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Mazatlan City Tour, Day On The Water with Playa Sol Tours, Zip Lining, Food Scene, Tequila Making, Bar Hopping, Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort, Music and Dance in Historical and Cultural Center of Mazatlan
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00:00-00:06 JON: Ola mi amigo’s, I’m JOn Olson. Bienvenido’s from Next Stop, from the longest sea boulevard in the Americas.
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00:21-00:40 JON: Mazatlan, Mexico is known as the pearl of the Pacific, and we’ll show you why. It’s comfortable, casual, affordable Mexico at it’s finest, and it’s one of our favorite Mexican destinations. From warm culture, to great foods, to fun activities to a rocking nightlife, Mazatlan is en fuego, you’ll see. The fun starts ahora, now.
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00:44-02:09 JON: There is a multitude of ways to discover Mazatlan, today we are going to do it the fun way, on the fun bus, followed by an art history walking tour. Let’s have some fun!
LUIS: To start first, here on the right we have a disco. Valentino’s one of the largest disco’s here in Mazatlan. The most unique about this beautiful disco is it is settled on this beautiful natural rug. One of the nice things I hear about Mazatlan Malecon we are the largest one on the whole entire world, we are about 13 miles long and it is about 21 kilometers.This is one of the great exports that we do here in Mazatlan which is fishing. On the other side we have the beautiful lady, and her presentation of the beautiful woman of Mazatlan as well too. All these guys early in the morning, about 5, 6:00 in the morning, they go straight out to the islands, they do some fishing, they come over here, they gut your fish, clean it out, scale it and sell it to you by the pound. Coming up next there is a nice monument right here of the continuation of life, and as well here in Mazatlan you can see a lot of dolphins early in the morning. This monument is about 25 feet high and then the guy has to jump forward and 4, 5 feet forward because he has the rocky land and then he only has about 5 feet. Once he hits the ground he has to go back up because everything on the ground is nice and rocky.
02:17-02:57 JON: He made it! Luis, I like your town.
LUIS: Thank you very much. Welcome.
JON: Thanks for the tour. Now you are a local guy.
LUIS: I am a local guy, exactly.
JON: But you moved away.
LUIS: I sure did.
JON: And you came back, what brought you back?
LUIS: My family.
JON: There is lots of beautiful, beautiful statues along the Malecon, what are some of your favorites?
LUIS: My favorite one would have to be the continuation of life. And I guess the harmony of the sculpture is unique, it’s awesome. Because it resembles Mazatlan, the whole continuation of life and always together as a family, it doesn’t matter where you go, you always have to do it together.
JON: Well that bus ride was fun. Now for some art and history.
03:01-03:52 SHEILA: Welcome to Mazatlan, this is our art museum, and across the street is our archaeological museum. Vamonos, let’s go see some art!
GLEN: Welcome to my studio, I’m Glen Rogers. In addition to my painting and my print making, I teach workshops here. Monotype is a one of a kind printing process where you are basically painting on a piece of plexiglass, now this is just black and white, but then you can go through it and add more colors, more layers, more information.
JON: Glen, obviously you are kind of a mover and a shaker in the art scene here, where do you see it going? I see, I feel like it is just ready to kind of explode, I really kind of feel something happening.
GLEN: Well you know with the art walk, it’s created a lot of interest in art and the artists, and more and more artists are moving in because they are realizing hey, this is a nice little artists haven we’ve got going.
03:57-04:58 SHEILA: In 1845 a little girl was born in Mexico City, as she got older and started to sing people realized, boy she’s got a beautiful voice. She traveled all over Europe and became so famous she was known as the mexican nightingale. Julian Monteal, he was her manager for many years so he started thinking, you know, she’s got all this wealth, she doesn’t have any children, and I better…we’ll get married. They did a wedding ceremony up in her room with some ‘witnesses’ and when it came time to say ‘I do’ she was dead. They thought, oh, what if somebody finds out, we have to do this again, so they talked about it and someone went behind the head of the bed and ‘do you take this man?’ and they took her head and went ‘uh huh’ honestly, hey, you can’t dispute that. She said yes and he got everything.
