago. What a great hotel. Now before this was a hotel…this place screams history.
CHRIS: As many Chicago landmarks do, we do as well. 1928 this was the McGraw Hill building.
JON: Really?
CHRIS: Yeah. They actually kept the skin of the building, gutted the inside and rebuilt the hotel, thus qualifying us for a historical landmark.
JON: You guys have also won some very prestigious awards.
CHRIS: Yeah, we are rated #2 in trip advisor in the city of Chicago, and that is out of 168 hotels, so…
JON: That’s amazing.
CHRIS: It doesn’t matter how high your thread count, it doesn’t matter what you serve your food on, if the service isn’t there, people aren’t coming back so, that it what we are all about, our people.
10:0011:04- JON: I personally have been very excited to meet Christine, the Marketing and Communications Manager, because you have developed a sleep menu, way more than just about pillows.
CHRISTINE: We started off with a pillow menu, and the success of that really bolstered the thought process for a sleep menu. This is a really cool product, is the anti red bull.
JON: Anti coffee too.
CHRISTINE: Anti red bull, and it really helps promote the onset of sleep, it’s all natural, or you can also rent a sound machine, which can plug into the sound pillow.
JON: We have stayed at a lot of big hotels around the world Christine, and one thing I like about the Conrad Chicago is that it is smaller it more warm, it’s more cosmopolitan, more cozy.
CHRISTINE: Absolutely. I think we have done a really good job with our rooms in terms of keeping them a little more residential, contemporary like you said, reminiscent of the guests home that they stay at, we want to make it an experience that is comfortable for them.
JON: But you also have great restaurants, including the restaurant here at the hotel.
CHRISTINE: Yeah, it’s a really great restaurant, we have a new Executive Chef, Darnell Reed, in fact he is waiting for you at Fox and Obel, I think he is going to cook up something great for you.
JON: Oh that would be awesome.
11:10-13:06 JON: You must be Darnell:
DARNELL: How are you, I’m Darnell, nice to meet you.
JON: I’m Jon Olson, I brought you a gift because I don’t like to come empty handed. You like rice Krispie bars don’t you?
DARNELL: Who doesn’t? Thank you.
JON: Ha ha! My pleasure, so what are we making and what are we shopping for?
DARNELL: New Orleans style BBQ shrimp, I have rosemary already, we need some fresh garlic.
JON: Heavy whipping cream.
DARNELL: There we go, that will work , thank you. Heavy whipping cream, and then we also need the shrimp obviously. I would like to have 5 pounds of gulf shrimp, peeled and deveined, 16 20’s.
JON: Man this shrimp is heavy, I don’t need a workout today.
DARNELL: Hey you owe me 2 bucks for the rice krispy bar.
JON: I’ve got your back.
DARNELL: OK. Just making sure.
JON: What a perfect setting. We’ve got the food, the store was an awesome store, we’ve got the ingredients, what are we going to make my friend.
DARNELL: Today we are going to be doing New Orleans style BBQ shrimp which is one of our terrace, featured terrace items. To begin, start with the olive oil, shrimp.
JON: There you go, sizzle stick.
DARNELL: Add the garlic, some rosemary, which is really the foundation you want to start with.
JON: That smells incredible.
DARNELL: And the next ingredient that I mentioned is the beer.
JON: One for the pan, one for the man.
DARNELL: the shrimp will cook before the sauce is ready, which is not a problem, we will plate the shrimp and finish the sauce and pour the sauce right over it.
JON: What a great day we had today at the Conrad Chicago and how awesome is this sleep menu, I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight. I’ve got my booties, my gloves, my mask, my sound machine and more, oh but first, Darnell I told you that I owed you 2 bucks today, I didn;t forget about it. Night night.
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13:14-14:27 JON: Bike culture is big in Chicago, right?
JEREMY: Absolutely.
JON: Jeremy you are going to take us on a tour today, right?
JEREMY: We are going to take you on a tour of the neighborhoods of the near north side of Chicago.
JON: Anything special we need to know about these bikes before we take off?
JEREMY: They are deluxe Schwinn beach cruisers, they are 7 speeds, hand brakes, comfy seats, they have an annoying bell and they are all individually named.
JON: Lulu.
ED: It’s Kelly for you my friend. Right turn, left turn. Now we all have to do it, if I am the only one doing it they think I am waving at a friend and I am not clear on the whole waving concept. So can we all practice a right turn together? Excellent. Ninth year in operation, we have never had anybody hit by a moving car, we have had a handful of you ride your bikes directly into parked cars, that’s on you. the reason we stop here is not so much the museum as the neighborhood we are in, Streeterville. Michigan Avenue is about a block over that way, the reason we named it Michigan Avenue in the first place is it is the road we built along the banks of Lake Michigan when we first built the city. Water tower place, bottom 8 stories were the first ever vertical shopping mall. You look to the top of the building, Oprah has the top 2 floors.
14:35-15:11 ED: We call Illinois the land of Lincoln, we are very proud of Abraham Lincoln here, so proud we are the only state in the union that still takes pennies in our toll booths. The worlds largest free zoo is the Lincoln Park zoo, and I know normally a free zoo, you are thinking it’s going to be like 2 goats, a three legged pig and an owl that got hit by a car…this is a world class zoo, which is membership supported, I definitely recommend checking it out when you have a chance.
JON: Bobby’s bike hike, what a perfect way to spend a great afternoon in Chicago. Lulu, I’m going to miss you, you were an amazing ride.
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15:18-15:23 JON: Up next on Next Stop, rooftop bar hopping, and Chicago’s own blues legend, Vino Louden.
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15:30-17:19 JON: I’ve been to Chicago before, and let me tell you, Chicago’s night life is off the charts. Tonight we are going to check out a couple roof top bars. I can’t think of anybody to talk about Chicago night life more than Nick here, you have been around night life your whole life my friend, you got started at a very young age though, didn’t you.
NICK: Yes 16 in Florida, I was there for about 4 years, then moved onto Vegas where I spent another 4 years, then just recently a resident of Chicago.
JON: Chicago night life versus Vegas, they are both happening places, what’s different?
NICK: Vegas is a night life aspect of it’s own, definately is a beast, there is definitely more of a culture and a diversity in this town that really shows like that neighborhood feeling. The building in front of us is the Jewelers Building and then I wanted to look to the right is the great view of lake Michigan and Millenium Park. The Roof has already been fortunate enough to get some great awards, it was voted top ten best hotel by Travelers Magazine, best roof top hotel bar by NBC Chicago.
JON: This is a hopping night life. You’ve been in Chicago your whole life, with a little stint in Vegas like Nick, describe Chicago night life.
CHEF STEIN: Chicago night life is interesting, because once it gets warm, people want to be outside, so we wanted to provide that environment. People like to drink, people like to eat.
JON: Lots of smiles going on here, lots of drinking going on.
CHEF STEIN: Just have a good time.
NICK: You can’t leave without getting one of our signature cocktails, this one is one of our definite crowd pleasers, this is a blood orange sidecar. Giving you a nice fresh sugar rim, give it a little bit of a shake, and now the key is to try and get in here and out of here without having just one.
JON: The Roof was awesome, let’s go check out another roof top bar.
17:26-18:30 JON: We are now at Vertigo’s sky lounge above the Dana Hotel, this is Matthew, another great location man.
JON: Your bar is a little bit different though, because you guys stay open year round.
MATTHEW: It’s an indoor outdoor place whereas some places around town kind of focus on the outside, although everybody else closes their patios, we stay open year round because we like to embrace the cold weather.
JON: Celebrate the winters. Tell our viewers how about how you celebrate the winters, because this is cool, I love it.
MATTHEW: We bought some robes and some blankets, and at first the owners of the hotel thought it was a little silly, but when they saw everybody out here at midnight with the robes on, they got the picture.
JON: Ok, on of the things I noticed about this place that I absolutely love is the unisex washing stations but better than that…the hand warmers.
MATTHEW: Oh yeah, comedy at its finest late at night.
JON: Where did you get those things?
MATTHEW: Well you know the Dana Hotel and spa is an eco friendly place, it’s a green hotel.
JON: You guys get extra points for that.
MATTHEW: Thank you very much, we care.
JON: Cheers to Chicago night life, cheers to the very cool people of Chicago, and cheers to you.
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18:37-19:19 JON: Blues is king in Chicago, we are at one of the best places to see the blues live, the only way to see the blues, at Buddy Guy. I’m very pleased and honored to welcome a true Chicago blues, kind of a legend from what I am reading about you.
VINO: Thank you.
JON: Let’s talk about Chicago blues, take us back, why is Chicago such a deep rooted blues town?
VINO: I think because it is a combination of so many different types of music and styles from the south that came up here and just perculated like a good gumbo you know, it just all mixed together and it came out to be the Chicago blues you know, it got electrified here.
19:45-20:12 VINO: The radio station that we had, we only had one per se black radio station here in Chicago, WVON, and they played everything. They had a DJ for gospel a DJ for R&B, and a DJ for blues, Curtis Mann all night blues band, and I used to sneak up with my little transistor radio, yes, transistor radio, and hold it up to my ear and I used to listen to those guys, I didn’t know it was called blues, I just knew I liked it.
20:38-20:55 JON: Walking in here tonight I just felt like legends had walked this way, this is a good place to play.
VINO: Buddy cares about the music, he has good performers here, and he has a staff that knows how to handle the business.and stuff. There is some other clubs I like, but this is by far my favorite, Buddy Guy.
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21:24-21:52 JON: Thanks for spending your last half hour with us on Next Stop, from the gorgeous windy city of Chicago Illinois. We promised you at the beginning of the show a great episode full of fun and enthusiastic locals and we know we didn’t disappoint. Thanks to the Chicago office of tourism and the Conrad Chicago for your support and partnership of this episode. As always, thanks to our good friends and title sponsors, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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Next Stop: Orlando

Hang Gliding at Wallaby Ranch, Wrestling Alligators at Gatorland, Boggy Creek Airboat Ride, The Ravenous Pig Gastropub, Organic Beer Tasting at Orlando Brewing, Lake Buena Vista Resort, Music of Sailor 1942


Wallaby Ranch

Wallaby Ranch offers year-round Discovery Tandem Flights and hang gliding instruction. We are located just outside Orlando in sunny central Florida. We use the latest tandem aerotowing techniques to provide the safest, most enjoyable hang gliding experience possible. Wallaby Ranch offers a truly unique atmosphere for visitors, students, pilots and their families, and friends from around the world.g Gliding at Wallaby Ranch



Wrestling Alligators at Gatorland

For more than 60 years, Gatorland has been creating Fun, Smiles, and Special Memories for millions of visitorswho have entered through its world-famous gator mouth entrance. Located between Orlando and Kissimmee on the South Orange Blossom Trail, Gatorland is one of Central Florida’s classic attractions, and provides a unique and natural alternative to the larger theme parks of today. Founded by the late Owen Godwin in 1949, and still privately owned by his family today, Gatorland is a 110-acre theme park and wildlife preserve, combining “Old Florida” charm with exciting, new exhibits and entertainment.



Boggy Creek Airboat Ride

The Florida Everglades in south Florida are known worldwide as the location to go out on an airboat tour. It took years of talking to journalists, travel agents and customers to open up the awareness that the headwaters to the Florida Everglades actually start right in Orlando. They were able to finally make visitors realize that with their few precious vacation days Boggy Creek’s central location still gives them a chance to see the “Real Florida” only minutes from Orlando’s attractions.



The Ravenous Pig Gastropub

The gastropub is an idea fresh from across the pond. Start with a traditional pub experience, add a passionate culinary team and pair with an elevated dining experience—and you’ll get fare that is as delicious as it is unique.