JON: Sheila something tells me that we’ve barely scratched the surface of your knowledge.
SHEILA: I believe that something that is telling you that is true, there is just so much to see and do here.
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05:04-05:08 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Tequila making 101, and Mazatlan’s tasty delights
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05:13-05:48 JON: There are many ways to get around Mazatlan, and my favorite, the most fun and intriguing way, is in their open air taxis called pulmonias. They are pretty much located everywhere, they are very affordable, and they come in all different shapes and sizes, they are a lot of fun. The drivers are way more than just drivers, they are historians and tour guides, they love to impart their Mazatlan history and give you tips on things to see and do here. My tip for you, negotiate your fare before getting in the pulmonia. It’s also important to know whether you are paying in peso’s or US dollars. The current exchange rate is over 13 peso’s to one dollar, so it is muy importante. Most importantly, enjoy the ride!
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05:54-07:05 JON: Sure Mazatlan has great beaches, great restaurants, its a very cool city. But outside of Mazatalan, with Huana Coa, you’ll find adventure.
JONATHAN: Nice to meet you Jon, I’m Jonathan.
JON: Hi Jonathan.
JONATHAN: Welcome to Huana Coa, let’s get your harness on.
JON: Alright, I’m excited.
JONATHAN: Now step in.This is to protect your brain.
JON: Ha ha, what little that’s left.
JONATHAN: And there you go Jon, you are all set.
JON: Well JOnathan I am going to go ahead and say that the adventure started way before we got up to here, that was quite a ride!
JONATHAN: That was great yeah?
JON: That was fun.
JONATHAN: And it is just the beginning, so…
JON: Awesome.
JONATHAN: Are you ready for this Jon?
JON: I’m ready for this.
JONATHAN: Are you sure?
JON: I’m ready, I’m ready.
JONATHAN: I mean I know you have done this before but, it’s always different, you know?
JON: Different is good.
JONATHAN: Great, alright. You sure you are good?
JON: I’m positive.
JONATHAN: All right then.
JON: Vamonos! wooo hooo!
07:19-07:34 JONATHAN: We are going to take you down, okay? I’m going to connect you to this device which is called figure 8.
JON: This is a different way to get down.
JONATHAN: Keep your legs apart from the rope, ok?
JON: Ha ha ha, awesome, that was a very cool way to get down.
07:45-10:00 JON: Our adventures continue on our way to the tequila factory. Viva La Vinata Lososuna!
DANIEL: Hi, you’re welcome. My name is Daniel and today you are going to learn about the making process of lososuna, the traditional way. Those are our steamers, we fill them with 4 tons of agave each. After the cooking process, agave is soft and sweet. This is after the cooking process, a pine, cook pine here, this only the natural sugar from agave, we don’t add anything. The next step is to extract the juice, we only want the juice, it’s done during the milling process and the older way we use here to extract the juice was a giant stone wheel. So, we wash all the sugar from the fiber and then the juice goes to the fermentation area. The fermentation is the main process, because here the yeast produces the alcohol. And there we have all the water, so the alcohol vapor is 60% alcohol, that’s why the next step is to reduce the alcohol content.
JON: Why would you want to do that? I’m just kidding!
DANIEL: We have 60% alcohol if you want it! If you smell with the right side of your nose, you will smell the wood, and if you smell with the left side, the alcohol.
JON: It’s smooth. This has to be one of my absolute favorite Mexican adventures. Zip lining, ATV’s and tequila. Gracias. Salud.
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10:08-10:25 JON: Mazatlan is the largest port between Los Angeles and the Panama Canal. It’s 17 miles of sandy beaches and geographically diverse environment are all added features, making Mazatlan one of Mexico’s premier beachside destinations. You will also find Mazatlan to be a tremendous value for your dollar. Book your trip today at
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10:32-11:35 JON: One of my absolute favorite things about filming in Mexico is the food. It’s so good, it’s local, it’s organic, it’s fresh. We are on top of one of your suites here in your hotel, 4 generation.