Lake Buena Vista Resort

Lake Buena Vista Resort is the preferred Orlando Resort of thousands of Orlando visitors every year! Our luxurious Orlando Resort offers fully furnished one, two, three and four bedroom condo style hotel suites in the heart of Orlando, Florida.



Organic Beer Tasting at Orlando Brewing And Music of Sailor 1942

Orlando Brewing beer is the only beer around declared “Fresh From Florida” by the state’s Department of Agriculture. It is also never pasteurized and therefore must remain cold.

At Orlando Brewing we love all things local, organic and sustainable. That’s why our six-pack holders and plastic cases are recyclable and reusable, while our sampler flight trays are up-cycled wooden pallets. It’s also why we donate our spent grains, which are 100% certified organic and high in fiber and protein, to local and organic farmers in the surrounding area to be used as feed, helping to sustain our community’s local and organic agriculture.


Sailor, 1942

Sailor, 1942 in a rich mix of folk, indie, blues, punk rock, soul, and youth.

Formed in early 2012, Sailor 1942 started out as a simple solo acoustic project; but soon after recording their debut album with several different instruments Sailor 1942 has since grown into something much more. With a live performance that brings the best of indie and folk together, Sailor 1942 is the band to keep a lookout for.


NEXT STOP ORLANDO-Transcription Season 3
00:00-00:04 JON: Hi. I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the theme park capital of the world.
00:19-00:36 JON: Welcome to Orlando, Florida. On this episode of Next Stop, we will visit the longest continuously running theme park in Central Florida. We’ll soar high above the Wallaby Ranch, and we’ll get up close and personal with untamed nature in the Everglades. All this and more playful personalities on Next Stop Orlando. The fun starts now!
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00:43-03:48 JON: I’ve jumped out of airplanes, I’ve jumped of mountains, I’ve swam with sharks and sting rays. Today, hang gliding at Wallaby Ranch.Check that off the bucket list! There are many beautiful places to hang glide around the world, but there are very few places to learn. Wallaby ranch here in Orlando is one of those places.
MALCOLM: Kind of a hang gliding kibbutz of sorts you know, we have a lot of fun and we sort of live, eat and breathe hang gliding, which is a great environment for someone who wants to come and learn.
JON: This is kind of the mecca for hang gliders from around the world, everyone wants to come here, why is that?
MALCOLM: Well, we are actually famous for being safe, you know? Hang gliding has a reputation out there and people are afraid of it, and if they research it much they will find out we have an unbelievably good safety record.
JON: 100%
MALCOLM: In all that time, we’ve never put a scratch on the soil.
JON: What is the process in learning, what am I going to do here?
MALCOLM: Well you get in the harness with the instructor, there is 2 harnesses that both hang from the center of gravity. Lay down in here and your feet are completely off the ground, on the wheels, and you take off behind the airplane and you follow them up to 2,000, 2,500 feet, he gives you a signal and you release the rope and your gliding around, and at that point, it is just like you have launched off a mountain.
JON: Wooo!
MALCOLM: Alright, we are in the air.
JON: This is awesome!
MALCOLM: Since the advent of aero towing, ultralite has evolved to the point that you can tow them, it has made teaching a lot easier. Feels pretty nice, huh?
JON: It feels great. What a freeing feeling.know?
MALCOLM: Hang gliding is fun, it’s not about being scared, you know? We will just go to the down wind edge of the field here and we will finish up with a little figure 8 approach.
JON: Haha, the eagle has landed!
MALCOLM: What do you think?
JON: That is fantastic! That is the best way to start a day, oh my gosh.
MALCOLM: None better. You did great!
JON: You have so many people that have come here for the first time and have stayed.This is like a commune, in a good way. There are so many people that just eat, breath and sleep hang gliding, but everybody has a function on this property as well.
MALCOLM: Sure. Somebody is cooking, somebody is fixing airplanes, somebody is teaching.
JON: So what is the greatest part about Wallaby Ranch to you?
MALCOLM: Everyday I am taking someone else up, that is the biggest motivating thing for me to do tandems, that is the biggest motivating thing for me to start this place in the first place, is my love of taking up people that have never been before.
JON: That is one of absolute coolest things I have ever done in my life, and if you guys want to check this out, I think there is a website somewhere you can go to.
03:53-03:55 Next Stop Logo
03:56-04:01 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, the oldest theme park in Central Florida, and a lovely Orlando resort.
04:02-04:03 Next Stop Logo
04:04-7:56 JON: Gatorland is the alligator capital of the world, combining old Florida charm with new exciting exhibits and entertainment. I’m Jon Olson.
TIM: Hey Jon, welcome to Gatorland.
JON: It’s good to meet you. Now, Karen from Visit Orlando says you have the most interesting title in the state of Florida.
TIM: Well, it is the Dean of Gator Wrestling, but I don’t want that to impress anyone.
JON: I’m impressed!
TIM: I’ve been doing this for about 40 years. What it really means is when I get down on a gator I just can’t get back up, so there you go, you get a title. You ever wrestle a gator?
JON: I never have.
TIM: Let’s do that and a few more things, we’ve got a lot of stuff here at Gatorland.
JON: I’m following you.
TIM: Alright, come on. This is one of our favorite alligators. He was a wild alligator down in Hillsboro County. Thats a boy.
JON: That’s Chester.
TIM: Come here Chester, there ya go.
JON: Ooooh!
TIM: What you see right there is about 3,000 pounds per square inch.
JON: What are we doing here?
TIM: We’re going to go right in here, and we are going to walk at them kinda slow, but they are probably all going to turn and run, I hope not. Walk that at them. don’t be hesitant, just walk straight at them. Se, when they don’t run, that means they are going to attack.
JON: OK, great!
TIM: Can you stand up and smile for me today? Come here, lift your head up, hey buddy.Yeah.
JON: That is not a friendly noise.
TIM: Jon, we’re going to put you on one of our wrestling gators. Now you’re going to also give this a shot. Brandon, why don’t you go ahead and get his tail, now as he pulls him back, and as he’s pulling, he’s watching the gators mouth because they can spin and bite.
BRANDON: Now get on his back, get both knees right over the seam, now you hold him right around the tape here, cover it up and there you go, you’re on an alligator.
JON: This is a first. Whoa!
TIM: I was told this is one of your favorite animals.
JON: Yeah, love them! He can get in my hand
TIM: I’m going to drape him here. No, he is a very friendly snake. again, one of our reptiles of concern here in Florida, it’s a Burmese python, and there is reportedly thousand of these down in the everglades South Florida. This is a Chilean rosy haired tarantula, very delicate, isn’t it? It’s a different feeling.
JON: It’s very different. Especially when you can’t see what they are doing. Very calming feeling.
TIM: It’s just crawling. I’m going to just leave you with that one.
JON: So this is the oldest continuous theme park in the state of Florida.
TIM: We’ve got thousands of alligators, crocodiles, a zip line, an alligator breeding marsh that is absolutely full of natural wildlife, natural birds, so there is just something to see for everybody, if you are a nature lover or you want some of that thrill side of it.’SO who’s your girlfriend?
TIM: This is Holly, she came to us through the pet trade industry. give Jon a kiss, Holly. There ya go, now get up here. She’s a Malucan cockatiel
JON: Tim, I can not thank you enough for a memorable afternoon. What a pleasure.
TIM: I had a great time, you were a great sport. and you ar enot going home with any extra holes, that is a succesful day around here.
JON: Thanks for having us, it was a pleasure to meet you.
TIM: Come back soon.
JON: Thank you so much, take care. Think TIm’s going to miss you? You are coming home with me buddy!
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08:03-08:21 JON: Alaska Airlines invites you to explore more amazing places like Orlando, Florida, where you can fly non stop from San Diego or Seattle. Take off with your travel information at your fingertips with their new travel app, where you can manage reservations, book a flight, or even make a seat change. For more information on this useful app, go to
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08:24-10:38 JON: Our Orlando home is the Lake Buena Vista Lake resort, Village and Spa, and village is a very appropriate word for this place, it is a village. Now Daryl, you’ve been here from the beginning.
DARYL: Correct. we started with 2 buildings originally, the mall was next door.
JON: It must be amazing to see what it has become today for you.
DARYL: It is, It’s a child that has grown, so it’s pretty impressive. Once again, I’ve been here since the beginning.
JON: And a lot of variety for the families that stay here.
DARYL: Absolutely. We’’ve got 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units that will fit any size family.
JON: Now it is a village, there is a lot going on here, but one of my favorite things is the pool.
DARYL: The pool is zero entray, it was built for families., The pirate ship is our biggest thing, it’s our number one focus., everyone sees it and goes oh, and the kids go looka the ship, look at the ship, so it is pretty impressive.
JON: The location is excellent, you are close to so many theme parks, you’ve got a nice mall with designer brand shops next door.
DARYL” A couple of weeks ago I awas walking by the pool and a gentleman said ‘Are you the manager’? and I said “Yes, how can I help you’? and he said ‘ I just want to thank you; I said ‘Absolutely, you know, I’m glad you are enjoying your stay and everything He said ‘I want to thank you, because when I came down we were going to do all the parks, and we did the parks the first day and after that the kids got in the pool and said they didn’t want to go to the parks anymore, they just wanted to stay in the pool ’ so hence, he saved a lot from going to the parks all day.
JON: So he hung out in the poolside bar all day, the kids were in the pool, I’m guessing his wife was in the spa. Tell us about the spa, it’s a really nice spa.
DARYL: The spa is 6,00 square feet, full service for hair, nails, manicure, pedicure, different styles of massage, it’s very nice.
JON: We have frequented the place next door, you’ve got a very authentic Irish pub with excellent food.
DARYL: Frankie Farrells is another key feature, it is our one main restaurant on property, huge portions, great prices, and a really good atmosphere, it’s got a authentic irish fell in it.
JON: It’s excellent. You’ve also got a general store, you’ve got a fitness center, this place really has it all.
DARYL Yeah, it’s as you said, it’s a village, so we try and incorporate everything that the guest would need so they really, besides having to go to the park, they don’t have to leave.
10:42-10:43 Next Stop Logo
10:44-10:49 JON: Up next, we experience nature at it’s finest, and Orlando’s Ravenous Pig.
10:50-10:52 Next Stop Logo
10:53-14:14 JON: Today we experience the untamed wilderness of the Central Florida everglades with Boggy Creek Airboat Rides. Tell us about this boat, how does this thing work?
JOHN: Basically, it’s relatively simple as far as mechanics goes, you have your big block chevrolet, so basically all you do it this little pedal right here, you hit that when you are ready to go, your steering is right here, this right here is a hard left, this right here is a right.
JON: So what are we hoping to see today?
JOHN: We are going to see as much as we can possibly find. Gators hopefully, preferably, and any other wildlife that’s going to contribute to what we do. They are not on the payroll like I am though, so there is no guarantees. Up over here guys we’ve got ourselves about a 10 or 11 foot male alligator, and if you look directly behind where his head is, you see the grass is kind of layed down, that is kind of his little spot that he’s chosen to come up and sun himself to get his body warm. Now this is a perfect angle too, you can see the distance between the nose and the eyes on this gator? Whatever that distance is in inches, will translate over into feet.
JON: That is crazy going through that grass, it goes against all principles of boating.
JOHN: Yeah, it’s um, I see it all the time, the first time people that have been in a boating background see that, you can see the look of total terror on their faces, and then they are like, that was kinda cool, do it again, do it again! That one right there we are going to say is about 4 or 5 years of age.
JON: Does the hissing mean he likes us?
JOHN: The hissing means he wants you to just reach out and touch him. Pet him, come on now, be my buddy. No, I don’t want you to do that. Honestly, even a gator of about this size has a bite equivalent of to that of a pit bull.
JON: OK, no.