LANCE: 4 generations, started in 1953 and I have the blessing of being in operations now and managing the hotel and trying towards, working towards having people like you come and celebrate our food with people of the quality of cooking of Mora, he is the president of the chef association in town, Cordon Bleu chef amongst many different cooking schools he has been to.
JON: And this is what Mazatlan is known for, the shrimp.
LANCE: This is absolutely what Mazatlan is known for, this is a type of shrimp called U 5, or Blue Giant shrimp of Mazatlan.
JON: The food scene in Mazatlan…we’ve had several great dinners, at some great restaurants, Topolo is one.
LANCE: Absolutely. Great town for food, definitely.
JON: Old town is a cool place, every restaurant is a little bit different, you really feel the culture here.
LANCE: Absolutely, you know Mazatlan has been around for more than 300 years as a port, so there is a lot of tradition in the downtown area, you have kind of an eclectic infusion of german, french, spanish.
11:41-12:30 LANCE: Now we add a little bit of seared mahi mahi or dorado. Next step is to add a mole sauce, which is actually a chocolate based sauce, this is traditional Mexico.
JON: I love that, it’s so good.
LANCE: Primarily from south central Mexico, so what we’ve done here we’ve taken recipes from around the country and infused them into a very traditional Mazatlan meal. That looks good man.
JON: It looks awesome. So how long should we wait?
LANCE: Well I mean, you are the guest, so I’m just about to jump at it, so you tell what is the courtesy wait time on your show?
JON: Well, there really is no set time, it’s kind of like when you want to do it. You are the king, remember, I am your taster. So I’m going to go ahead and dig in and taste one of the shrimp.
LANCE: Alright. I’m going to have to follow you up on that one, because you know, I just can’t sit back on that. It’s so good you’ve got to take 2 bites.
JON: They are just so good.
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12:35-12:40 JON: Up next, a day on the water, Mazatlan by night, and a unique way to use golf balls.
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12:54-14:48 JON: We are in for a day of fun in the sun here in Mazatlan with my new friend Giancarlo, we call him Gianco.
GIANCO: That’s it.
JON: I’m Jon O, you are Gianco.
GIANCO: How are you Jon?
JON: Good to see you brother. What’s up for today? We’ve got some banana boats, we’ve got kayaks, we had a nice cruise out here too.
GIANCO: We’re just having fun today, you know we are going to do a little trip around the Mazatlan bay, we are going to go down to the south to see the white rocks as we call them.
JON: Now why are they white, because they are very very white.
GIANCO: Imagine thousands of birds just flying on top of them, what can you imagine?
JON: I can imagine that there is some bird dropping that paint the rocks white.
GIANCO: So here in Mazatlan we call them the bird poo islands.
JON: So snorkeling, kayaking, banana boats, it’s going to be a great day, let’s have some fun! I’m feeling a little pumped up, how about you?
GIANCO: Oh yeah.
JON: That was good.
GIANCO: That was excellent man.
JON: Good exercise, what’s next my man?
GIANCO: How do you feel like a banana boat ride?
JON: I’ve never done that, I see it all the time, never done it, I’m in.
GIANCO: Alright!
JON: Fast and furious, that’s how I like it.
GIANCO: That’s it.
JON: We didn’t tip.
GIANCO: We didn’t tip. We were close to doing it.
JON: We were close to tipping, that’s for sure. What’s next man, you are the maestro for the day.
GIANCO: Well, we’ve done kayaking, we’ve done a banana boat ride, how about a little sport like volleyball?
JON: Love it.
GIANCO: Sounds good to you?
JON: So far so good, it’s been a great afternoon. What’s up next?
GIANCO: What about a little nap? Because tonight is going to get wild Jon.
JON: Really?
GIANCO: Oh yes.
JON: Why?
GIANCO: Well, let’s do bar hopping, what do you think?