JOHN: Over here, off to your left, on the very top of the cypress trees, off to the left hand side, it you look, you not have one, but you actually have two, there is a pair of breeding bald eagles there on the left. This county actually has the highest concentration of breeding and nesting bald eagles in the entire state of Florida. There is 20 just around the outside of this lake alone. Come on little one, come on buddy, mama, help him out, you can do it. Come on buddy we’re pulling for you.
JON: What kind of birds are these?
JOHN: We’ve got a breeding set of Sandhill Cranes, and there is a set of two freshly newborn babies that have hatched out in the last few days.
JON: They are already playing, man, look at that!
JOHN: A little sibling rivalry going on there.
JON: John, this is nature at it’s finest, unspoiled nature.
JOHN: Yes, it certainly is. This is basically what the real Florida is. You come out here and enjoy what the real beauty is. This is basically the way it would have been 50 or 60 years ago, before there was any intrusion of people, theme parks, and anything else. Coming out here givve you a little taste of what this place use to be like a hundred years ago, what our grandfathers would have seen.
JON: What a wonderful experience, thank you very much.
JOHN: My pleasure, I appreciate you coming down and sharing this with me.
14:20-14:22 Next Stop Logo
14:23-14:44 JON: Orlando Florida us one of the top domestic and international meeting and vacation destinations in the world. To plan your dream vacation to Orlando, we recommend you check out this website is loaded with helpful information to help your family plan a vacation with memories to last a lifetime.From discounted theme park tickets, to sample itineraries, has got it all.
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14:50-16:43 JON: The Ravenous Pig is located in Winter Park, one of 6 dining districts in Orlando. It’s a gastro pub. What is that exactly? Let’s find out. We’ve filmed all over the world. We’ve talked about gastronomy in Mexico, we’ve featured a gastro pub in Sydney, Australia, but I still don’t know what gastro pub really means.
JAMES: What gastro pub means to us, or what we first envisioned when we first decided to open was a pub atmosphere that focused on food first.
JON: It’s called the Ravenous Pig, but you don’t just serve pig.
JAMES: No, we are almost 50/50 serving seafood and meat. We do everything.
JON: So what do we try here?
JAMES: We should probably start here, this is a chicken and pork truffled sausage, with a house made mustard underneath here, a head cheese, which is a braised pigs head rolled up and then sliced. In front of you is one of our appetizers, it actually scallop and pork belly, so that is a seared diver scallop, and then a piece of porl belly.
JON: I’ve never had anything like it.
JAMES: It’s very cool, I like it a lot.
JON: It’s really good. So you are not only well known for your food, but you are also well known for your cocktails.
JAMES: Jaime heads up our bar, she is fantastic. I really suggest your next stop here moving right up to the bar and seeing what Jaime has to offer.
JON: Twist my arm!
JAIME: This is our house infused bacon bourbon, so we actually rendered bacon fat and mixed it with house infused organic maple syrup,. then we mix it with a little bit of vanilla extract, orange bitters, top it with soda and serve it with candied bacon.
JON: Everything is better with bacon.
JAIME: Of course.
JON: Why should our viewers come to the Ravenous Pig?
JAIME: I guess the number one reason is that I can’t think of any reason why you shouldn’t.
16:46-16:48 Next Stop Logo
16:49-16:55 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, our local music segment, and some tasty Orlando brew.
16:57-16:59 Next Stop Logo
17:01-19:27 JON: For our live music scene in Orlando, we are at the Orlando Brewing Establishment which is my new favorite haunt. This place is awesome John, I love it man, thanks for having us.
JOHN: No, thank you.
JON: Now I love 3 things about this place. I love the bear. I love all the stuff on the wall, but I especially love the big american flag. What’s up with that?
JOHN: It’s the flag that was used for the opening ceremonies of our theater downtown, it was a big high rise and everything, and when they were done with the ceremony, they decided they were going to throw the flag away. Well, the foreman of the job said ‘No, no, no, no, I’ve got a friend who know what to do with it’ and so he brought it down here and we hung it on the wall.
JON: Fantastic
JOHN: So it’s been flown once.
JON: Only once, and now it stays on your wall proudly.
JOHN: Forever and ever.
JON: everything else on your wall, you’ve got some crazy signs up there. What is your favorite one?
JOHN: I think the reason I get up in the morning is beer.
JON: That one? Every afternoon? The reason I get up every afternoon is beer?
JOHN: Yeah, afternoon. Yep.
JON: I like that one too. Let’s talk about your beer, because it’s really good, it’s also one of the true organic breweries.
JOHN: We are one of ten in the United States of the world there are the 3 beers that we have, that is the imminent domain, that is a malty, a very malty beer, then we have the blonde, the blonde is our most popular, it’s very light, it is about 4 or 4 ½ percent alcohol.
JON: I can see why. Now this one, I love the name.
JOHN: That’s Hopgasmic
JON: Hopgasmic!
JOHN: That was the end of the year beer, we converted from non organic hops to organic hops.
JON: I like this beer a lot.
JOHN: So that is the last beer we made with non organic hops.
JON: I like it, that’s excellent
JOHN: Everything we make now is from 100% organic hops
JON: So you guys feature live music.
JOHN: Yes we do, I like music, I really enjoy music. We’re the original original music venue in Orlando.
JON: I like it, and that goes basically for our band tonight, Sailor 1942
JOHN: Yes.
JON: Their music is old school ,but very young kids.
JOHN: They are, umm, they have a very unique way of looking at the world, they are kind of what you would expect in the Bob Dylan age of folk.
20:34-20:47 JON: Do you ever get up and sing with the band?
JOHN: Um, one time.
JON: Ha ha! How did that work out for you?
JOHN: I’m not sure, I think it’s on youtube.
JON: I’m going to look for that, I’m definitely going to look for that.
21:20-21:21 Next Stop Logo
21:22-21:51 JON: Thanks for tuning in to Next Stop from Orlando. In addition to theme parks, we hope we showed you some different things to do here in the Orlando area. Also a huge thanks to this shows sponsors, Visit Orlando, and the Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa. And a special shout out to florida Dolphin Tours who hooked us up with Orlando Magic tickets, thanks guys. Thanks also to our shows title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines VISA signature card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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Next Stop: Vancouver/Victoria

Whale Watching with Eagle Wing Tours, Victoria Ale Trail, Fairmont Empress Hotel, Zip Lining at Grouse Mountain, The Westin Grand Vancouver, Edible Canada Culinary Tour, Music of Watusun.

Next Stop: Portland

World Famous Food Carts, Widmer Oktoberfest, Last Thursday, Sailing on the Columbia River, Floater.



00:00-00:04 JON: Hi, I’m Jon Olson and welcome to Next Stop, from the Rose City
Into rolls
00:12-00:32 JON: Portland Oregon is one of the more colorful, vibrant cities in the United States, In fact, it was just named the city with the best food of any city in the world. They also have the most breweries of any city in the country, and we dive into that fact on this episode of Next Stop. We also set sail on the Columbia, we’ll introduce you to some of the colorful locals, and we feature Floater, a band that absolutely rocked the house. The fun starts now!
00:33-00:34 Next Stop logo
00:35-00:48 JON Beer is a culture in Portland, it’s not just a drink. In fact, it’s been dubbed beer-vana by beer enthusiasts from all over the world, and for good reason. Portland has more breweries than any other city in the country. Let’s explore this further at the Widmer Oktoberfest.
00:53-01:03 JON: Very honored to be joined by two of the fathers of Portland breweries, the city with the most breweries in the county, take us back to the 70’s Kurt and Rob, what was going on in your world that made you want to get into beer?
01:04-01:09 KURT: We were home brewers, strictly home brewers in the 70, so no aspirations to take it beyond home brewing.
01:10-01:11JON: Now, you went to Germany for a couple years?
01:12-01:13 KURT: I did, I lived in Germany in the mid 70’s.
01:13-01:14 JON: Tell us about that, what did you learn?
01:14-01:19 KURT: Actually living there in Freiburg for a couple years, I came to appreciate where beer actually fits in the great scheme of things.
01:19- 01:21 JON: So then you came back to Portland.
01:21-01:22 KURT: Yeah.
01:23-01:24 JON: Convinced your brother to quit what he was doing, and join you, right?
01:25-01:28 KURT: Well, when I came back, that’s when we started home brewing. we both started doing that, we did that for about 5 years.
01:29-01:35 ROB: It was coincidentally, we weren’t under the same roof or, you know, it was serendipity that we both started home brewing at the same time.
01:36-01:41 JON: Look at this today, would you ever dream back in the late 70’s, early 80’s that you would have something like this today?
01:42-01:51 KURT: Oh, you know, an event like this is so great. I mean, this is Portland, there is a reason why Portland is the number one beer city in the whole western hemisphere.
02:00-02:10 JON: So when you think of Oktoberfest, especially when you spell it with a K, you think of Germany. Constance is from Germany. We found her, she actually found us. Willkommen!
02:11-02:12 CONSTANCE: Thank you.
02:13-02:15 JON: So, Oktoberfests are a big, big deal in Germany. What do you think of our little Oktoberfest here?
02:16-02:20 CONSTANCE: I really love it. It’s like, very cool and bigger that I expected.
02:21-02:22 JON: It’s bigger than you expected?
02:23-02:24CONSTANCE: It’s really bigger than I expected.
02:25-02:26 JON: Now how about the beer, how do you like the beer compared to German beer?
02:27-02:41 CONSTANCE: Umm, like, it depends. Like if you drink the pils and stuff, it’s very similar to the German stuff, but I know people, like my friends, they drink very hoppy beer which is different, a little bit stronger.
02:47-03:08 JON: Question for you on Portland trivia. How did Portland get it’s name?
GUY ONE:I thought you said it was a simple question.
JON: It is a simple question. It was either by a guy named Port, it was a coin flip, or, it was from a sea captain who was in here on Port.
GUY TWO: Coin flip.
JON: Are you sure?
JON: You are correct
ALL GUYS: Yeah, yeah!
03:09-03:27 JON: How many different beers are there in Portland?
GUY ONE: A lot.
JON: I know a lot, but how many do you think?
GUY TWO: More than enough! Heck yeah, Heck yeah!, thank you!
GUY ONE: I want say 20 or 30
GUY TWO: I would say 28.
JON: You win. 351.
ALL: Laughter
03:34-03:49 JON: Outside is rock and rolling right now, but Rob brought me inside to this special room, to taste some special beers, out of special glasses. We were talking about that, when you drink wine, you drink pinot out of a nice pinot glass, or cabernet out of a cabernet glass. Most people don’t think about drinking beer out of the right glass.
03:50-04:31 ROB:With craft beers there is so much nuance, that if you drink out of a bottle it’s really kind of like plugging your nose and eating something, you are going to miss, a lot of it.
JON: Yeah
ROB: So this is a German beer from a town called Vossler, this is called agrosa. It’s very low alcohol, so this is a great daily, session style beer. This uses a hop called citra hop, which has a grapefruity character. So, we decided, well, ok, that’s good, but why don’t we add some grapefruit rind to this beer.
JON: Laughs
ROB: SO this has a very grapefruity character.
JON: It totally does!
ROB: Pretty typical pacific northwest IPA, hops are grown right here, most of this character is from this hop.
04:35-04:56 JON: Native Oregonians like to boast they never use an umbrella. What they mean is, they rarely use an umbrella, because after all, what’s a little rain anyway? And when it does rain, its usually a light mist. Portland only gets 38 inches of rain annually, less than New York City, so its pretty safe to say when you come to Portland, you can leave your umbrella at home. But, if you need one, just come down to Pioneer Square, this guy’s got one for you.
04:57-04:58 Next Stop logo
04:59-05:07 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, we take a stroll through downtown Portland with Mayor Sam Adams, and will introduce you to some colorful locals at a neighborhood festival.
05:09-05:33 JON: Portland Oregon has the largest wooded city park in America, Forest Park, covering over 5,000 square acres. It also has the smallest park in the world, Mill Ends Park, created in 1948 on St Patrick’s Day, to be the only leprechaun colony west of Ireland. Might explain why Portland has a killer St Patrick’s Day festival, one I always like to attend. This park make me feel big!