JON: I like it.
GIANCO: Yeah, then I will meet you at 10 downtown.
JON: Salud
GIANCO: Salud amigo
14:56-15:32 JON: And voila! It’s night time and we are ready to play.
GIANCO: Yes, I’m back again in downtown man.
JON: It’s a good night, this place is jumping.
GIANCO: You know in Mazatlan we have different options. I wanted to show you a little bit of downtown first, which is on the south part of Mazatlan.
JON” Ok, so we are at Mil Amores, a thousand loves, and this is what I am talking about Gianco, this is awesome.
GIANCO: This is great, you know we have different type music in different, in different places and this is very typical music not for Mazatlan, but for all Mexico.
15:4116:35- JON: What is the drink here they are going to make a special drink for us?
GIANCO: Well they are going to do a special drink for us, with some fire and cinnamon you know. We are now in Bora Bora, very, very attractive place and very famous here in Mazatlan
JON: You can’t come to Mazatlan and not come to Senor Frog’s.
GIANCO: Now it is time to go meet Senor Frogs.
JON: We have a drink, a very special drink at Senor Frogs. Woo hoo, ha ha! Mazatlan nightlife, not bad!
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16:41-17:04 JON: Mazatlan is the 2nd largest city in the state of Sinaloa, one of 31 states in Mexico, conquered in 1531. Mazatlan means ‘Land of the Deer’ white tailed deer to be specific, and has a population of roughly 875,000 people. I say roughly because they really don’t know, because guys like me come down and fall in love with the area and next thing you know all my friends and family have followed me. So it’s kind of hard to keep track. Come to Mazatlan and find out for yourself.
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17:11-18:07 JON: We are staying at the lovely Pueblo Bonito Resort and Spa, located in Emerald Bay, one of the most beautiful parts of Mazatlan. This location is awesome Jorge.
JORGE: It’s really well located, in the downtown by the Emerald Bay, you’ve got the best of both things, you are close to downtown, you can take the shuttle and what people like is that this is real Mexico. This has a new classic french influence.
JON: The rooms feel like you are in real Mexico. Beautiful decorations that are designed to make you feel like you are in old Mexico. The property is stunning. How many pools?
JORGE: Each villa has it’s own pool and it’s own jacuzzi outdoor, and also indoor.
JON: Well you do have a great spa, it’s called a resort and spa, and we went in there today and got a workout in, it’s a beautiful, massive workout space and then the spa itself is pretty cool, tell us about that.
JORGE: We have different treatments, we have golf massage, swedish and pretty much any you can think of.
JON: You said something else that caught my eye, golf massage, golf ball massage. Is it with real golf balls?
JORGE: Yep, instead of using warm rocks they use golf balls.
18:13-19:04 CAROLINA: Today Jon, the treatment you will be receiving is the golf massage. It was designed for a special golfers which use a lot of posture, a lot of different techniques for their swing. We relax those muscles that are tense, we do a lot of stretching and a lot of warming of the muscles.
JORGE: So what did you think about the golf ball massage?
JON: I loved it. I love all kinds of massage, but that was different, it was a very kind of trigger point massage, your therapist did a great job.
JORGE: Did you try the cold plunge and the jacuzzi?
JON: I did try the cold plunge, I loved it, going from the hot jacuzzi into the cold plunge is a total shock to your system.
JORGE: Was it good for your hangover?
JON: Well I didn’t have a hangover, but if I had one it would be good for it.
JORGE: It’s good for that, or for the wrinkles.
JON: It’s good for that too.Your entire resort has been amazing for us, so thank you so much for hosting us.
JORGE: No, thank you for coming.
JON: Muchas gracias.
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19:09-19:14 JON: Coming up on Next Stop, Mazatlan’s talented, artistic, and cultural community.
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19:18-19:22 JON: The cultural scene in Mazatlan is en fuego, it’s on fire. Tonight we celebrate that.
19:37-20:01 JON: You are the man who directs all the culture in this gorgeous city of Mazatlan. And you guys did this all for us?
RAUL: It’s all for you.
JON: Thank you, muchas gracias!
RAUL: We have an opera company, ballet company, full touring play company, an orchestra, professional youth.
JON: So tonight we are going to have a jazz band.
RAUL: Jazz band. You will have ballet and folklore dance.
20:21-20:37 RAUL: These are all students, all but the ballet are students.
JON: And we are also going to celebrate carnival, carnival is big and like this is one of the biggest celebrations of carnival in all of the America’s. Obviously we missed it, but tonight we are going to capture a little bit of it.
RAUL: A little drop.
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21:27-21:53 JON: Gracias for tuning in to Next Stop, from magnificent Mazatlan, and mucho, mucho gracias to this episodes sponsors, the Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay Resort and Spa, and Playa Sol tours for putting together a fantastic itinerary. Rosita and Gianco, we are going to miss you guys but we’ll see you soon. Thanks also to our show’s title sponsors and good friends, Alaska Airlines and the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature Card. Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody!
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Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta

El Malecon, San Sebastian Historical Mining Town, Las Palmas Mexican Fiesta, Zip Lining, Cafe’ Des Artistes, Rythms of the Night Cruise, Cester at Senor Frogs























Next Stop: Puerto Vallarta (TRANSCRIPTION)

00:00-00:05 JON: Hola! Me llamo Jon Olson, bien venidos a to Next Stop from the most authentic Mexican beach destination.
00:06-00:12 Intro rolls
00:13-00:40 JON: Welcome to Puerto Vallarta, or as the locals say, Puerto  Vallarta. Sure they’ve got world class beaches here, but on this episode we will bring you authentic mexican culture. We’ll attend a fiesta, we will bring you local music, and we will take you high above the city to San Sebastian, and old mining town that hasn’t changed in about 200 years. Puerto Vallarta exudes a warmth, it’s all about it’s people, the locals are wonderful. We’ll introduce you to some of those people and bring you their great stories. This a wonderful show, you are gonna love it. Gracias for tuning in, the fun starts now!
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00:50-00:58 JON: Lot’s of cool activities to do in and outside of Puerto Vallarta. Today we are going to do one of my personal favorites, we’re going ziplining, whoooo!
1:02-01:35 RICARDO: Ok guys, good morning everybody, welcome, welcome, to Canopy Tours in this paradise, the best canopy in Puerto Vallarta, ok? This name is pulley, but my partner and me we changed the name. We call you Harley Davidson Mexicana because he is very fast out there. To set the strap goes on the cable behind the pulley and you other one goes on the line. When you see this signal from my partner, that signal it means break. It is very easy, when you harley is low and hard, exactly like this, side to side, back and forth.
01:42-01:59 RICARDO: When you come into Mexico, you say hasta la vista baby, you know? And this canopy we change it a little bit. We say hasta la vista maybe!
JON: Just maybe
RICARDO: See you guys, bye bye. Whooo hoo!
02:08-02:15 RICARDO: Who’s the man?
JON: Awesome
RICARDO: Everyone. Knuckle.
JON: Fist pump baby! That will get your blood pumping.
RICARDO: Oh yeah.
02:23-02:42 RICARDO: This game we call El Mirador. Mirador it means the view. Amigo, this line is the last one. It’s kind of 15 minutes long, it’s a long one.
JON: Wow.
RICARDO: Yeah, so amigo’s please, I recommend you don’t take a siesta on this one, ok? Open your eyes and look in front.
JON: Ah! Oh ho ho, woooo hooo!
03:08-03:19 JON: We have done a lot of ziplines, we’ve done several in Hawaii, this was absolutely of of our favorites though, and you know why? The ziplines were amazing but you were an awesome guide.
RICARDO: Oh yeah.
JON: And you’re fun!
RICARDO: Yeah, I’m fine.
JON: Muchas Gracias.
RICARDO: Nice to meet you.