05:38-05:48 JON: Portland is truly one of the most vibrant cities in the country, lots of changes, lots of growth. Who better to talk about the growth than the honorable Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams.
SAM: Hi Jon, how are you?
JON: Welcome to Next Stop.
05:49-06:03 SAM: I’m glad to be here.
JON: What a beautiful city, what a beautiful Pioneer Square. Tell us about this place, it’s the center of the city, right?
SAM: Yes, this is Pioneer Courthouse Square, its known as the living room for Portland, and right behind us the Decemberists are getting ready to play at one of our annual music conferences here in the square.
06:04-06:32 JON: Now you guys have lots of things happening here in the square year round, right?
SAM: Yeah, rain or shine, there’s something going on here in Portland’s living room, Pioneer Square.
JON: How is Portland changing right now, there is lots of growth happening, some of the streets are kind of torn up, but its all for good reasons.
SAM: That’s right, we’ve got a whole new extension of our streetcar, we’re about to break ground on an extension of light rail, the other big changes in Portland is that we are becoming a more diverse city, racially, ethnically, and I think that’s great. I think it makes us a more interesting and stronger city. A more creative city.
06:33-06:53 JON: Portland was just voted the number one food city, not just in the northwest, not just in the US, but in the world.
SAM: Our food cart scene is really grass roots. It started on it’s own. We have about 500 food carts in the city of Portland.
JON: So you are number one in beer, number one in food,. We’ve tried the beer, but we haven’t tried the food.
SAM: Wait til you try it!
JON: Let’s go, it’s lunch time
SAM: Alright!
06:59-07:21 JON: So this is pretty much where it all started.
SAM: This is exactly where it all started, and as you can see, the focus is on the food, not necessarily the furnishings or the surroundings.
JON: That’s great though, and now this food cart I understand won the most exotic food cart in Portland, which would mean the most exotic food cart in the world, right?
SAM: This is a fantastic food cart, and I recommend the youcanhazit cheesburger
07:22-07:50 RYAN: It is a quarter pound black angus burger, its in between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, it comes with fresh lettuce, tomato, grilled onions. Patty melt is whats famous around the country, and this just kind of our take on it here in Portland. Sam and Jon, youcanhazit cheeseburgers.
JON Alright, wow.
SAM: Oh my goodness that’s good, that is a burger to die for.
07:53-08:14 JON: I cannot think of a more beautiful day to visit downtown Portland, the food carts come in all shapes and sizes. We have a pretty pink one here.
SAM: Very pink
JON: And we have Big A Sandwiches, now I understand this place has a sandwich named after you.
SAM: Ah, it’s true, and it’s quite a sandwich from what I’ve heard. I’ve never actually had the opportunity to taste it until today.
JON: You haven’t?
SAM: No.
JON: You are doing it on Next Stop.
08:15-08:54 ALL: Hey, hi.
JON:Hi I’m Jon.
LISA: Nice to meet you.
JON: So Sam and I were debating about the Big A** Sandwiches, with two asterisks, and I’m thinking it stands for Ash, since the Ash Street Saloon is right across the street.
SAM: It’s Art, Art, right? Big Art Sandwiches?
LISA: Big BLEEP Sandwiches. Big BLEEP Sandwiches.
JON: Nice. So speaking of Big BLEEP Sandwiches, you guys have the Sam Adams.
LISA: We do.
JON: What’s on that?
LISA: Ham, turkey, miracle whip on our ciabatta roll.
JON: How did you guys get into this business?
LISA: We wanted to open a restaurant, but economically, this is a little bit smarter. Big Bleep, Mayor Adams.
SAM: Oh, thank you.
BRIAN: There you are sir.
08:56-09:39 JON: You guys have a really good thing going on with food, beer, wine here in Portland, this is fun. And your sandwich, these guys did you right!
SAM: This is a good sandwich. Thank you Big ___ Sandwiches,
JON: You can’t say the word?
SAM: No.
JON: When you are done with all the food carts, you can head down to Voodoo Doughnuts, seen on the food network, seen all over the place.
SAM: You can get a doughnut that designed to look like dirt, and another one that has you know, all kinds of, I don’t know, you will have to check it out.
JON: I see ‘Keep Portland Weird’ all over the city.
SAM: That’s right.
JON: Portland is a wonderful city, what make it, what is the ‘Keep Portland Weird’ thing all about?
SAM: It really is you know, Portland is a place where you can be who you are, and whether that is weird to other people, here in Portland, we embrace that.
JON: Like this guy here. Elvis Presley lives in Portland Oregon everybody.
SAM: He has not left the building.
09:44-09:45 Next Stop logo.
09:50-10:04 JON: Portland is a city made up of many diverse neighborhoods. The Alberta district is one of the more colorful neighborhoods. Every last Thursday of every month they celebrate Last Thursday, all up and down Alberta Street. Tonight we also celebrate the opening of the Alberta Rose Theater.
10:39-10:44 JON: Let’s go inside the theater and enjoy the sights and sounds of the March Forth Marching Band, the pride of Portland.
11:09-11:40 JOHN: A group of us got together actually on Alberta, just a few blocks down the street. We had a meeting and put the band together for a fat Tuesday party. Oddly enough when we tour we try to keep it around 20, but we have about 30 something people in the band.
JON: Well this was awesome tonight you guys. The crowd loved you, you christened the theater.What do you think about this place, brand new venue?
JOHN: I really like it. I’ve been living basically 2 blocks from here for about 11 years.
JON: No kidding.
JOHN: So I’ve been…this place was a church forever, and sort of watching it and all of a sudden it’s now a venue, and I’m really excited because there is really no proper venues on this street.
11:42-11:58 ADAM:We have kind of designed the place to be able to do live theater, plays, dance, live music, and soon we are going to install a screen and video projection and we are going to be able to do movies.
12:04-12:23 JON: Last Thursday on Alberta Street was definitely on of the more eclectic events we have ever attended. Portland is loaded with live performance venues, and The Alberta Rose theater, christened tonight, is a great place to be entertained. If you come to Portland, come on the Last Thursday of the month, and come to Alberta Street. I guarantee you the experience of a lifetime.