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03:36-03:42 JON: Let’s experience authentic Mexican culture with Vallarta Adventures ‘Rhythyms of the Night’.
04:12-05:38 JON: ‘Rhythyms of the Night’  is another amazing celebration of authentic Mexican culture. Oscar, what a beautiful performance!
OSCAR: As you can see this is some magic island.
JON: This this is a magic island, this is what you call the mexican fantasy island, right?
OSCAR: The mexican fantasy island.
JON: From the minute you get of the boat, it’s a nice hour and a half boat ride, some margaritas, the crew is dancing for you , having a good time. But the minute you get off the boat it all these torches and candles everywhere.
OSCAR: Magic.
JON: It is magic!
OSCAR: Yes, it is magic.
JON: And let’s talk about your food too, because your food is incredible. From Venezuelan chef’s right?
OSCAR: yeah, yeah, yeah.
JON: You don’t expect that from the buffets, but the food, beautiful.
OSCAR: It’s like, yeah, I think one of the most important things on this tour and also for Vallarta Adventures is the quality of the service and the food. Like, all the beverage as you saw, we have our own water, we bottle our own water, so we take care of the environment so it’s like a complete experience to come to ‘Rhythyms of the Night’ and all of our tour also for Vallarta Adventures.
JON: Tell us about the story in the the performance, it’s a love story.
OSCAR: Yeah, it’s a love story. It’s a union between two ethnics and sisters dreams, and when they get together it’s uh, from two different towns of our ancestors get together, all what is involved in the celebration that we saw.
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05:45-05:49 JON: When Next Stop returns, one of our crew members goes to jail.
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06:01-06:37 JON: We have a special treat, we are taking a step back in time to an old silver mining village called San Sebastian, 1,400 meters above sea level. It is a gorgeous day. Gabriel is the man who knows all about this town.
GABRIEL: This is a town, a colonial town found in 1605. It is a mining town, mostly it was silver, silver mine, and a little gold. They were mining if I can just point you there, it was on a very high point there, the high of the peak.
JON: That’s very high.
GABRIEL: It is very high, it is 4,000 feet more than here.
06:40-07:43 GABRIEL: We still make the silver here in San Sebastian so now he is melting silver, then he is going to have a mold, reproduce or make like the little pieces to work with.
JON: So this is the loneliest place in town, this is the jail.
GABRIEL: Yes, this is the jail.
JON: There is nobody there?
GABRIEL: We don’t have any crime, it’s just using for when there is parties, for a, you know, a guy who has to much to drink.
JON: Too much to drink? They stick them in here?
GABRIEL: Yes, stick in here to calm down and not to give some troubles.
JON: Well last night my crew had too many cervesa’s, and one or two shot’s, maybe too much tequila. Can we put one of my crew members in jail?
GABRIEL: Sure, yes.
JON: I think we should. Which one? You pick.
GABRIEL: This guy, this guy.
JON: Ben?
JON: OK. Ben, hand your camera off, your going to jail buddy. Too many tequila’s last night. Ben had too many tequilas!
BEN: Oh Mio Dios!
JON: Ok, we’ll see you next year. Come back and get him in a year maybe?
07:44-08:04 JON: This place screams history.
JON: This is the church.
GABRIEL: It was a start building in the 17th century as a little chapel when some persons came going forth they have just been doing additions and tower, and doing some bells.
08:05-08:28 JON: So what’s next?
GABRIEL: We are going to visit Hotel del Puente, used to be one of the oldest houses in town also.
JON: This might be one of the most romantic hotel we have ever had on the show. Look at this place.
GABRIEL: It is yes. It is a house, it is about 400 years old this house. That is the original key for the doors.
JON: Let’s go check this room out.
08:31-09:04 JON: Nice! You’ve been here now for a few years, you’re not originally from here. What’s it like to move from the big city and live here in San Sebastian?
GABRIEL: It was an incredible experience. And I quit doing a lot of things in the city, people they just thought that I was pretty mad about it. They are saying ‘You used to quit all this?’ I used to have a nice life you know, but a stressed life.
JON: Quality of life is definitely good here. You’ve been an excellent tour guide.
GABRIEL: Oh thank you very much.
JON: Thank you for showing us your wonderful town.
GABRIEL: It was my pleasure.
09:10-10:21 JON: Located just a short jaunt from San Sebastian town is Hacienda San Sebastian, we’re going to learn abut tequila. Tequila is a family business for Antonio. Antonio, thanks for having us here to your hacienda, this is a cool place. But we’re going to learn about tequila. How do you make it?
ANTONIO: Oh very easy!
JON: Oh come on, it can’t be that easy!
ANTONIO: We just wait for the plants be ready 8 years. And then we’re going to cut it, we’re going to cook it, we cook it for 3 days in the oven. Then we are going to distill, when we distill we distill twice and basically of the distillation we are going to get those aromas and taste from the plant, and the alcohol. We’re going to put the tequila we want in our mouth, but as soon as we put it we’re going to close our lips, with the lips closed we are going to swallow.
JON: Ok, I’m going to watch you.
ANTONIO: Alright, good. Very good. I’m getting better.
JON: I’ve never had tequila like that.
ANTONIO: Oh, really?
JON: Usually I just shoot it back.
ANTONIO: Really fast? Oh no.
JON: But this is too good.
ANTONIO: Well the other one is to kill you, this one is tequila!
JON: I like it.
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11:20-11:59 JON: We are in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, El Malecon. This is where everything really happens. I’m with Alfonzo, let’s talk about this area right here because this is where it all happens, for 40, 50 years the fisherman bring the local fish in, and they’ve been coming here for 40, 50 years, and they are still coming here. This place looks like it hasn’t changed in 40 or 50 years.
ALFONZO: And that is very interesting because they blend or they mix with tourists, local people, so still we have these places in Vallarta you know like…
JON: And not just the tourists, the pelicans! The pelican’s also hang out here.
ALFONZO: Um hmm, that’s right.
JON: And they like, they are very patient and they are good with people. I’ve never been so close to a pelican in my life.
12:04-12:20 JON: Up and down El Malecon there’s sculptures, there is art. This is the social place for the city, right?
ALFONZO: Right, and as you said El Malecon, it’s like the most, one of the nicest places, the public places where everyone comes to, El Malecon.
12:25-13:10 JON: And this sculpture happens to be one of the more famous ones.
GARY: This one is called ‘Nostagia’ by Ramiz Barquet, an artist who died in July at 90 and it relates to his romance with his wife Nelly. They tried to get married when they were teenagers, the parents separated them. 27 years later after having married other people, raising children and divorcing their spouses, they bumped into each other in a flower market in Mexico City on the day before mothers day, and rekindled the romance. Eventually it led to them sitting on a bench talking about what would have happened if they had  gotten married when they were teenagers, and that inspired him to both propose and make this sculpture.
JON: Oh my God, that;s deep!
13:17-14:02 JON I talked to Gary earlier and he told us this…
NELLY: Is the story of our life. This ‘Nostalgia’ it reminds me much, much of what is part of my life.
JON: And you sat on a bench and you talked about what it might have been had you been together, and then you ended up together.
JON: Very few people get to live a love story like that and have a legacy to leave behind, this is beautiful. Thanks for having us at your restaurants, which is one of the most tradidtional restaurants in Puerto Vallarta, right?
NELLY: Right. We have kept it for 32 years.
JON: You’ve been in Sports Illustrated, you’ve been in Esquire magazine, you and your ex husband. I can’t imagine…you are so beautiful today, what you must have looked like back in those days, I probably would have fallen in love with you.
NELLY: Maybe.
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14:23-16:09 JON: The Puerto Vallarta art scene is incredibly alive and well here and unfortunately a few years ago Puerto Vallarta lost one of their favorite sons, but he wasn’t from here, right Cathy?