12:33-12:34 Next Stop logo
12:35-12:41 JON: Coming up, Portland’s vibrant floating home community, and we set sail on the mighty Columbia River with new friends.
12:42-12:43 Next Stop logo
12:45-13:03 JON: Portland Oregon’s Tri Met is one of the most sophisticated light rail and bus transportation systems in the country. It’s MAX, or Metropolitan Area Express, connects downtown Portland with several surrounding areas, and if you are a business traveler to Portland, you can take the MAX right from PDX to downtown Portland and back, it’s very safe, it’s very convenient, and very affordable.
13:18-13:29 JON: Living on the water is a lifestyle for thousands of Portlanders, there is about a half dozen communities. I’ve always been intrigued by this lifestyle, so today we get to learn about it. We’re also going to set sail on the Columbia with some new friends.
13:35-13:57 JON: It’s a gorgeous day on the river, and it’s a great way, and a great way, to make new friends. Kate, Tom, Chelle, what’s it live to live on the water? I’ve always been intrigued. I’ve always wanted to, but I never have.
TOM: Different than on land for sure. One thing is, you are very close to you neighbors, and uh…
JON: You better like them!
TOM: You better like them, You better-you do need to be social.
13:58-14:38 KATE: It’s such a community, I mean, you really are. There is 71 homes down here, and you are family. You are 2 feet away from your neighbors, we’re at the bottom of the ramp, there is only one way in and out. Someone goes out of town and they are like ‘Hey I’m going to be gone for a couple of weeks, walk my dog, take care of my cats, water my plants’ I mean we are just so intertwined, it’s so beyond community, it’s really a family.
CHELLE: It’s really great to be able to step out off your deck and go boating. I think most people who live on the water love the water, and love to boat. Most people have boats, and that’s kind of what draws them down here. To us, that’s really what is is all about, is being able to have access all the time to the water. At the spur of the moment if you want to go out on it you can.
14:46-15:28 JON: And away we go. This is nice, tell me about the neighborhood.
CHELLE: This is our neighborhood! When we take our friends around to see our neighborhood we take them up the channel in our boat. When you live on the water this is your neighborhood, it’s a little water world.
JON: How long have you been here Eric?
ERIC: I’ve lived here for 4 years in a floating home, been in Portland 20 some years, Seattle before that. Seattle is where I learned to sail.
JON: Where are we going today Eric, what are we doing?
ERIC: Well, we are going to head out the North Portland Channel, which is what we are in right now, then we are going to head up the river, put some sails up. It’s a perfect day out there, the wind is just right for sailing, and as you can see, maybe 3 clouds in the sky.
15:36-15:52 ERIC: Ok guys, so here is what we are going to do, we’re going to turn the boat into the wind and that will allow us to raise our mainsail. I’m going to send Jacob up to the mast, he is going to do what is called jumping the halyard and Jon, you are going to actually be down here on the wench coffee grinding it up
16:10-16:27 JON: So I love the terminology in sailing, lots of different terminology to get used to. What is this thing called?
CHELLE: This is the mast.
JON: And what is that bar over there called?
CHELLE: This is the boom.
JON: Hmm, we’ve got a boom. That’s our boom right there. I’m going to go ahead and guess that your boom is more useful that our boom.
16:38-16:51 JON: I always wondered what it would be like to live on the water and now we know. It’s a lifestyle I could definitely get a hold of. We had a great time, we met some new friends and went sailing, we are ending here at the Island Cafe right on the water. I like it. You guys have a good thing going on here in Portland.
16:53-16:55 Next Stop logo
16:56-17:01 JON: Portland has one of the best live music scenes in the country, so stick around for our featured band, Floater.
17:08-17:09 Next Stop logo
17:58-18:12 JON: Portland Oregon’s music scene is off the charts, one of the best in the country and Floater tonight absolutely rocked one of the best live music venues, the Crystal Ballroom. Three guys! Three guys bringing that kind of sound to the stage.
18:48-19:29 JON: Who writes your music? Because your new cd tonight is fantastic, it’s awesome. Everything you guys do is great.
ROB: Ah, thank you, wow. You know, it’s pretty collaborative really. I mean sometimes I’ll come in with a whole song that I think is done, and then these guys will play it and go, you know, it would be better like this, and then it is.
JON: Laughs
ROB: Then sometimes we don’t even have a starting point, we just start kind of throwing ideas out and they stick, and you know there is an element of like when the chefs will just throw noodles at the wall and see what sticks.
JON: See what sticks!
ROB: We do a lot of that like…that one works.
20:03-20:59 JON: Let’s talk about about Portland music, because, you know, I think most viewers watching around the country right now are not probably really privy to the Portland music scene. This is a thriving, bumping music scene. Why Portland Oregon?
ROB: It’s crazy, it’s crazy. I mean what blows me away, you go out on tour and you can be in a city that has 12 million and there are fewer clubs to play than there are in a city like Portland that is 2.
JON: Exactly.
ROB: And you find yourself going why are you 6 times larger in terms of population but there is so little happening, you know, and you come to Portland and there is this sort of bizarre like renaissance, it’s incredible.
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21:32-21:50 JON: Thanks for tuning in to this episode of Next Stop from the gorgeous Rose City of Portland, Oregon. You guys have to check this place out, we met some great people, what a beautiful city. Thanks also to our shows sponsors, Alaska Airlines, award winning Alaska Airlines, and Widmer Brothers Brewing Company. We’ll see you next time on Next Stop. Where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!