CATHY: No, he was from France. He starts to paint when he was 7 years old, you know, and he loved to paint and even his family was always behind him, and when he arrived I think the first really professional thing he did was in St. Tropez when he first moved there. And then after, he just wanted to see the world. I think now you can see it in his paintings, you know he went to Africa, he went to Asia. When he landed in Puerto he said that’s where he wants to live. The peace here in this house he found the peace he needed to paint and even the people, living with Mexicans is very special. And I mean it was very special to live here in Puerto Vallarta, that’s how his art grown. He could paint everything mexican, market scenes, the children’s,  animals.
JON: What was the one I I like the most? What’s the title?
CATHY: The Good Life!
JON: The Good Life.
CATHY:The good life, that’s a special one.
JON: He liked the good life, I would have gotten along with him.
CATHY: Yeah, I’m sure, I’m sure you would.
JON: This is a lovely tribute.
CATHY: Yes, yes.
JON: I wanted something special for the kids, especially for the kids you know, to always try not to be, I’m going to get emotional.

JON: That’s ok.
CATHY: Yes, I don’t want them to forget their father, you know, so it was one of the way and uh, for them to always think about him.
JON: Well we are very honored that you shared this with us. I wish we could have met him but his artwork lives on and it will forever.
CATHY: Yes, he was very, very well, very loved here in Vallarta. Everybody misses him.
JON: He always will be.
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16:23-17:11 JON: We are at one of the best restaurants in all of Mexico, and this man right here is the main man, Mr. Thierry, Chef Thierry. Thank you so much for having us, I feel like I am in a like a rainforest
THIERRY:  Haha, and that’s a real one. Here I start 20 years ago at a very small restaurant, I came to Puerto Vallarta just one night 22 years ago and then I fall in love with Puerto Vallarta and said ‘Wow, I want to work here, and I want to live here’. And all this part we are now, was really like part of the forest, and all the city is built, I work around.
17:15-17:39 THIERRY: I like the artistic way of seeing life, so the food, the art, the gardens, the design, and then the people, everybody who works here and lives here.
JON: Well I would like to say on behalf of my crew, muchas gracias for sharing this wonderful art with us, and I think we should try that last tequila.
THIERRY: Oh we should, definitely.
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17:45-17:51 JON: We are in Las Palmas for an authentic Mexican fiesta.
DANCERS: Ola amigo, have fun.
JON: Gracias.
18:10-18:58 PERFORMER: Every time Tony hits the shot glass right there you gotta count one-uno-dor-trese-andele!
TONY: Waa haa haa!
MAN 2: Salud!
PERFORMER: Mexican guako, come on.
JON: Salud! Ay yi yi yi!
PERFORMER: We have a winner tonight, it’s Jon! Thank you very much amigo.
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19:18-19:21 JON: Local band Chest at Senor Frogs, coming up next.
19:23-19:34 Next Stop logo.
20:13-20:44 JON: Tell me about your band.
ALEXIS: Our name is Chester and we are from the North of Mexico.
JON: Tell me about your music, and tell me abut the music in Puerto Vallarta, because the music scene here…I was here 18 years ago and I don’t remember this town going off like this.
ALEXIS: We play for American people, Canadian people and Mexican people, so we play for everybody.
JON: He said to me earlier, he said ‘I don’t speak very much english’ you speak good english brother! You speak much better english than I speak spanish!
ALEXIS: Oh come on, I try, I try.
JON: Now listen, already!
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21:23-21:51 JON: Muchas Gracias for tuning in to Next Stop from Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful city with a wonderfully rich culture, and fantastic people who are always willing to share their warm stories with you. Now it’s your turn to board an Alaska Airlines plane, come down and experience this culture for yourselves. I also want to say a huge thank you, mucho gracias to Paco and the staff at MH tours for putting together a fantastic itinerary for our crew. Also thanks to Alaska Airlines, and the Alaska Airlines VISA signature card for your partnership. We will see you next time on Next Stop, where will we take you next? Make good memories everybody.
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